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A small bacteria feeding on it has been discovered. This may be a boon or a bane for the aquatic environment.
The bacteria was discovered through electron microscopy on plastic items sampled at the Sargasso Sea, an area in the North Atlantic, where debris tends to stack up due to local currents.

The primitive organisms live in pits in the plastic and appear to feed on it as well, says marine microbiologist Tracy Mincer of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts.

"They look like you took a hot barbecue briquette and threw it into snow," Nature News cites Mincer as saying. "You see this melting bit all around the outside of the cells, and they're just burrowing into the plastic."

Image from

Image from

The specialized bug is not encountered in other environment, like surrounding seawater or seaweed.

Scientists are not yet sure whether these organisms will eventually do more good than harm in dealing with pollution. If their digestion products are environmentally-friendly, then it would mean that nature has found a new way to limit the damage humanity does.

But plastic contains numerous toxins, and the bacteria may be introducing those into the food chain by feeding on it and then becoming food for larger organism.

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Echipa Observatorului a realizat un reportaj filmat cu camera ascunsa despre cum se fac banii în interiorul Bisericii si unde ajung ei.

O scena reala, dintr-o Românie cât se poate de reala: credinta se masoara în contributiile date la Biserica. Asa au decis unii preoti sa propovaduiasca vorbele Domnului. În România, serviciile religioase nu sunt gratuite. Cine nu plateste, nu beneficiaza de ele.

Asa ca oamenii s-au conformat. Doneaza pentru zidirea lacasurilor de cult, platesc daca vor ca preotul sa le citeasca acatistele, se împrumuta de la banci ca sa-si îngoape mortii.

Lumânarile facute în manastire, sunt de doua ori mai scumpe decât cele din comert. În depozite, 150 de lumânari se vând cu cel mult 10 lei. În Biserica, o singura lumânare, costa chiar si 50 de bani, asta înseamna 75 de lei, pentru acelasi lumânari.

Când credinţa se măsoară în bani. Ce avere impresionantă are Biserica Ortodoxă Română

Foto: AgerPres

De-a lungul anilor, Biserica a pus ban pe ban si strâns o avere impresionanta. Detine terenuri, paduri, sute de imobile. Nu plateste impozite la stat, însa primeste bani de la buget.

În medie, în fiecare an, Guvernul aloca peste 1 miliard de lei catre culte. La aceasta suma se adauga veniturile proprii, realizate din vânzarea obiectelor de cult sau a terenurilor.

Anul trecut, veniturile administratiei Patriarhale au fost de 87 de milioane de lei, cu aproape 60 de milioane de lei mai mari decât în 2010.  Toti acesti bani ar trebui sa se întoarca la oamenii saraci. Nu se întâmpla asa. 

Asta în vreme ce multi preoti sunt, de fapt, oameni de afaceri. Parintele Dumitru Bondarici, din Margineni, Bacau, e agent imobiliar. Vinde chiar terenurile care au fost retrocedate Bisericii. Sub pretextul ca vrem sa ne construim o casa în comuna, am mers la preot. 
Ne-a cerut 160.000 de euro pentru 2600 de metri patrati.

Preotul vinde metrul patrat de teren cu aproape 50 de euro. Mult mai scump decât ce ofera în zona agentiile imobiliare.

Fata bisericeasca ne-a explicat ca pamântul l-a recuperat în urma unor procese îndelungate. În total, peste 20 de hectare a primit parohia. A reusit sa vânda aproape tot. A evacuat oameni, a darâmat case.

Averea Bisericii trebuie pastrata cu sfintenie. Pamântul poate fi vândut, în cazul în care consiliul parohial considera ca e prea departe de parohie. Banii obtinuti trebuie folositi fie pentru a cumpara teren în alta parte, fie pentru acte fiantropice.


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Not because of military or defensive objectives, but to terrorize Syria's population, undermine the government politically, and paralyze civilian infrastructure. This unconscionable act of blatant terrorism will have no impact on Syria's security operations and is yet another demonstration of the absolute illegitimacy of both the so-called "Free Syrian Army" and their Western sponsors.

September 1, 2012 - Syria has over 15 military airbases, including dedicated airbases located near Aleppo and Damascus. These airbases are generally surrounded by networks of military infrastructure including storage depots, barracks, motor pools, and defensive positions. So much as even denting these facilities would require a standing enemy army, airpower, and armor - something the terrorists operating in Syria with NATO backing currently lack. Even a successful, concentrated attack on a single airbase would make little difference tilting the balance of power in favor of NATO-backed foreign terrorists operating under the banner of the so-called "Free Syrian Army" (FSA).

Image: (via Syria has over 15 dedicated military airbases located across the country, including bases within effective range of Damascus and Aleppo. Many more airbases either are, or can easily be converted into dual military/civilian use. Additionally, helicopter airfields can be set up ad-hoc nearly anywhere. The latest threat then, by terrorists operating in Syria against the nation's two main international airports is a craven act of terrorism seeking psychological, not military, and certainly not defensive objectives. The West's continued support of the so-called FSA, and the UN's continued silence has entirely eviscerated both their collective legitimacy and the primacy of "international law."

--- --- ---

Puzzling then was an announcement made by NATO terrorists, warning that in 72 hours, starting September 1, 2012, they would begin operations to target Syria's two international airports, Damascus International, and Aleppo International. The Telegraph would report that NATO's terrorist front, "warned it would target civilian planes using the airports in Damascus and Aleppo from tomorrow." The Telegraph would also claim, "it [the FSA] suspected government was using the flights to bring in weapons." Like all of NATO terrorist claims, no evidence has been provided by either the militants, or the Western press.

Image: Aleppo International Airport (Wikipedia).

The Telegraph has just reported that terrorists are planning to shoot at civilian planes and paralyze civilian flights across the country - a terrorist act by any definition or law.

Declaration of Terrorist Intend in Absolute Violation of International Law.

RT has also reported in their article, "Syrian rebels give airlines '72-hour warning' before they plan to seize civilian airports," that terrorists, "gave a 72-hour advance warning to airlines to suspend flights to Syria before the rebels try to seize civilian airports in Damascus and Aleppo. They claim the Syrian Air Force is using them 'illegally.'" RT also noted that, "international law prohibits attacks on civilian airports, whether during internal conflicts or wars between states."

Indeed, even corporate-financier funded faux-NGOs like Human Rights Watch (HRW) note that attacking civilian infrastructure, such as an airport can only be done if achieving a military objective outweighs the impact on civilians. HRW says specifically:
Civil airports, roads and bridges are civilian objects that become military objectives subject to attack if they are actually used for military purposes or military objectives are located on or within them. Even then, the rule of proportionality applies, requiring the parties to the conflict to weigh the short- and long-term harm on civilians against the military advantage served; they must consider all ways of minimizing the impact on civilians; and they should not undertake attacks if the expected civilian harm outweighs the definite military advantage.
Clearly, if the Syrian Air Force has 15 bases in addition to whatever they may or may not be using its two international airports for, terrorist attacks on its two main civilian airports in no way achieve military objectives proportional to the adverse impact such attacks will have on Syria's civilian population.

A Blatant Terroristic Threat. 

Instead, the two airports have been picked to maximize terror against both the Syrian people and government forces, as well as undermine Syria politically on the international stage. In other words, they are craven acts of terrorism designed to achieve a political, not military objective - to attack, not defend Syria's civilian population. And it will be craven terrorist attacks carried out with funding, arms, and logistical support provided by the US, UK, Israel, NATO-member Turkey, and the Gulf State despots of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The attacks will have absolutely no impact on Syrian security operations, and will instead simply paralyze civilian infrastructure and inevitably cost civilian lives. It will serve to panic the Syrian people, thus creating yet more refugees with which NATO will then claim demands foreign military intervention in the form of long sought-after "safe havens." Essentially, NATO is purposefully encouraging an atmosphere of terror and panic, then using the resulting refugees and humanitarian crisis as political bargaining chips.

The silence of the UN in the face of this bold declaration of terroristic intent, as well as its utter indifference toward US, NATO, GCC, and Israeli sponsorship of terrorism and purposeful creation of humanitarian catastrophe, further undermines both the organization itself and the primacy of "international law" it is charged with maintaining.

Now more than ever, nations as well as individuals must begin both boycotting these failing institutions while replacing them with viable alternatives.

Source: (2012/09/06) - Author: Tony Cartalucci

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Il gruppo britannico Lonmin, proprietaria della miniera di Marikana (28 mila addetti), sta cercando con scarso successo di evitare che la protesta dei lavoratori si estenda, ed ha rivolto un'offerta agli operai in sciopero da ormai cinque settimane. Lo sciopero é iniziato lo scorso 10 agosto, su iniziativa di tremila operai in rottura con il sindacato maggioritario Num, che reclamano consistenti aumenti salariali e il miglioramento sostanziale delle loro condizioni di vita e di lavoro.

La protesta dei minatori si è estesa da quelli di Marikana ad altre miniere di platino e poi anche d’oro. E ora alcuni sindacati hanno convocato a partire da domenica uno sciopero generale su base nazionale di tutto il settore, con l'obiettivo di ''mettere in ginocchio'' le grandi multinazionali straniere che sfruttano a loro piacimento le risorse naturali del paese. L'appello alla mobilitazione generale é stato lanciato da uno dei leader sindacali, Mametlwe Sebei, dinanzi a migliaia di lavoratori radunatisi davanti all'impianto di Rustenburg (nel nord del Sudafrica), una delle miniere sfruttate dal colosso statunitense del platino Amplats. Circa 1500 lavoratori dell’impianto hanno bloccato con barricate formate da tronchi d'albero, pneumatici e pietre molte delle strade di accesso. La Polizia e i responsabili della miniera hanno parlato di ‘sollevazione’ in atto da parte dei dipendenti.

Il malcontento economico dei minatori cresce e si radicalizza, e minaccia ora di intrecciarsi con quello di alcuni settori dell'esercito, incitati ad aderire alla ''rivoluzione' dal giovane leader politico Julius Malema, espulso nei mesi scorsi dall'Africa National Congress (Anc) del presidente Jacob Zuma perché ne aveva criticato l’immobilismo, la mancanza di azione riformatrice e la copertura politica degli interessi della nuova casta che guida il paese dopo la fine dell’apartheid.

Raccogliendo l'appello di alcuni soldati scontenti per il loro trattamento economico, Malema ha dichiarato l'intenzione di tenere due comizi in altrettante basi dell'esercito presso Lenasia, a sud-ovest di Johannesburg. Intenzione che ha naturalmente suscitato la reazione immediata del governo. ''Non so a quale titolo il signor Malema pensi di poter rivolgersi ai soldati'', ha detto il ministro della Difesa, Mapisa Nqakula, ventilando iniziative disciplinari nei confronti di chi accettasse di farsi coinvolgere. ''Il Paese non può permettersi che l'instabilità si estenda alle forze armate'', ha avvertito Nqakula, accusando Malema di voler ''rendere ingovernabile il settore minerario'' e ''sabotare l'economia nazionale''.

Da parte sua il presidente Jacob Zuma ha minacciato i sindacati avvertendo che scioperi illegali ed intimidazioni ''non aiuteranno i minatori'' e che saranno contrastati dalle forze di polizia. Intanto un sindacalista del Num, la più grande confederazione del paese legata all’Anc e accusata di connivenze con le multinazionali da parte dei sindacati indipendenti, è stato ritrovato privo di vita a poca distanza dalla miniera di Marikana. Dumisani Mthinti, 51 anni, diventa così la 45esima vittima dello scontro in atto in Sudafrica da poco più di un mese.

Il settore minerario sudafricano impiega mezzo milione di lavoratori, 180 mila in quelle di platino e 160 mila in quelle d’oro, produce il 9% del Pil del paese, (il 19% considerando le altre attività ad esso connesse) e rappresenta la metà delle esportazioni del Paese. Secondo la Camere delle miniere, il giro d'affari nel 2010 è stato pari a 28 miliardi di euro.

Fonte: - Autore: Marco Santopadre

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Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, with extensive help from James Farganne and Darren Brown, Sep 13 2012.

This will no doubt get plastered all over the web, but like just about anything I put up, it originated here. WE TOTALLY HAVE THE SCAMMING MEDIA BY THE BALLS HERE, WE CAN WAKE UP THE SHEEP WITH THIS, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!

So how, PRAY TELL, was a U.S. consulate raided there, people murdered there, and butt raped in the name of Mohammed? This is BEYOND wag the dog!

Here is the link to the Department of State web site, with a complete list of All U.S. embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions world wide. There is one in Libya, obviously in Tripoli. And I will state right now that I have that Embassy page saved and captured, in case someone decides to bury this by faking Benghazi in for a while.

To further bolster this fact, Here is Google Maps of Benghazi Libya. Delete Benghazi Libya from the search window, and type the word EMBASSY or CONSULATE there. Because one does not exist in Benghazi, it will throw you to an alternative location near you. Here is the Wikipedia list, no doubt soon to be faked, it will happen fast here. Won't last long and if any fakes get thrown in, well, there are TONS of lists out there, and I will just snag another. They can't bury this lie.

No wonder the Libyans are pissed! Is ANY of this real? Are there ANY embassy raids or riots happening ANYWHERE? This kind of desperate lying would indeed be used if an attack on Iran was SO IMMINENT THAT THE CONSEQUENCES OF GETTING CAUGHT IN THE LIE ARE IRRELEVANT. All they need is to fake it till they make the vote, and then say OOPS, we got the story wrong.

This begs the question, WHERE did the pictures and video come from? Answer. The U.S. and Israel are so guilty of so many war crimes that this type of footage is commonplace in archives. Since the consulate does not exist, they can put up any picture of any building they want and call it that, and no one is going to say "that is not what it looks like".

Many of you are worried about what is coming next. They handed us the silver bullet. Please use this bullet to shoot out the heart of the media werewolf, THIS IS THE BIG CHANCE. This lie is SO BRAZEN and SO OBVIOUS that it should be enough to tip the balance and destroy the credibility of CNN, FOX, ABC, YOU NAME IT, ONCE AND FOR ALL WITH ANYONE. Don't miss this chance, because once awaken to the fact that the media really does lie, a blinded lamb will often go bull stomping crazy.

And with the darkness of this hour, we definitely need it.

This article has withstood the scrutiny of several people on the forum who worked through the night to protect the credibility of this web site (and I thank them). One of them pointed out THIS ARTICLE, which speaks of the reopening of the U.S. embassy in Tripoli on August 27, which had to be rebuilt new after the war. Don't let this confuse you, there is no Benghazi embassy, consulate, or diplomatic mission too new to be in any record.


On top of this, the various news agencies can't even get the location of the consulate straight, proof of a bullshit story.

The Daily Mail says it's here

And the Guardian says it's here (you have to click the little arrow that says next to make their animation work.

Since the consulate is a fiction, both pictures will do because NO ONE is going to be able to check up on the story anyway. Last I heard, the State Department is no longer answering questions with regard to the embassy, probably because people can't figure out where it really is.

Article dated 6-6-2012 speaks of a "Benghazi embassy", which in the current wag is being called a "consulate" or "mission".

One of the forum members found what may have been a toe dip propaganda piece dated 6-6 2012, where a story of a bombing against this "benghazi embassy" was floated to see if anyone would call the media on it's bullshit. There was no significant coverage of this topic on ANY American news outlet, which I believe is fishy. If you were going to do a test run for a fictitious embassy, it would be best to do it in a limited way. My guess is they floated this story ahead of time to see if it would hold up before using this fictitious embassy for a major propaganda run in the U.S. and I simply do not believe CNNNBCABCFOXASS would not have been ALL OVER such a bombing. No comments from the President? Yeah right! Let's see a photo of this "Benghazi embassy" dated prior to Sep11. Even these articles dated June 6 do not have that, nor have we found any pictures anywhere else.

And if this "Benghazi embassy" was around 4 months ago, how long before that did it exist? Why are they calling it an "embassy" in this article, and a consulate/mission in the current rip? How long would it take the state department, Wikipedia, and all other web sites, including ones that update daily, to show this "mission?" Is (a minimum) of four months enough? Oh, I know, it was run by OSAMA BIN LADEN, and therefore was not a favorite, and he is crazy, which is why it has been called a CONSULATE, an EMBASSY, and a "DIPLOMATIC MISSION" in the various reports, three representations so different that they are not the same thing at all! That works in fiction I guess!

September, 13 2012

VIRTUALLY ASSURED - War on Iran given a GO

A reminder to Israel - Giving the world ANOTHER Fukushima will be politically unpopular, and this time you WILL get caught, even among the totally unaware

The attacks on the U.S. embassies are virtually assured to be Mossad operations

Israel has a long history of staging false flag events. Don't be fooled, there are NOT riots all over the Arab world simply because of a stupid movie insulting Mohammed. The Muslims deal with that all the time and are not so thin skinned. It's a virtual certainty Israel is banking on Americans being stupid enough to fall for it, and to fall for it WOULD be stupid because:
The first embassy attack came on 911, which is an Israeli terror holiday, and a day of dread for Muslims. It also is embedded in the American psyche, and there really are a lot of "chicken brains" out there who might fall for such a coincidence.

In addition to this, Canada suddenly shuttered it's Iranian embassy in a very childish and abrupt way, with no provocation to justify it. Look for a false flag in Canada once Israel is done having fun in the Arab world, to turn public opinion against Iran. As it is, many Americans are unable to discern the difference between Iran and Bahrain, or any other Islamic nation. I'd bet a $50 that over half of the war mongering crowd could not find Iran on a globe.

Then there was the idiotic Hezbollah bust at the Mexican border, COME ON NOW, THAT was stupid! The only thing Hezbollah would be able to get through the Mexican desert would be an old duffel bag on a retired Honda three wheeler. But we just GOTTA have that sleeper cell cover story for that new false flag terror attack likely to soon happen on American or Canadian soil.

Most importantly

Yesterday a report came out of Israel that they had MASSIVELY mobilized their military. And WAY TOO SOON for any "you insulted Mohammed" riots to cause it. All this stuff is coinciding around a singularity in time, a singularity which has Israel at it's center as a probable culprit. And the outlook is not so good. Here is the report out of Israel, which will be followed with my final comments.

War in the Middle East appears to be imminent

From Steve Quayle Alerts

"My brother and his family live in Jerusalem - he is a minister - his office is close to one of Israel 's largest underground military bases.

He called me last night which is very unusual - usually it is email.

He called to tell me that he is sending his family back to the US immediately due to what he is seeing happen within the last week and what he is being told by his military contacts in both the Israel and US military.

He said he is seeing with his own eyes military movements the likes of which he has never seen in his 20+ years in Israel .

What he called a massive redeployment and protective tactics of forces is underway.

Over the last two days he has seen anti-aircraft missile deployments throughout the Jerusalem area including 3 mobile units that he can see from his office windows.

In addition, he has seen very large Israeli armored columns moving fast toward the Sinia where Egypt has now moved in Armor.

There are reports of the top military leaders meeting with Israel 's Sr. Rabi which is something that has happened preceding every prior military campaign.

His admonition is to watch carefully and pray for Israel and its people.

He is convinced that barring something extraordinary Israel will attack Iran - with or without the US - and very soon.

It is the belief in Israel that Obama does not stand with Israel but with the Arab countries.

He has told me before that Israel will saber rattle from time to time but that this time is very different from what he is seeing and hearing.

He was at the Wailing Wall 2 days ago and there were hundreds of IDF soldiers there. As he was leaving he passed at least 20 military buses full of soldiers in route to the wall.

He has never seen this before either."

My comments

Israel is a nation that won't stick it's neck out when it could get it's head cut off. Iran could easily do that. So expect Israel to use their nuclear weapons as an opening volley, and to do it in a despicable way that levels Iran. Don't be surprised by a death toll over 10 million if Israel goes ahead with this. Israel will NOT target only Iran's nuclear facilities, Israel will attempt to smash Iran in it's entirety, and absolutely will if they believe that a sneak nuclear attack would prevent a single Jewish death. Iran has tens of thousands of missiles capable of reaching Israel, and prior to all of Israel and America's game playing in Syria, there were additional tens of thousands more there. With Syria neutralized, Israel is now free to go in and destroy Iran, and America has already previously stated and agreed that if Iran does even ONE thing to Israel to defend itself, America will step in and smash Iran on Israel's behalf.

In conjunction with this attack, expect Israel to cut the sub sea internet cable that connects Iran to the outside world, so the atrocities will be slow to be revealed, that is IF they are EVER revealed.

The following is not intended to be understood by most readers

There is a way to know if nukes were used, cut cable or not. I suggest now is a good time for anyone who has a storage scope to set it up to capture the EMP signature of any nuclear weapons in use. The EMP signature has nothing to do with the seismic signature. To capture an EMP signature, just go to the hardware store and buy a spool of Romex electrical wire, leave it in a coil, and hook ONE end of One of the conductors in it up to the scope input, and the other end of the SAME conductor to ground. Set the scope up for event capture, and if you have a multi channel scope, set one channel to capture an event that is at 10 mhz, and will be 8 cycles in length, another channel for the same at 1 mhz, and another channel at 100 khz, if available. Romex has 3 conductors. EMP's vary. So that will cover all possible ranges the emp from a nuke could show up at.

Of course, you will need to put a coil with at least a few millihenries of inductance on the ground side, and perhaps a 1 nanofarad capacitor at the scope input, and that type of setup will want to pick up all types of environmental noise but if you play with it to reduce the noise or build any sort of circuit to tune out the noise it ought to work. If you are the type that would have that sort of test equipment you should be able to come up with something that will work with whatever situation you have. Obviously, if you want to capture the higher frequency, a smaller coil would be used. I am suggesting a coil to mitigate the need for an enormous antenna.

Unfortunately I can't tell you how strong a signal is going to be, so guess. If you scope has headroom, use it. You stand NO chance of blowing up a scope using it this way because scopes are robust and Iran for most people is on the other side of the world and the signal is likely to be very weak. It will appear as a sinewave that starts with a peak, tapers to a lower peak on the next cycle, a lower peak on the next cycle, down to extinction right around cycle 8. Look at the wave on the front of a Dorito's bag. That is the stylized EMP from the Sumatra nuke. I never got down to the details on that one with this site, but that wave shape on the front of a doritos bag is in fact a nuclear EMP waveform that has been italicized, and it is the one that India published for the boxing day tsunami.

On your scope, THIS is what you are looking for:

Of course, this has been stylized, this wave form will be oriented straight up and down on your scope and not leaning, and not italicized. I guess the joke is "atomic crunch". This became the Dorito's logo approximately five months after the boxing day tsunami. This came in at around 10 MHZ because the nuke was detonated under water. Most likely this joke was pulled at a lower level and the upper management is unaware. The "elite" get a laugh out of putting their crimes in plain sight.

Hopefully if people set up their scopes to capture this, Israel will not dare because if enough people capture this it will not stay hidden, and secrecy for these people is 95 percent of victory. There are a gazillion storage scopes out there, unlike seismographs which are easy to control and censor on account of scarcity. Absent Romex, even a coil of speaker wire will probably do, any coil of wire with an inductance low enough to not block a 10 mhz signal or one of the lower frequencies (I would suggest setting it up for 1 mhz if your scope only has 1 channel) and it will be hit and miss results because there is no way to know the specifics of a nuclear EMP, and if you don't know which bomb and how it will be detonated (air burst, surface burst, sub surface burst) it will take a bit of luck to capture it. Air bursts are asymmetrical if close to the ground, and sub surface bursts tend to be symmetrical and at a higher frequency because the EMP will be shaped by it's environment and a confined environment will push the frequency up. I could go into the why aspect but I don't want to write a book right now and if what I have written here is not clear to you, ignore it, this is meant to be understood by a fraction of one percent of the people out there, which will hopefully be enough to deter Israel from doing it.


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La notizia è stata diffusa dal quotidiano online IbTimes. Il giornalista freelance Jim Stone, sostiene con convinzione che l'attacco all'ambasciata di Benghazi non sia mai avvenuto. Lo scrive sul suo blog. Il giornalista, si legge su IbTimes, "afferma la non esistenza di un'ambasciata Usa a Benghazi in quanto, secondo il sito ufficiale del Dipartimento di Stato Usa, l'unica ambasciata in Libia risulta essere quella di Tripoli".

L'ambasciata di Benghazi, quindi, non esisterebbe. La prova è anche su Google Maps, dove non è possibile individuare ambasciate americane a Benghazi. Anche su Wikipedia, la lista delle ambasciate Usa conferma la presenza dell'unica ambasciata a Tripoli. A Benghazi, secondo il giornalista, non esisterebbe neanche un consolato e nessun edificio diplomatico americano.


Le foto che circolano in rete, e che ritrarrebbero l'edificio di Benghazi distrutto, sarebbero, secondo il giornalista, false. Nessuno ne può confermare la veridicità.

"Sarete preoccupati di ciò che potrà succedere in futuro. Questa menzogna è talmente ovvia che potremmo distruggere la credibilità di Cnn, Fox, Abc e quant'altro. Non perdiamo questa occasione." Queste le pesanti parole che il giornalista ha pubblicato sul suo blog.

Fonte: via

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Page 6781
 25 April 1916

      I wish to put in the RECORD the secret treaty of Verona of  November 22, 1822, showing what this ancient conflict is between the rule of the few and the rule of the many.   I wish to call the attention of the Senate to this treaty because it is the threat of this treaty which was the basis of the Monroe doctrine.   It throws a powerful white light upon the conflict between monarchial government and government by the people.   The Holy Alliance under the influence of Metternich, the Premier of Austria, in 1822, issued this remarkable secret document :

[American Diplomatic Code,  1778 - 1884,  vol.  2 ;  Elliott,  p. 179.]

Senator Robert Latham Owen brings to light a silent Declaration of War against Popular Government, secretly schemed by monarchical nations shortly after the successful American Revolution and America's second successful victory against the British in the War of 1812.


      The  undersigned,  specially  authorized  to  make  some  additions  to  the  treaty  of  the  Holy  Alliance,  after  having  exchanged  their  respective  credentials,  have  agreed  as  follows :

      ARTICLE  1.   The  high  contracting  powers  being  convinced  that  the  system  of  representative  govern- ment  is  egually  as  incompatible  with  the  monarchial  principles  as  the  maxim  of  the  sovereignty  of   the  people  with  the  high  devine  right,  engage mutually  in  the  most  solemn  manner,  to  use  all  their  efforts  to  put  an  end  to  the  system  of  representative  governments,  in  whatever  country  it  may  exhist  in  Europe,  and  to  prevent  its  being  introduced  in  those  countries  where  it  is  not  yet  known.

      ART.  2.   As  it  can  not  be  doubted  that  the  liberty  of  the  press  is  the  most  powerful  means  used  by  the  pretended  supporters  of  the  rights  of  nations  to  the  detrement  of   those  princes,  the  high  contracting  parties  promise  reciprocally  to  adopt  all  proper  measures  to  suppress  it,  not  only  in  their  own  states  but  also  in  the  rest  of  Europe.

      ART.  3.   Convinced  that  the  principles  of  religion  contribute  most  powerfully  to  keep  nations  in  the  state  of  passive  obedience  which  they  owe  to  their  princes,  the  high  contracting  parties  declare  it  to  be  their  intention  to  sustain  in  their  respective  States  those  measures  which  the  clergy  may  adopt,  with  the  aim  of  ameliorating  their  own  interests,  so  intimately  connected  with  the  preservation  of  the  authority  of  the  princes ;  and  the  contracting  powers  join  in  offering  their  thanks  to  the  Pope  for  what  he  has  already  done  for  them,  and  solicit  his  constant  cooperation  in  their  views  of  submitting  the  nations.

      ART.  4.   The  situation  of   Spain  and  Portugal  unite  unhappily  all  the  circumstances  to  which  this treaty  has  particular  reference.    The  high  contracting  parties,  in  confiding  to  France  the  care  of  putting  an  end  to  them,  engaged  to  assist  her  in  the  manner  which  may  the  least  compromit  them  with  their  own  people  and  the  people  of  France  by  means  of  a  subsidy  on  the  part  of  the  two  empires  of  20,000,000  of  francs  every  year  from  the  date  of  the  signature  of  this  treaty  to  the  end  of  the  war.

      ART.  5.   In  order  to  establish  in  the  Peninsula  the  order  of  things  which  exhisted  before  the  revolution  of  Cadiz,  and  to  insure  the  entire  execution  of  the  articles  of  the  present  treaty,  the  high  contracting  parties  give  to  each  other  the  reciprocal  assurance  that  as  long  as  their  views  are  not  fulfilled,  rejecting  all  other  ideas  of  utility  or  other  measure  to  be  taken,  they  will  address  themselves  with  the  shortest  possible  delay  to  all  the  authorities  exhisting  in  their  States  and  to  all  their  agents  in  foreign  countries,  with  the  view  to  establish  connections  tending  toward  the  accomplishment  of  the  objects  proposed  by  this  treaty.

      ART.  6.   This  treaty  shall  be  renewed  with  such  changes  as  new  circumstances  may  give  occasion  for,  either  at  a  new  congress  or  at  the  court  of  one  of  the  contracting  parties,  as  soon  as  the  war  with  Spain  shall  be  terminated.

      ART.  7.   The  present  treaty  shall  be  ratified  and  the  ratifications  exchanged  at  Paris  within  the  space  of  six  months.

Made  at  Verona  the  22d  November,  1822.


For  Austria :-----------------------------------------------------METTERNICH.


For  France :------------------------------------------------CHATEAUBRIAND.


For  Prussia :---------------------------------------------------------BERNSTET.


For  Russia :------------------------------------------------------NESSELRODE.


      I ask to have printed in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD this secret treaty, because I think it ought to be called now to the attention of the people of the United States and of the world.   This evidence of the conflict between the rule of the few verses popular government should be emphasized on the minds of the people of the United States, that the conflict now waging throughout the world may be more clearly understood, for after all said the great pending war springs from the weakness and frailty of government by the few, where human error is far more probable than the error of the many where aggressive war is only permitted upon the authorizing vote of those whose lives are jeopardized in the trenches of modern war.

      Mr.  SHAFROTH.   Mr. President, I should like to have the senator state whether in that treaty there was not a coalition formed between the powerful countries of Europe to reestablish the sovereignty of Spain in the Republics of South and Central America?

      Mr.  OWEN.   I was just going to comment upon that, and I am going  to take but a few moments to do so because I realize the preasure of other matters.   This Holy Alliance, having put a Bourbon  prince upon the throne of  France by force, then used France to suppress the constitution of Spain immediately afterwards, and by this very treaty gave her a subsidy of 20,000,000 francs annually to enable her to wage war upon the people of Spain and to prevent their exercise of any measure of the right of self-government.   The Holy Alliance immediately did the same thing in Italy, by sending Austrian troops to Italy, where the people there attempted to exercise a like measure of liberal constitutional self-government ;  and it was not until the printing press, which the Holy Alliance so stoutly opposed, taught the people of Europe the value of liberty that finally one country after another seized a greater and greater right of self government, until now it may be fairly said that nearly all the nations of Europe have a very large measure of self government.    However, I wish to call the attention of the Senate and the country to this important history in the growth of  constitutional popular self-government.    The Holy Alliance made its powers felt by the wholesale drastic suppression of the press in Europe, by universal censorship, by killing free speech and all ideas of popular rights, and by the complete suppression of popular government.    The Holy Alliance having destroyed popular government in Spain and in Italy, had well-laid plans also to destroy popular government in the American colonies which had revolted from Spain and Portugal in Central and South America under the influence of the successful example of the United States.    It was because of this conspiracy against the American Republics by the Europian monarchies that the great English statesman, Canning, called the attention of our government to it, and our statesmen then, including Thomas Jefferson, took an active part to bring about the declaration by President Monroe in his next annual message to the Congress of the United States that the United States should regard it as an act of hostility to the government of the United States and an unfriendly act if this coalition or if any power of Europe ever undertook to establish upon the American Continent any control of  any American Republic or to acquire any territorial rights.    This is the so-called Monroe doctrine.    The threat under the secret treaty of Verona to suppress popular governments in the American Republics is the basis of the Monroe doctrine.    This secret treaty sets forth clearly the conflict between monarchial government and popular government and the government of the few as against the government of the many.    It is a part, in reality, of developing popular sovereignty when we demand for women equal rights to life, to liberty, to the possession of property, to an equal voice in the making of the laws and the administration of the laws.    This demand on the part of the women is made by men, and it ought to be made by men as well as by thinking, progressive women, as it will promote human liberty and human happiness.    I sympathize with it, and I hope that all parties will in the national conventions give their approval to this larger measure of liberty to the better half of the human race.

    6.  The experience we have had, has made us acquainted with the many advantages that have been taken by the Society of its intervention in the marriages of the House of Austria, and of those which have been effected in other kingdoms, France, Poland, and in various duchies.  Forasmuch assembling, proposing with prudence, selecting choice persons who may be friends and families of the relatives, and of the friends of the Society.    7.  It will be easy to gain the princesses, making use of their valets;  by that coming to feed and nourish with relations of friendship,  by being located at the entrance in all parts, and thus become acquainted with the most intimate secrets of the familiars.  Secret Instructions of The Company of Jesus:  Chapter II.


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Riporto una serie di considerazioni, tra loro pure contrastanti, e dati alla mano fate le vostre considerazioni anche se nessun politico o banchiere ve le ha chieste dato che la crisi la gestiscono loro mentre noi paghiamo. Dioni

Non bastava dunque il MES, il Meccanismo Europeo di Stabilità, la cui entrata in vigore è definitiva dato che ieri è stato approvato dalla Corte Costituzionale tedesca, dopo essere stato approvato a luglio in italia. Non era sufficiente neppure il Fiscal Compact, o meglio il pareggio di bilancio, che trasforma un’entità illegittima – il debito – in una leva costituzionale bastevole a giustificare qualunque tipo di provvedimento che il governo di turno decida di calare sulle teste degli Italiani.

Ora l’Unione Europea sforna l’ERF, European Redemption Fund, o per meglio dire il Fondo Europeo di Redenzione (o Riscatto). Il 13 giugno scorso infatti il Parlamento europeo ha approvato, con il voto su due risoluzioni, il regolamento per il rafforzamento della governance dell’UE, si tratta quindi di ratificarlo nei singoli paesi.

L’European redemption fund  (Erf) farebbe confluire l’importo dei vari debiti pubblici degli Stati dell’Eurozona per la parte eccedente il 60% del PIL in un apposito fondo; l’Erf verrebbe garantito dagli Stati nazionali membri attraverso i loro asset pubblici e da almeno una percentuale di tasse riscosse a livello nazionale. Tale fondo, poi, emetterebbe bonds europei caratterizzati da una rigorosa scadenza di 20, massimo 25 anni. In questo lasso di tempo, tutti gli Stati aderenti avrebbero, inoltre, l’obbligo di assettare il proprio rapporto debito/PIL al 60%. Ci troviamo di fronte, quindi, ad un fondo la cui esistenza è temporaneamente limitata e che comunque deve essere completamente rimborsato dagli Stati membri alla fine della sua durata. Da questa soluzione (che non implicherebbe la riformulazione dei Trattati esistenti o la scrittura di nuovi, ma che può essere concretizzata mediante semplici intese) Paesi come l’Italia dovrebbero ricevere il  vantaggio di pagare nel complesso interessi sul debito relativamente bassi, mentre Paesi come la Germania dovrebbero sopportare costi maggiori rispetto agli attuali per finanziare interamente il relativo debito.

Proprio al fine di compensare questo sbilanciamento, i Paesi finanziariamente ed economicamente più solidi pretenderebbero in cambio un rispetto vero e proprio degli impegni presi. L’Italia, ad esempio, sarebbe tenuta a perseguire scrupolosamente un percorso finanziario ben delineato al fine di portarla nei tempi stabiliti al 60% del rapporto debito/PIL, ed i miglioramenti in materia verrebbero annualmente ed accuratamente valutati. Se ci dovesse essere un allontanamento dalla “retta via” non è affatto esclusa, come extrema ratio, l’ipotesi di cacciata dal fondo … tutto questo perlomeno in teoria.

In cambio dell’obbligo (controllato a vista da ispettori) a pagare una sorta di mega mutuo per azzerare il debito sopra il 60% esso offre tassi quasi tedeschi, si stima circa 80-100 punti base sopra il Bund, forse addirittura zero.

Non è poco, si tratta di uno sconto gigantesco rispetto ai tassi che l’Italia ha sempre pagato sul suo debito, solo che questa volta vanno restituite anche quote di capitale.

Considerazioni sull’ERF di

Qui bisogna intendersi su una questione fondamentale: Vogliamo ridurre il nostro debito pubblico oppure no e fare una bancarotta classica ( o uscire dall’euro etc etc)?

Come sapete io penso che il modo corretto e meno doloroso di uscire dalla tenaglia del debito sia pagarlo, dunque non riesco a giudicare il redemption fund in termini negativi, ed anzi lo vedo come uno strumento eccezionalmente conveniente per gestire il nostro debito pubblico. Ovviamente il rischio sta nell’escussione della garanzia. Cioè se l’Italia ritardasse o non effettuasse i pagamenti previsti scatterebbero clausole automatiche sul nostro patrimonio. (si ipotizza che ad esempio,che  l’oro fisico di ciascuna banca centrale europea venga trasferito temporaneamente alla BCE la quale farebbe da garante e da “banco” per punire chi sgarra).

Peraltro il redemption fund, deresponsabilizerebbe la nostra scassata classe politica in senso positivo, cioè il Bersani di turno se la potrebbe comodamente prendere col redemption fund ( e i soliti cattivi tedeschi) ove dovesse prendere decisioni impopolari.

Al solito la differenza verrà fatta da COME il redemption fund verrà pagato, ovvero se dalla leva fiscale oppure dai tagli di spesa e dalla cessione di patrimonio pubblico improduttivo (perchè in mano allo Stato).

Risoluzioni approvate

La prima risoluzione (clicca qui), denominata Gauzes, dal nome del relatore, è stata approvata con il 73% dei voti a favore (qui è possibile vedere il dettaglio) e ha messo nero su bianco un principio da far accapponare la pelle: l’assoggettamento a tutela giuridica di uno Stato membro (a decorrere dal 2017). Ciò significa che ‘le autorità dello Stato membro interessato attuano le misure raccomandate (dalle istituzioni europee, NdA) relative all’assistenza tecnica (…) e presentano alla Commissione un piano di ripresa e di liquidazione dei debiti per approvazione. Cioè il Governo nazionale perde ogni tipo di potere decisionale e operativo; in altre parole lo Stato è privato totalmente della propria sovranità. In altri termini potremmo dire che è commissariato. Formalmente occupato dall’esercito della grande finanza internazionale. Nessun complottismo, dunque…è una vera e propria dittatura dell’euro e dell’UE. Non a caso, l’ex presidente Cossiga si esprimeva in questi termini: “l’organizzazione politica più antidemocratica che esiste oggi al mondo è l’Unione Europea. (…) se uno stato sovrano si fosse dato un’organizzazione istituzionale come quella dell’UE saremmo scesi tutti quanti in piazza. Armati.”

La risoluzione Ferreira (clicca qui), approvata con il 74% dei voti favorevoli (vedi qui), stringe il cappio, introducendo appunto il nuovo fondo, l’ERF – il Fondo Europeo di Redenzione (o Riscatto). Tecnicamente, è l’articolo 6 quinquies a definire il biblico provvedimento, ‘al fine di ridurre il debito eccessivo nell’arco di un periodo di 25 anni’. Gli Stati membri dovrebbero trasferire ‘gli importi debitori superiori al 60% del PIL all’ERF nell’arco di un periodo di avviamento di 5 anni’, attuare ‘una strategia di consolidamento di bilancio e un’agenda di riforme strutturali’,costituire ‘garanzie per coprire adeguatamente i prestiti concessi dall’ERF’, ridurre ‘i rispettivi disavanzi strutturali durante il periodo di avviamento per rispettare le norme di bilancio’. Il passaggio sicuramente più insidioso è quello relativo alle garanzie: secondo gli analisti tedeschi, l’Italia dovrebbe partecipare al fondo con la quota più grande (40%), ovvero oltre 950 miliardi di euro. Per coprire il prestito dell’ERF, l’Italia potrebbe essere costretta a cedere (almeno per 25 anni) una frazione più o meno cospicua del gettito delle imposte nazionali, a vendere una parte del patrimonio (asset) pubblico, a dare in pegno le proprie riserve auree e di valuta estera. Perdendo tutto, nel caso non riesca a onorare il prestito dell’ERF. Siamo dunque in un nuovo circolo vizioso: riforme strutturali e ripianamento di un debito illegittimo, attraverso un nuovo ricorso a prestito (ovvio, no?! secondo la logica degli usurai è infatti normale che una persona indebitata faccia ricorso a nuovi prestiti!). Ma questa volta gli strozzini vogliono garanzie a copertura: ci penseranno le nostre tasse e il patrimonio del nostro paese.

Il Parlamento Europeo (con poche lodevoli eccezioni) fiancheggia dunque, più o meno ignaro, le istituzioni antidemocratiche europee, come la Commissione e la BCE, e aiuta le banche e la finanza mondiale a dissanguarci, attraverso il nuovo Fondo Europeo di Redenzione.

Parliamoci chiaro: se ci sembrava essere di aver raggiunto il fondo con le ‘raccomandazioni’ poco amorevoli dell’UE, il pareggio di bilancio, il meccanismo europeo di stabilità, dobbiamo cambiare idea: l’ERF ci sta traghettando all’inferno. Non abbiamo scuse: solo noi possiamo realmente ‘redimerci’, riscattarci come cittadini, affrancandoci da questa Europa e dai partiti complici e conniventi con banche e grande finanza. Solo poi possiamo liberarci dalla dittatura del Dio denaro.

Considerazioni di

Ma quali sarebbero per noi le conseguenze e quali i vantaggi di un simile scenario? Il team londinese di Mediobanca Securities, guidato da Antonio Guglielmi, tenta di rispondere al quesito con una simulazione che si basa su alcune assunzioni: un costo di rifinanziamento dell’Erf pari al 3,25% annuo, un tasso di crescita reale medio annuo del Pil, nell’eurozona, di 1/1,5 punti percentuali, e un tasso di inflazione non oltre il 2%.

Il Fondo, nel modello elaborato, avrebbe, dal momento della costituzione, una vita residua di 25/30 anni, periodo sufficiente a “redimere” le quote eccedenti.
Per l’Italia si tratta di conferire la porzione maggiore, pari a circa 950 miliardi di euro: circa il 40% del totale, che ammonterebbe a 2.300 miliardi qualora dal Fondo venissero esclusi i paesi già sotto tutela congiunta di
Fmi e Ue (Portogallo, Irlanda, Grecia).

I vantaggi sarebbero consistenti: per la quota conferita, il paese trarrebbe risparmi sul rifinanziamento di 24 miliardi l’anno (1,5% del Pil). Ne godremmo più della Spagna (0,3% del Pil) in virtù del peso minore della quota madrilena, mentre la Germania dovrebbe sopportare un extra-costo pari allo 0,4% del prodotto.

Ma non è tutto oro quel che luccica: i paesi aderenti sarebbero sottoposti a una stretta condizionalità: una parte delle entrate fiscali dovrebbe esser destinata a ripagare le quote in maturazione dello stock trasferito, in modo da annullare il carico totale nei termini stabiliti.

Gli stati dovrebbero anche immobilizzare collaterali a garanzia dell’Erf, pari almeno al 20% dell’importo confluito. Il collaterale verrebbe “sbloccato” solo ad “espiazione” raggiunta.

Mediobanca stima che, per l’Italia, durante i primi anni di attività dell’Erf, circa l’8% delle entrate fiscali dovrebbe essere asservito al meccanismo di redenzione, ma la percentuale si ridurrebbe con il passare degli anni, riducendosi a meno del 3% nell’ultimo decennio di vita del Fondo.

In termini di budget, i vincoli alle spese sarebbero stringenti. E i tagli draconiani: se l’Erf fosse entrato in vigore nel 2011, il Belpaese avrebbe dovuto sforbiciare la spesa di ben 16 punti percentuali, mentre necessiterebbe di un avanzo primario pari – in media – al 4% annuo, per più di due decenni, al fine di redimere interamente la propria quota.

Basti pensare che, con i sacrifici sostenuti dagli italiani nel 2011, l’avanzo al netto degli interessi è stato pari all’1% del Pil. Certo, si tratta pur sempre di una stima, ma indicativa dei costi approssimativi di una simile strategia.

L’Italia, nel passato, ha già dato dimostrazione di poter mantenere avanzi primari per periodi prolungati, ma bloccare il bilancio per quasi tre decenni sembra una sfida di portata immane, anche dal punto di vista politico.

Per questo, secondo Guglielmi, un piano di drastica riduzione dello stock del debito, da effettuare per mezzo di cessioni del patrimonio pubblico, potrebbe affiancare l’Erf, riducendo il rigore di bilancio anno per anno, e i sacrifici per i contribuenti.

Considerazioni di

Ecco la trascrizione del video.

Si chiama pignoramento dello stipendio, e molti di voi la conoscono come quella pratica odiosa cui un creditore può ricorrere per farsi pagare. Per dirla in parole povere: quel che guadagni ti viene decurtato di un quinto o di un terzo a vita, o fino a quando il debito non sia stato ripianato. E’ odiosa perché, in qualche modo, seppure matematicamente sia a somma zero, non aggredisce il tuo patrimonio, ma ti toglie direttamente il futuro, per cui ti regala la sgradevole sensazione di essere un condannato nel braccio della morte, che vive solo per attendere l’ora della sua uccisione.

Dopo avere ideato fondi di stabilizzazione nei quali iniettiamo decine di miliardi; dopo avere ideato un meccanismo di stabilità per il quale pagheremo 8 miliardi entro l’anno e centinaia in prospettiva; dopo avere deciso che noi italiani dobbiamo pagare 20 miliardi per le banche spagnole, indebitandoci al posto loro, oggi le politiche strozza-popoli di quel nodo scorsoio economico nel quale si è trasformata l’Europa ne stanno inventando un’altra.

Si chiama European Redemption Fund (ERF per gli amici), cioè Fondo di Redenzione (nel senso di estinzione) Europeo. L’idea è che, siccome siamo stati cattivi, ora dobbiamo essere redenti, come se ci fosse poi un unto del Signore in grado di confessare gli stati e comminare il giusto numero di Ave Marie economiche. Il peccato capitale è il debito pubblico. Fa niente che sia divenuto il male assoluto solo perché ci hanno tolto gli strumenti per rifinanziarcelo da soli, ovvero la sovranità monetaria: deve calare sotto al 60% del Pil e basta. Ma come fare? Difficile, in un momento in cui vige la religione dell’austerity, alla quale come monaci autoflagellanti ci imponiamo di obbedire - chissà, forse nella speranza di guadagnarci un posto nel paradiso dei neoliberisti -: le tasche sono vuote e sotto al materasso non c’è più niente.

Ci voleva il colpo di genio. E la brillante idea è arrivata. Così hanno preso spunto da quelle società finanziarie che prima ricoprono lo sprovveduto e incauto cittadino di soldi spesso non richiesti e poi, quando è in difficoltà, procedono a pignorargli lo stipendio a vita. E qual è lo stipendio di uno Stato? Sono le sue entrate fiscali, naturalmente. Perché dunque non pignorare le tasse degli stati con un debito pubblico superiore al 60% del Pil per una ventina di anni? Secondo Goldman Sachs, si tratta di ragionare su qualcosa come 1541 miliardi per la Germania, 1193 per la Francia, 954 per l’Italia, 652 per la Spagna, 364 per l’Olanda, 225 per il Belgio e 181 per l’Austria. Si parte con 2,3 miliardi di euro in totale. Certo, per garantire il fondo, gli stati beneficiari del pignoramento (sembra un ossimoro: uno che beneficia dalla sua stessa confisca dello stipendio) dovranno tirare fuori le proprie riserve di oro (guarda un po’), che sono l’unica certezza rimasta, visto che il metallo prezioso è la sola valuta universalmente accettata e che non dipende dai giochetti computerizzati di questi nerds dell’alta finanza, che dopo gli accordi di Bretton Woods hanno potuto sbizzarrirsi con le loro funamboliche masturbazioni monetarie. Una volta messo finalmente l’oro sul piatto, loro procedono a pignorarci le entrate tributarie fino al 2035 o giù di lì. E se le tasse non bastano (sai com’è, c’è l’austerity)? ZAC: via l’oro! Loro chi? Non si sa, esattamente come non si sa quali organizzazioni finanziarie gestiranno il MES, il Meccanismo Europeo di Stabilità sul quale non potremo avere informazioni perché i documenti saranno secretati e inviolabili, tranne che dovremo dargli almeno 125 miliardi: questa è l’unica informazione che ci viene gentilmente concessa.

Wolfgang Schäuble, il ministro delle finanze tedesco, ha già detto che non si può fare, perché l’ERF violerebbe i trattati europei, i quali sostengono che nessun paese può essere considerato responsabile del debito pubblico di un altro. Curioso, veramente curioso, visto che è dall’inizio della crisi che non facciamo altro che indebitarci per salvare altri paesi dai loro debiti, e ora perfino le banche dai loro stessi debiti. Ma forse Schäuble intendeva dire che è alla Germania che i trattati impediscono di essere responsabile verso le sue colonie, visto che se partisse il Redemption Fund gli spread (secondo gli analisti che notoriamente ci azzeccano sempre) si stringerebbero parecchio, e i tedeschi non potrebbero più recuperare soldi freschi a interessi virtualmente zero sulle spalle degli altri, avvantaggiandosi di un tasso di accrescimento industriale che dal 1999 al 2010 è passato dallo 0,9% al 9%, di una disoccupazione che nello stesso periodo è scesa dal 10,5% al 7,4% per toccare il 6,7% di quest’anno e di un tasso di crescita del Pil partito all’1,5% e finito due anni fa al 3,5%. Invece, se partisse l’ERF, costerebbe qualcosa come lo 0,6% del Pil tedesco per ogni anno di pignoramento. E loro a queste cose ci tengono.

Ma certo, se ci mettiamo l’oro…


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Julian Assange is resisting Britain's efforts to extradite him to Sweden to face sex crime claims. In an exclusive interview with RT's Spanish channel, Ecuador's president explains the choice he made, and says what he thinks Britain's motives really are.


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Vatican Tyranny

THE ORDER WAS SUPPRESSED 21 JULY 1773 BY POPE CLEMENT XIV (for which he was promptly poisoned).  THE ORDER WAS

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

      I read a book some years ago that started my research, that I am still involved in today.  The information I have, I believe, if it were ever brought to a trial, would prove so conclusively of what I am about to tell you that not even the perpetrators themselves would try to deny it.  In the past, when confronted with their prior history of atrocities, their only response has been: "we don't do that anymore", or sneer at its improbability, or a gratuitous imputation of bigotry and intolerance against the writer, while at the same time telling all their followers: "we never change".  As you read it will become only to apparent that the latter is the case.

      Before I begin, and you start thinking I'm an "extremist", let me say that I'm not the only person to find this information.  It is readily available (at the finger tips of those on the internet) to anyone willing to put in a little time and research.  I have found, what I believe to be, the common denominator for a very large percentage (if not all) of the events perpetrated and/or carried out by departments of government and/or its agencies, that are totally negative to the rights and freedoms of the American people, hence, also to the United States Constitution, its Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.  This organization is responsible for the wholesale slaughter of multi-millions of peoples all over the world.  It is responsible for the "Dark Age" (inquisition) period leading up to the founding of this country:  As you will learn, this organization, though having periods of civil and military power fluctuation (due to losses from their own tyrannical acts and resultant exposure) not only still exists: but is far more powerful (lethal) today than ever before:  This is especially true in the United States, where the order has its highest concentration (at least seventeen times that of any other country).

      A zeal for the discovery of new territory marked the fifteenth century.  The first navigations for this purpose were concerted and directed by prince Henry. Born 1394, the fourth son of John I. king of Portugal.  His valor in the assault and capture of the city: Ceuta in Africa 1415, presaged the fame he afterward acquired.  From this period he devoted himself to naval expeditions for the discovery of unknown countries.  His ships subjected divers parts of Africa and the neighboring islands to the dominion of Portugal.  After the success in doubling cape Bojadoy, he gave to his father and successors all the land he discovered, or might discover, and applied to Pope Martin V to ratify the donation.  He engaged that in all their expeditions the Portuguese should have mainly in view the extension of the Roman church and authority of its pontiff.  Pope Martin granted the prince's request.  In his bull of ratification, which was about the year 1430, it is declared that: "whatever might be discovered from the said cape to the utmost India, should pertain to the Portuguese dominion."  Edward, brother of prince Henry, succeeded to the throne of Portugal 1433, on the death of John I.  Pope Eugene IV. by his bull in 1438, ratified, to Edward, the grant made by Martin V.  A bull of Nicholas V. dated 8 Jan 1454, refers to the aforesaid bulls of his predecessors, Martin and Eugene.  It recites the declaration prince Henry made of his achievements "that for 25 years he had not ceased to send annually almost an army" of Portuguese, "with the greatest dangers, labors and charges, in the most swift ships, to search out the sea and maritime provinces toward the southern parts and Antarctic Pole." that these ships "came at length to the province of Guinea, and took possession of some islands, havens and sea adjoining" that "sailing further, war was waged for some years with the people of those parts, and very many islands near thereunto were subdued and peaceably possessed, and were still possessed with the adjacent sea" that "many Guineans and other negroes were taken then by force, and some by barter."  The bull describes Henry as "a true soldier of Christ, a most courageous defender and intrepid champion of the faith, aspiring from his early youth with his utmost might to have the glorious name of Christ published, extolled and revered throughout the world."  It recognizes the exclusive right of Portugal to the acquisitions and possessions aforesaid, in virtue of the letters of Popes Martin and Eugene, which granted to the king of Portugal and prince Henry "free and ample faculty to invade, search out, expunge, vanquish and subdue all pagans and enemies of Christ whosesoever placed, and their persons to reduce to perpetual slavery, and all their kingdoms, possessions and goods to apply and appropriate," etc.  Pope Nicholas's letter then goes on to "decree and declare, the acquests already made, and what hereafter shall happen to be acquired, after that they shall be acquired, have pertained, and forever of right do belong and pertain to the aforesaid king and his successors, and not to any others whatever."  It forbids, on the severest penalties, all Christian powers from settling in the countries discovered by the Portuguese, or any way molesting them in their expeditions for the discovery and conquest of unknown countries.  It speaks of prince Henry's plan and his prosecution of it as "a most pious work, and most worthy of perpetual remembrance, wherein the glory of God, where the interest of the commonwealth of the universal church are concerned."

      Thus was prince Henry's views and operations sanctioned by the highest authority, at that time, acknowledged in Christendom.  A right derived from a source so venerable was then undisputed.  The Roman pontiff bound princes at his pleasure, and as Vicar of Christ, was allowed to have at his disposal all the kingdoms of the earth.  This grant of Pope Nicholas was confirmed by his successor: Calixtus III. 6 August 1458.

      On the death of Edward, his son Alphonsus, then in his minority, succeeded to the throne of Portugal, 1438, and died 1481.  Prince Henry died 1460-63.  At his death the spirit of discovery languished, but revived with the accession of John II., son of Alphonsus.  The year after his accession (1482), sent an embassy to Edward IV. of England, to acquaint him with the title acquired by the Pope's bull to the conquest in Guinea: requesting him to dissolve a fleet, which some English merchants were fitting for the Guinea (slave) trade.  The king of England showed great respect to the ambassadors and granted all they required.  The king of Portugal assumed, and the king of England gave him, this style, Rex Portugalie et Algarbiorum citra at ultra mare in Africa.  Pope Sixtus IV., not long before his death(12 Aug 1484), confirmed all the grants made by his predecessors, to the kings of Portugal and their successors.

      In 1481 John II. sent 100 artificers, 500 soldiers, and all necessities to build a fort in Guinea.  The large kingdoms of Benin and Congo were discovered 1484-85, and the Cape of Good Hope 1486.  The Portuguese built forts and planted colonies in Africa: established a commercial intercourse with the powerful kingdoms, and compelled the petty princes, by force of arms, to acknowledge themselves vassals.

      At this period, and by these means, the power and commerce of the Portuguese in Africa were well established.  The wholesome decrees of five successive Roman pontiffs granted, conveyed and confirmed to the most faithful king a right to appropriate the kingdoms, goods and possessions of all infidels, wherever to be found, "to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery or destroy them from the earth", for the declared purpose of bringing the Lord's sheep into one dominical fold, under one universal pastor.  Succeeding kings of Portugal have not forfeited the large grant by any undutiful ness to their holy father.  Portugal long enjoyed the trade to Africa and the East Indies without interference of any European power.  For more than half a century, before exporting any negroes from Africa, she made and held them slaves in their native country.

      The Portuguese first imported slaves into Hispaniola 1508, and into their Brazilian colonies 1517. Their sugar works were first set up in these colonies 1580.  Their union with Spain, at that time, was most unfortunate for them.  The Dutch became their enemy, who took their East-India and Brazilian conquests and parts of their African colonies.  They recovered Brazil and their African establishments 1640, but not that of India.

      After the Dutch gave up Brazil and the gold mines were discovered, the trade of Portugal improved and a great importation of slaves took place: carrying yearly from Loangro to Brazil: 25,000, also many thousands from Goango and Cape Lopos.  They themselves say they carry to Brazil 50,000 and more every year from Melinda, on the Mozambique coast.  Such had been the increase of their Brazilian and African colonies for a century that their increase in English goods, annually, was greater than that of Portugal and Spain combined prior to 1700.

      Spanish America received slaves from the Genoese, Portuguese, French and English.  Every state purchased from Spain seceded from the union (1861).  The Vatican was the only country to acknowledge sovereignty to the Confederacy.   Before, during and long after the African slave trade ended: the heads of state of Spain and Portugal were addressed (and may still be), in formal title, by foreign dignitaries/heads of state, as: "His/Her Catholic Majesty" (U.S. State Dept. records): thereby acknowledging them, only, as emissaries of the pope.

      Catholic priest's dealing in the African slave trade is testified to, in this poem, by the famous nineteenth century poet, J.G. Whittier:

A poem, on the slave block in New Orleans.
A CHRISTIAN! going, gone!
Who bids for Gods own image?-for His grace
Which this poor victim of the market-place
Hath in her suffering won?
                              My God! can such things be?
Hast thou not said that whatsoe'er is done
Unto Thy weakest and Thy humblest one,
Is even done to thee?
In that sad victim, then,
Child of Thy pitying love, I see Thee stand,
Once more the jest-word of a mocking band,
Bound, sold, and scourged again!
A Christian up for sale!
Wet with her blood your whips-o'ertask her frame,
Make her life loathsome with your wrong and shame,
Her patience shall not fail!
Cheers for the turbaned bey
Of robber-peopled tunis! he hath torn
The dark slave-dungeons open, and hath borne
Their inmates into day:
But our poor slave in vain
Turns to the Christian shrine her aching eyes-
Its rites will only swell her market price,
And rivet on her chain.
God of all right! how long
Shall priestly robbers at Thine alter stand,
Lifting in prayer to thee the bloody hand
And haughty brow of wrong!
O, from the fields of cane,
From the low rice-swamp, from the traders cell-
From the black slave-ship's foul and loathsome hell,
And coffle's weary chain-
Hoarse, horrible, and strong,
Rises to heaven that agonizing cry,
Filling the arches of the hollow sky,
How Long, O Lord, how long!

      For those who think the Vatican's attitude, toward black people, may have changed through the ages bear this in mind: (1)the biggest race riot in American history(1864, Brooklyn, New York City) was instigated by Archbishop Hughes (in response to Lincoln creating a draft for more union soldiers), including the burning, and trampling to death of the occupants, of a black orphanage. (2)when the U.S. Army occupied Rome during WWII, Pope Pius XII made it clear to American generals there were to be no black soldiers garrisoned in Rome. (3)over 80% of St. Louis, New York City, Chicago etc. police are Knights of Columbus: bear this in mind when you learn that over 75% of  these cops sell drugs; and when reviewing the facts of the Fred Hampton murder by the Chicago police, 4 Dec 69, 6:00AM: every shot fired in the apartment was from fully automatic weapons used by the police (no return fire);  Amadou Diallo: four cops randomly "check out" Diallo: telling him to show his I.D.: while reaching for his wallet, in compliance with their "order" the cops open up on him: 41 shots fired, 19 striking his body: one bullet traveling almost vertically up each lower leg and another thru the bottom of the right shoe, proves Diallo was flat on his back when the shots were fired: Diallo was unarmed. Officer McMellon - bruised his tail bone falling from stoop; officer Carroll - injured his ankle in fall from steps:  evidently, these four of  "New Yorks finest" conducted themselves with all of the professionalism and expertise of Daffy Duck.   If this is "New Yorks finest" I can't imagine what could possibly be their worst.  The cops, defense lawyers and judge all had a party after the trial.  Every unarmed black being shot in New York City (by police) is a working immigrant.  Special Forces Group's (snipers) have been giving weapons training (and illegally selling weapons) to the KKK in Alabama in exchange for info on black leaders that lead to the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. and was financed through, New Orleans godfather: Carlos Marcello (direct associate of J. Edgar Hoover: Knight of Malta; 33d degree Mason).  Portuguese, Raul Maori (director of James Earl Rays movements and actions that set him up as a patsy: actual shooter of Martin Luther King Jr.) is a drugs and weapons smuggler for Carlos Marcello.  To see a direct connection between the KKK, GBI and the FBI, see the docudrama: "Who Murdered Atlanta's Children?"  Blacks are being systematically squeezed out of welfare, while legal and illegal catholic immigrants receive unending welfare.  Blacks fear the police more than street gangs.  Every American city has a predominate catholic influence, and the proportion of mafia/catholic power and influence and crime rate is consistent from city to city:

      Entire tribes of western American Indians were annihilated under the direct orders of the brown robed butchers, i.e. Coronado and his Spanish Conquistadors 1519-1540's.  Not to mention the Aztecs and Incas of Mexico, Central and South America, Cuba, Haiti, Grenada, Guam, Philippines etc.  With the likes of  Almagro, Cortez, Pizarro, Valverde, de Meza, Gregory, Sepulveda, Valega and, yes, Christopher Columbus (imprisoned by Queen Isabella of Spain for his atrocities against the natives of Grenada), robbing them of all their national wealth and enslaving the people (try finding that in your public school history books.  In the late middle age discoveries, the Vatican viewed all natives of the Americas as "indigenous natural slaves":

"Battle of Wounded Knee" (slaughter at wounded knee):  With the Sioux, unarmed (except for a few skinning knives) and herded together like cattle: a man in a black robe (jesuit) asked the indians if they wanted to prey.  After preying (non-catholic) the "man in the black robe" spoke to the cavalry officer, who then ordered the cavalry troops to form a line across in front of the defenseless indians,  then ordered them to open fire.   

Until 1960 you could read, in any public library, books detailing Vatican/Jesuit atrocities throughout the European middle age/dark age inquisitions, since 1960 there has been a systematic removal of all publications (after web pages, like this one, became known, several hundred books suddenly disappeared from the Library of Congress; example:  "Confessions of The Conspirators" {to Lincoln's assassination}): evidencing a systematic takeover of all educational material: remember the "book burnings" in Berlin 1933?).  This is further evidenced by the remote location of Machu Picchu.  And all in the name of their "holy mother", the Church of Rome.  Our own war of independence was called a war of spiritual freedom: after seeing the purposeful destruction of every church and synagogue in every city, village and town the British Red Coats marched through.  Every church that is except Roman Catholic.  That's recorded in: "The Light and the Glory", by: Peter Marshall and David Manuel.  Though the authors never mention the Jesuit's as the perpetrators of these atrocities other records leave little doubt ["British Canadian Sir Henry Clinton: commander-in-chief in North America, his troops made up of Oliver Delaney's and Cortlandt Skinner's brigades, New York Volunteers, Queens Rangers, Orange Rangers, Loyal Americans, Pennsylvania Loyalists, Maryland Loyalists, Roman Catholic Volunteers, West Jersey Volunteers, Chasseurs, Royal Americans Reformees, Volunteers of Ireland (Catholic), British Legion, Guides and Pioneers" (Secret History of the American Revolution, by: Carl Van Doren)].  In fact the authors try to exonerate the Jesuits.  However in that attempt they accept the information of a man who was on the team of translators of the "American Standard version" of the bible.  How anyone could put their trust in a person who would associate himself with a group of men of which 33% were known affiliates with communist fronts and causes is beyond me ("None Dare Call It Treason", by: John H. Stormer,1964).  The correlation of the Vaticans role in the instigation and continuance of the Revolutionary War is clearly evidenced in: "The Paris Peace Treaty of 1783".  A synopsis of Vatican orchestrated atrocities can be seen when reading: "Foxes Book of Martyr's".  This book also shows the direct correlation between the submission demands placed on the inquisition victims, by Priests, and the Papal encyclical to the Second Vatican Council, promulgated 25 May 1995 i.e. recognizing the Pope as the vicar of Christ (Christ incarnate); taking part in communion that recognizes the wafer of unleavened bread (Eucharist) as the literal body and blood of Christ, and making it an essential part of being a member of the body of Christ.  For this to be a part of  R.C. dogma is of no consequence, but to say that the R.C. Church has not only the authority, but the obligation and duty to God to apply it to every person, of every religion, that has been baptized in Christ's name (willing or unwilling), and that the sole purpose of the Vatican and its ecumenical movement is to bring about this end, is to expose the fact that the Vatican has not changed its dogma, stand, purpose or methods since the start of the inquisitions.  Here are a few paragraphs: "We can now ask how much further we must travel until that blessed day when full unity in faith will be attained and we can celebrate together in peace the Holy Eucharist of the Lord.  The greater mutual understanding and the doctrinal convergences already achieved between us, which have resulted in an affective and effective growth of communion, cannot suffice for the conscience of Christians who profess that the Church is one, holy, Catholic and apostolic.  The ultimate goal of the ecumenical movement is to re-establish full visible unity among all the baptized" (page 35, last paragraph).  "It is already possible to identify the areas in need of fuller study before a true consensus of faith can be achieved: 1) the relationship between sacred scripture, as the highest authority in matters of faith, and Sacred Tradition, as indispensable to the interpretation of the Word of God; 2) the Eucharist, as the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ, an offering of praise to the Father, the sacrificial memorial and Real Presence of Christ and the sanctifying outpouring of the Holy Spirit; 3) Ordination, as a Sacrament, to the threefold ministry of the episcopate, presbyterate and diocanate; 4) the Magesterum of the Church, entrusted to the Pope and the Bishops in communion with him, understood as a responsibility and an authority exercised in the name of Christ for teaching and safeguarding the faith; 5) the Virgin Mary, as Mother of God and Icon of the Church, the spiritual Mother who intercedes for Christ's disciples and for all humanity" (page 36, paragraph 7).  "Consequently, for the out come of dialogue to be received, there is needed a broad and precise critical process which analyzes the results and rigorously tests their consistency with the Tradition of faith received from the Apostles and lived out in the community of believers gathered around the Bishop, their "legitimate" pastor" (page 37, paragraph 3).  The enormity of the implications of this edict so staggers the imagination that to refuse to acknowledge this threat to American freedoms and rights, and the enormity of its scope, can only be construed as complicity with its intentions.  If you have any doubts at all about this all you have to do is read this edict.  It is titled: "That They May Be One".  It is interesting that the pope uses the word "they" and not "we", obviously excluding himself.  After all, being the vicar of Christ (Christ incarnate), he can't consider himself a mere mortal (power is intoxicating, even to the extent of total distortion of logic).  This edict has been given full approval by Skull & Bones: Pat Robertson, of the 700 Club.  Also read the first and second points of the second week of "The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola".  Ignatius of Loyola, who's real name was Inigio Lopez De Recalde, founded the Society of Jesus(Jesuits)1534 in Spain, and also the Illuminati (holder of the light) [later instituted 1 May 1776 by Adam Weishaupt (German Jesuit, who's picture is on our one dollar bill) at Ingelstadt (jesuit) University, where he was Professor of Cannon Law, under the direct orders of the "Black Pope"(who is a member of the Masonic Lodge of Europe) and financed by the "House of Rothschild" (In 1777 Weishaupt was initiated into the Masonic Order, the Lodge of Good Council, in Munich, to infiltrate and control it.  At the Masonic International Congress at Wilhemsbad July 1782 the Masonic leaders received Illuminati indoctrination) (U.S. branch of the Illuminati is: "Council on Foreign Relations", of which U.S. Supreme Court judges: Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Catholic), Stephen Breyer (Catholic) and Sandra Day O'Conner are members, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Newt Gingrich, etc.); "Trilateral Commission" and "Skull & Bones" of Yale University].  De Recalde was also a Crusader (Vatican army that raped Israel, and most of Europe, in the dark age inquisitions).  Interlocked Illuminati fronts are: United Nations, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, Royal Institute For International Affairs (England), Tri-Lateral Commission and Council On Foreign Relations.

      Jesuit spiritual exercises are a daily ritual for Jesuits.  A copy is easily obtainable thru the Internet.  Let me quote a couple of lines: "The first point is to put before me a human king chosen by God our Lord, whom all Christian princes and men reverence and obey.  The second, to look how this king speaks to all his people, saying: It is my will to conquer all the land of unbelievers.  Therefore, whoever would like to come with me is to be content to eat as I, and also to drink and dress, etc., as I: likewise he is to labor like me in the day and watch in the night, etc., that so afterwards he may have part with me in the victory, as he has had it in the labors". Third week, first day, fifth point: "The fifth to consider how the Divinity hides itself, that is, how it could destroy its enemies and does not do it, and how it leaves the most sacred Humanity to suffer so very cruelly".  In the bull: Unam Sanctam (by: Pope Boniface VIII, promulgated 18 Nov 1302) we see the Vatican's intention of using governments and their agencies to achieve Vatican goals: "We are informed by the texts of the gospels that in this church and in its power are two swords; namely the spiritual and the temporal.  For when the Apostles say: "Behold here are two swords" [Lk 22:38] that is to say, in the church, since the Apostles were speaking, the Lord did not reply that there were too many, but sufficient.  Certainly the one who denies that the temporal sword is in the power of Peter has not listened well to the word of the Lord commanding: "Put up thy sword into thy scabbard" [Mt 26:52].  Both, therefore, are in the power of the church, that is to say, the spiritual and the material sword, but the former is to be administered-for-the Church but the latter-by-the Church; the former in the hands of the priests; the latter in the hands of kings and soldiers, but at the will and sufferance of the priest":  This self grandiosing butchery is espoused in more definitive terms, in the catholic publication: "Toward a Catholic Constitution", 1996, by: jesuit: Leonard Swidler (professor of catholic thought and interreligious dialogue, Temple University, Philadelphia Pa.): "One need look no further than the now accepted bulwark of orthodoxy (conformity to an established belief or doctrine), Thomas Aquinas, to see how far the prevalent assumptions about the compenetration of religion and politics, with the presumed supremacy of the former, extended at that time.  In treating of heretics Thomas views them as common criminals.  Their crime is even greater than that of counterfeiters, for ""it is much more grievous to corrupt the faith . . . than to falsify money."  Therefore, heretics "may not only be excommunicated, but may justly be killed."  The church should properly tolerate their existence for a while, so long as there is some reasonable hope for conversion, but when that is gone, then heretics (anyone not catholic) must be cut out like rotten flesh," as Jerome says.  They should be handed over "to the secular judge to be exterminated from the world through death." (pg. 58).   This edict was included in cannon law until May of 1983:  This should be sufficient to convince you of the militancy of the Vatican, Illuminati and their method of administration [now we know what was behind the raid on Mount Carmel in Waco (pilot program to establish future policy)].  Nowhere is this policy more obvious than in the Balkans.  The "Dogmatic Constitution on The Church" proclaimed by pope Paul VI, 21 Nov 1964: 20. Paragraph 3: "with priests and deacons as helpers, the bishops received the charge of the community, presiding in Gods stead over the flock, of which they are the shepherds in that they are teachers of doctrine, ministers of sacred worship and holders of office in government."  Ireland is a typical example of this policy.

    "There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.  They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no not one.  There throat is become an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips: whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness: their feet are swift to shed blood: destruction and misery are in their ways: and the way of peace have they not known: there is no fear of God before their eyes."   Romans, 3:11-18. 

      Ironically the jesuits are feared (and highly disliked) among the Catholic clergy more than anywhere else (there is inner-clergy rivalry within the R.C. orders, not unlike that of the upper-echelon of the Third Reich:  they know the jesuits for what they really are).  Not too surprising since the jesuits answer only to the "Black Pope".  The jesuits do for the Vatican what the, jesuit trained, S.S., S.D., S.A. and Gestapo did for the Third Reich.

      Frans Von Papen, (jesuit) Hitlers mentor, chancellor of Germany (June 1932 - March 1933) and first vice-chancellor of the Third Reich, stated in his book: "My Conversations with Hitler": "Hitler has put into practice the high ideals of the papacy".  This statement was made in reference to the death camps.  As chancellor, von Papen's first act was to dissolve the Reichstag; his second was lifting the ban on Hitlers "Brown Shirts" (SA); he then integrated Catholic youth groups into the "Hitler Youth": setting up the civil and political base for Hitler and the Nazi Party to move into power.  "Mein Kampf" was written for Hitler by jesuit Staempfle.  As papal nuncio to Germany(1917-1929), Archbishop Eugenio Pacelli worked with Germany's Illuminati bankers (Chase Manhattan, in New York City, and Bank of England funneled money's through Credit Swiss (Vatican bank) to the Reich's Bank in Berlin) and industrialist's (I.G. Farben), establishing the financial and industrial base for the Third Reich:  WW II was in its planning stage while WW I was still in full swing.  Thousands of Jews were hidden in the Vatican, as a precaution, in case Hitler lost the war.

      "Yea the time cometh when he that killeth you will think that he doeth God service." (John 16:2)

      The fact that the Vatican entered into a concordat with Hitler [signed in the Vatican by Von Papen and Cardinal Secretary of State: Eugenio Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII), 20 July 1933], as with Mussolini, Franco and Salazar is no secret.  But the Vatican's attempt to seduce Hitler into extending the provisions of that concordat to include every country he raped and pillaged is not so well known, but is recorded in Hitler's own words in his book: "Hitler's Secret Conversations" i.e. "I have shown myself unresponsive to the attempts of the Vatican toward the extension of the provisions of the concordat to embrace the newly acquired territories of the Reich.  The Saar, Sudetenland, Bohemia and Moravia, the Reichsgau Danszig-East Prussia, the Warthegau, a large part of Silesia and Alsace-Lorraine have, in fact, no relations with the Roman Catholic Church which are supported by formal international agreement" (page 516).  "The attitude of the Bishop von Galen affords just one more argument in favor of terminating the Concordat after the war, substituting for it regional regulations and immediately withholding from the Church the financial support at present guaranteed to it by that treaty" (page 520).  Pacelli (negotiating the concordat provisions) insisted, the German State, within the dictates of the concordat, "be bound by any and all proposals of the local bishop regarding teachers of religion, and that the state would be obliged to fire such teachers if the bishop so demanded; meanwhile, the state would be required to meet all financial obligations, and at the same time, guarantee the application of cannon law to the faithful"; [Bill Bennett (and his, Jesuit, brother Bob are KNOWN operatives in CIA/MK-Ultra/Project Monarch -extreme trauma induced multiple personality mind control sex deviates and pedophiles), self professed Jesuit, Secretary of Education under Reagan, propagator of Outcome Based Education (OBE), stated: "All children should be taught by Jesuits" (to profligate Americas youth: Joan of Arc was burned at the stake, at age sixteen, after signing her name to a document {unknowingly authorizing her own execution} she could not read, and could only write her name: being a product of a catholic parochial school)].  This makes me very curious of the content of the concordat: "Conciliar Document on Religious Freedom", being pushed in Washington by John Courtney Murray (R.C. Priest).

      It becomes apparent that a chain of events of influence by certain people directed R.C. Hitler's life.  Leopold Poetsch, his (Catholic) teacher; Mein Kampf: written, for Hitler, by German Jesuit: Staempfle; his "recruitment" into the Thule Society, 1919 (totally racial, religious, ethnic biased and anti-Semitic satanic cult.  Read: "The Occult and The Third Reich"), as stated in (web page) "Illuminati Outline of History". All of Hitler's "inner circle" were members e.g. Himmler (Knight of Malta), Goebbels & Hoess etc. (and still good Catholics) which were among the thousands of Nazi and Ustasha fascist war criminals smuggled to Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Australia, Canada and the U.S. (with 10,000+) by the Vatican (using forged documents, with Vatican seal, on stolen Red Cross travel cards with Vatican Visa's).  The mass evacuation ("Ratlines") being coordinated by a small cabal of Vatican officials ("Intermarium") such as the infamous Dr. Nix (CIA top secret document: "Illegal Emigration Movements In and Through Italy", declassified: NND 760050: 11 April 90), Giovanni Montini (later Pope Paul VI), Hubal and Dragonovic (worked with U.S. Army's Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) organizing the escape of Gestapo head and war criminal Klaus Barbie to South America) under the direction of Pope Pius XII (1945-1950) "Unholy Trinity" by: Mark Aarons and John Loftus); "Those who did rescue the mass murderers from the hand of justice were not Peron (Argentine populist dictator) and his secret police but the [Roman] Catholic Church and its emissaries.  It was the [Roman] Catholic Church, which, through its priests, church's, monasteries and forged Vatican passports, managed to foil the post-war hunt for Nazi war criminals.  Nor was the church's rescue operation inconsistent with the policy it had pursued throughout the Nazi era. Henri du Lubac, a Jesuit theologian, filed a report in 1944, well before the end of the war, on the collaboration of the [Roman] Catholic Church with the pro-Nazi Vichy (French) regime.  Hidden until this month, the report condemns what du Lubac calls the moral and spiritual abdication of Roman Catholic Bishops under the Nazis.  For decade's French cardinals, monks and nuns had helped one of France's worst war criminals, Paul Touvier, escape justice.  It is difficult to imagine that it was possible, in the monolithic [Roman] Catholic Church, for so many to act so uniformly for so long without the knowledge and approval of the highest levels of the Vatican.  Israelis have found it difficult to understand why the Vatican has refused to recognize the State of Israel." Jerusalem Post, editorial: "Maxima Culpa" 14 Feb 92; Adolf Eichmann was issued a Vatican visa and passport (in the name of Ricardo Klement, dated: 14 July 1950) by Franciscan monks in a Catholic monastery in Italy, giving him free passage to Argentina.  At his trial in Jerusalem, raising his right hand in swearing to tell the truth, Adolf Eichmann gave the hand sign of the Pope.  Hitler was backed by Illuminati bankers [the reason Rudolph Hess flew to Scotland (home of the Rothschild's)], in London, New York City and Berlin, after approval by Ivy Lee (probably chosen due to his successful promotion of the image of John D. Rockefeller), who was hired by I.G. Farben for that purpose [I.G.Farben, who fed the notorious "Farben buna soup" to the inmates working at "I.G. Auschwitz" factory (specially formulated to starve them to death in three months) and invented Zyklon B, the poison used to gas the Jews (according to Franciscan, Duns Scotus, Jews were slaves by divine decree), Gypsies etc. and now controls the pharmaceutical industry in the U.S., the A.M.A. and the F.D.A. That's why Laetrile (more recently called Mega-zyme Forte)  was outlawed without ever being tested and not allowed to be tested.  It's a food, (not a drug) vitamin B-17, derived from apricot seeds (and other food sources), that has been proven to cure three out of five "terminal" cancer patients. That's also why the F.D.A. "requires" $210,000,000 and 10 years in research to put a vitamin on the market (effectively stopping all new vitamin company manufacturing).  It really doesn't take much imagination to figure out the annual multi-million dollar income these pharmaceutical companies are raking in ($29 billion in 25 years) from federal grants, which would come to a sudden stop if their were no more "cancer industry" (read: "World Without Cancer", by: G. Edward Griffen):  while treating a congressman, Dr. Francisco Contraras, and the congressman, discussed hopes for an eventual cure: the doctor was told that if he took a total cure to the U.S. President tomorrow, he'd "Probably be killed!" "Cancer is such a big business in the U.S.A."  Now you can see why Dr. Burzynski is being prosecuted in Texas for curing cancer patients.  They will put him away because he is too much of a threat to their mega-buck industry] (in 1996 over 600 hospitals merged with Catholic institutions in 19 states, from Portland Maine to Oakland California).

      Kernersville N.C :  a cancer patient was told, by his doctor, he would have to have half his jaw removed to stop the cancer.  The man went to Tijuana(Dr. Ernesto Contreras: Contreras Oasis Hospital, Playas De Tijuana, Mexico) and was treated with Laetrile and the cancer cleared up.  The man told his doctor about the treatment and the doctor (by federal law) reported it to the American Medical Association: federal agents came and searched the mans home for the Laetrile.  In the U.S: I.G. Farben is BASF, Bayer and Hoechst.

    Tampa FL :  Dr. James Kimball sentenced to thirteen years, by federal mob, psychopath, judge: richard lazzara :  Dr. Kimballs crime ?:  curing patients of degenerative diseases and slowing their aging processes, using non-pharmaceutical medicines he invented, and the FDA not making any profit from it : having a 100% success rate with his patients, he had to be stopped.  Federal vermin lazzara stated: "he does not have any respect for authority or for the law".  Are you starting to get the picture ?

      Hitler stated in "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich", page 44: "Regardless of how much room for criticism there was in any religious denomination, a political party must never for a moment lose sight of the fact that in all previous historical experience a purely political party has never succeeded in producing a religious reformation."  Compare this with page 486-487: "These peoples looked longingly toward their "mother" countries, Hungary, Russia and Germany respectively, though the Sudeteners had never belonged to the German Reich (except as a part of the loosely formed Holy Roman Empire) but only to Austria".  Obviously Hitler saw his Third Reich as a Roman Catholic enterprise ["Center Party"(re-established as Christian Democratic Party" following WWII) Catholic Church political party, who's president was Bishop Ludwig Kaas {one of its political protégés is in Peru with the same name and for the same purpose}), of Germany was disbanded by Cardinal Pacelli, throwing all of its support behind Hitler].  Hitler was baptized in Linz, paid the German state tax (Kirchensteuer) to the Vatican (still required of every German citizen today), was in communion and carried out cannon law and policy until his demise.  With this in mind we can see why Hitler stayed true to his other concordat allies: Franco (who was put into power and assisted for his entire reign by Catholic order Opus Dei (founded by José Maria Escriva), who also assisted the Ustasha in Croatia during WWII and still assists Vatican mercenaries in Bosnia and Kosovo today; Sargent Shriver (and his wife, Eunice Kennedy Shriver), who was George McGoverns running mate in 1972, are Opus Dei (Pope's Mafia: Church and State magazine);  F.B.I. special agent: Robert P. Hanssen (spied for the Russians for 15 years) and F.B.I. head: Louis Freeh are Opus Dei supernumerary: keep this in mind when you learn the sole purpose of the order is the subjugation of governments to the Vatican)  (an annual mass is celebrated in Hitler's memory in Madrid) (the present day Irish Catholic press is full of flattering illusions to Franco of Spain and Salazar of Portugal) and Mussolini (who was put into power by the Vatican) while breaking every other international treaty.  It is significant that Germany, Italy and Spain are together again as they were with Hitler, Mussolini and Franco (with their "Pact of Steel", signed, 22 May 1933).

      2 March 1939: Cardinal Secretary of State, Eugenio Pacelli was sworn in as Pope Pius XII; four days later (as Hitlers tanks are rolling into Poland) Pacelli wrote to Hitler: "To the illustrious Herr Adolf Hitler, Fuhrer and chancellor of the German Reich!  Here at the beginning of our pontificate we wish to assure you that we remain devoted to the spiritual welfare of the German people entrusted to your leadership. During the many years we spent in Germany, we did all in our power to establish harmonious relations between church and state.  Now that the responsibilities of our pastoral function have increased our opportunities, how much more ardently do we pray to reach that goal?  May the prosperity of the German people and their progress in every domain come, with Gods help, to fruition!"  Pacelli maintained a papal nuncio (Archbishop Orsenigo) in Berlin throughout the Third Reich.  At Pacelli's express wish (20 April 1939) Orsenigo opened a gala reception for Hitler's 50th birthday, which became a tradition throughout the Third Reich, along with Cardinal Bertram sending "warmest congratulations to the Fuhrer in the name of the Bishops and dioceses in Germany", to which he added "fervent prayers which the Catholics of Germany are sending to heaven on their alters": "Hitlers Pope: The Secret History of Pius VII", by, John Cornwell (all research for this book was done in the Vatican Library).

      Chick Publications ( ), in Ontario California, prints gospel tracts, storybooks and other Christian literature.  This company is very important to this subject matter.  As are the names of Joseph McCabe (former Franciscan monk and internationally famous atheist and author of almost 250 books); ex-Dominican monk: Walter M. Montano, author of "Behind the Purple Curtain"; ex-priest: Bernard Fresenborg, author of: "Thirty years in hell" and "Uncle Sams New Fiancee".  Chick Publications has, in print, the true story of a former Jesuit who, after many years in the service of the Vatican, came out of the Church of Rome and put his story into print, as did Montano, McCabe and Fresenborg.  This former Jesuit (Dr. Alberto Romero Rivera) and Jack Chick, of Chick Publications, have had many attempts made on their lives for publishing these materials, (Dr. Rivera, being poisoned by a dentist breaking off an infected needle in his jaw and systematically fed poison for many years, succumbed 20 June 1997) as have other authors and publishers of like subject matter.  The Vatican does not take lightly the exposing of its practices, or of its secret books i.e."Secret book of instructions for the Jesuits", LCCN: BX3705.A2 M65; "Secret History of the Jesuits": Edmond Paris 1975, LCCN: BX3706.2 .P3713 (these are two books you should definitely read).  They expose the unquestionable clear methods and intentions of the Vatican for the future, (their own publications).  There are enough books, by such a variety of authors, from different time periods, writing from first hand knowledge, saying the same thing that the evidence is inescapable.  Denial of this information can only be done with total bigotry and abstinence of logic, and therefore can only be construed as complicity with its intentions (yes it does bear repeating).  It is very true that tyranny can only prevail when good men do nothing e.g. Chamberlain and the Treaty of Versailles.

      "Romes responsibility for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln" (LCCN: E457.5.H316), author: Thomas M. Harris, Late Brigadier General U.S.V. (and a presiding judge over the trial of the conspirators), "The assassination of Abraham Lincoln" (LCCN: E457.5.H28 or .H31), also by Thomas M. Harris; "Behind the Purple Curtain" (LCCN: BX1773.M6); "The Great Conspiracy"; "The suppressed truth about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln" (LCCN: E457.5.M27) by Burke Mccarty; "Fifty years in the Church of Rome" by Charles Chiniquy, ex-catholic priest; "Treason History of the Order of the Sons of Liberty" (LCCN: E458.8.S85) by Felix G. Stidger; "Washington in the Lap of Rome" (LCCN: BXI770.F9) by Justin D. Fulton; "History of the Plots and Crimes of the Great Conspiracy to overthrow Liberty in America" (LCCN: E310.D983) by John Smith Dye; "The Trial of John Surratt" by: John Surratt [John Surratt hid in Catholic monasteries in Canada (6 weeks); England (4 weeks); became member of Zuaves (personal body guard to the Pope, in the Vatican) before, eventually, being extradited back to Washington D.C. to stand trial where (full row of Jesuits paraded, in file, up to John Surratt, at every break in the trial, to shake his hand and making sure the jury saw them) he got off on a hung jury. John Surratt and John Wilkes Booth studied for the catholic priesthood at the Sulpician Monastery, outside Baltimore].  "Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies" series II volume III (federal depository library) shows the Vaticans involvement, on the side of the Confederacy, its complicity in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and attempted assassination of Secretary of State William H. Seward.  As well as their planned control of politics, education [Bill Bennett (and his, Jesuit, brother Bob are KNOWN operatives in CIA/MK-Ultra/Project Monarch-extreme trauma induced mind control sex deviates and pedophiliacs), self professed Jesuit, Secretary of Education, under Reagan (Reagan was shot, 30 March 1981, after balking at assigning Bill Bennett as Secretary of Education: In April of 1982, in a speech made to the National Catholic Education Association: Reagan made the incredible statement: "I am grateful for your help in shaping American policy to reflect God's will ....., And I will look forward to further guidance from His Holiness pope John Paul II during an audience I will have with him in June.") propagator of Outcome Based Education (OBE), stated: "All children should be taught by Jesuits"], immigration [St. Leopold Foundation (Vatican spy network, founded: Vienna Austria, 1828)] and their already, at that time, control of much of the press (which has grown to include every other mode of media communication):  "Liberty of the press, the most dangerous liberty, an execrable liberty, which can never inspire sufficient horror, and which some men very noisily and insistently demand to spread everywhere . . . ": Pope Gregory XVI: (Toward a Catholic Constitution", pg. 59, by: Leonard Swidler.).   Pope Pius wrote a letter to Jefferson Davis, with the specific instruction to have it printed in the Richmond newspaper to get the Irish Catholic's in the Union army to desert. He did and they did (144,000+ deserted in one week).  When Lincoln initiated a draft for the Union Army, in New York City(1864), Archbishop Hughes instigated the biggest race riot in American history, including the burning to the ground of a black orphanage and trampling to death of its occupants.  We know the Illuminati's international bankers supplied Jeff Davis (who's secretary of state: Judah P. Benjamin, was a House of Rothschild agent), J.Wilkes Booth, Sons of Liberty, Knights of The Golden Circle (J. Wilkes Booth was seduced to assassinate Abraham Lincoln by a woman, Ella Turner, and joined Knights of The Golden Circle for the sole purpose of obtaining their assistance to that end; Leon Czolgosz joined Knights of The Golden Eagle and was seduced to assassinate president William Mckinley by the infamous woman anarchist: Emma Goldman), Order of American Knights (Copperhead organizations, still in existance today, with their own quarterly newspaper: "Copperhead Chronicles", with their same old anti-Lincoln and anti-Union rhetoric) etc. with money thru the Bank of Ontario, Montreal Branch, thru Jeff Davis's "Canadian Cabinet", which was planned in detail in the Vatican before Brig. Gen. Beauregard (Catholic) fired on Fort Sumter: "We have the proof that the company which had been selected and organized to murder me was led by a rabid Roman Catholic named Byrne; it was almost entirely composed of Roman Catholics.  More than that, there were two disguised priests among them to lead and encourage them. Professor Morse, the learned inventor of electric telegraphy, tells me that recently, when he was in Rome, he found the proofs of a most formidable conspiracy against this country and all its institutions.  It is evident that it is to the intrigues and emissaries of the Pope we owe, in great part, the horrible civil war which is threatening to cover the country with blood and ruin." (Abraham Lincoln).  All this is in the Library of Congress, along with U.S. State Department record of the U.S. Government breaking off diplomatic relations with the Vatican on 30 June 1867 (for refusing to allow non-catholic religious worship inside the walls of Rome: which should tell you how TBN now has an international religious TV broadcasting station in Rome), which was re-established by Ronald Reagan, 10 Jan 1984.  Reagan only authorized the raid on Moammar Gahdafi after Gahdafi's terrorists set off bombs in Rome, even though he knew about Gahdafi's terrorism and counterfeiting activities for years.


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