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According to Alberto Rivera there have been over two thousand Jesuits in U.S. government positions prior to 1980.  If this is true, and all indications appear so, there's no telling how many there are now, and how much power they wield in Washington and state governments.  The Jesuits control the entire CIA/MK-Ultra/Project Monarch (extreme trauma induced multiple personality: Jesuit/Vatican mind control) program.  These robotic victims are used as sex slaves and to deliver drugs/money and/or encrypted messages to heads of state and/or their drug operatives all over the world.  They are also used to carry out murders [Eric Harris and Dyland Klebold (Al Gore and his goons wore black trench coats while he made his speech at Columbine High School: identifying with the "Trench Coat Mafia")].

      Operatives within Project Monarch program: Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, George Bush Jr., Bill & Hillary Clinton, Robert C. Bird, Alan Cranston, Madeleine Albright, Dick Cheney, Bob (drug czar) & Bill Bennett (Jesuits), Alan Simpson, Arlen Spector, Jim Traficant, Governor Mellon, Bob Clement, Pierre Trudeau (Canadian President/Jesuit), De la Madrid (Mexico), Michigan governor: Blanchard, Prince Bandar Ben Sultan, Dr. Steve Hassen, Dr. Louis Jolyon West (psychiatrist who experimented with LSD for the CIA, and former head of Neurosychiatric Institute UCLA, Los Angeles), Civia Tamarkin, Sue Carper, Joe Casey, William Casey, Dennis Delaney, William Dieh, Lloyd Lindroth, Jimmy Buffett, Rev. Billy Roy Moore, Larry Flint, Charlie Pride, Jack Greene. Country music operatives: Alex Houston, Lee Atwater, Boxcar Willy, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Walker, Tommy Overstreet, Lee Greenwood, Jerry Reed, Kris Kristopherson, Wayne Cox, Ken Riley, R.C. Bannon. Baseball operatives: Tommy Lasorda, Nolan Ryan. Others: Don & Guy Vanderjagt, Bud Crammer, Steve Hassen, J. Bennett Johnston (Louisiana Senator), David Rorick, Patrick Leahy, George Lucas, Michael Dante' (Michael Viti), Reggie "Mac" McLaughlin, Hal Meadows, Dick Thornburgh, Mickey Miller, Ray & Regina Myers, Scott Rosenburg, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, H.R. Gibson, Gary Ackerman, Lamar Alexander (ritual Satanist), General Cedras, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, Jack Valenti, Jose Busto (Puerto Rican drug lord).  Catholic priest operatives: Vesbit, father Don, James Thaylen.  Centers for mind control experimentation: Branson Missouri Country Music Center, Lords Chapel Church (Brentwood Tenn.), St. Frances of Assisi Catholic Church/Catholic Center high school (Muskegon, Michigan), Jesuit College (Wheeling W.V.), Boys Town Orphanage ({incorporated} Omaha Neb.), Mormon Church (Salt Lake City, Utah), Church of Scientology, Andrews A.F. Base, Barksdale A.F. Base, McDill A.F. Base, Offutt A.F. Base, Plattsburgh A.F. Base, Tinker A.F. Base, Warner-Robbins A.F. Base, Ft. McLelland, Ft. George Meade, Ft. Campbell, NASA: Cape Canaveral; Washington D.C.; Marshall Space Flight Center, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville Al., Harvard University ("Trance-Formation of America", by Cathy O'Brian and Mark Phillips).  Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors-Mind Control (ACHES-MC) is an organization dealing with survivor/victims of this heinous Jesuit/CIA program. 

Linda Wegen's case is typical:  (a loving mother simply trying to raise her children)  after finding out her children were victims of SRA (satanic ritual abuse:  by her ex-husband and the local day care center), Linda took her children to a psychiatric hospital who (after their examination) told Linda of her children's SRA condition.  The federal authorities then confiscated everything Linda owned (home, bank accounts, car, clothing; literally, everything except the clothes she was wearing!): simply because she was trying to help her children:  her children were given to her satanic ex-husband: even her children from her former marriage which he had not adopted.  Satanic ritual abuse of children through day care centers is very prevalent, especially in Connecticut.

The "Finders" in New York City, is a CIA front organization dealing in kidnapping; international trafficking of children, pedophilia and drugs.  

      The Vatican bought 26.8 million dollars in gold from the U.S. reserves, at a dollar an ounce under market value ($34 an ounce) and sold it back to the Government at market value [$35 an ounce (United Nations World Magazine, Dec.1952)]; With 5500+ schools, colleges and universities (Clinton was educated at Jesuit Georgetown University, where he and Fidel Castro were trained in communist philosophies; Jefferson Davis at St. Thomas Catholic college in Kentucky) all receiving government subsidies.  Marymount College in Boca Raton, Florida is typical: Founded in 1963 and having a student body of 350 in 1968, it received, from the government, two million in housing grants, a $55,000 anti-poverty grant to study migrant children and a $10,000 education grant; In 1965 in Mississippi a $7,000,000 government-sponsored program for the retraining of unemployed was run by an agency organized by a Roman Catholic Diocese, the $7,000,000 was financed by the government via the Hillburton Act (1954, 1964).  From 1947 to 1964 7,372 such projects were approved; HUD condemning public lands and giving it to the Catholic Church, along with protestant tax money to develop the land [build Catholic schools or hospitals (since 1961 the Catholic Church has been receiving $83,000+ a day for such projects)].  HEW should be renamed CPA (Catholic Property Acquisition); Jesuit Fordham University acquired a valuable piece of Lincoln Square in New York City for a fraction of its worth, then got federal aid to develop the property; Manhattan College, famous for its wines and brandy, obtained a large factory and financial assistance from New York's Dormitory Authority; In Chicago HEW donated a sixty-acre, 4.5 million dollar tract at the Hines Veterans Administration Hospital to Jesuit Loyola University.  When V.A. general councilman Fred B. Rhodes Jr. balked at the giveaway a devout Catholic replaced him.  New York State banking records shows us that in 1962 the Catholic Church owns stocks and bonds in hundreds of corporations. Among others: Baltimore & Ohio R.R., Rock Island, Erie, Sea Board, Missouri Pacific, Pere Marquette, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Firestone, Fisk, U.S. American Smelting, Commonwealth Edison, Brooklyn Edison, N.Y. Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, West Penn Power, American Commonwealth Power, Texas Electric, Atlantic City Convention Hall, Louisiana Hotel Company, Squire Building, Lane Bryant, Fox Playhouses, Fox Theater (St. Louis), Denver Joint Stock Land Bank, Savoy Plaza Hotel, National Dairy, Thermoid, Washington Silk, Pillsbury Flour, Yankee Stadium, Watergate, General Motors, General Electric, Shell Oil, Bethlehem Steel, Gulf Oil, IBM, Boeing, Lockheed, Douglas, Curtis Wright, Phillips Oil Co., Creole Petroleum Co. And all tax-free.

      In Massachusetts its hard to distinguish between the Catholic Church and the state government, every time a public school closes the Catholic Church buys it for a dollar; The Catholic Church never loses a "sealed" bid on public land auctions.  This is done via an open and devious by-passing of the U.S.Constitution, by the hidden Catholic pressure group within the U.S. Government, state and local, by the legal, semi-legal and dubious politico-financial manipulations of sly Catholic dealers relentlessly operating in the legislative, financial and real estate fields on behalf of the Catholic Church.  At one time the Catholic Church owned more land area than the entire state of Connecticut.  The Catholic Church has been "buying" land and constructing buildings in New York City at a rate second only to the city itself (being all tax exempt: care to take a guess why New York City went bankrupt twice when George "Mr. Cocaine" Bush was in the Whitehouse?) and all thanks to Cardinal Francis "burn-em alive" Spellman ( "The Vatican Billions" by Avro Manhattan); [The Popes banker, Michele Sindona, was a very busy boy before being sent to federal prison in New York State for causing the default of Franklin National Bank.  It appears he was not only the Popes banker but also the banker for: IOR [Vatican bank (Societa General Immobilaire), Italian Masonic Lodge, P2(Italian Masonic Lodge political arm), Vatican political party, Sicilian mafia and Lacosa Nostra (Sindona set up the system for Sicilian mafia and Lacosa Nostra to launder their drug money thru Vatican owned banks, Credit Swiss, in Switzerland).  He, in all likelihood, set up the program of $900,000,000 in counterfeit bonds for the Vatican, to be pushed in this country.  When it was discovered that the Vatican Bank (IOR) and Cardinal Tisserant (second only to the Pope) were the main offenders, and an investigation was certain to follow, Tisserant conveniently died, requesting before his death that his diaries be removed from the Vatican.]; The I.R.S. classifying people who stand up for their rights as nonfilers, knowing full well there is no I.R.S. code or law requiring anyone to assess themselves for any tax (article five of the Bill of Rights) and then turning them over to the B.A.T.F. who (by computer program automatically) classifies them as drug smugglers with their semi-secret "T" code system["T5"(I.R.S.6209 manual)], to give them the appearance of legality, to confiscate properties [If you go to court (Title 4(annotated) U.S. Code, Chapter 1: u.S. flags in federal court rooms are military Ceremonial/Parade Flags (gold fringe), AR840-10(b-1): under which the u.S. Constitution is suspended {two gold-knotted-tasseled ropes are admiralty flag: again the u.S. Constitution is suspended}) with the I.R.S. they ask you about your U.S. citizenship and if you don't answer just right they classify you as a citizen of Puerto Rico, Guam, Samoa or the U.S. Virgin Island's [the "other" united states that are owned by the District of Columbia (acquired from the Spanish American War) and run by the Catholic Church].  Care to guess why? (Because that's the only place the I.R.S. & B.A.T.F. have "legal" jurisdiction).  The I.R.S. is a department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico. The title heading of the I.R.S. reads: "Internal Revenue Service a Department of The Treasury", it does not tell whose treasury it's a department of.  Look in 31 USC under Dept. of U.S. Treasury and look for the agencies they authorize: guess who is missing, that's right, the B.A.T.F. & I.R.S.  Why do you make checks payable to the I.R.S. and not the U.S. Treasury?  That's how the I.R.S. diverts your money to the international bankers (IMF)]; The names of every member of the jury pool, in a tax case, is given to the I.R.S. by the U.S. Attorney prosecuting the case: securing a partial jury for the I.R.S.  If you, or any one you know, is having problems with the I.R.S. contact, tax expert, Ben Houck Ph:(614)532-9669 or Fax: (614)532-3570.  Ben knows more about income tax codes than the I.R.S.

      The jesuits own fifty one percent of Bank of America (largest bank in the U.S.) the Vatican owns stock in hundreds of banks all over the world; Banca Nazionale de Lavoro (the Pope owns controlling interest), through its branch in Atlanta Georgia, laundered over $5 billion of American taxpayers money from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture to pay for Saddam Hussein's war machine, including his "super gun"; Railroading Rep. George Hansen (R-Id.) into prison and physical torture ("Diesel Therapy", that left his wrist's crippled for life) by judge Edward Lodge, after Hansen called for a congressional investigation of the Justice Department and wrote the book: "To Harass Our People, The IRS and Government Abuse of Power" (assault on religion) [In this book Representative Hansen exposes the I.R.S.'s practice of selectively prosecuting church's for income tax evasion (Sun Yung  Moon,1981, for not reporting interest on 112,000 in Chase Manhattan bank.  Do not be deluded that this has anything to do with a zeal for collecting tax's for the United States Treasury.  The tax, fine and penalties combined do not amount to a fraction of what the I.R.S. spent in prosecuting the Moon case.  Not three miles from the court house where he was prosecuted, Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York: Terence Cooke, held personally in his own name, assets worth a thousand times that which Moon was charged with evading.  In fact Catholic church law requires the reigning ordinary own its property in his own name: known in law as: "corporate sole", for which, of all the hundreds of Catholic Archdioceses reigning Cardinals and Bishops in the U.S., not one has ever been looked at by the I.R.S., much less brought up on any charge, showing conclusively, who the I.R.S. selects and why)]: In the trial of  F. Tupper Saussy,  prosecuted by (self professing jesuit) John MaCcoon, exculpatory evidence ignored or suppressed, prosecutorial improprieties excused, attempts to avoid consequences of improprieties bring punishment:  This prosecutorial/judicial steamrolling people into prison (Saussy with 14 months) is not unique to tax court cases.  It is the typical judicial MO of state courts railroading parents (of phony child sex abuse cases) into prison: Kern County (Bakersfield) California is typical (see the docudrama: "Just Ask My Children");  Ruining Rep. Joseph Montoya (D-N.M.) for pushing for reforms of I.R.S. agency crimes exposed by him in Senate hearings in the 1970's; F.D.A., H.R.S. etc. arresting people, ransacking health food stores, confiscating property, killing animals, destroying property, and all without a court order and in deliberate violation of article five of the Bill of Rights, throwing peoples right of habeas corpus (assumed innocent until proven guilty) out the window; with immigration (totally controlled by Jesuits) bringing in Hispanics (all Catholic) by the boat loads (legally and illegally) to feed off our welfare system and further deplete the economy [which explains the planned failure of Nafta and Gat (sending companies and jobs to dominant Catholic countries) thru Vatican controlled Mexico] and influence federal, state, county and city legislation and elections [the unofficial private corporation: News Election Service (NES) has sole physical control of the counting and dissemination of every vote, in our national elections, and does not allow the public to know how it is done] and will be the only ones to receive unending welfare when welfare "officially" comes to an end.  At or near every immigration office in the U.S. is a Catholic law firm to give free legal assistance to any Catholic immigrant entering this country.  Anyone doubting this should read: "Illegal Emigration movements In And Through Italy", by: Vincent La Vista, declassification no. NND 760050, 4-11-90, National Archives Record Group No. 59, Center For Legislative Archives, Washington D.C:  Why else would we have immigration offices in Rome and Mexico City? (It is no coincedence that the only other foreign office of U.S. Department of Immigration is in the worlds second highest volume route for heroine: Bangkok Thailand).

P.S. United States Constitution, Article I, Sec. 9, paragraph 4:  No capitation, or other direct tax shall be laid unless in proportion to the census or enumeration herein before directed to be taken.

Article XVI:  The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

      Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon used the WWII fascist war criminals smuggled into this country(Nazi war criminal, Walter Dohrnberger, sentenced to be hung at Nuremberg, is head of Bell Aerospace Corp. R & D dept.) thru the Vatican "Ratlines" to get the ethnic votes that put them in the Whitehouse.  Ronald Reagan, while governor of California, set a day of recognition for the Ustasha of Yugoslavia until the Yugoslavian government protested; on his visit to a concentration camp in Europe: Reagan laid a wreath on the grave of an S.S. officer.  "The Church can dispense from a promissory oath.  This power belongs to the Pope and Bishops, who exercise it either by themselves or by their delegates." p.203; "The civil laws (of Christendom) are binding in conscience so long as they are conformable to the rights of the Catholic Church."p.278 "Abridged Course of Religious Instruction for the Use of Colleges and Schools" by: Rev. F.X. Schouppe (Jesuit); federal judges controlling the juries to the extent that they have no choice but to rule the way they say, or overruling them and passing his own judgement on the defendants (which moves sovereignty from the people to the courts), e.g. Walter Smith Jr.(Judge Roy Bean) of Waco Texas.  The list of federal agency violations of "citizens rights" is a bottomless pit.  Like the threat made on myself by an I.R.S. special agent from Pikeville Ky. in the I.R.S. office in Ashland Ky.(28 April 1995) when he laid a loaded snub nose cal.38 revolver on the desk in front of me, with the barrel pointed at me, while being witnessed by collections agent John T. Yewell.

      Then there's Mt. Carmel, with its trumped up charge of a methamphetamine laboratory (never mentioned again after the raid started) to give assistant U.S. attorney Bill Johnston an excuse to get his warrant and special forces training for his B.A.T.F. goons; and with the B.A.T.F. agent Robert Rodriguez having been in Mount Carmel (day before the raid) where he inspected all the firearms and knew what was and was not there, and with further inspection of the weapons "requested" of the B.A.T.F. by David Koresh and "refused" by the B.A.T.F.(which would have left them without an excuse for their murder and mayhem).  Five FBI agents rented a house across the road from Mt. Carmel:  two of those agents attended bible study classes with David Koresh for a month before they started their slaughter:  at the same time other FBI agents were busy printing and handing out leaflets in Waco, degrading the Branch Davidians.  I'm sure Bill Johnston was expecting a turkey shoot, and all with 100% support from the controlled (Skull & Bones) media, before, during and ever since ("The Massacre of The Branch Davidians" by Carol Moore, 28 Jan 1994).  All of this is a precursor of what is to come.

      Ever notice how the media never misses an opportunity to jump on preachers who make statements concerning government policy, screaming: "separation of church and state"? And when the Pope comes to this country making speeches on the same issues their silence is deafening! The only person to voice a negative response to the Popes statements to abortion was Madelin Murrey O'Hair, whose statements have not been published since.  Just before O'Hair, and her family, was to go to New York, to protest the Pope, she and her family disappeared without a trace.  Again the media silence was deafening.  Ever notice the A.C.L.U. in all of its rantings about separation of church and state is stone silent about government (protestant taxpayer) moneys going to Catholic schools? (Federal grants and loans to Jesuit colleges, universities and their programs are in the billions).  At the turn of the century Pope Leo XIII was raking in over one and a half million dollars annually from: (1) Peter's pence contribution (over $415,000); (2) Apostolic Chancellery aggregate ($520,000); (3) Interest of the vast sum left by Pius IX in the Pontifical treasury, invested chiefly in English Consols ($625,000).  Notice the Pope trusted the securities of a Protestant nation and not a Catholic as France, Spain or Mexico.  These figures would hardly make a dent in those of today.

      The Jesuits rake in over $280 million annually. The assets of Grey Nuns of Charity $3.5 million; Sisters of the Immaculate Heart $7.5 million; Sisters of Saint Joseph of Newark $17,899,384; Little Sisters of the Poor $25 million; Sisters of Mercy $39,754,132; Sisters of Charity $66,533,833; Sisters of Charity of Providence $90,187,000; Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother $93,636,516; Sisters of the Holy Cross $110,892,759. There are 539 such orders of nuns and monks.  All tax-free! AND THE I.R.S. NEVER LOOKS AT!!!   "Praise The Lord For Tax Exemption", by: Stanley Lowell and Martin Larson.

      If you think my thesis untenable then please prove me wrong.  Simply run a background check (personnel file) to see which (if any) Jesuit schools were attended by (or: Knights of Columbus; Knights of Malta; Opus Dei): publishers of public school history books; federal judges: Joyce Hens Green, Manuel L. Real, Tanner, Hodges, Thomas P. Griesa, Milton Pollack, John W. Walker Jr., Kimba Wood, Clifford Weckstein, Richard A. Posner, Richard Maich, Ranck, James F. McClure and definitely Walter "Roy Bean" Smith Jr. of Waco; Assistant U.S. Attorney's Bill Johnston, John Maisto (U.S. diplomat), Leslie Brydon, Herschel Lock, Jeffery Mench, [the previous three, along with Tom Bowman (personal aid to Skull & Bones Senator Arlen Spector), Richard Medellin, Judges: Rank and James F. Mcclure being instrumental in the kidnapping (the children were taken without the parents being present or even notified when the charges were presented in court) of the children of Steven and Dawn Ames in the court of common plea's of Northumberland County Pennsylvania.  The sole charges being: teaching their children the Bible and the U.S. Constitution], and B.A.T.F's: John Magaw, Davey Aguilera and Lloyd "Bilderberg" Bentsen [who was C.F.R. (Illuminati)]; Peter Galbraith: U.S. Ambassador in Zagreb; Bob Bartel of "The Spotlight" newspaper (his political tabloid is anti-Semitic and denies the Holocaust, which was orchestrated in the Vatican); Tom Metzger, who's skinhead organization uses R.C. symbology [the mirror image dragon/bird, used by the Skinheads, is identical to that used by the Nazi's and Albanian K.L.A. (Stash)] and doctrine (with the names changed) and has direct links with skin head/nazi organizations in Germany; US Magistrate: Richard Kop, US Attorney Thomas Taken, FBI head: Nicholas O'Hara, Mickey Mott (the last four being Satan worshiping pedophiliac of Omaha Nebraska); Frank Liberto (New Orleans godfather/close associate to J. Edgar Hoover (Knight of Malta)  and key figure in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.).  Known Knights of Malta members are: William Casey (CIA head), Jeremiah Denton (Alabama Senator), Pete Domenici (New Mexico Senator), Alexander Haig, William Simon (Treasury Secretary), William F. Buckley, Lee Iacocca.

      Every Government official, especially C.I.A., graduate from Yale University is Skull & Bones (which had its origin in the University of Berlin.  Founded at Yale by Alphonso Taft and William H. Russell and exists only at Yale University).  Some members being: Arlen Spector, Prescott Bush (and other Skull & Bones members robbed the grave of Geronimo in Oklahoma taking the body back to the "Tomb" on the Yale campus), George Bush, George Bush Jr., Franklin Roosevelt, Kellogg, Dupont, Richard Bissell Jr. etc.

      Since the Pope has set down, in document, his clear intentions it would be prudent to do a background check on Robert L. Sumner (who spreads lies about fundamental preachers): "Against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses." (I Timothy 5:19), Jim Bakker, Pat Robertson [J. Peter Grace, top man in Knights of Malta (a secret Catholic quasi-religious on the surface/anti-religious at the core organization that dates back to the Crusaders), is godfather to his children], Paul Crouch, Benny Hinn, Billy Graham and Jack Van Impe.  These are T.V. preachers pushing the ecumenical whitewash of the "Mother of harlots and the abominations of the earth" (Rev.17:5).  "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.  And no marvel for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.  Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works" (II Corinthians 11:13-15).  The Jesuits have been in control of the National Council of Church's and World Council of Church's for over thirty years.

      It is very relevant to remember that the Vatican [Vatican is from the classical Latin root word: Vaticanus, which by definition means: "house of divination" (dwelling of demons); standing in the center of St. Peters Square is an obelisk (symbol of male sex organ in Satan worship) from Egypt] is an independent country with its own dogmatic constitution.  With the Pope (vicar of Christ) being the head of that state.  Therefore for a practicing R.C. "not to" adhere to the dictates of the Pope and his encyclicals is to go against God.  This is Roman Catholic cannon law: "Abridged Course of Religious Instruction for the Use of Colleges and Schools," by Rev. Father F.X. Schouppe (Jesuit) p.203: "The Church can dispense from a promissory oath. This power belongs to the Pope and bishops, who exercise it either by themselves or by their delegates." p.278: "The civil laws (of Christendom) are binding in conscience so long as they are conformable to the rights of the Catholic Church." (Whats this tell you about the U.S. Supreme Court of which at least four are R.C. and ruled to keep the Bible out [while allowing two dirty books: "Of Mice and Men" and "Catcher In The Rye" (of which John Lennons killer {Mark David Chapman} was a student) to be required reading in every high school in the country] of Public schools and to murder the unborn and calls pornography: "freedom of speech"?).  "The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.  He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.  Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure." (Psalm, 2:2-5.)  This is very important to remember also when reviewing the events leading up to and during the Vietnam War i.e. secret meetings in the early fifties of certain democratic senators (including John Kennedy) concerning Vietnam; placing R.C. Ngo Dihn Diem in the presidency [after being schooled in the U.S., by Cardinal Francis "Burn-em Alive" Spellman (key figure behind William J. Donovan (Knight of Malta), creator of the O.S.S., forerunner to the CIA; close associate of Dwight D. Eisenhower {who directed American B-17 bombers to avoid I.G. Farben headquarters in Berlin and cut off the gas supply for General Pattons tanks to slow him down, thus extending the war), who's only answer to communism was to burn them alive, and Robert Strange Mcnamara thru the CIA (Catholic Illuminati Assassin's)] in deliberate violation of a legally constituted (U.N. sanctioned and observed) election, which communism won; Diem's systematic "ethnic cleansing" of all who would not recant of their religion and embrace Catholicism; creating a tax structure that was so oppressive that non-Catholics were starved out, and so favorable to Catholics that it caused a mass exodus of north Vietnamese Catholics to the south and south Vietnamese Buddhists to the north, which was more than even John Kennedy could tolerate, so he had Diem killed (2Nov63), and twenty days later Kennedy was shot by three hit men (Oswald look-alike: William Seymour-school book depository; Manuel Gonzales-Dal-Tex building; Emilio Santana-open manhole on street curb: last two picked from, FBI Division 5's thirty professional assassins kept on retainer in Mexico City) 22Nov63 (planned and supervised by, two sex deviates: Clay Shaw (Knight of Malta), Solidarist-Catholic priest: David Ferrie and William Seymour: employees of Defense Industrial Security Command (DISC) which is a joint venture of FBI's Division 5 and Defense Intelligence Agency of the Pentagon).  Almost all of the orchestration operatives were WWII Nazi's smuggled into this country 1945-1950 on Vatican visa's e.g. Werner von Braun and Walter Dohrnberger. Ferenc Nagy: high level boss in FBI Division 5 and president of Permindex Corp. (money laundering liaison for FBI Division 5 and DISC operatives) was the "umbrella man" in Deily Plaza who opened his umbrella (sunny day) signaling the start of the shooting (closing his umbrella signaled the stop).

Top planners in the assassination cabal: Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, L.M. Bloomfield, Ferenc Nagy, John DeMenil, Carlos Prio Socarras, Walter Jenkins, H.L. Hunt [American Council of Christian Churches (ACCC)], Bobby Baker, Clifford Jones, L.J. McWillie, Werner Von Braun, Roy Cohn, Fred Korth, John Connally and Clint Murchison.

      L.M. Bloomfield (answering only to Hoover and Johnson) was in overall charge of the supervisory and working assignment group: Walter Dohrnberger, Guy Bannister, Albert Osborne (ACCC), E.E. Bradley (ACCC), Morris Dalitz (Las Vegas), Major General John B. Medaris, Robert McKeown, Igor Voshinin, George Bouhe, Peter Gregory, Maurice Gatlin, Sergio Arcacha Smith, Lee Harvey Oswald, William Seymour, David Ferrie (Catholic priest), T. Gonzales, Manuel Garcia Gonzales, Layton Martens, Gordon Novel, Walter Sheridan, William Dalzell, Paul Raigorodsky, Joe Bonnano, Dimitri Royster (ACCC), Alex Carlson, George Mandel, Breck Wall, Clay Shaw, Joe Cody, Jake Kosloff, Mike McLaney, Ruth and Mike Payne, Igor Vogonov, Jack Bowen, Mike Ryan, Tammie True, Max Cherry, Patrick Hoy, David Hoy, James Powell and many others with lesser assignments. (Nomenclature of An Assassination Cabal, by: William Torbitt { pseudonym}).  This document previously quoted: "Plausible Denial" by, Mark Lane. However, due to more recent revelation, it is obvious that publication is without merit [Mark Lane (personal friend and confidant to the infamous Jesuit: Jim Jones), as attorney for James Earl Ray, sent his key witness to Jonestown the day before the Jonestown massacre. Fortunately, for her, she didn't go].

      The Vietnam "genocide" was given a fresh shot in the arm in the 1967 C.I.A: "Operation Phoenix", implemented by, sovereign Knight of Malta: William Casey [known MK-Ultra/Project Monarch pedophile operative (CIA's Laos & Vietnam station chief, egregious mass murderer, Theodore Shackley being the key operative in the assassination cabal, under George Bush)].  General Westmoreland became a Catholic while in command in Vietnam.  Ross Perot wasn't able to contact any POW, MIA's because the C.I.A. kept getting in the way, with their operation of taking over the opium smuggling trade, for themselves and the Sicilian Mafia, out of the "Golden Triangle" [largest buyers of opium in the world are well known top officials in the C.I.A. & D.O.D. (Richard Armatage, no.2 man in the Department of Defense (DOD); Theodore Shackley, no.2 man in the CIA, under George Bush.  Bush is on the board of directors of Eli Lilly:  the company that produces the precursor chemicals to produce cocaine, heroine and the company that first synthesized LSD for the CIA)]. The U.S. government transports over half the illegal narcotics into the U.S., mostly on military transport, tons at a time with no customs check, then flown on commercial airliners, in cargo containers, to organized crime families, then distributed in cities street gangs, Contra's and motorcycle gangs:

      Nixon got us out of Vietnam without winning and the Vatican getting control of the southern government, for which he was watergated (the Watergate office building complex was built and is owned by the Vatican).  Read: "Vietnam, why did we go?" by: Avro Manhattan.  Ten days before his assassination John Kennedy stated in a speech at Columbia University: "The high office of president has been used to foment a plot to destroy the Americans freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight".  There is evidence of Fidel Castro's involvement in the conspiracy but not conclusively. However Dr. Alberto Rivera's testimony of knowing of Castro's presence in the Vatican while he, and the infamous Jim Jones, were there in school (being trained to destroy church's), and Soldier of Fortune magazine's article on two Jesuits kidnapping Honduran peasant farmers and sending them to Cuba, into forced guerilla warfare training, along with John Kennedy stopping the B-26 bombers from taking off in support of the freedom fighters during the Bay of Pigs invasion, which they were totally dependant on; leaving Castro's planes to strafe and bomb the raiders {its obvious the raid was designed to fail: all aspects were controlled by the CIA; troop transport deck machine guns malfunctioned, mounts rusted thru, four of six landing craft sink before their even boarded; using Bay of Pigs [which the Cuban Revolutionary Council would never approve (reefs, surrounded by swamp, radio station nearby) so Kennedy has them flown, under false pretences, to a blacked out airfield at Opa-Locka Fla., where their held in isolation, against their will, under armed military guard: Only then do they learn, via AM radio, that the raid has been moved up (putting the initial air strike, using six B-26's, not all fourteen, securing minimal damage and giving Castro ample warning of an impending attack) just before the UN meeting knowing the US would be blamed, giving Kennedy his excuse to ground the bombers (but not the paratroop planes taking off from the same field in Nicaragua) and, had not only already started, but already past the point of no return] guaranteeing the failure of the raid and effectively ending all organized effort to remove Castro}.  "This was how the whole thing was going from the beginning", General Lemnitzer: Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff ("Bay of Pigs, The Untold Story" by Peter Wyden), certainly lends credibility to the assertion that Castro is a Jesuit and was involved in Kennedy's assassination. We do know Castro is Illuminati and indoctrinated in communism at Georgetown (jesuit) University (as was Bill Clinton).  Kennedy had stopped borrowing money from the IMF:  had issued and signed executive order 11110, abolishing the FED, and had new inflationary money printed at the US Treasury (the bills you see with red serial numbers) which secured the orchestration of his assassination by the Illuminati, Bilderberg's (modern day version of: "Congress of Vienna" who wrote the "Secret Treaty of Verona" 1814-1815: the execution of this edict was assigned to the re-established Jesuits 1814) and Trilateral Commission; he made it known he was going to dissolve the CIA, thereby securing Skull & Bones organizations co-operation; having Ngo Dihn Deim killed, plan of pulling U.S. troops out of Vietnam without getting control of Vietnam for the Vatican secured the co-operation of the Jesuits and the Vatican. Though J. Edgar Hoover set the procedural orchestration in motion, John Connolly, Lyndon Johnson and Louis M. Bloomfield (Canadian lawyer who did the contract operative hiring for FBI's Division 5), the planning of the assassination itself was done by E. Howard Hunt (also an operative in the "watergating" of Richard Nixon), William Seymour, Clay Shaw and David Ferrie (Catholic priest).  Financing the entire assassination operation was Vatican banks: De Famaco Astalde Vaduz (Swiss), Leichtenstein (Swiss), Seligman Bank (Swiss), Banca Nazionale de Lavoro (Rome) [this bank, owned by the Pope, through its branch in Atlanta Georgia, laundered $5 billion from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to Saddam Hussein's war machine, including his "Super Gun"].  Lyndon Johnson sent the USS Maddox and USS C.Turner Joy into North Vietnamese territorial waters (2&4 Aug 64) to draw fire from North Vietnam (the radio message the USS Maddox received, ordering it, and USS C.Turner Joy, into North Vietnamese territorial waters came direct from the Whitehouse).  When the plan failed to bring the desired results (knowing why they were there: Maddox and C. Turner Joy fired on each other in the night out of shear paranoia) Johnson lied to Congress and the nation, saying the North Vietnamese fired on an American "peace keeping" ship in international waters: giving him his excuse to commit U.S. troops into armed conflict with North Vietnam.  Later Johnson realizing "his" war is a non winner and his bombing escalation's bring protest's and riots and not able to back out either (he didn't want to take a ride through Dealy Plaza): simply elected not to run for "another term as your president", thereby escaping: "the poisonous cup"; "the strangulation cord"; "the steel of the poiniard"; "the leaden bullet".  The blanket of corporate stonewalling (by every department of legislative, executive and judicial branches of government, including the media, to all subsequent investigations into the murders of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy, extending from the local levels all the way to the U.S. Presidency and Supreme Court) culminates into a preponderance of evidence of, not only a cover-up, but complicity in the carrying out of these atrocities ("The Truth behind The Murder of Martin Luther King, Orders To Kill" by, William F. Pepper).  The one common element connecting John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Robert F. Kennedy: all three were working to get us out of Vietnam (militarily) when they met their untimely demise: The executive order President Kennedy issued: ordering all American troops back home from Vietnam, was reversed by Johnson, before Kennedy's body was in the ground.  Cardinal Francis "Burn-em Alive" Spellman (trainer of Ngo Dihn Diem, president and butcher of South Vietnamese Buddhists) was the one person the F.B.I. consulted to persuade the Pope not to have a meeting with Martin Luther King Jr., and Spellman concurred.  Project Monarch operative: Gerald Ford was the only member of the congressional investigative committee to say that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of John Kennedy (and the only one in the committee to make president: and he made it by appointment).  Dorothy Kilgallon ("Whats My Line" game show panelist): upon leaving Jack Ruby's cell, stated: "I 'm going to blow this thing wide open": two days later she was dead:  another jesuit/Illuminati convenient "suicide": after this, Louis Jolyon West (psychiatrist and Project Monarch mind control operative) was assigned to "take care" of Jack Ruby.

      By LAPD's own SUS file: Sirhan Sirhan was hypno-programmed using hypnotic drugs and torture (by, DISC operative: reverend Jerry Owen, CIA mind-control specialist: William Bryan and others) producing MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder mind control, a product of CIA's MK-Ultra-Project Monarch) at the horse stable, in Santa Anita, where he worked with Thomas Bremer (the brother of Arthur Bremer: who shot George Wallace in 1972).  Sirhan Sirhan was used to distract attention while CIA's Thane Eugene Cesar (in the employ of the LAPD) shot Robert F. Kennedy behind the right ear. John Hinckley Jr's (shot Ronald Reagan) brother was George Bush's golf partner. John Hinckley Sr.(owner of Vanderbilt Oil Co.) has been George Bush's neighbor in Texas for years, and contributed to his campaign when he first ran for congress.

      John Maisto (U.S. Diplomat to the Philippines) came to Panama to train the "Civic Crusade" (C.I.A. operatives {many of which are trained in the infamous terrorist-revolutionary "School of the America's" at Fort Benning, Ga.}): organizing street campaigns, burn tires, protest march's etc. Archbishop Marcos Mcgrath, Monsignor Jose' Sebastion Laboa, Priest Javier Villanueva being among the operatives in the destabilization campaign.  A repeat of Manila, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Grenada and Haiti's Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier.  Archbishop Mcgrath and his priests ran their own operation of ballot box confiscation and vote counting (having no connection with the Panamanian Voting Commission) in deliberate violation of Panamanian law (what's this tell you about NES, News Election Service, giving the established press total control of counting and dissemination of national voting and does not allow the public to know how it is done?! What's this tell you about John Kennedy winning the election when Richard Nixon won the vote?).  Archbishop McGrath later became guarantor of transition of the Panamanian Government from military to civilian control (the Vatican has $1.4 billion invested in sundry Panamanian and other "shell" companies) after he, along with Laboa and Villanueva, tricked Noriega into the Vatican Embassy with the promise of diplomatic immunity, then once in the embassy giving him the choice of surrendering to the U.S. Army or they would let the army in to capture (kill) him.  The Panamanian raid was concocted by Senator Alan Simpson (R) Wyoming.  This is a direct continuance of: "Secret Treaty of Verona" policy of extermination of all representative governments as recorded in the: U.S. Congressional Record-Senate of the 64th Congress, 1st session volume 53, part 7, page 6781, 25 April 1916 and in the: American Diplomatic Code, 1778-1884, vol. 2; Elliott, p.179.

      With main accusers like Jorge Canalias, Floyd Carlton Caceres, Cesar Rodriguez, Teofilo Watson (pilots who flew arms to the Contra's and cocaine to the U.S.) and paid convicts (recruited from American prisons) as key witnesses in conjunction with the Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA, U.S. Code 22) Noriega's fate was sealed as soon as he entered the Vatican Embassy (With legal procedures like this you could convict John Kennedy of assassinating Lee Harvey Oswald).  William Kunstler was planning to defend Manuel Noriega in Miami federal court before his(convenient) death prevented his representation.

      Now with no Panamanian National Guard [many of which were shot(at Balboa High School concentration camp) with their hands zip tied behind their backs, by U.S. marines (journalist Julio Guerra was murdered by U.S. marines for photographing the bodies)], Panama is now a major stopover point on the opium trail from south and Central America to the U.S.  Cocaine is rampant now in George "Mr. Cocaine" Bush's (who's cocaine running boats from his oil well rigs go unchecked by the coast guard) Panamanian narcodemocracy.  With drug money's being laundered thru Panamanian banks, e.g. Interbanko, First Inter America's Bank (owned by drug cartel boss Gilberts Rodriguez Orejuela) ("The Memoirs of Manuel Noriega, America's Prisoner" by: Manuel Noriega and Peter Eisner).  Now with, RC Priest, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, back in power in Haiti the cocaine trail is complete.

      We know from WW II that the Vatican had a highly militant influence in Yugoslavia.  War records show the existence of a Vatican organization called "Ustasha" (from the verb: ustati, meaning "to rise up").  The reputation of the Ustasha throughout Yugoslavia is far worse than that of the S.S., S.D., S.A. and Gestapo combined: being created by Ante Pavelic, the head of the Ustasha state of Croatia.  Pavelic held many and frequent meetings with Bishops and Archbishops of Croatia and Pope Pius XII.  Pavelic was to Yugoslavia what Hitler was to Europe.  Pope Pius XII's statement to a group of Croats, on a pilgrimage to the Vatican (lead by Archbishop Aljzije Stepinac), Nov 1939, outlined the Vatican orchestrated atrocities from 1941-1945 and 1991-1995: "The hope of a better future seems to be smiling on you, a future in which the relations between church and state in your country will be regulated in harmonious action to the advantage of both."  Catholic priests like Stane Kukavica (Franciscan monk), changed their robes for the uniforms of the dreaded Ustasha killer squads and led the most barbaric, brutal raids upon those people and practiced satanic torture never before known in this century.  The entire genocide operations were overseen by the military vicar Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac ("Jasenovac" was the main center for extermination, being the third largest concentration camp in WWII where over 800,000 Serbs, Jews and Gypsies were systematically butchered) working directly with the Nazi's, helping to create the state of Croatia. (read: "Smokescreens" by: Jack Chick; "The Yugoslav Auschwitz and the Vatican" by: Vladimir Dedijer; "Blowback" by: Christopher Simpson).  The gold from Holocaust victims jewelry and teeth (what was not used to smuggle WW II war criminals out of Europe) is today held in Vatican banks: for which there is an ongoing lawsuit by the law firms of Easton & Levy, at: . In Bosnia the revived Ustasha movement is called "Croatian Peoples Party" (HSP) and its army, the "Croation Defence Force" (HOS).  Dobroslav Paraga led HSP.  HOS units (Black Legion) comprised of Belgian, Austrian, British and Canadian mercenaries, as well as units from the French mercenary unit: "Nouvelle Resistance".  After HOS was dissolved in 1993, by its mentor president Franjo Tudjman (for fear of being exposed for his Vatican connection as too politically obvious units), members were absorbed into other units, later amalgamated into the 108th Bosnian Bregade or the International Bregade.  "Front National", "Croatie Libre", and "Slavonie Libre" run by Faci, are also Vatican organizations fronted as Humanitarian Aid.  MPRI (shadowy mercenary organization based in Virginia) contracted by the Pentagon to train Ustasha in Croatia, Bosnia and now Kosovo.  Who but the Vatican has the power and/or influence to coordinate both sides in a military conflict to annihilate thousands of peoples at a time i.e. using U.S. troops to control Serbs in a (so called) fire free zone while Fascist Croats murder them, while the U.S. troops keep the Serbs defenseless.  This policy will continue throughout the Balkans.

      Hitler presented the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) to Pavelic, 10 April 1941, as Greater Croatia which lasted from 1941 to 1945.  The original plan was to annihilate one third of the population, force a third to migrate out of the country and force a third to convert to Catholicism.  The process was to take ten years. The second half of the plan was completed 1991-1995.  U.S. troops now enforce that Croatian state, against the displaced Orthodox Serbs.  Today Franjo Tudjman is doing everything to have Greater Croatia presented by Germany (today if you publish anything in the German press about the Vatican Nazi concordat the state prosecutes you) the United States and the Vatican, reconstructed from Bosnia and Serbian lands.  While a concerted propaganda campaign is being mounted to frighten small Balkan countries with the spectre of "Greater Serbia" and are being offered a protective "umbrella", behind the smokescreen of the Washington Agreement from 1994 that inaugurated Greater Croatia in which the Muslims are a majority, while the 1995 Split Agreement consolidated the military alliance between Tudjman and Izetbegovi} and was given the blessings by the United States Ambassador in Zagreb: Peter Galbraith.  Both of them have been sent teams of U.S. military planners and experts and they have been rendered military and financial assistance.  The United States has unilaterally discontinued the control of the arms embargo against Muslims and Croats in violation of the Security Council arms embargo resolution in whose adoption it participated.  It is only too obvious that the Vatican plans to continue the Serbian genocide throughout Yugoslavia only now the genocide will be financed by the United States with military assistance, while we can trust the national and international media to continue its lies about Orthodox Serbs murdering Muslims.  The Vatican has established its own international court in Rome to try anyone it so chooses with total disregard to the sovereignty and/or autonomy of the country under who's authority the person had acted.

      The theme here is unification, the same kind of unification that, Roman Catholic Ngo Dihn Diem so ruthlessly administered in South Vietnam, under the protection of the C.I.A. (and US Army "advisors") using civilian internment camps probably similar to those built by Trudeau (Jesuit) of Canada, see "Civilian Internment Camps", Toronto Sun, 4 March 1982.  And with the sole theme of the popes 5 May 95 encyclical: "That They May Be One", being "unification"; Thru Netscape-AltaVista: word-search I.G.Farben, click on "The Rockefellers mass murder and the U.N."), leaves no doubt whatsoever, in my mind, what the Vatican, in coordination with the Illuminati, has in store for this country.  With the literacy rate in the U.S. being below 50% in 1986 and getting lower every year (Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles), [20% in Ireland (Ireland has no comprehensive public school system)] knowing you can't control an educated populace, and 88%+ in Vietnam (Groliers Encyclopedia): Who are we trying to kid?  Remember Joan of Arc: who signed her name to the document, unknowingly, authorizing her execution (burned at the stake) at age sixteen.  Being a product of a catholic perochial school: she was illiterate.

      "Sex": There is enough real evidence (past and present) of the Roman Catholic Churches "practice" of child sex abuse that it is without precedence: :  this is worldwide.  Sodom and Gomorra could have taken lessons from the Catholic Church.  I seriously doubt there is enough paper to record all of the victims (over 400 priests in North America from 1984-1992 and that's just the ones that were reported).  Ask any insurance company that sells liability coverage to Catholic Church's and/or orphanages (if you can find one) why they charge the high premium rates.  Ask any fourteen year old Catholic girl of the explicit questions about every form of sex imaginable the (so called) celibate priest puts to her ear (by cannon law) every time she enters the confessional, then watch the expression on her face when she says she is not allowed to say under pain of excommunication:  How convenient! Ask a Catholic priest what a "Blessed Creature" is, then watch the expression on his face. Read: "Why Priests should Wed" by: Justin D. Fulton, 1888 (not on a full stomach) and, March 2001 issue of Newsweek magazine:  You should have no difficulty seeing the correlation between the rate of illegitimacy and crime with the Catholic population in any given area.  Typical examples of this priestly practice are: priest James Porter, who molested hundreds of boys and girls in who knows how many diocese: for which the Catholic Church did nothing but move him to another diocese (standard church policy) until even the Catholic Church patronizing news media had enough.  No formal charges were made until the media made his practices public, for which the presiding cardinal over the diocese blasted the journalist's from his pulpit.  This same cardinal was later promoted; Priest O'connel of New Hampshire: "ditto"; Priest Brendan Smyth, who's case brought down the Irish government: "ditto" (the Catholic Church now files lawsuits against those exposing the church's child sex abuse, regardless of the accuracy of the charges).  Pedophiling priest: Marcial Maciel Degollado, founder of Legionaries of Christ, molested his students in Spain and Italy with full approval from Pope Pius XII; Catholic orphanages are run by pedophiling priests, these sadistic practices being protected by local and provincial governments: Mt. Cashel orphanage in Newfoundland, where 20 priest's molested young boy's for over 15 years (for which a book was written and a movie made) is typical; See the docudrama: "Where The Spirit Lives" to see the sexual abuse of Indian Children, by catholic priests and nunns, after being kidnapped from their parents, the Canadian Government has subscribed to for over a hundred years: ;  see the docudrama "Rabbit Proof Fence" for accounts of the same abuse's in Australia;  Boys Town (incorporated) of Omaha Nebraska sells children into child prostitution and demonic occult ritual sacrifice:  the key operative being Larry King (who sang the National Anthem at the 1984 & 88 Republican National Convention's) of Omaha.  King's practice of Reagan, Bush, Contra drug money laundering (used in Nicaragua & Haiti) thru Franklin Community Federal Credit Union (banking system made possible by Nebraska Senator Bob Kerry) and selling children and drugs at his political parties (George Bush was a regular customer) held in his apartment in Omaha, his Southfork Ranch outside Dallas Texas and his $5000 a month rented house on California Ave. off "Embassy Row" in Washington D.C. (where he secretly videotaped politicians sexual acts with young boys he brought in from Boys Town Catholic orphanage, to be blackmailed later) are well documented in: "The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska", author: Senator John DeCamp.  Monsignor Robert Hupp, head of Boys Town, verified every detail of the authors investigation of the Franklin Cover-up and told of the priest who kidnapped a boy in Elkhorn, Nebraska, raped and murdered him and was immediately transferred to another diocese (probably out of the country) by the head of the Omaha diocese and provided guidance on where to look to develop further proof of the children's stories of abuse by this nations wealthy and powerful (who have been adopting children in Paraguay, bringing them back to the US before sacrificing them to Satan, .  This is acknowledged by the Paraguayan government).  Monsignor Hupp was later, unceremoniously, retired from his position as head of Boys Town. The pedophiling group: North American Man-Boy Love Association (who's members buy kidnapped children at auctions held at a ranch outside of Las Vegas Nevada) has been given official status by the United Nations.  CIA head, William Colbey, was found dead in a river after telling Senator DeCamp he was going to give him information to help his investigation.  "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four-footed beasts, and creeping things.  Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:  who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.  For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: and likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lusts one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.  And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge,  God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;  being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them."  Romans, 2: 22-32.

    Another demonic practice, of the Catholic church, is convents. Held within these walls are thousands of young women enticed, while still children, with the belief of living a life of Holiness and purity in service for Christ, for those lost souls (anyone not catholic). What these little girls never learn (until it is too late) is that they are there for the sole purpose of satisfying the sexual apetites of priest's (drunk most of the time). These girls are fed a cup of black coffee and a slice of bread in the morning and a bowl of soup in the evening (no lunch) 365 days a year. And doing laborious work all day long. It's certainly no wonder why catholics, who give their daughters over to this sadistic vermin, never see their little girls again (one can only imagine their emaciated bodies). In the cellar of every convent is a lime pit, where the bodies are thrown. Sometimes their thrown in alive, with their hands and feet bound: if the priest, or mother superior, deems their offense bad enough. For lesser offenses they can be subjected to a dungeon cell chained to a wall, where their bodies decompose hanging from the wall. These are by no means the only forms of torture (they can be strung out on racks for days, hung by their thumbs for days etc.) If you find this too offensive to believe, simply ask the Mexican government why there are no more convents in Mexico.  William Casey [Cardinal Spellman protege, sovereign Knight of Malta, George Bush's campaign manager and "authorized" Clintons bid for the White House (being fully aware of Clintons background of a bank robbing sister, drug trafficing brother and murdering mother; his receipt of a bucket of cocaine a month for Reagan's Iran/Contra-weapons/cocaine smuggling/money laundering($100 million a month) operation out of the Mena Arkansas airfield (Iran/Contra was the brain child of William Casey and Oliver North] was named in a class action law suit in Southern California (case no.99-02603) along with Robert Gates, John Deutch, George Tenet, estate of William French Smith, Edwin Meese, Richard Thornburgh, Janet Reno and others; CIA and US Department of Justice] responsible for the 1980's crack cocaine epidemic and resulting social and economic devastation of inner city communities.

      The Jesuits have orchestrated the deaths of presidents, heads of state and dignitaries of countries all over the world i.e. C.I.A. [French king: Henry IV issued: "Edict of Nantes", giving freedom of religion for all French citizens, for which he was assassinated (14May1610), by Jesuit: Ravaillac; by the "leaden bullet": Presidents: James A. Garfield (2 July 1881), William McKinley (6 Sept 1901), Abraham Lincoln(14 April 1865), John F. Kennedy (22 Nov 1993); "by the poison cup": presidents: William Henry Harrison (4 April 1841), Zachary Taylor (5 July 1850); attempted assassination of James Buchanan by poisoning the tea at the National Hotel, Washington D.C., (Feb 1857) where 50 were affected and 38 died, Andrew Jackson: shot for refusing loans from international banks; Franklin D. Roosevelt: injected with strychnine [(for refusing to acknowledge the newly created catholic state of Croatia) the medical examiners report, of Roosevelts body, disappeared from the safe in the Bethesda Naval Medical Center (only three doctors had key) the day after the examination] as was WWII General: George Patton.  Jesuitism was born in Spain, 1534 (for the express purpose of exterminating the reformation); reared in France; developed in Papal Rome; sanctioned by Pope Paul III, 1540.  Expelled from: England,1581; France,1594; Portugal,1598; England again, 1604; France again,1606; Russia,1717; Portugal again,1759; France again, 1762-3; Spain, Genoa, Venice and Sicily,1767; Naples, Malta and Parma,1768.  All, except England and Russia, being strictly Roman Catholic states. The order was suppressed 21 July 1773 by Pope Clement IV (for which he was promptly poisoned); continued to exist under other names i.e. "Brothers of the Faith"; re-established by Pope Pius VII, 1814 (to carry out the dictates of the "Secret Treaty of Verona"):  In the words of Abraham Lincoln: "If the Protestants of the North and the South could learn what the priests, nuns, and monks, who daily land on our shores, under the pretext of preaching their religion, were doing in our schools and hospitals, as emissaries of the Pope and the other despots of Europe, to undermine our institutions and alienate the hearts of our people from our Constitution and our laws, and prepare a reign of anarchy here, as they have done in Ireland, Mexico, Spain, and wherever there are people that wish to be free, they would unite in taking power out of their hands".  "The Jesuits never forsake." (Washington in the lap of Rome, Justin D. Fulton; Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, by: Charles Chiniquy LCCN: BX1770.F9).

      Phyllis Schlafly, Reed Irvine, Dusty Rhodes (of National Review), Brent Bozell, Edwin Fulner, Robert Godwin, Richard Viguerie, Sommers White, Foster Friess, Oliver North, Coors family, Roland Hinz, Rush Lembaugh, Tim La Haye, Pat Robertson, Jack Kemp, George Will, Jean Kirkpatrick, William Bennet (Jesuit), Robert Krieble, Burton Yale Pines, Gary Hofmeister, Clarence Thomas, Ed Meese and Charles Colson are pseudo conservatives who's puppet strings are pulled by Jesuits, Skull & Bones, Council on Foreign Relations or directly from the Illuminati.

      "I am not happy about the rebirth of the Jesuits. Swarms of them will present themselves under more disguises ever taken by even a chief of the Bohemians, as printers, writers, publishers, school teachers, etc.  If ever an association of people deserved eternal damnation, on this earth and in hell, it is this society of Loyola." (John Adams, 1816).

       "I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters. With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. And he sayeth unto me, the waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues. And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and have lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, alas, alas, that great city of Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour is thy judgment come. And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise and more: The merchandise of gold and silver and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble, and cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of man." (Rev. 17:1b-6a, 9, 15, 18 & chapter 18:2-3, 9-13)

      This hardly scratch's the surface of info on the Jesuits and Popery as a whole. If you refuse to see and believe the pattern that is set forth here, you wouldn't believe the rest either.

            "If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead"  (Luke16:31).



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Russel and Brandi Bellew, age 39 and 36, of Creswell, Oregon, pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide on Tuesday and were sentenced to five years probation after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors.

The couple, who had seven children before Austin Sprout's death, are members of the General Assembly and the Church of the First Born in nearby Pleasant Hill, which shuns modern medicine and teaches parishioners that faith healing and prayer will cure disease.

Walking free: Brandi and Russel Bellew, leave court on Tuesday after they were sentenced to five years of probation for letting their 16-year-old son died after they tried to 'pray away' his burst appendix

Walking free: Brandi and Russel Bellew, leave court on Tuesday after they were sentenced to five years of probation for letting their 16-year-old son died after they tried to 'pray away' his burst appendix

Excruciating: Austin Sprout, 16, died of a burst appendix after suffering appendicitis for a week. The painful disease is easily remedied by routine surgery

Excruciating: Austin Sprout, 16, died of a burst appendix after suffering appendicitis for a week. The painful disease is easily remedied by routine surgery

It was also revealed on Tuesday that Austin died in December from a burst appendix after he suffered from appendicitis for a week, the Eugene Register Guard reported.

Appendicitis, the inflammation of the appendix, often results in excruciating abdominal pain that requires heavy doses of morphine to keep under control. However, it can be easily treated with routine surgery that removes the appendix.

Left untreated, the inflamed organ can burst and spew bile into the body, which results in dangerous infections that often prove deadly.

The couple were charged with second-degree manslaughter after authorities learned the Austin's death could have been prevented if his parents had simple taken him to the hospital.

Austin's father, Anthony, died in 2007 of sepsis, after he refused to seek treatment for an infected injury to his leg.

Faith healers: The Bellews, who have six other children, are members of the General Assembly and the Church of the First Born, which shuns modern medicine in favor of prayer

Faith healers: The Bellews, who have six other children, are members of the General Assembly and the Church of the First Born, which shuns modern medicine in favor of prayer

His mother, Brandi, later married Russel Bellew -- who was also widowed.

At the time of Austin's death, his uncle Shawn Sprout, defended the congregation's practice of faith healing.

'We trust in God for everything. We trusted him to take care of our illnesses and heal us,' he told KVAL.

Social workers removed the other six children, who range in age from infant to 17, from the Bellews home.

It is unclear whether they will be returned to their parents, though a case worker said she believes they are 'safe' in the home.


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"Persone come Tabara Samba non meritano di vivere un solo giorno di più. Ha versato olio bollente nell’orecchio di suo marito. Ma quale Paese al mondo potrebbe accettare tutto questo?". Le dure parole sono del ministro dell’Interno e della Giustizia gambiano, Lamine Jobareth, in riferimento alla condanna a morte della donna senegalese, giustiziata tre giorni fa per aver ucciso il marito. Se un’esecuzione capitale in Gambia non dovesse sembrare una novità (sono infatti, come hanno più volte denunciato Amnesty e Nessuno tocchi Caino, moltissime le condanne a morte nel Paese), il caso di Tabara Samba è diventato internazionale a causa di quanto subito dalla donna immediatamente prima di essere uccisa con una iniezione letale. La condannata è stata infatti picchiata e violentata, il suo cadavere mutilato e fatto a pezzi.

Secondo quanto riferito da locali attivisti per i diritti umani, lo stesso presidente della nazione, Jahya Jammeh, avrebbe chiesto ai soldati di stuprarla, davanti ai funzionari di polizia, ad un magistrato e ad alcuni medici. Dopo che i condannati hanno subito la pena (insieme a lei sono state giustiziate altre 8 persone), i soldati (completamente ubriachi) hanno mutilato la donna, strappandole anche la lingua. Il suo cadavere è stato poi gettato in una fossa comune, negando quindi alla famiglia la richiesta di seppellirla in un cimitero.


Africa » Gambia » Old Jeshwang | Friday, July 06, 2007

Tabara Samba, the woman currently standing trial for allegedly killing her husband Ebima Nyan, by pouring hot boiling oil on him while sleeping in Old Jeshwang, has finally secured the services of two female lawyers, namely Amie Joof-Conteh and Ms Farage.

When the case was called yesterday before Magistrate Pa Harry Jammeh of the Kanifing Magistrates’ court, Lawyer Amie Joof-Conteh announced her representation for the accused together with Ms Loupna Farage at no cost.

Mrs. Joof-Conteh then applied for the trial to start fresh despite the fact that evidence has already started. “In the interest of fair justice, I submit that the accused be given a fair trial and the matter to be dealt with expeditiously”, she said.

According to her, the charges against the accused are serious offences not withstanding the fact that she is innocent until proven guilty.

She informed the court that there are also two other female lawyers who will be representing the accused (Tabara) free of charge.

But the Police prosecutor, Chief Superintendant Burama Dibba in his response, urged the court to refuse the application for the trial to start afresh. According to him, this is because the same magistrate is still presiding over the case despite the fact that the accused has secured new lawyers. “For a lawyer to withdraw would not tantamount to amiscarriage of justice”, he said.

In view of the applications, Pa Harry Jammeh, the presiding magistrate, adjourned the trial to the July, 13th 2007 for ruling.

It could be recalled both Lawyer Momodou Musa Drammeh and Badou Conteh withdrew their representations for Tabara Samba some time ago.

Author: Written by Lamin Njie
Source: The Daily Observer Newspaper & (Gambia News Community - Have your say!)

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     *  Proiectul minier a obtinut acordul din partea Agentiei Regionale pentru Protectia Mediului Timisoara

     *  ONG-urile de mediu: "Cerem USL si Guvernului României sa îsi asume public emiterea acordului de mediu pentru un proiect minier bazat pe cianuri"

     *  Ministrul Mediului cere demiterea directorului executiv al Agentiei Regionale pentru Protectia Mediului Timisoara

     *  Gabriela Lambrino, directorul Agentiei Regionale de Mediu Timisoara: "Decizia finala în cazul Certej a fost luata în prezenta consilierului ministrului Mediului"


     Informatia transmisa de mai multe ONG-uri potrivit careia proiectul minier de la Certej a primit autorizatia de mediu a stârnit tensiuni între autoritatile competente. În timp ce Rosia Montana Gold Corporation asteapta de ani buni avizul de la Ministerul Mediului, proiectul de la Certej, în judetul Hunedoara, nu a avut nevoie decât de aprobarea Agentiei de Mediu Timisoara, pe care a si primit-o, în iulie 2012.

     Productia în cadrul proiectului minier de la Certej (judetul Hunedoara), detinut de Deva Gold SA, ai carei actionari sunt Eldorado Gold Corporation (80%) si compania de stat Minvest Deva, va începe, cel mai probabil, în trimestrul al doilea din 2015, potrivit site-ului investitorului strain.

     Eldorado Gold anunta, totodata, ca proiectul de la Certej a primit acordul de mediu în iulie acest an.

     Zacamântul de la Certej este bogat în aur si argint.
     Potrivit estimarilor investitorului strain, productia de aici va fi de 130.000 uncii aur/an, respectiv de 660.000 uncii argint/an.

     Contactat de ziarul BURSA, directorul general al Deva Gold, Nicolae Stanca, ne-a transmis ca procedurile de obtinere a avizelor pentru exploatarea de la Certej au început în 2009, fiind finalizate în iulie 2012:
     "A fost o procedura transfrontaliera, coordonata de Ministerul Mediului, cu dezbateri repetate ce au avut loc inclusiv în Budapesta".
     "Ungurii si-au spus punctul de vedere, care a fost în afara legislatiei românesti si a celei europene. S-au împotrivit, pentru ca Muresul curge si pe la ei.
     Am primit avizele de mediu pe doua legislatii: cea româneasca si cea europeana.
     Au avut loc mai multe întâlniri, la care au participat Ministerul Mediului, Agentia Nationala pentru Protectia Mediului. S-a întrunit comisia tehnica din cadrul Ministerului Mediului. Au fost si Apele Române.
     Dupa ce au tot cerut completari, acum, în iulie, s-au dat avizele.
     Reprezentantii comisiei de analiza tehnica au spus ca nu mai au nimic de comentat si ca s-a respectat legislatia nationala si internationala în materie".

     *  ONG-urile: "Ceea ce guvernele anterioare doar au discutat, Guvernul Ponta a realizat în numai doua luni de la numire"

     Asociatiile "Centrul Independent pentru Dezvoltarea Resurselor de Mediu", "Alburnus Maior" si "Re.Generation" condamna emiterea recenta a acordului de mediu pentru proiectul Certej, "prima exploatare a aurului la scara larga pe baza de cianuri din România".

     ONG-urile au declarat: "Prin detaliile sale - impactul devastator asupra mediului, vicii de legalitate, reteaua de actionari, respectiv companiile detinatoare, proiectul de exploatare de la Certej se aseamana celui propus la Rosia Montana, atragând de-a lungul timpului critici serioase din partea organizatiilor de protectia mediului din România.

     Proiectul, care ocupa o suprafata de 456 de hectare, presupune procesarea a 45 de milioane de tone de minereu - cu o concentratie de 1,8 g de aur pe tona de minereu - si utilizarea unei cantitati de cianura de sodiu de 1.653 tone pe an, timp de 16 ani, perioada de operare a minei. Ca si în cazul proiectului Rosia Montana, reziduurile rezultate dupa prelucrare, inclusiv cele cu cianura si metale grele, vor fi depozitate într-un iaz de decantare în aer liber cu o suprafata totala de 63 de hectare".

     ONG-urile arata, totodata, ca ceea ce guvernele anterioare doar au discutat, Guvernul Ponta a realizat în numai doua luni de la numire: "Desi, atât premierul Victor Ponta, cât si ministrul Mediului si Padurilor Rovana Plumb sustineau cu tarie, la începutul mandatului, ca proiectul minier de la Rosia Montana nu poate merge înainte fara garantii de mediu, renegocierea participatiei statului sau desecretizarea contractului, mimând astfel responsabilitate fata de implicatiile serioase pe care asemenea proiecte de exploatare le ridica la adresa mediului si comunitatilor afectate, Guvernul nu a solicitat nicio garantie de mediu pentru aprobarea proiectului de la Certej. Participatia statului român, similara celei de la Rosia Montana, este acceptata în forma actuala, iar contractul ce sta la baza acestui proiect este tot unul secret".

     Mai mult, în emiterea acordului de mediu pentru proiectul de la Certej, autoritatile au considerat ca acceptabil impactul produs de consumul a 29 de milioane de metri cubi de apa din râul Mures, defrisarea a 187 de hectare de padure si suprapunerea proiectului minier cu situl Natura 2000 - ROSPA 0132 Muntii Metaliferi pe o suprafata de 108 hectare, subliniaza ONG-urile.

     Eugen David, presedintele Alburnus Maior, spune:
     "Cerem USL-ului si Guvernului României sa îsi asume public emiterea acordului de mediu pentru un proiect minier bazat pe cianuri si sa explice tuturor românilor beneficiile sale de mediu, economice si sociale".

     *  Ministrul Mediului, Rovana Plumb, dispune verificarea acordului de mediu pentru Certej

     Ministrul Mediului si Padurilor, Rovana Plumb, a dispus prin ordin verificarea, în regim de urgenta, a acordului de mediu pentru proiectul de la Certej, de catre Garda Nationala de Mediu si Agentia Nationala pentru Protectia Mediului, a transmis, ieri, printr-un comunicat, Ministerul Mediului si Padurilor. Documentul mai precizeaza:
     "Se va urmari verificarea procedurilor urmate în legatura cu acest acord de mediu pentru a se vedea în ce masura s-au respectat toate prevederile legale.

     De asemenea, ministrul Mediului si Padurilor a solicitat conducerii Agentiei Nationale pentru Protectia Mediului demiterea directorului executiv al Agentiei Regionale pentru Protectia Mediului Timisoara, pentru ca nu a informat autoritatea de mediu în legatura cu emiterea acordului de mediu pentru acest proiect, având în vedere ca este vorba de un obiectiv de interes national si international".
     Daca Ministerul va constata ca acordul nu a fost emis în conformitate cu legea, acesta va fi anulat.

     *  Gabriela Lambrino, directorul ARMT: Agentia a urmat toti pasii înaintea emiterii acordului de mediu pentru Certej

     Agentia Regionala de Mediu Timisoara (ARMT) a urmat toti pasii înaintea emiterii acordului de mediu pentru proiectul minier de la Certej, iar legislatia nu prevede informarea autoritatii de mediu în astfel de cazuri, a declarat, ieri, pentru Mediafax directorul agentiei, Gabriela Lambrino. Domnia sa a precizat: "La nivel de aplicare a legislatiei, totul a fost în regula. Legislatia de mediu înca în vigoare asa prevede, nu e necesara anuntarea autoritatii nationale de mediu. Nici acum legislatia de mediu nu prevede ca un amplasament într-o regiune sa fie aprobat de Agentia Nationala de Mediu. Daca, de exemplu, proiectul se întinde pe doua regiuni, atunci competentele revin Agentiei Nationale".

     Gabriela Lambrino a spus ca nu sunt motive pentru a fi demisa si ca nu intentioneaza nici sa demisioneze din functie: "Acel proiect nu avea de ce sa ajunga la Agentia Nationala de Mediu. Doamna ministru Rovana Plumb are competente sa trimita Corpul de control. Deocamdata mi s-a solicitat un calendar cu toata procedura, si (...) îl vom trimite la minister. Nu înteleg de ce doamna ministru nu i-a consultat si pe colegii din minister, de la compartimentul de autorizari, care cunosteau o buna parte a actelor".

     Gabriela Lambrino a explicat, totodata, ca primul pas în obtinerea acordului de mediu a fost solicitarea avizului de PUZ, iar ultimul pas a fost emiterea acordului de mediu: "Primul pas a fost solicitarea avizului de PUZ prin care s-a schimbat functiunea zonei, din teren agricol în teren industrial pentru destinatia de exploatare miniera auro-argintifiera. Solicitarea a fost depusa în anul 2007 si s-au urmat toate procedurile legale din legislatie, inclusiv trimiterea catre minister a faptului ca aceasta unitate ar putea avea impact transfrontier, în sensul ca ar putea fi afectate statele învecinate. Mai exact, în cazul în care nu se respecta anumite chestiuni: nu se face un baraj solid si apele care spala exploatarea, care au un oarecare continut de cianuri, se varsa în râul Mures si dau peste toate stopurile din cale, peste baraje, e normal ca Muresul sa poata polua prin circuitul de apa. Dar la cât e debitul de pe Mures, nu au cum sa polueze, nici macar pestii nu vor fi afectati. Impactul transfrontier s-a facut cu consultarea partilor vizate si anume Ministerul Mediului din Ungaria si Ministerul Mediului din Serbia".

     Directorul Agentiei Regionale de Mediu Timisoara a subliniat ca procedura pâna la emiterea acordului de mediu a fost una anevoioasa si s-au tinut sedinte de consultari în cele trei state vizate:
     "Procedura pâna la a ajunge sa emiti un acord de mediu e anevoioasa. S-au tinut consultari în Ungaria, la Budapesta si Szeged, dar si în Serbia. S-au tinut astfel de consultari si la Timisoara. În final, Ministerul Mediului a trimis documentul care atesta oficial ca s-au încheiat consultarile dintre cele trei state, anul acesta, în luna februarie. În decembrie anul trecut a avut loc ultima runda de consultari în Timisoara. În cadrul procedurii au avut loc inclusiv dezbateri publice din care a rezultat ca se doreste construirea proiectului respectiv. În iulie 2012, dupa ce existau toate avizele si documentele solicitate, nemaijustificându-se alta solicitare, s-a emis acordul de mediu. O respingere nu se poate da decât în conditii de ilegalitate, iar aici nu era cazul", a spus Lambrino.

     Mai mult, Gabriela Lambrino a spus ca decizia finala în privinta acordului de mediu pentru exploatarea miniera de la Certej a fost luata la Deva, la începutul lunii iunie, în prezenta Georgetei Barabas, actual consilier al ministrului Mediului:
     "Decizia finala a fost luata la Deva, la începutul lunii iunie, când doamna Rovana Plumb era deja numita ministru, împreuna cu toate institutiile care ne acuzau, pâna în acel moment, de încetinire a proiectului, inclusiv Agentia Judeteana de Mediu, condusa atunci de Georgeta Barabas, actualmente consiliera a ministrului Mediului, Rovana Plumb".

     *  Ungaria, direct afectata în cazul unui accident la Certej
     În cadrul discutiilor cu autoritatile române, Ungaria s-a opus proiectului de la Certej, motivând ca Muresul este sursa de aprovizionare cu apa a proiectului. Mai mult, daca ar avea loc un accident la iazul de decantare, Muresul ar fi principalul curs de apa afectat.
     Desi proiectul de la Certej se va întinde pe aproape 500 de hectare, pe o suprafata cu mult mai mica decât cea de la Rosia Montana (1600 hectare), iar cantitatea procesata de minereu va fi la jumatate, se pare ca, din punct de vedere tehnic, proiectul hunedorean este mult mai slab, ne-au declarat surse.
     Acestea au aflat, în urma unor discutii cu oficiali unguri, ca vecinii nostri trebuie sa se decida daca vor desfasura demersuri diplomatice pentru opirea lucrarilor de la Certej sau vor apela la Curtea Europeana de Justitie.

Autor: Viviani Mirica

     *  Tudor Bradatan, Centrul Independent pentru Dezvoltarea Resurselor de Mediu:
     "Evaluarea impactului asupra mediului pentru proiectul Certej ne-a provocat înca de la începutul sau serioase îngrijorari, prezentând numeroase vicii de legalitate. Lipsa studiilor si a evaluarilor impactului asupra biodiversitatii, conform Directivei Habitate si Directivei Pasari, sau lipsa oricaror evaluari privind potentialul arheologic al zonei si starea de sanatate a populatiei privind substantele periculoase ne îndreptatesc sa ne adresam Comisiei Europene pentru controlul conformitatii cu normele de drept comunitar amintite, dar si sa cerem instantei nationale competente anularea acordului de mediu emis".

     *  Investitia de la Certej, din faza de constructie a minei, se va ridica la 200 milioane de euro

     Directorul general al Deva Gold, Nicolae Stanca, ne-a spus ca proiectul de la Certej nu va utiliza cianura "în faza de concentrat", adica în etapa de separare a aurului de minereu, ci o tehnologie clasica, de flotatie, de macinare fara cianura.
     Cianura va fi folosita în faza de prelucrare a concentratului în circuit închis, ne-a explicat reprezentantul Deva Gold, iar concentratia din iazul de decantare va fi de 3 miligrame de cianura/litru, fata de 10 miligrame/litru, cantitatea maxima de cianura permisa de Uniunea Europeana.

     Potrivit lui Nicolae Stanca, exploatarea de la Certej se va întinde pe 16 ani, iar reabilitarea va dura 4 ani.
     Acolo vor functiona doua iazuri de decantare, unul cu o capacitate de 30 milioane de tone, care va contine doar piatra macinata, plus altul cu o capacitate de 300 milioane tone, care va contine si cianura, ne-a explicat directorul Deva Gold.

     Urmatoarea etapa în cadrul proiectului de la Certej este obtinerea autorizatiilor de constructie, "pentru tot ceea ce înseamna mina, sediul social, infrastructura", mai arata Nicoale Stanca, care subliniaza ca localnicii asteapta cu sufletul la gura sa înceapa exploatarea: "Aici, somajul este de 70-80%. Oamenii asteapta nerabdatori sa înceapa proiectul. Aici vor lucra circa 800 de persoane, în faza de constructie a minei si 550 în etapa de exploatare propriu-zisa.

     Investitia de la Certej, din faza de constructie a minei, se va ridica la 200 milioane de euro, spune Nicolae Stanca, adaugând:
     "Redeventa platita catre stat va fi de 6-8% din produsul finit, aur si argint, potrivit cotatiilor de pe bursa. Se adauga impozitele pe salarii, care vor ajunge la buget.
     Pâna acum, investitorul a platit circa 20 milioane euro pe terenurile cumparate de la persoane fizice. Pe de alta parte, primaria i-a concesionat o parte din terenul de care are nevoie.
     Investitorul achita, totodata, catre Agentia Nationala pentru Resurse Nationale, o taxa anuala de exploatare, de 25.000 lei/km patrat, pentru o un teren de 42 kilometri patrati (circa 238.000 euro, la cursul actual - n. r.)".


     "Eldorado Gold Corporation" este o companie miniera având sediul în orasul Vancouver din Canada, prezenta în China, Brazilia, Turcia, Grecia si România.

     "Eldorado Gold Corporation" este prima firma din America de Nord care a construit si opereaza o mina de aur în China. În prezent, compania opereaza sapte mine la nivel global, dintre care cinci aurifere (Kisladag si Efemcukuru, din Turcia, respectiv White Mountain, Tanjianshan si Jinfeng, din China), una de minereu de fier (Vila Nova, din Brazilia) si una de zinc plumb si argint (Stratoni, din Grecia).

     De asemenea, compania mai are în dezvoltare sase proiecte miniere: Eastern Dragon (aur si argint), din China, Tocantinzinho (aur), în Brazilia, Perama Hill (aur), Olympias (aur, argint, plumb si zinc) si Skouries (aur si cupru), în Grecia, si Certej (aur si argint), în tara noastra. Dintre acestea, proiectele de la Perama Hill si Tocantinzinho se afla în stadiul cel mai avansat, pentru primul "Eldorado" asteptând sa primeasca toate licentele necesare în ultimul trimestru al acestui an, în timp ce pentru al doilea estimeaza ca va finaliza studiul de fezabilitate în acest an si va primi aprobarea pentru Studiul cu privire la impactul asupra mediului cel târziu la începutul anului viitor.

     "Eldorado Gold Corporation" a încheiat anul trecut cu un profit de 347 milioane dolari, în crestere cu 109 milioane dolari fata de anul precedent. În primul semestru al acestui an, profitul a fost de 123 milioane dolari, fata de 140 milioane dolari, în aceeasi perioada a anului trecut, pe fondul unor costuri mai mari. Compania este listata la Bursa de la Toronto si la cea de la New York.

     În tara noastra, "Eldorado" a intrat prin achizitia, pentru 2,4 miliarde dolari, a companiei "European Goldfields", care detinea 80% din proiectul de la Certej. În urma acestei tranzactii, participatia a revenit "Eldorado". Restul de 20% este detinut de catre statul român, prin intermediul "Minvest Deva". Operatorul proiectului este "Deva Gold", subsidiara a companiei canadiene. Frank Timis, care a fondat si "Gabriel Resources", principalul actionar al "Rosia Montana Gold Corporation", a condus "European Goldfields" între anii 2000 si 2007, fiind si unul dintre actionarii cei mai importanti ai acesteia, (15% - 18,9%).

     Directorul pentru tara noastra al "Eldorado Gold Corporation" este Nicolae Stanca, domnia sa ocupând, în acelasi timp, si unul dintre posturile de vice-presedinte al companiei. Nicolae Stanca fost director general al "Minvest" si Presedintele al Consiliului Director si Director General al "Deva Gold".

Sursa: -  04.09.2012 - Autor: Alexandru Sarbu

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Cele 6.000 de întreprinderi au fost vândute cu aproximativ 70 miliarde de euro (10% din valoarea de piata). PE CELE 6.000 DE ÎNTREPRINDERI PRIVATIZATE FRAUDULOS S-AU ÎNCASAT, PÂNA ÎN MOMENTUL DE FATA, NUMAI 7 MILIARDE DE EURO (ADICA 1% DIN VALOAREA DE PIATA). Prin privatizarea ilegala a acestor întreprinderi s-au pierdut peste 6 milioane de locuri de munca.

Opozitia, scoasa din joc cu minerii

Mineriada din iunie ’90 este, de fapt, consecinta unui sir de evenimente, fiecare de natura sa puna o mare stavila în calea trecerii la capitalism, si nu poate fi judecata separat de ele atunci când se pun chinuitoarele întrebari care au însotit tranzitia. Înca din primele luni ale anului, a existat suspiciunea ca noua conducere provizorie instalata în 22 decembrie ’89, în frunte cu fostul comunist Ion Iliescu, intentioneaza sa-si permanentizeze puterea. Proaspat reînfiintatele partide istorice au organizat manifestatii în Bucuresti, iar puterea, benefiicind si de serviciile unei televiziuni publice aservite, a organizat contramanifestatii, la care au participat atât muncitori de la marile uzine bucurestene, cât si mineri adusi din Valea Jiului. Au fost batai, arestari, devastari de spatii, dar de mica amploare. Frontul Salvarii Nationale (FSN) a anuntat ca va participa la alegerile din 20 mai, pe care tot el (printr-o structura, în care, de ochii lumii, a invitat si opozitia - Consiliul Provizoriu de Uniune Nationala) le organiza. Aprilie 1990 a marchat debutul a ceea ce s-a numit "fenomenul Piata Universitatii". Mii de oameni s-au strâns în piata (denumiti de Iliescu "golani"), au demonstrat zi de zi împotriva neo-comunismului, balconul de la Universitate devenind o tribuna a mesajelor anticomuniste la care a avut acces oricine. Poporul a decis însa altceva la 20 mai, zi care a ramas în istorie sub numele de "duminica orbului": FSN a iesit câstigator cu aproape 70%, iar Ion Iliescu a devenit presedinte cu 85%, în conditiile unei participari masive la vot: aproape 90% din populatia cu drept de vot.

Democratia predata cu bastoanele minerilor

Dupa mineriadele din 1990, venirea minerilor se permanentizeaza. Devine un fenomen. Se spune ca era principala arma a lui Ion Iliescu pentru a face ordine cu mijloace neoficiale. Urmatoarea mineriada majora avea sa aiba loc la scurt timp: septembrie 1991. Acelasi Miron Cozma, aceiasi mineri din Valea Jiului. De data aceasta, "ortacii" cer demiterea primului-ministru, se spune ca la indicatia lui Ion Iliescu. Dupa ce este atacata cladirea Guvernului în data de 26 septembrie, cabinetul Petre Roman îsi da demisia. Ultima mineriada a avut loc în 1999, dupa arestarea lui Miron Cozma din 1997.

Caritas-ul, primul tun din istoria economica

A fost organizat de catre compania "Caritas" din Cluj-Napoca, fondata de catre Ioan Stoica, un apropiat PSD, si a fost lansat în anul 1991. Numele "Caritas" apartine, de drept, unei organizatii de binefacere catolice, dar Ioan Stoica l-a preluat fara a cere vreo aprobare. Sistemul lui Stoica promitea restituirea, dupa trei luni, a unei sume de opt ori mai mari decât banii investiti. Listele cu depunatori carora le venise rândul la câstig erau publicate în cotidianul "Mesagerul transilvan". Caritas-ul a atras un numar de 400.000 de deponenti din întreaga tara, care au investit 1.257 miliarde de lei (aproape 1 miliard USD) înainte de a da faliment la data de 14 august 1994, având o datorie de 450 milioane USD. Platile încetasera, de fapt, în octombrie 1993. Unii politicieni din PSD au retras mari sume înainte de pra-busirea Caritas-ului. Surprinzator a fost si faptul ca puterea politica de la acea vreme, cu Ion Iliescu în frunte, nu a facut niciun demers pentru oprirea Caritas-ului.

FNI, al doilea Caritas

Fondul National de Investitii a fost înfiintat în anul 1995, în baza O.G. nr. 24/1993, aprobata prin Legea nr. 83/1994. Înfiintarea acestui fond deschis de investitii – fond mutual -, precum si a societatii de administrare S.C. "SOV INVEST" S.A., a fost avizata fara niciun fel de mentiuni de restrictie a duratei de valabilitate, de catre C.N.V.M. – forul competent – prin Deciziile nr. 159/15.09.1995 si nr. 157/15.09.1995. FNI, în spatele caruia s-a aflat Sorin Ovidiu Vântu, a dus la 300.000 de pagubiti cu peste 300 de milioane de dolari. Pe 6 martie 2003, directorul SRI, Radu Timofte, referindu-se la cazul FNI, afirma în plenul Parlamentului: "Cetatenii, societatea si chiar institutii ale statului au fost victimele unei mari manipulari puse la cale de «escroci de geniu», din conducerea si compunerea retelelor crimei organizate internationale, care mai sunt înca în umbra, fiindca cei scosi în fata nu sunt decât niste pioni. (…) Artizanii escrocheriei nu au plecat, au fost întotdeauna peste granita. Au fost si pioni pe teritoriul României. Va asigur ca s-a stiut totul în legatura cu FNI".

Devalizarea Bancorex de catre mafia politica

Banca Româna de Comert Exterior a fost înfiintata ca banca specializata pe opera-tiunile cu strainatatea, desprinsa din Departamentul de Relatii Externe al Bancii Nationale a Republicii Socialiste România. În 1995, numele BRCE este înlocuit cu "Bancorex", din ratiuni de marketing. În 1996 detinea circa 60% din operatiunile de comert exterior ale României si era foarte activa în domeniul importurilor de energie. Bancorex s-a aflat în centrul unui puter-nic scandal politico-financiar, cauzat de politica defectuoasa a bancii si acordarea de credite pe criterii politice. A avut loc asa-zisa "devalizare" a bancii. Niciodata cei care au luat bani nu au fost judecati pentru acest lucru. Românii au platit aproximativ doua miliarde de dolari, bani de care au be-neficiat prietenii politici ai PSD printre care Fathi Taher, Costel Bobic, Viorel Popa (Cibela Group) si Gheorghe Florea Bragadiru. 2000-2004 – România, ajunsa pe mâna baronilor PSD Pe vremea guvernarii PSD, Ion Iliescu – presedinte si Adrian Nastase – premier, România ajunge pe mâna baronilor locali ai PSD. Încep sa se construiasca marile averi de sute de milioane de dolari, bani facuti în majoritatea cazurilor din afaceri cu statul. Marian Oprisan (Vrancea), familia Sechelariu (Bacau), Radu Mazare (Constanta), Ioan Niculae (Teleorman), Ioan Neculaie (Brasov), Fratii Cristescu (Timisoara), Gheorghe Bosânceanu (Constanta), Dinel Staicu (Craiova), Corneliu Iacubov (Bacau) sunt doar câteva exemple. Acesti oameni sunt ajutati de Hrebenciuc, Cozmânca, Serban Mihailescu (Miky Spaga) sau Ristea Priboi, oameni din anturajul lui Adrian Nas-tase.

Privatizarea Sidex Galati

Otelul a fost una dintre cele mai rentabile afaceri din România. Sidex a fost capusat în sistem Petrom si adus în situatia de a pierde 1 milion de dolari pe zi. În aceste conditii, a fost vândut pe nimic (25 de milioane de dolari!) lui Mittal Steel Galati pe relatia Nastase – Anglia. Dupa patru ani de la privatizare, Mittal Steel Galati a devenit cea mai mare companie privata din România. Cifra de afaceri a combinatului a atins 2,1 miliarde de dolari în 2004. Afacerile Ispat Sidex au crescut în fiecare an – de la 880 de milioane de dolari în 2001, la 1,28 miliarde de dolari în 2003 si la 2,1 miliarde de dolari în 2004. Am aflat si pretul real la care ar fi trebuit vândut Sidex: un miliard de dolari!!! Privatizarea Petromidia - Dinu Patriciu În 2001 s-a realizat o alta privatizare rasunatoare: Complexul Petrochimic Midia-Navodari, devenit SC Petromidia SA (simbol RRC), a fost vândut lui Dinu Patriciu, dupa ce tot el încercase preluarea companiei câtiva ani mai devreme. Pe vremea PSD s-a dat perla României unui liberal, iar Guvernul Adrian Nastase a dat HG 118/2003 prin care datoriile de 600 de milioane de dolari erau reesalonate pe o perioada de 7 ani! Asa a devenit Dinu Patriciu multimiliardar, iar bugetul României a saracit cu sute de milioane de dolari.

Dan Ioan Popescu – Retehnologizarea Portilor de Fier

Tot pe vremea PSD se coace prima afacere de peste un miliard de dolari: retehnologizarea Portilor de Fier. Ce au facut iugoslavii cu 100 de milioane de dolari, românii reusesc sa faca cu peste un miliard de dolari, cea mai mare afacere din România pâna în 2004. În centrul afacerii se gaseste un mare nume al PSD: Dan Ioan Popescu, fost ministru al Economiei si Comertului, care a fost anchetat pentru neconcordante în privinta averii.

Vânzarea Petrom

Privatizarea SNP Petrom SA a fost o greseala economica grava, pentru ca a fost o decizie pur politica, care a surclasat datele economice. Specialistii în petrol si gaze au analizat toate aspectele celei mai importante privatizari a anului 2004 si au ajuns la concluzia ca, fiind folosita în scopuri politice, statul a fost pagubit într-un singur an dupa privatizare cu mai mult de 4 miliarde de euro. La data privatizarii, SNP Petrom SA avea ca obiect de activitate, în principal, exploatarea zacamintelor de petrol si gaze naturale de pe uscat si din platoul continental al Marii Negre, rafinarea si prelucrarea titeiului, transportul si comercializarea produselor petroliere, comercializarea gazelor, importul si exportul de titei, produse petroliere, utilaje, echipamente si tehnologii specifice. SNP Petrom SA, anterior privatizarii, se definea ca unul dintre cei mai importanti producatori de petrol si gaze din Europa Centrala si de Est, singurul producator de titei din România, neavând concurent în acest do-meniu, si cel de-al doilea producator de gaze naturale, cu o productie în 2003 de 6,129 miliarde metri cubi si o cota de 34% la furnizare. În studiul de piata realizat pentru privatizarea Petrom, în mai 2003, consultantul tehnic, Jacobs Consultancy, anunta Ministerul Industriei ca a identificat rezerve de 128 milioane de tone echivalent petrol, plus 16 milioane de tone petrol în Kazahstan, din concesionare. Niciuna nu fusese exploatata. Din datele contabile înainte de privatizare consemnam activul net de 62.373.020.622 mii de lei si profitul net de mii de lei. Conform contractului de privatizare, OMV a platit statului român suma de 668,815 milioane de euro pentru 33,34% din pachetul de actiuni, iar compania Petrom a intrat pe mâinile austriecilor de la OMV la un pret subevaluat cu aproape 50% din cauza estimarilor facute de consultantii care au analizat rezervele de titei ale Petrom. Banca elvetiana Credit Suisse First Boston si cea olandeza ING au evaluat rezervele companiei române cu un pret maxim de 22 de dolari pe baril pâna în 2012. În momentul semnarii contractului de privatizare - la aproximativ 1 an dupa evaluarea initiala -, pretul titeiului ajunsese deja la 35 de dolari pe baril, iar prognozele indicau înca de mai demult o ascensiune de durata a preturilor combustibililor. La pretul de 22 de dolari pe barilul Brent, divizia de extractie si exploatare a Petrom a fost evaluata de consultanti la 1,7 miliarde de dolari, valoare ce corespunde activului net mentionat, iar întregul Petrom la 2,8 miliarde de dolari. Dar, în evaluarea facuta pentru Guvern, acelasi consultant preciza ca "o variatie de 2 dolari în pretul petrolului Brent conduce la o schimbare de 700 de milioane de dolari în valoarea companiei". Responsabili de privatizarea SNP: Adrian Nastase si Dan Ioan Popescu. Este afacerea din care România a pierdut cei mai multi bani.

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Does marijuana cause cancer? The censorship-happy government’s war on marijuana may be sorely misplaced, especially when considering all the other issues in need of focus. Dr. Sean McAllister of the Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco has spent years researching cannabidiol, a cannabinoid found in cannabis, the plant that flowers marijuana. "Cannabidiol offers hope of a non-toxic therapy that could treat aggressive forms of cancer without any of the painful side effects of chemotherapy," he says.

You might remember Cash Hyde, the 3-year-old boy from Montana diagnosed with brain cancer but who beat it with his father Mike’s help and marijuana oil.  Well, Hyde’s case isn’t the only one revealing the positive relationship between marijuana and cancer.

Does Cannabis Cause Cancer? THC (tetrahydrocannabinol also known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol ) as Therapy

In 1998, Cristina Sanchez of Complutense University in Madrid reported in a European biochemistry journal that THC—the famed psychoactive component in marijuana—“induces apoptosis [cell death] in C6 glioma cells,” which are a type of brain cancer.

Lead author of another study and Harvard University researcher Anju Preet says, "THC can have a potential therapeutic role." His findings, presented in a 2007 American Association for Cancer Research in Los Angeles, showed that THC has a direct antitumoral effect.

THC’s First Human Trial

The first clinical trial studying THC’s antitumoral effect on humans was conducted by Manuel Guzman and his team of Spanish scientists. Guzman administered THC to nine patients who had not responded to traditional brain cancer therapies for the study. As published in a 2006 issue of the British Journal of Pharmacology, tumor cell proliferation reduced in response to THC administration through a catheter – showing the medical benefits of marijuana.

marijuanaleaf3 235x147 Does Marijuana Cause Cancer? Research Says Marijuana Fights Cancer

THC and the Lungs

Another Harvard study reports that THC slows lung cancer progress. Moreover, unlike chemotherapy which damages all cells—healthy or cancerous—THC specifically destroyed tumoral cells without harming healthy ones.

In another study published in the Journal of American Medical Association, spanning from 1985 to 2006, over 5,000 men and women smoked about one joint daily for seven years. Co-author Stefan Kertesz found that subjects, rather than having damaged lungs, showed increases in lung air flow rates. Surprising findings indeed.

Cannabidiol and Breast Cancer

With backing from the National Institute of Health, Dr. Sean McAllister conducted a study and found that cannabidiol inhibited breast cancer cell proliferation, metastasis, and tumor growth.

McAllister researched cancer’s relationship to the ID-1 gene—a protein active during embryonic development but, in healthy subjects, turns and stays off.  In the case of breast cancer patients, the gene turns back on, which causes malignant cells to metastasize.  In the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, McAllister wrote that cannabidiol switches off the gene’s expression.

McAllister found that cannabidiol can even work alongside standard chemotherapy treatments by performing synergistically with pharmaceuticals.  This means that maximum, toxic doses don’t have to be administered.

Despite accusations that marijuana smoking can compromise the immune system, mountains of research indicate that the plant has more to offer than a high.  More studies are undoubtedly in the works.

In this research, Manuel Guzman located in Madrid, Spain discovered that cannabinoids substantially inhibit the growth of tumors in a variety of lab animals. In the study he also found that not one of these tested animals endured any kind of side effects seen in many similar chemotherapy treatments.

If all of the research doesn’t appeal to you, then maybe the 2,500 total studied patients throughout these 37 controlled studies may. None of the patients reported any kind of adverse side effects from the use of THC and based medication – further adding to the benefits of medical marijuana and strengthening the positive connection between marijuana and cancer.

So, does marijuana cause cancer, or does it fight cancer?

Sources: Bloomberg & The Daily Beast & - Author: Lisa Garber

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The Windsor, or double Windsor knot, is named after the Duke of Windsor, who made this tie knot popular. The double Windsor knot is the ideal choice for dress shirts with wide collar spread. If you need to fill that gap of a shark or Kent collar, choose this knot! The double Windsor necktie knot is a very popular knot, but it will also require some practice; therefore it is more suitable for the experienced tie wearer.

Did you know that the double Windsor is the most popular tie knot but also the knot that most men do not how to tie properly? Well, I hope that that the instructions below will help you master this tie knot.

If you like larger knots for your ties, just as they are popular in most parts of Europe, then the double Windsor is your knot. It is a very symmetric tie knot with a triangular shape. Although learning how to tie a double Windsor tie knot is a little trickier than other knots, it is quite simple to master if you follow the steps below. If you are still uncertain on tying the double Windsor, then you may want to view my How to Tie a Windsor Knot Video.

Instructions on How to Tie the Double Windsor Knot:

  1. The double Windsor knot requires you to wrap the wide part twice around the narrow part. This means that more length of the tie is required. Start by placing the tie around your neck with enough length showing on the wide side of the necktie. Place the wide part across, and above the narrow part of the tie at a 90 degree angle.
  2. Just like with the half Windsor tie knot, pull the wide part through the loop on the right side of your collar.
  3. Then pull the wide side of the tie back behind the narrow part.
  4. To make a double Windsor knot out of the half Windsor, do the same on the left side. Pull the half finished Windsor knot tight so both wrappings stay in place. Tip: Overlap both wrappings so that a triangular and symmetric shape appears.
  5. Hold the loop open that you created on the last wrapping with your left hand, and pull the wide end of the necktie through the loop.
  6. Slowly pull the Windsor tight.
  7. Tighten the tie and flip down your shirts collars. Tying a double Windsor knot takes a little bit of practice. The most common mistake people make when tying a double Windsor knot, is in step 4. Make sure you overlap both wrappings. This ensures that the gap between both wrappings is closed which will prevent the tie from sliding into this gap. If this happens, the tie will not be centered on the Windsor.

Common mistakes people make when tying a double Windsor tie knot:

  1. The most common mistake people make when tying a double Windsor knot, is in step 4. Make sure you overlap both wrappings. This ensures that the gap between both wrappings is closed which will prevent the tie from sliding into this gap. If this happens, the tie will not be centered on the Windsor. If this is the case, open the tie knot and start from step 1.
  2. The tie is tied too short. Since the double Windsor knot requires two wrappings, you need to leave more length for the wide side of the tie. If this continues to be a problem then you might be too tall (above 6’3”) or have a wider neck. In your case, it is advisable to purchase extra long ties that are about 2-3 inches longer than a regular necktie. Common extra long ties measure about 59”-61”.

If the illustration wasn’t enough to teach you the double Windsor knot, then these video instructions might help. I suggest you take a few minutes to watch this video a few times. Then print out our instructions and start practicing the double Windsor in front of a mirror. I suggest you use an older and cheaper necktie until you have mastered this popular tie knot.


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The purpose of this event is to set a particular day as a day to support free speech, support the right to criticize and satirize religion, and to oppose any resolutions or laws, binding or otherwise, that discourage or inhibit free speech of any kind. The focus on ‘blasphemy’ is simply because it is such a salient issue, and one for which a lot of consciousness-raising is necessary.

The goal is not to promote hate or violence. While many perceive blasphemy as insulting and offensive, it isn’t about getting enjoyment out of ridiculing and insulting others.

Criticism and dissent towards opposing views is the only way in which any nation with any modicum of freedom can exist. Post and send any images, quotes and stories that are blasphemous to our Facebook page (see right) on or before that day so that we publish them on 30th.


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I’m not sure why Facebook thinks that giving friends the power to add you to any group out there is a good idea, but the feature is there and it is actively used. So, if you ever wanted to create a I’m the Greatest group and invite all your friends to it, then this is your chance to do just that. Your friends will be automatically added to the new group, and it is up to them to either try and get out of the group again or participate in it.

It is not really clear why they are not sending out invitations instead, which would give every friend the choice to either join the new group or ignore the invite to not join the group.

It is apparently only possible to invite friends into new Facebook groups. If you visit an old group page on Facebook you will see the following paragraph at the top.

Over the next few months, Facebook will be archiving all groups created using the old groups format. When this group is archived, its wall posts, photos and discussion threads will move to the new groups format, but group members will need to be re-added.

The new Group page it links to offers little information about the new group concept on Facebook. It is only possible to automatically add friends to new groups on Facebook. The old concept was to send friends invitations if you wanted them to join a group on Facebook.

The new group concept is obviously flawed, considering that the majority of Facebook users are not only friends with their closest friends and relatives, but with many different users of the social networking site.

This may open the door for spam or even malicious attacks in form of phishing links or software downloads. It does not necessarily have to go that far, but being a member of a group that you do not want to be part of may be be reason enough to be against the new group concept.

How can you stop people from adding you to Facebook Groups automatically? The short answer is, you cannot. The only option you have is to leave the group and contact the friend to let them know that you do not want to be part of the group. If you get re-added, your only option is to leave again and / or remove the friend who has added you from the friend list.

Here is how you leave groups. Click on Groups on your Facebook profile page. The groups link is located near the top right corner of the page.

There you see a list of all groups that you are a member of. To leave a group, hover your mouse cursor over the group. A blue x is displayed next to the group. Click on the x to leave the group.

You will get a remove group membership confirmation prompt. Select Remove if you are sure and want to leave the selected group on Facebook.

Have you been added by friends to groups automatically? How have you handled this?

Update: Some users think that this article is misleading, as it is not answering the question they came here for. Here are several options that users in the comments have pointed out:

  • You cannot be re-added to groups if you leave them, so this might help.
  • You can create or subscribe to a lot of bogus / empty groups to reach the group limit. Once you do you cannot be added anymore to new groups.
  • And finally: Communicate with those friends that add you to group ans see if you can get them to stop adding you to groups. If you cannot, you should consider unfriending then on Facebook as they cannot add you to groups if they are no longer your friend.

There you have it. Three perfectly fine answers for the issue at hand. It would obviously be better if Facebook would give users an option to accept or decline group invites, but since that is not an option right now, your only bets are the options listed above.


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About 100 priests and monks fight for power. Palestinian police restore order in the Church of the Nativity in "Jesus's birthplace" after scuffles erupt between Armenian and Greek Orthodox clergymen.

Not their best fight.

Around: December 25, 2011

"I LOVE this video lol That's religion for you. ... My God IS my I can't go wrong. I bet God was SO proud that day... well done guys lmao" - Britinoz71

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