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Republicans and Democrats offer the worst of all possible worlds. Ordinary people are entirely shut out. Growing numbers reject both parties for good reason. Money power owns them.

"Are you better off" than four years ago, asked The New York Times? "There is really no reason for any hesitancy. The country is unquestionably better off than it was in 2008."

Fact check

True to form, The Times offered a litany of lies. Bankers, other corporate favorites, and war profiteers fared handsomely. They still do. America's 99% got stiff-armed. Most US households were thrown under the bus.

Virtually no jobs were created. Full-time/good pay and benefit ones are disappearing. Real unemployment approaches 23%. In the Great Depression, it reached 25%. Serious efforts were made then to reduce it. Virtually nothing is done now.

US Census figures confirm half or more of US households living in poverty or bordering on it. Record numbers need food stamps to survive. Congress plans cuts when they're more than ever needed.

Feeding America says over 50 million Americans face hunger. One in six people are affected, including over one in five children. Political Washington ignores food insecurity. Serving corporate interests and imperial warmongers alone matter.

Duplicitous political convention rhetoric was enough to make a brash brigand blush. Banality took center stage. Demagogic deception hid reactionary extremism.

Convention delegates and ordinary people inhabit worlds apart. Pre-scripted yammering was predictable. Republicans showed contempt for human needs. Phony populism hid a similar Democrat agenda.

Privilege alone matters. Ordinary folks increasingly are on their own sink or swim. Obama's first term reflected it. Betrayal and failure defined it. Another four years assures more of the same and then some.

The man promising hope and change broke every major pledge made. Four demagogic years did Lincoln one better. He fooled most people enough to matter. He's beholden to big money. He never cared about ordinary people and doesn't now.

"Yes we can" conceals his dark side. No pun intended. He's a consummate con man. It's easy to know when he's lying, just watch his lips move.

Throughout his political career, he's been pro-corporate, pro-war, pro-Israel, anti-populist, anti-civil and human rights, and anti all values real democrats support.

He put Wall Street crooks in charge of looting the nation's wealth. He furthered the greatest wealth transfer in history. Rules, regulations, legal restraints with teeth, and taxes were slashed to help them. Plans are on track to make America resemble Guatemala.

Full-time/high pay/good benefit jobs are disappearing. So are social services. They're on the chopping block for elimination. The nation's middle class is targeted for destruction. A huge underclass is replacing it. America's more than ever militarized to control it.

Police state laws threaten freedom. Big Brother spying is policy. Privacy is a figure of speech. First Amendment rights and dissent are endangered. Tyranny, torture, corporate empowerment, and permanent wars define Obama's agenda.

He exceeded the worst of George Bush's harshness, lawlessness, and belligerency. Imagine what he plans if reelected. He waged war on Islam, Latino immigrants, animal and environmental rights activists, whistleblowers, people of color, the poor, anyone challenging state power, and civil rights lawyers who defend them too vigorously.

In Obama's America, only the privileged matter. Growing numbers of others are on their own hungry, homeless, and jobless.

He looted the nation's wealth, wrecked the economy, ravaged one nation after another, and continues waging war on humanity.

He executed two Latin American coups. Honduras' democratically elected president was ousted. So was Paraguay's. He militarized Haiti, opened the country for business, occupied it for plunder, rigged its election, installed a pro-Western stooge, and increased the growing burden of impoverished Haitians who deserve better.

He supports the world's worst despots. He sucks up shamelessly to Israel. He spurns long denied Palestinian rights. He plans war on Syria and Iran. Neither nation threatens anyone. America and Israel menace humanity.

He presides over a bogus democracy under a repressive police state apparatus. Habeas rights, due process, judicial fairness, and other civil liberty protections are quaint artifacts increasingly discarded.

Torture is official policy. So is Murder, Inc. Death squads operate in over 120 countries. Special forces and CIA operatives are licensed to kill. US citizens may be targeted at home or abroad. No one anywhere is safe.

Summary judgment means no arrests. No Miranda rights. No due process. No trial. Just a bullet, bomb or slit throat. It's official Obama policy. Diktat authority affords justice to no one ordered killed.

It also lets Obama order US citizens arrested and indefinitely held without charge or trial. No proof is needed, just suspicions that those detained pose threats. Constitutional protections no longer apply.

US military personnel may arrest and indefinitely detain anyone globally. No one anywhere is safe. Tyranny is policy. Obama seized virtual dictatorial powers. Anyone designated a potential enemy of the state, true or false, is targeted.

Political prisoners fill America's gulag. It’s the world’s largest by far and one of the worst. Muslims and people of color are most at risk. America's super-rich and corporate crooks are free to do what they please. Bad as things are now, expect worse.

War rages against labor. Budget-strapped states get little help. Welfare is being cut. So are Medicare for seniors, Medicaid for the needy, and other New Deal/Great Society programs.

Public education is being commodified. Plans call for making it another business profit center and ending government's responsibility. Health care is being rationed. Only those who can afford it will get help when they need it.

Food and drug safety don't matter. Nor do clean clean air or water. Small farms and businesses are being destroyed. Large ones are bigger and more dominant than ever.

Wall Street ones are up to one-fourth larger today than four years ago. They're double their size a decade ago relative to the economy. Ordinary Americans are much poorer and more deprived.

Financial reform was fraudulent. Institutionalized grand theft is policy. Business as usual lets Wall Street run the country. Consumer protections don't exist.

The worst of bad practices continue. Rules either don't exist or are made to be broken. Bankers get what they want. Ordinary people get scammed.

Obama promised "change you can believe in." He delivered betrayal instead. He's anti-progressive, hard-right, reactionary, belligerent, pro-corporate, and anti-populist. He's heartless, merciless, morally corrupt, and soulless.

Austerity is policy when help is needed. Draconian cuts were enacted. Many more are planned. Eliminating trillions of dollars in social service spending is policy. Democrats are in lock step with Republicans.

Corporate handouts, tax cuts for the rich, and Pentagon spending remain virtually untouched. Bad as things are now, imagine America in four years under either party.

Obama plans more of the same and then some. Romney is a religious extremist/corporate crook/socially destructive/imperial rogue.

He and Ryan plan exceeding the worst of Obama. Both are unapologetic. They're indifferent to human need and welfare. They represent everything wrong with a broken system. It's too corrupted, dysfunctional, and rotten to fix.

They're frontmen for financialized America, super-rich privilege, and imperial lawlessness. They guarantee worse wide awake nightmares than Obama.

America's choice in November is none. Bad as things are now expect worse. Bipartisan complicity assures it.

Source: - Author: Stephen Lendman; he lives in Chicago.

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Timothy Maxwell "Max" Keiser (born January 23, 1960) is an American broadcaster and film-maker. He hosts Keiser Report, a financial program broadcast on RT (formerly Russia Today).

Keiser also anchors On the Edge, a program of news and analysis hosted by Iran's Press TV. He hosted the New Year's Eve special, The Keiser's Business Guide to 2010 for BBC Radio 5 Live.

Keiser presented a season of The Oracle with Max Keiser on BBC World News. Previously he produced and appeared regularly in the TV series People & Power on the Al-Jazeera English network.

He also presents a weekly show about finance and markets on London's Resonance FM, as well as writing for The Huffington Post.

On the Sunday, August 12 edition of Infowars Live, Alex Jones hosts Max Keiser discussing the ravaged state of the U.S. economy and fragility of markets as published in a recent Fox News article The Coming Economic Collapse.


Support infowars and spread the news:

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Dear TurismoAssociati,

"Daddy, I'm going to get mommy out of jail with a bulldozer."

That's four-year-old Gera speaking about her plan to free her mother Nadya, one of the imprisoned members of Pussy Riot.

As an Amnesty activist, you know we don't need a bulldozer to free a prisoner – just the power of our voices. And we need your voice more than ever as Pussy Riot faces an appeal hearing on October 1st.

Turn up the volume of protest to end the political persecution of Pussy Riot. Send your message calling for the unconditional release of Nadya, Masha and Katja.

Nadya and the other members of Pussy Riot went to the cathedral to give Russia – and the rest of the world – a wake-up call. They felt it was their civic duty to expose the corruption and repression they saw.

Pussy Riot stood up for their ideals. As artistic expression. Nonviolently. Legally.

Except, of course, in Putin's Russia, where their dissent was stifled and condemned as "hooliganism."

But there is hope. The world is watching. Last week, Pyotr Verzilov travelled with his daughter Gera to the United States to work with Amnesty to raise awareness for his wife's case. During the Amnesty International Youth Town Hall, Aung San Suu Kyi met with Pyotr and Gera and called for the release of the women. With Amnesty at her side, Yoko Ono gave the band the LennonOno Grant for Peace to honor their courage.

During their visit, Pyotr expressed how moved he was by your advocacy on behalf of his wife and the other courageous women imprisoned for expressing their opinions peacefully:

“We are grateful to Amnesty International for your work on the case and all of your support. The most important thing you can do is rally people. We need your voices.”

Use your voice to tell the Russian authorities to release Nadya, Masha and Katja. Take a stand for free speech and human rights before Pussy Riot's Oct. 1 appeal hearing.

In solidarity,

Michelle Ringuette
Chief of Campaigns & Programs
Amnesty International USA

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Although research is not conclusive, some studies shows that medical marijuana (cannabis indica) could be a potential solution for those suffering from osteoporosis. While osteoporosis is especially a problem among women, with approximately 4.5 million women 50 years old and over suffering from the condition, it is also a problem among men, with nearly 0.8 million men 50 and over experiencing the health problem.

Some research found that, while excessive cannabis use may reduce bone strength in younger individuals, using the plant could protect against osteoporosis later in life by activating a naturally occurring molecule (cannabinoid receptor, or CB1) in the body that is key to osteoporosis development.

To examine the relationship between cannabis and osteoporosis development, researchers funded by the Arthritis Research Campaign used similar compounds to those in cannabis which activate the CB1 receptor. As mentioned, they found that the compounds helped to weaken bone tissue in the young, but also showed that bone loss in older mice decreased. Fat accumulation around the bones was also prevented, which is a known occurrence in people with osteoporosis.

“This is an exciting step forward, but we must recognise that these are early results and more tests are needed on the effects of cannabis in humans to determine how the effects differ with age in people. We plan to conduct further trials soon and hope the results will help to deliver new treatments that will be of value in the fight against osteoporosis,” said study leader Stuart Ralston, the Arthritis Research Campaign Professor of Rheumatology at the University of Edinburgh.

osteoporosisdefinition 235x147 Medical Marijuana Possible Treatment for Osteoporosis

The possibility of using medical marijuana may not exist for everyone, but it could be a possible solution for those who do have access to this kind of treatment. What’s more, the ability to use medical marijuana is slowly expanding throughout the United States due to the benefits of medical marijuana being recognized and the desire for freedom and legalization is growing, and therefore more individuals could benefit over the next few years.

Sources: CDC & BBC via Natural Society - Author: Mike Barrett

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The people are coming, and there is nothing they can do about it! The People will not be Defeated! We all stand with our Spanish Brother and Sisters . . . You cannot stop an idea who's time has come!

Full Footage:

Thousands have turned up on the doorstep of Parliament in Spain to take back control from the ruthless elite. Violence continue between protesters and riot police in Madrid, with cops firing rubber bullets and tear gas at the crowd. Fourteen people have been injured and 22 arrested, local media report.

Riot Police belted protesters, dragging some them by the arms and legs.

Credit: RT

FAIR USE NOTICE: This video has been posted to further advance our understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, Technological, democratic, scientific, and social justice issues which constitutes a "fair use" of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 for research and educational purposes.

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By Admin (from 27/09/2012 @ 05:06:24, in en - Video Alert, read 2558 times)

Something really strange appears to be happening. All over the globe, governments and big banks are acting as if they are anticipating an imminent financial collapse.

Unfortunately, we are not privy to the quiet conversations that are taking place in corporate boardrooms and in the halls of power in places such as Washington D.C. and London, so all we can do is try to make sense of all the clues that are all around us. Of course it is completely possible to misinterpret these clues, but sticking our heads in the sand is not going to do any good either. Last week, it was revealed that the U.S. government has been secretly directing five of the biggest banks in America "to develop plans for staving off collapse" for the last two years. By itself, that wouldn't be that big of a deal. But when you add that piece to the dozens of other clues of imminent financial collapse, a very troubling picture begins to emerge. Over the past 12 months, hundreds of banking executives have been resigning, corporate insiders have been selling off enormous amounts of stock, and I have been personally told that a significant number of Wall Street bankers have been shopping for "prepper properties" in rural communities this summer. Meanwhile, there have been reports that the U.S. government has been stockpiling food and ammunition, and Barack Obama has been signing a whole bunch of executive orders that would potentially be implemented in the event of a major meltdown of society. So what does all of this mean? It could mean something or it could mean nothing. What we do know is that a financial collapse is coming at some point. Over the past 40 years, the total amount of all debt in the United States has grown from about 2 trillion dollars to nearly 55 trillion dollars. That is a recipe for financial armageddon, and it is inevitable that this gigantic bubble of debt is going to burst at some point.

In normal times, the U.S. government does not tell major banks to "develop plans for staving off collapse".

But according to a recent Reuters article, that is apparently exactly what has been happening....

U.S. regulators directed five of the country's biggest banks, including Bank of America Corp and Goldman Sachs Group Inc, to develop plans for staving off collapse if they faced serious problems, emphasizing that the banks could not count on government help.

The two-year-old program, which has been largely secret until now, is in addition to the "living wills" the banks crafted to help regulators dismantle them if they actually do fail. It shows how hard regulators are working to ensure that banks have plans for worst-case scenarios and can act rationally in times of distress.

by Michael Snyder

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Al Haq's new report provides more evidence. Titled "Pillage of the Dead Sea: Israel's Unlawful Exploitation of Natural Resources in the Occupied Palestinian Territory," it details grand theft and war crimes. They benefit Jews by harming Palestinians. More on it below.

Yesh Din defends Palestinian human rights. It exposes Israeli abuses. It champions long denied accountability.

In March 2009, it petitioned Israel's High Court of Justice (HCJ). It wants lawless West Bank mining operations stopped. Israel and 11 Israeli corporations steal Palestinian resources rightfully theirs. It demanded all quarrying and mining activities cease.

It argued that Israeli companies pillage Palestinian resources for profit and Israel's benefit. Doing so also violates fundamental international law. As an occupying power, Israel is obligated to protect, not exploit, Palestinian rights.

On December 26, 2011, the HCJ rejected Yesh Din's petition. It sanctioned lawless pillage. On January 10, 2012, Yesh Din requested another hearing before a broader panel of judges.

Seven distinguished Israeli legal experts stood with Yesh Din. They took issue with the Court's ruling. Their collective opinion matters. It provides greater impact.

On July 25, 2012, the HCJ spurned Yesh Din again. In his decision, retired Deputy President Judge Eliezer Rivlin said the December 2011 ruling rejected Yesh Din's petition mainly because Israel and the Palestinian Authority addressed the issue earlier. They agreed to an interim 1995 deal.

He failed to explain its terms. It explicitly said "quarries must be transferred to the Palestinian side within 18 months." Israel still controls them. The Court's ruling OK'd its right to steal.

Seven leading international law experts disagree. They unequivocally call Israel's mining operations lawless. In their judgment, the Court's ruling was troublesome. Judge Rivlin addressed their opinion, saying:

"I did not ignore the opinion of the experts on international law submitted in support of the petitioner's argument. The learned opinion raises important questions and analyzes them most skillfully and eruditely."

"However, in the concrete circumstances of this case, since no precedent was set in the decision that would justify a further hearing, there is no need to discuss them at this stage."

In response, Yesh Din attorney Shlomy Zachary said:

"This decision by the High Court of Justice recognizes the serious flaws of the court's decision on the original petition, and mutes its conclusions."

"The court is also aware that the decision's determinations must be decided in the future, and therefore the decision on the concrete matter cannot serve as a binding precedent."

"The opinion of the leading experts from Israel's universities, submitted as part of this case, added another level that reinforced the need to minimize the determinations about this matter, and we welcome that."

Israel's High Court tried having it both ways. In initially rejecting Yesh Din's petition, HCJ President Dorit Beinisch said:

"The belligerent occupation of Israel in the area has some unique characteristics, primarily the duration of the occupation period that requires the adjustment of the law to the reality on the ground, which imposes a duty upon Israel to ensure normal life for a period, which…is certainly long-term."

At the same time, the Court spurned international law. It also dismissed the opinion of seven distinguished Israeli legal experts.

Their judgment is indisputable. Rule of law principles back it. It carries weight. It concluded saying "the license granted to Israeli corporations to mine exhaustible natural minerals in territory under belligerent occupation is illegal."

High Court judges know it but ignored them and fundamental international law anyway. Their ruling was not only dishonest, it was convoluted.

Outrageously, the Court said militarized occupation and Israeli Civil Administration operations benefit Palestinians. In other words, controlling them at the point of a gun and pillaging their resources helps. How, the Court didn't explain. It merely said:

"Royalties paid to the Civil Administration by the operators of the quarries are used to finance the operations of the military administration, which promotes various kinds of projects aimed to benefit the interests of the area."

Stealing what's theirs doesn't help. Military occupation spurns their rights. Employment for small numbers of Palestinians at slave wages neither benefits them or the collective population.

Virtually all resources mined help Israel and its settlements. Mining fees, levies, and royalties flow straight to Israeli state coffers. Palestinians are denied what's rightfully theirs.

Al Haq's report offers more proof. Black's Law Dictionary calls pillage "the forcible taking of private property by an invading or conquering army from the enemy's subjects."

The 1907 Hague Regulations, Fourth Geneva, and other international laws prohibit doing so under all circumstances. The Statute of International Criminal Court calls "pillaging a town or place, even when taken by assault," a war crime.

Various military manuals prohibit pillage/plunder. The UN and other international organizations condemn it. Looting is absolutely forbidden. It's punishable under international, military, and general statute laws.

Israel spurns rule of law principles in all forms. Al Haq calls exploiting West Bank resources "the war crime of pillage." Its report examines Israeli Dead Sea area operations.

It's "prohibited from exploiting them in a way that undermines their capital and results in economic benefits for Israeli citizens, including settlers, or for its national economy."

The Dead Sea borders Jordan and Israel to the east and the West Bank to the west. It's in the Jordan Rift Valley. It lies over 400 meters below sea level.

It's 67 km long, 377 meters deep, and 18 km across at its widest point. With 33.7% salinity, it's one of the world's saltiest water bodies.

In 1967, Israel seized control. Jordan previously controlled the area. Oslo granted Israel military and administrative control. Vast land areas became closed military zones. Palestinians are denied entry to land rightfully theirs.

Since 1967, pillage accompanied occupation. Palestinians were dispossessed from their own land and resources. Israel stole and exploited the Dead Sea and surrounding areas by declaring them "State land." No legal basis whatever permits doing so.

Numerous military orders violate international law. It's been twisted, inverted, manipulated, distorted, undermined, and spurned to justify the unjustifiable.

Israel invents its own version of reality. Orwellian doublespeak defines it. Fundamental occupying power obligations are violated. State authorities and settlers reap benefits.

At the same time, unsustainable water extraction and mining methods let water levels decrease significantly.

Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories was licensed to steal. It mines Dead Sea mud. It's used for company products. Al Haq's General Director, Shawan Jabarin, said:

"The Israeli authorities are denying Palestinians access to their natural resources all across the OPT, but this practice is particularly evident in the occupied Dead Sea area. This also clearly demonstrates how Israel is benefiting economically from the occupation."

"Given that the settlers in the area and Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories directly profit from the appropriation of the Dead Sea natural resources and from the trade of the products extracted and processed in this region, they should be considered as primary perpetrators of the war crime of pillage."

Consumers have a right to know that Ahava operates illegally. Its products use stolen Palestinian resources. Doing so costs them nearly $150 million annually.

Ahava's based in Mitzpe Shalem settlement. It lies on the Dead Sea's western shore. It's Israel's only company licensed to mine area mud, silt, sand, gravel, and other minerals.

It operates subsidiaries in America, Britain and Germany. Its products have unique cosmetic qualities. They're used for various skin disorders. Exports provide about 60% of its revenue. The remaining 40% comes from Israel and tourism.

The Dead Sea has unique geographical, mineral, climatic, and archeological features. Its natural resource riches include ground and surface water, springs, and minerals. It's a potential world heritage site.

Its landscapes are stunning. Its climate is mild. Its potential for economic development is significant. Its tourism, industry, and agriculture thrive.

Israeli development plans include hotels, water parks, shopping malls, and urban facilities. Enhanced mineral and water extraction are also planned. Palestinians are entirely deprived of what's rightfully theirs.

The area is also environmentally vulnerable. Its ecosystem is endangered. At issue is over-extraction and other abuses. The Jordan River Basin's water system is affected. Large sinkholes emerged. As many as 3,000 exist. Dead Sea shrinkage is worrisome. It's divided into two lakes.

Upstream water diversion projects and southern Dead Sea mining caused serious sea level erosion. Over-exploitation is destroying the area. Domestic, agricultural, and industrial wastewater flows directly into the Dead Sea. Surrounding land areas are affected.

In 2004, Ahava got illegal mining rights. Authority granting them must cease and desist. Third-party states must demand it. Pressuring Israel to stop violating international law is vital. Aiding and abetting lawlessness can't be tolerated.

Relations with Ahava and other Israeli companies profiteering from pillage must cease. Importing their products is illegal. Everything originating from settlements should be barred. Failure to do so constitutes complicity with grand theft and war crimes. Israel is a serial abuser.

Source: Mathaba - Author: analyst Stephen Lendman, who lives in Chicago, USA

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Medical marijuana is now a $1.7-billion market in the U.S. This means that sales of medical marijuana rival the annual revenue generated by Viagra, a $1.9-billion business. What’s more, the medical marijuana market is expected to nearly double in the next five years, and that’s just in the 15 U.S. states where the drug is legal. If another 20 states pass medical marijuana laws, which projections show is possible, the market could grow to $8.9 billion by 2016.

According to MSNBC:

"The cannabis industry as a whole — including the underground black market and medical gray market — generates anywhere from $18 billion to $35.8 billion a year."

In the video above, "Run From the Cure – the Rick Simpson Story," it’s suggested that pharmaceutical companies and big business may be withholding a potential cancer cure — hemp oil — from the public in the interest of personal profit.

"...perfectly balanced 1:3 ratio of naturally-occurring omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids…unlike other seeds and nutritional oils, such as flax and fish fish oil, hemp seeds also contain super omega-3 stearidonic acid and super omega-6-gamma-linolenic acid in nutritionally relevant amounts that help to reduce inflammation and improve mental functioning, as well as make up for potentially impaired fatty acid metabolism."

marijuanabottle 210x131 Medical Marijuana Becoming Blockbuster Anti Cancer Drug

They also noted that the reason why industrial hemp cannot be grown in the United States is because the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) refuses to acknowledge that hemp is not the same as marijuana. As TreeHugger reported:

"The United States is the only industrialized nation where growing industrial hemp is illegal. And because of that we’re missing out on huge economic opportunity...

Apparently even though Canadian cops can tell the difference between high-THC cannabis plants (marijuana) and low-THC plants (industrial hemp), the US DEA can’t be bothered."


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Obama began discussing US ambassador Christopher Stevens. On September 11, he was killed in Benghazi, Libya (subscribers get more). 

Obama inverted truth like he always does.

He claimed Stevens went there last year to help Libyans "cope with violent conflict, care for the wounded, and craft a vision for the future in which the rights of all Libyans would be respected."

"And after the revolution, he supported the birth of a new democracy, as Libyans held elections, and built new institutions, and began to move forward after decades of dictatorship."

Fact check

Stevens was an imperial front man. He urged violent intervention. He supported NATO's killing machine throughout months of slaughter. He participated in Libya's destruction.

He helped turn Africa's most developed country into a charnel house. Tens of thousands were murdered. Multiples more were injured. Many more were displaced. 

Mostly civilians were harmed. NATO attacks willfully targeted them. At issue was replacing another independent government with a puppet one.

Casualties inflicted doing it aren't counted. Obama claimed Stevens "was killed in the city he helped to save." He bears responsibility for destroying it and much of Libya. He helped install its puppet government.

Obama continued extolling a war criminal. It takes one to know one. He blamed terrorists and Al Qaeda for killing him. Again he lied like he always does. 

Mark Robertson and Finian Cunningham explained what Obama suppressed. Their Global Research article discussed Libya's Green Resistance: the committed Jamahiriya loyalists. They're freedom fighters. They want imperial occupiers driven out.

Stevens "used a Tripoli hotel as his base, since the Green Resistance had burned down the US embassy in the capital, Tripoli."

He moved to Benghazi. He thought he'd be safer there. He thought wrong. Green Resistance fighters targeted him. On September 11, he was killed. The date was likely coincidental.

Obama tried distancing himself from the anti-Muslim hate film. It sparked violence in 30 or more countries. Israel's fingerprints are all over it. It also reflected virulent US anti-Islamic sentiment. 

Since taking office, Obama waged war on Islam. Bush did before him. Ravaging one country after another is policy. Millions died. Millions more suffer horrendously. Human misery never is taken into account. Grief isn't in America's vocabulary.

Obama outrageously claimed America "has not and will not seek to dictate the outcome of democratic transitions abroad. (It's) the obligation of all leaders in all countries to speak out forcefully against violence and extremism."

Washington deplores democracy. It won't tolerate it at home or abroad. No nation in world history committed more violent extremism than America. Countless millions of corpses attest to its record. Viciousness defines its agenda. It long predated Obama's term in office.

Its unparalleled and unconscionable. Obama continues America's sordid tradition. He urged remembering that "Muslims have suffered  the most at the hands of extremism." He omitted explaining who bears most responsibility.

America's culture is violent. Its roots are long-standing. It's reflected worldwide and at home. Among all Western nations, it has by far the highest homicide rate. It has a passion for owning guns and using them.

Violent films are some of its most popular. Similar video games crowd out simpler, more innocent street play of earlier generations. Its society isn't called a rape culture for nothing. Women experience extreme violence. Usually it's committed by a husband, another relative, or someone they know.

Major media largely suppress it. Child and elder abuse are largely ignored. Imperial wars are called liberating ones. Peace, tranquility and safety are illusions.

Foreign wars, homeland repression, and domestic violence crowd them out. It begs the question. What kind of country glorifies mass killing, assaults and abuse? Why is pacifism considered sissy and unpatriotic?

What gives America the right to claim exceptionalism and moral superiority? How can it call itself indispensable? No nation anywhere matches its deplorable record.

Obama had the audacity to claim otherwise in New York. Imperial arrogance was on display. He railed unjustifiably against Iran. He barely stopped short of declaring war. Doing so would constitute naked aggression.

Threatening Iran for Israel

Iran threatens no one. It's nuclear program is peaceful. World leaders know. US and Israeli intelligence know it. No matter. America threatens war. Perhaps it's planned sometime post-November elections. 

Obama or Romney make no difference. Both represent two sides of the same coin. They're venal imperial scoundrels. In New York, Obama was blunt, saying:

"Make no mistake: a nuclear-armed Iran is not a challenge that can be contained."

"It would threaten the elimination of Israel, the security of Gulf nations, and the stability of the global economy. It risks triggering a nuclear arms race in the region and the unraveling of the non-proliferation treaty."

"That is why….the United States will do what we must to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. (There's) still time, (but it's) not unlimited."

International law is clear. No nation may interfere in the internal affairs of others. None can dictate policy or wage preemptive war. America asserts the right for both unilaterally. Doing so reveals an out-of-control menace.

Israel matches its threat regionally. On September 23, Mossad-connected DEBKAfile (DF) headlined "Hamas signs binding military commitment to Iran-led war on Israel," saying:

Hamas co-founder and member of its leadership Mahoud al-Sahar, as well as Iranian deputy military commander Marwan Issa met earlier in September in Beirut.

DF claims they and Hezbollah agreed to wage war on Israel. Saying so inverts truth. They're committed to defending themselves if attacked and providing aid.

DF also claims 22,000 elite Iranian al Qods Bridades fighters built up positions in Syria and Lebanon on Israel's borders. No evidence whatever proves it.

DF suggests Hamas is "under contract to defer to Tehran" militarily. Moreover, Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and Hamas allegedly agreed to cooperate against Israel.

"In a potential outbreak of war," Iran's military command will be in charge.

No country threatens Israel. None plan war. Saying so inverts truth. Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) research director Patrick Clawson openly urges provoking Iran into attacking Israel.

WINEP is a right wing pro-Israeli front group. It wants Washington to create a false flag extreme enough to spark an Iranian military response.

Speaking at a policy forum on "How to Build US-Israeli Coordination on Preventing an Iranian Nuclear Breakout," he discussed earlier provocations that worked.

It's (v)ery hard for me to see how the United States president can get us to war with Iran," he said. Traditional ways would be best. 

His terminology was code language for urging replicating earlier successful US false flags. None stand out more than 9/11. "We can do a variety of things to increase pressure," he said.

Sanctions are one of many options, he added. So are covert methods. 

"(W)e could get nastier about it," he stressed. "So, if in fact the Iranians aren't going to compromise, it would be best if somebody else started the war." 

By that, he means America. He's mindless about potential catastrophic consequences. Numerous past articles discussed it. No sane leader would chance it. 

No legitimate analyst would urge it. No military commander worth his salt would risk it. Odds favor it happening anyway. Belligerent Zionists make it more likely. Netanyahu may be worst of all.

On September 25, Haaretz headlined "The Israeli prime minister is unfit to serve," saying:

Three decades ago, Menachem Begin was unfit. For weeks, it was acknowledged but kept hidden. Netanyahu exceeds his worst extremism.

"Many government ministers know this to be true." He's pressuring Washington to launch a war of choice. Israeli military commanders deplore his "messianic madness."

He's brazen, undisciplined, and defiant. He's got a knack for turning allies into enemies. He's interfering in America's election. He favors Romney over Obama and shows it. He's looking a gift horse in the mouth.

He's compromising a longstanding alliance. He opposes most Israeli officials and commanders. In 1983, Begin said "I cannot go on" and resigned. He fell on his sword. Netanyahu is too arrogant to replicate him.

"On the contrary. The more he realizes the distance between the picture in his head and reality….the more likely he is to step up his inflammatory rhetoric and rash actions to the point of jeopardizing Israel's very existence."

He wasn't elected by popular vote. Likud finished second. The Knesset approved a governing coalition. It's obligated to replace an unfit prime minister. It's urgent, given his rage to wage war when cooler heads around him deplore it for good reason.

War on Iran would be "an existential blunder." It's much more than that. Israel's existence would be threatened. Its cities, military and nuclear facilities would be bombed for the first time. Casualties would be enormous. So would world enmity.

What kind of leader discounts madness and urges do what I say anyway? Cabinet members must replace him before it's too late. Ordinary Israeli must speak out. 

War isn't a left, right or religious issue. International law aside, avoiding it must be prioritized. Failure will fall on the heads of "all those who fail to rise above themselves and take action." 

It's their responsibility. It's urgent they prevent a potential regional holocaust. Failure may not get a second chance.

-- Mathaba Analyst Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

Support our work. Donate or subscribe. Join the Mathaba Community. Help with editing or translations. Everyone can and must do at least something to ensure that independent media can survive and continue to give voice to the truth. Spread the word.

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... che l’industria è a terra e quindi cedibile a pochi soldi, che l’Italia è decotta ed è pronta per essere “venduta”, servita su un piatto d’argento, alle banche che Moody’s, Standard & Poors e gli altri compagni di merende reppresentano.

Pardon: ad essere “privatizzata”, come ci si dice dando ad intendere che il Cittadino, il “privato”, avrà la possibilità di comprare un’azienda che lo Stato non ha ben gestito.
Scordatevelo: nessuno di noi mortali potrà mai comprare nulla: ci sono già le multinazionali e il cartello bancario pronto a mangiare: fà parte del piano di “salvataggio” Monti!

Ricordate le Autostrade che invece di diventare nostre come promessoci negli anni ’70 (in Germania, Austria, e Slovenia paghi un ticket annuo autostradale equivalente alla tratta Udine-Roma) furono “privatizzate” e la testa di legno fu Benetton, appoggiato dalle Banche che ora ne son diventate proprietarie?…. Benetton serviva solo da facciata, per farci credere che un cittadino laborioso poteva aiutare il bilancio statale acquisendo beni statali (un po’ come Garibaldi che fu mandato coi suoi 1.000 a unificare l’Italia dando all’operazione un taglio popolare, mentre al largo c’era la flotta inglese di appoggio con i cannoni puntati verso terra) . E così le autostrade venivano vendute a un cittadino, uno dei nostri, uno che dava lavoro agli italiani, un virtuoso. Peccato che adesso le Autostrade sono delle banche. Grazie, Benetton. E così, alla fine della “Crisi” tutto sarà passato alle banche, che da serve son diventate padrone mettendo ai vertici del Governo i loro dipendenti. Tutto sarà delle Banche, e noi verremo pagati se Lorsignori vorranno allo stipendio che ci sarà concesso. Grazie. Ecco realizzato il piano di salvataggio dell’Italia.

E Moody’s dirige il concerto a suon di “ratings” che non fanno certo gli interessi delle nazioni né dell’economia, bensì delle Banche e della Borsa, entrambe sovrane di Stato e Cittadini servi. Poiché gli Stati, si sa, ormai la sovranità l’hanno persa, a parte gli Stati del Sud America, dove da quando hanno dato un calcio nel sedere al FMI stanno benissimo, ma nessuno ne parla. Noi invece rimaniamo schiavi delle banche, della borsa, del debito pubblico.

Debito Pubblico che corrisponde ai Titoli di Stato emessi come collaterale dalle Nazioni per attingere a quella liquidità – chiamiamola primaria – creata dalle Banche Centrali quali la Banca d’Italia, la Banca Centrale Europea etc, che come sappiamo a parte il nome sono dei club privati.

Dove finiscono tali collaterali? Nelle mani di chi possiede liquidità, e può permettersi di investirla in titoli a scadenza predeterminata, guadagnando in tal modo un soldo a basso rischio; l’unico rischio che può far saltare il facile guadagno è il default dello Stato che ha emesso i Titoli di Stato. Se nessuno comprasse più BOT e CCT – diversamente da quanto suggeriscono gli economisti prezzolati – questo gioco al massacro si interromperebbe prima di averci distrutti. Già, perché se la Deutsche Bank compra 100 miliardi di BOT italiani al 5%, quel 5% alla Deutsche Bank lo paghi tu che stai leggendo con le tasse, o le accise sulla benzina. E’ ladro chi ruba e chi tiene il sacco: in questo caso è ladro chi i Bot li ha creati (il legiferatore amico delle banche che ha creato il giochino a favore di chi avrebbe guadagnato), e tiene il sacco chi li affitta per 12 mesi. Va bene, per il 90% sono banche che comprano i BOT, ma in piccola percentuale anche tu, cittadino, che magari mi stai leggendo, e che paradossalmente stai pagando il 5% di utili sui tuoi BOT pagando la benzina 2€. E fin lì andrebbe bene, poiché incassi due e spendi 2 e vai alla pari, ma li stai facendo pagare anche al tuo vicino di casa, che invece i BOT non li possiede, per finanziare la liquidità nazionle che invece dovrebbe avere costo zero.

E invece di capire il meccanismo suicida del Debito Pubblico, se va bene discutiamo su come pagarlo, ‘sto misterioso debito, dimenticandoci che estinguerlo è MATEMATICAMENTE IMPOSSIBILE! Come fai a tornare 2.000 miliardi di prestito se per averli devi crearli, e per crearli devi chiedere in prestito altri 2.000 miliardi e per averlo devi creare il collaterale di 2.000 miliardi di BOT portando il Debito Pubblico a 4.000 miliardi?
Ah scusate, dimenticavo; l’alternativa è la privatizzazione. Ma anche se “privatizzassimo”, ovvero se svendessimo – beni nazionali, ad esempio l’Altare della Patria oppure tutta Roma storica a Unicredit o a Deutsche Bank accreditando, ovvero scrivendo a costo e rischio zero la cifra 1.970.000.000.000 € in “dare” nel conto bancario di Bankitalia, azzerando in tal modo il Debito Pubblico, saremmo si a zero, ma dovremmo ricreare NUOVO debito pubblico per ricreare i denari contanti che giornalmente ci servono.
Ma allora perché non svendere TUTTA l’Italia per saldare il Debito Pubblico e anticipare qualche soldino di credito per il futuro? Certamente Monti e i suoi padroni della Goldman Sachs sarebbero felici, i giornali loderebbero la manovra come risolutrice dei problemi presenti e futuri, e noi saremmo finalmente EUROSCHIAVI DEFINITIVI. E a Monti gli farebbero un bel monumento vicino a Garibaldi con su scritto “il salvatore della Patria e dell’Euro”.

Eh già, perché essendo TUTTO il denaro imprestato (ovvero creato dal nulla senza interessi dalle Banche), ed essendo tale denaro gravato da interessi (i cedolini dei Bot e CCT), ne abbiamo bisogno di sempre di più, anche se il PIL crolla, anche se non abbiamo gli utili per pagarne gli interessi. Anche perché quando i Titoli scadono, se non li rinnoviamo dobbiamo tornare capitale ed interessi, ed essendo TUTTO il denaro a prestito (vedi sopra), rimarremmo SENZA DENARO del tutto. Altro che Credit Crunch !! Rimarremmo a secco proprio !! Eh già, perché ogni volta che mendichiamo denaro alle banche centrali (= club privati), dobbiamo creare titoli di stato. Per poi tornare il capitale a scadenza con i relativi interessi, ovvero i cedolini. Ecco a cosa ha portato la cessione della sovranità monetaria: a un debito impagabile i cui interessi portano il bilanci statali sempre in negativo.

E se calcoliamo che la resa media dei Bot e CCT negli anni sia stata del 5%, su 2.000 miliardi fanno 100 miliardi di interessi annui (guarda caso, è l’aumento annuo del Debito Pubblico degli ultimi 5 anni), troviamo che dal dopoguerra ad oggi, il Debito Pubblico e circa la metà degli interessi pagati sui cedolini dei BOT e CCT !!!!! Quindi, se avessimo creato il nostro denaro da soli a costo zero, NON AVREMMO DEBITO PUBBLICO!! Anzi, avremmo un credito pubblico di 2000 miliardi, con cui spingere l’industria, pagare le pensioni, sostenere lo Stato sociale.
E invece no! E allora continuiamo a rinunciare alla Sovranità Monetaria, teniamoci il banchiere Monti che fa gli interessi delle banche sostenuto dai giornali-spazzatura che non vi dicono quello che sto scrivendo, e ci fanno festeggiare felici quando qualcuno compra i nostri BOT e CCT…. viva la borsa che vola, muoia lo Stato, muoia il Cittadimo, muoiano le PMI, viva le multinazionali che le tasse le pagano alle Cayman e si finanziano con soldi riciclati a valle, ma soprattutto riciclati a monte con il pre-riciclaggio dei BOT. Un pre-lavaggio, diremmo in gergo Dixan, e nella prima versione di Euroschiavi, che per fortuna Marco della Luna mi cancellò per evitare querele, scrissi “Ciampi lava più bianco”, alludendo all’immissione in circolo di denaro sporco derivato dall’attività fraudolenta del riciclaggio “a monte” dei BOT e CCT.
Truffa troppo evidente per essere vista? Pare di sì. Troppo consolidata per eliminarla per senpre? Spero di no.
Viva i Rating che modificano lo Spread, viva i conflitti di interesse, viva la borsa che ci guida. Ma guida dove?
Ma come si fa a prendere sul serio una borsa che oggi è a +5% e domani a -4,3%? Cos’è che è cambiato di così radicale nel mercato, da giustificare un delta di 9,3% in due giorni? Niente, sono solo speculazioni, che non rispecchiano l’economia. Finanza, fuffa, truffa, Bocconi, Monti, Goldman Sachs, Partiti politici conniventi, Senatori conniventi, Mafia, Giornali e televisioni pagate, giornalisti venduti o ciechi. Che schifo.

E il tutto accompagnato dal bordone di sottofondo che ci minaccia come un potere occulto, che ci insidia come un esattore delle tasse, che ci appesantisce come un obeso col colesterolo a 400, che ci fa sentire in colpa come il misterioso omnipresente peccato originale: Il DEBITO PUBBLICO.

Chi lo ha creato, lo abbiamo visto: i vari farabutti al potere che han firmato per noi i tradimenti di Maastricht e Lisbona (non li scrivo se no mi denunciano, ma andate a vedere chi ci rappresentava a qui tempi, magari c’è qualche senatore a vita). Ma ‘sto Debito Pubblico, chi lo alimenta?
Quelli che prendono in affitto i Titoli di Stato sperando in un’utile garantito anche se modesto, oppure in un’utile alto ma a rischio con l’acquisto dei BOT degli Stati in difficoltà (Grecia, Spagna, Italia etc) credono di fare una cosa corretta.
Ma acquistare un titolo che rende il 24%, ovvero estorcere in un anno 24 miliardi di interessi su 100 miliardi finanziati ad uno Stato in difficoltà, non è forse usura? I tassi sogli di usura per i finanziamenti sono intorno all’8%; qui siamo 3 volte sopra; quindi, di fatto siamo degli usurai. Esercitiamo quella che l’art 644 del Codice Penale definisce: Usura Oggettiva.
Inoltre, se la Grecia non piazza i suoi 100 miliardi di BOT, non ha liquidità per sopravvivere neanche un anno; e noi, ben sapendo che la buttata successiva dovrà essere di almeno 124 miliardi, glieli prestiamo lo stesso. Prestiamo quindi soldi a qualcuno che si trova in difficoltà e probabilmente fallirà prima di tornarceli, dandoci la possibilità poi di comprare per niente i suoi beni; esercitiamo quella che l’art 644 del Codice Penale definisce: Usura Soggettiva.
Inoltre, convinciamo i poveri Greci ad accettare di dover pagare il 24% di interessi poiché così dice il loro Premier, messo lì da un golpe finanziario come il nostro Monti dai complici del delitto che stiamo commettendo, e gli spieghiamo che o piazzano i BOT al 24,4%, o saltano. La legge difinisce tale illecito: Estorsione.
Inoltre, esercitiamo questi bei crimini in allegra compagnia di banche, giornali, Bocconi, Monti, Draghi, Bernake, Moody’s: la legge definisce tale illecito: Associazione a delinquere.
Insomma, se concorriamo alla distruzione dell’economia dello Stato di cui acquistiamo i Titoli di Stato, e invece di vantarci che siamo stati furbi, andremmo messi in galera.
Se così si facesse, si disincentiverebbe quella fattispecie criminale che spero fra 20 anni troverà posto solo nei libri di criminologia organizzata: il Debito Pubblico.

In un mondo dove la finanza prevale sull’economia (dovrebbe essere il contrario, o dovrebbero almeno essere due mondi separati), ci sono i furbetti che fanno gli interessi propri, danneggiando la Comunità. Il bello è che lo fanno con l’aria di quello che aiuta e devi dirgli anche grazie; in realtà vanno puniti applicando le stesse leggi che in casi meno plateali manderebbero in galera chiunque.

Svegliamoci dal torpore; l’unico modo di uscirne non schiavi è riappropriarci della sovranità monetaria dichiarando irredimibile, ovvero ricusandolo, il Debito Pubblico. O facendolo pagare a chi lo ha causato, ovvero le Banche, sequestrando i loro beni. Non è politica, è matematica.

Fonte: - Autore: Antonio Miclavez

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