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When I was at the Patients Out of Time Medical Cannabis conference in Asilomar this last April, I overheard a remark that startled me: "The US Government has a patent on cannabis." I couldn't locate the person who made the comment, so I went home and did some online research. Sure enough, patent number 6,630,507 states unequivocally that cannabinoids are useful in the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of diseases including auto-immune disorders, stroke, trauma, Parkinson's, Alzeheimer's and HIV dementia. The patent, awarded in 2003, is based on research done by the National Institute of Health, and is assigned to the US Dept. of Health and Human Services.

So, why is this important? Here is a legal document, in the public domain, which flies in the face of the US Government's stated position with regard to the classification of cannabis as a Schedule I substance having no "currently accepted medical use". Believe me, citing this patent stops the "medical marijuana is a myth" advocates dead in their tracks. They simply cannot argue with it. The forces that would keep cannabis illegal are vocal and well funded, but they are not impervious to persistent effort. The lynch pin in the War on Drugs is cannabis. Without the suppression and interdiction of this popular and widely used substance, there simply would not be enough "illegal drug use" going on to justify the huge amount of money and resources spent on "fighting drugs."

I believe disseminating information about this patent as widely as possible, and to as many people as possible is a crucial strategy in loosening that lynch pin, and changing public perception about cannabis. I, personally, downloaded the first page of this patent and sent a copy (with the assignee highlighted) to every one of my elected representatives. I have also included information about it in "letters to the editor" referencing any cannabis related news story I come across, I use it as an argument in every State medical cannabis and decriminalization initiative, and have mentioned it in all my comments to online posts and blogs of the same nature. I would be delighted if everyone who believes the War on Drugs is a failed and destructive policy, would do the same, until the existence of this irrefutable patent becomes widely held public knowledge, and government 's rhetoric is shown to be as hollow as a busted drum.

Source: - Author: Brinna Nanda - July 23, 2008

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In short, metadata is more data about data. In most common document types, embedded within a file is more information, typically hidden from casual viewing. This hidden data is used by the computer programs to provide accurate processing information, i.e. what version of software was used to create the document, how the file is encoded, and often who created it.

In the case with many popular image/picture formats, the list of possible metadata is quite extensive. With the expanded options for metadata in JPEG images, we have the ability to record the photographer, camera settings (ISO, Aperture, Flash, lens type), processing software and location.

The metadata in images is often retained by default by desktop image processing software and many online photo storage websites. This information is often valuable to the photographer, as well as the website provider for demographic information. Of course, location is also one of the options available for storage in a JPEG image.

About Geotagging

The storage of location based data, in the form of Latitude and Longitude inside of images is called Geotagging; essentially tagging your photograph with the geographic location. This data is stored inside if the metadata if JPEG images and is useful for tying the photograph to a location. Want to remember exactly where you took those photographs while on vacation? This information is for you.

However, most modern digital cameras do not automatically add geolocation (Latitude and Longitude) metadata to pictures. The process for adding the geolocation data either requires specialized add on hardware, or post processing with software on the desktop after the pictures are taken.

There is a large exception to this rule: Smartphones. With the proliferation of smart phones that contain GPS locator technology inside, the cameras in these devices are already equipped with the specialized hardware to automatically add geolocation information to the pictures at the time they are taken.

Most people don't realize that the action of automatic geotagging takes place on their smart phones, either because it is enabled by default, not exposed the user as an option, or was asked and then forgotten. As a result, individuals often share too much information about their location, right down to the exact Latitude and Longitude when snapping photos with their smartpphone and posting them online.

How do I disable this?

The easiest way to stop posting this information for all to see it to disable geotagging on your smartphone.

Disabling on your phone

There are many phones out there on the market that geo tag their pictures and as we get more information, we will update the instructions to list more models, however, lets start with two phones: the Apple iPhone and the Palm Pre

iPhone (iOS 4.x)

(Via Charles)

Apple greatly simplified the way to turn off location services on a per-application basis. To see your settings, go to Settings, General, then Location Services. From there you can set which applications can access your GPS coordinates or disable it entirely.


iPhone (iOS 3.x)

With the iOS 3.x there are two ways to disable Geotagging of photos. The first involves disabling of all location based services. To disable this feature, Go to Settings, General then set Location Services to off.


Be warned: This will turn off ALL location based services for ALL applications. Of course we may actually have need to use location based services for other applications (such as maps and driving directions, or getting robbed via Foursquare), but just not for our pictures.

There is no easy way to disable location based servces for just one application. However, we can make the iPhone prompt us at first use for each application. Once reset, the first time we enter the application we can enable or disable location based services for the application. To do so we need to go to Settings, General, Reset.


Be careful here! We want to select Reset Location Warnings, and then Reset Warnings. This restores all of our Location based warnings for each application to the default, which in most cases is "Ask on first use".


From here, once we enter into the default Camera app on the iPhone, we can select Don't Allow. This will prevent the Camera app from geotagging our photos.

Palm WebOS

Palm has made it fairly easy to disable applications from accessing the GPS without your explicit permission. If you bring up the "Location Services" configuration screen, there should be three options: Auto Locate, Geotag Photos, and Background Data Collection. Ideally, all three should be turned off.

To disable geotagging photos, simply turn the "Geotag Photos" option off. If "Auto Locate" is off, the "Geotag Photos" option will not be displayed as the Pre will not geotag photos with "Auto Locate" off. Once the "Geotag Photos" is turned off, the camera appplication will no longer geo tag photos. As a side note, if "Auto Locate" is off, the Pre will prompt you anytime an application requests your location from the GPS. This allows you to know who's asking to find out where you are.

Google Android (Verizon Droid Phones, this is you! :))

Like the iPhone, there are two ways to turn off geotagging. To completely disable GPS location finding for all applications, we will need to do the following:

Press the Menu Key and then Settings

Then press Location and security

By default, GPS is on. Uncheck it to turn it off

Like disabling the GPS in the iPhone, this will break location based information for all applications, including legitimate uses.

In order to disable for just the camera application, start the Camera app to make sure that you are not saving your location. This is the menu on the left side of the camera application; it slides out from left to right.

Select "Store Location" and make sure it is set to off.

Once this is disabled, the camera app will no longer add geotags to your images.

BlackBerry Devices

There are multiple ways to disable the geo-tags on Blackberry. We details three ways here:

(Via Bug_Bear)

Select Options, Advanced Options, GPS, press Menu key, Select Disable GPS and select Yes to confirm. This will disable all GPS capabilities on the phone.

(Via Bug_Bear)

Select Options, Security, Applications Permissions, menu select Edit on the application (default is Prompt for BB Core), Expand Connections, Change Location (GPS) to "Deny", or you can disable within the application. Most apps i.e. Google Maps, Ubertwitter, etc... will just default everything to "allow" for app perms regardless of app settings chosen during setup.

(Via an anonymous contributor... Thanks!)

Go into picture-taking mode (via HomeScreen, click icon "Camera"), press the Menu button and choose "Options". Set the "Geotagging" setting to be "Disabled". Finally, save the updated settings.

Other Phones

Sadly, there are numerous phones that we are unable to test. The exact directions on how to disable may vary by phone but we suggest checking under the Options menu of the Camera application and also any kind of "Location" or "GPS" menu under your phone's control panel. If you are successful in disabling it, please let us know how you did it so we can share!


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At the end we’ll tell you how to set your phone so you don’t run this risk!

WARNING!!! If you take photos with your cell phone

“Warning” If you, your kids or grand kids take pics from your phone — WATCH THIS!

I want everyone of you to watch this and then be sure to share with all your family and friends.

It’s REALLY important info, about what your posting things on your cell phones can do TO YOU!!!

Too much technology out there these days so beware…


If you have children or grandchildren you NEED to watch this. I had no idea this could happen from taking pictures on the blackberry or cell phone. It’s scary.

“Perfect, just like that,” cooed NBC Action News staffer Susanne McDonald to her four-year-old daughter Laine as she took a series of smartphone pictures. “Ready? One, two, three! Good Girl.”

We loaned McDonald and Laine a smartphone to see just how threatening a seemingly innocent snapshot could be once loaded online.

Police are concerned

“It's frightening,” said Leawood School Resource Police Officer Mark Chudik when we showed him what we had uncovered.

We combed Twitter and sites like Facebook , Craig's List, and Photobucket .

We searched by entering the names of area cities. We easily identified the home addresses and play areas of children whose pictures were posted by their parents.

“That is legitimately terrifying,” said McDonald when we showed her information we obtained from pictures she posted of daughter Laine.

It's a new and frightening threat to parents.

The full risk is even an unknown to many internet crime experts, like Chudik, who said he’d never seen private information shared so quickly in such an unknown manner.

He calls the hidden smartphone data today's biggest risk online.

“It's probably going to be number one for a while,” Chudik said.

Technique involves free, easily available software

Chudik used a free browser add-on to click on pictures of four-year-old Laine.

He not only found her home when he clicked on a picture of her bedroom, but located her day care, favorite fast food shop, and the specific part of the park where she plays.

“The fact that they found the bedroom is terrifying,” McDonald said. “Scary, like terrifying. Especially as a parent because of the fact that you can see the exact place of it.”

We searched online servers by local cities creating a menu of nearby children and their locations.

With one online bedroom picture, we were able to find the home of two Olathe brothers.

When we went to their home to warn their parents, they declined to comment, but did change the settings on their Photobucket account to private.

How it works

At UMKC, computer science Professor Deep Medhi says smartphones leave a high-tech invisible trail using the same geotracking technology that enables the social website Foursquare and handheld map apps.

“Exactly like in your GPS device in your car,” Medhi said. “When you do it, it can tell you exactly where it is.”

Medhi showed how the easily-obtained software can translate geotagged photos, uploaded or linked from popular websites, into maps.

“Exactly that spot where that picture was taken,” Medhi said.

How to deactivate your geotagging

The site reposts pictures from unwitting Twitter users in real time, translating their photos into actual addresses and maps.

The site also lists a how to deactivate geotagging on the iPhone, Blackberry with GPS, Google Android, and Palm WebOS.

The site recommends restricting which applications can access GPS marking, or turning off location services altogether, in your smartphone settings.

“You want to be able to do it almost on a picture basis,” Medhi said.

“I don't think you can think of anything worse than a stranger knowing all that information,” said Officer Chudik.

Experts say you can still be perfectly safe by turning off GPS settings before taking pictures you plan to post online and by keeping your online photo servers restricted to private.

Do you publically post your smart phone pictures? Leave us your comments below or tell us about your experience.

Source: - Author: Russ Ptacek

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Sunteti, probabil, familiarizat cu Mark Twain datorita cartilor sale de renume mondial, cum ar fi “Aventurile lui Huckleberry Finn” si “Aventurile lui Tom Sawyer”. Fiind un scriitor excelent, el a fost, de asemenea, un orator talentat, satirist si profesor. In viata sa, autorul a trecut prin multe: incepand de la succesul nebun al romanelor sale si prietenia cu magnatul petrolului, terminand cu devastarea companiei sale de publicitate, moartea sotiei sale si a celor trei copii. Cu siguranta, putem spune ca Mark Twain a fost un om extraordinar, cu o viziune deosebita asupra vietii.

Poate ca asta este si motivul pentru care citatele sale sunt preluate pana in zilele noastre.

Iata cateva  sfaturi  de la Mark Twain:

1. Traieste in armonie cu tine insuti.

“Un om nu poate fi multumit de viata sa, daca este nemultumit de el insusi.”

Daca sunteti nemultumit de comportamentul si actiunile voastre, este probabil ca cea mai mare parte din timp veti suferi de un sentiment de disconfort general. Pe de alta parte, daca sunteti multumit, veti fi linistit si veti avea libertatea interioara de a face ceea ce va doriti cu adevarat. Daca nu aveti libertatea interioara, atunci veti avea probleme cu evolutia personala. Puteti alege modalitatile corecte pentru aceasta crestere, dar veti simti rezistenta interna. De acea, nu va veti atinge obiectivul.

Trebuie sa va dati aprobarea, sa va permite-ti sa fiti acel om care doriti sa fiti cu adevarat. Nu cautati aprobare de la altii. Solicitati o aprobarea de la dumneavoastra insiva. Depasiti aceasta bariera interna si nu va dati posibilitatea sabotarii. Nu este o sarcina usoara si pentru a face fata este posibil sa fie nevoie de timp.

2. Este posibil ca dumneavoastra sa fiti propria piedica.

“Varsta  exista doar in creierul nostru. Daca nu ne gandim la ea, nu exista.”

Astfel, ceea ce ne limiteaza, in cele mai multe cazuri, exista doar in mintea noastra. De exemplu, am putea crede ca oamenii din jurul nostru sunt deranjati de faptul ca nu avem o inaltime standard, ca avem o varsta nepotrivita sau ca avem foarte putin par pe scalp. Dar acest lucru se intampla numai atunci cand noi gandim in acest fel. Incepeti sa va simtiti ingrijorati de ceea ce cred oamenii despre dvs. Oamenii simt aceste lucruri si e posibil sa reactioneze negativ.

Pe de alta parte, daca nu va pasa, nici celor din jurul vostru nu le va pasa.

3. Relaxati-va si distrati-va.

“Umorul – acesta este cel mai mare dar dat omenirii.”

“Nimic nu poate rezista in fata presiunii unui ras.”

Umorul si rasul sunt niste instrumente uimitoare. Ele pot transforma orice situatie serioasa in ceva nostim. Intotdeauna si pretutindeni pot imbunatati starea de spirit. Atunci cand starea de spirit devine mai buna si munca devine mai usoara, pentru ca creierul nu este plin de emotii negative. Cand va calmati, atunci devine mai usor sa gasiti o solutie pentru rezolvarea problemei.

4. Indepartati furia.

“Furia este un acid, care poate face mai mult rau ‘vasului’ in care este stocata, decat celui asupra caruia este turnata.”

Furia este lipsita de sens in cele mai multe dntre cazuri. Ea poate fi motivul principal al pierderii controlului. Pentru binele vostru, trebuie sa intelegeti ca furia are efecte negative asupra celui furios si nu asupra celui spre care este indreptata. Deci, chiar daca sunteti in mod constant furios pe cineva, incercati sa intelegeti ca o sa va afecteze doar pe dumneavoastra.

Un sfat bun cu privire la modul de a va face viata mai placuta: ori vorbiti cu persoana respectiva si rezolvati civilizat conflictul ori puneti cat mai repede „vasul cu acid” la un loc sigur.

5. Nu considerati ca toti va sunt datori.

“Nu spuneti celor din jur ca lumea va este datoare. Lumea nu va datoreaza  nimic. Ea a existat si inaintea voastra.”

De foarte multe ori, unui copil parintii ii ofera o multime de lucruri. Cand va fi adult, s-ar putea sa ramana cu un sentiment cum ca cineva ii este dator. S-ar putea sa credeti ca lumea ar trebui sa va ofere ceea ce doriti sau ca ea va este datoare. Din aceasta cauza, veti fi de multe ori furios si suparat. La urma urmei, lumea nu va poate oferi ceea ce va asteptati. Pe de alta parte, o astfel de situatie va poate ajuta. Incepeti sa realizati ca succesul dvs poate fi creat doar cu fortele proprii, atat cele fizice cat si cele mentale. Nu mai sunteti un copil, care asteapta ca parintii sau ca lumea sa-i ofere ceea ce doreste.

6. Daca faceti ceva in felul dvs de a face, fiti pregatit sa nu fiti intelesi.

“O persoana care are idei noi va fi considerata excentrica, atat timp cat ideile sale nu vor fi de succes.”

Cred ca acest lucru este in mare masura aplicabil la auto-imbunatatire. Daca incepeti sa schimbati sau sa faceti ceva altfel fata de cum ati facut inainte, atunci oamenii pot reactiona in diferite moduri. Unora le va placea. Unii vor fi indiferenti. Cineva poate fi confuz, posibil sa nu-i placa si va incepe sa obstructioneze munca dumneavoastra. Practic, modul in care oamenii reactioneaza reflecta nu ceea ce sunteti dvs, ci ceea ce sunt acesti oameni. Acesta este modul in care acestia se simt, exprimat in cuvinte si judecatile pe care le fac. Probabil nu vor reactiona atat de dur, precum va asteptati. Cel putin, mai devreme sau mai tarziu o sa va lase in pace pentru a se implica in propriile afaceri. Astfel, putem spune ca ceea ce spun sau gandesc alti oameni, pot fi doar obstacolele imaginatiei si fanteziei pe care dvs le-ati construit si care va tin la distanta de succes.

7. Puneti accentul dupa cum va doriti.

“Aruncati toate problemele din cap. Acoperiti-va urechile, fugiti de gandurile legate de probleme sau aruncati-le in orice mod posibil.”

Acel lucru caruia ii acordati o atentie mai mare, determina ceea ce se va intampla. Puteti inota in problemele voastre si sa va creati o imagine de  victima. Sau puteti sa va concentrati asupra lucrurilor pozitive, pe care le-ati invatat din diverse situatii. Este posibil sa va concentrati, din greseala, pe probleme, in loc sa directionati gandurile spre ceva util. Insa puteti invata cum sa va controlati gandurile. In fiecare zi va va fi mai usor sa va redirectionati gandurile.

8. Nu va ganditi la modalitatea in care puteti sa va simtiti bine.

“Cel mai bun mod de a te inveseli este sa incerci sa inveselesti pe altcineva.”

Poate ca, intr-o oarecare masura, acest sfat este contrar bunului simt. Cel mai bun mod de a te simti bine este sa faci pe cineva sa se simta bine sau sa-l ajuti. Asa veti merge pe spirala pozitiva, impartasind altora ceva valoros. Ajutand pe cineva, atat dumneavoastra, cat si persoana respectiva se va simti mai bine. Cea mai apropiata persoana pe care a-ti ajutat-o, de asemenea, intr-o zi va va intinde o mana de ajutor. Astfel, ajutandu-se reciproc, amandoi va veti simti bine.

Aceste sentimente pozitive sunt transmise de alte persoane si prin urmare, veti face bine din nou, inspirat de  ajutorul pe care l-ati primit de la prieteni. Astfel, spirala pozitivului va contina sa creasca.

9. Faceti ceea ce doriti sa faceti.

“Peste 20 de ani veti regreta mai mult ceea ce nu ati facut, decat ceea ce ati facut. Prin urmare, ridicati ancora si plutiti departe de linistea portului. Prindeti vantul prielnic in vele si folositi-l. Visati. Faceti descoperiri.”

Citatul este excelent! Eu nu am nimic de adaugat la el. Va pot doar sfatui sa-l scrieti pe hartie si sa-l lipiti pe frigider sau pe usa de la baie ca sa va amintiti intotdeauna ce trebuie sa faceti cu viata voastra.


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By Admins (from 05/09/2013 @ 08:06:02, in ro - TV Network, read 1479 times)

Se numeste programare predictiva, adica pun in filme idei din planurile lor pe care le vor realiza in viitor, pentru ca lumea sa fie programata mental, subliminal ca asta va deveni realitate si sa se obisnuiasca din timp cu ideea.

Si sunt sigur ca mai are si un alt rol important pe langa programarea colectiva, ne induc ideile lor spre ceea ce vor sa se realizeze in asa fel incat se folosesc de puterea noastra creatoare mentala, adica fara sa vrem sa creem gandurile astea atunci cand ne uitam la filmele de genu asta si sa-i ajutam intr-un fel pt materializarea lor...

...adica ne manipuleaza gandurile sa se materializeze mai usor planurile lor dar si sa acceptam mai usor si sa ne obisnuim cu ce vor sa faca. - Mihai Hanganu

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By Admins (from 04/09/2013 @ 09:01:18, in ro - TV Network, read 1320 times)

Eu as crede ca in spatele celui de al saptelea voal (cortina) se afla DEZAMAGIREA: cind realizam ca tot ce am crezut confirmat este fals si tot ceea ce parea fals este mai mult ca sigur real...

...cind realizam ca de fapt sintem toti unul si acelasi lucru, si ca... amintiti-va de Sarmanul Dionis al lui Eminescu si ce scria pe poarta...

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Cinci pasi simpli de a te deconecta de la Matrix.

Atata timp cat esti conectat la un calculator, programat sa-ti ruleze realitatea, nu poti scapa, iti controleaza intreaga viata. Esti programat si reprogramat fara sa-ti dai seama doar pentru a uitat cat de puternic esti cu adevarat. Atata timp cat esti programat sa slujesti stapanii inselatori ai vietii tale, nu vei sti niciodata ca poti sa-ti schimbi viata intr-o clipa. Stapanii, corporatiile pentru care lucrezi, religia pe care o adori, societatea pe care incerci sa o pacalesti si sa o copiezi, te-au transformat din clipa in care ai pasit in aceasta viata. Te-au programat sa crezi ca esti mic, neajutorat si neputincios. E timpul sa te trezesti si sa-ti iei viata in propriile maini! Iata cateva metode cu care sistemul te tine inchis:

1. Te hipnotizeaza cu planul lor. Participand la programele media, urmarind show-rile Tv, reclamele agasante, atunci iti programezi singul creierul pe frecventa pe care o doresc ei. Realitatea pe care o prezinta aceste arme folosite cu iscusinta de manipulatori duce catre violenta, ura rasiala, diferente religioase, consumerism exacerbat, distragerea atentiei, nepasare… Fii diferit! Televizorul e pentru scavi iar tu esti o fiinta libera !

2. Otravesc tot ceea ce folosesti. Apa este contaminata cu metale grele, mancarea este intoxicata cu culturi modificate genetic, industria farmaceutica va aprovizioneaza cu medicamente ce provoaca alte si alte boli. Ei va ofera boala si tot ei vin cu solutia… de cele mai multe ori solutia fiind mai daunatoare decat boala in sine. Esti o fiinta naturala asa ca incearca sa te comporti ca atare. Nu poti gandi coerent daca esti imbibat de chimicale, pe care le-ai platit cu banii tai. Fara chimicale si produse ce nu se gasesc in natura! Acest lucru te ajuta atat fizic cat si spiritual.

3. Se folosesc de religii pentru a perpetua minciuni. Un subiect fierbinte pentru foarte multi oameni. Utilizarea religiei este unul dintre cele mai simple moduri de a divide si cuceri omul. Am fost crescuti si indoctrinati sa credem ca “religia noastra este cea adevarata”. Fiecare religie are in centru mesajul de iubire fata de semen si compasiune. Cu toate astea de cate ori apare cineva care nu e de acord cu credintele noastre acest mesaj esta uitat si lasat in urma. Acesta este si scopul… de a ne diviza si de a ne lupta intre noi. Liderii miscarilor religioase stiu cum sa manipuleze pentru a detine controlul absolut. Nu te lasa manipulat !

4. Invatamantul este indoctrinare nu educare. Oamenii ar trebui sa fie educati sa gandeasca analitic si cu scepticism. Insa in toate scolile din lume trebuie sa asculti orbeste de dascal si sa continui propavaduirea celor invatate de la el. Scopul scolilor este de a produce un standard de cetatean, destul de destept si de docil cat sa lucreze pentru sistem. Cazurile izolate de oameni care au incercat sa demonstreze ca anumite paradigme in care credem sunt gresite au fost ridiculizate si date la o parte. Informeaza-te !

5. Te-au convins ca asta este singura realitate si ca nu poti face nimic impotriva sistemului; te-au manipulat sa crezi ca esti prea mic pentru o schimbare; te-au manipulat sa nu iti pese, sa iti ridiculizezi vecinul care e diferit si nu se conformeaza normelor; te-au indoctrinat ca fericirea in viata inseamna doar iluziile cumparate de la ei. Insa tu sti ca nu e doar atat. Tu sti ca poti sa iti contlolezi singur viata… trebuie doar sa vrei. Trebuie doar sa privesti in jur si sa te intrebi daca asta e lumea in care vrei sa creasca copiii si nepotii tai. Trezeste-te !


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Yashraj Atodaria: And most important, the stocks of UNITED AIRLINES had massive shorting and buying of PUT Options on the exchange for the September series from all over the world. Why the hell was everyone suddenly interested in this airline's stock? Obviously they not only designed the catastrophe, they made billions over it.

Peter Er Er: FBI followed the money trail as far as they could. Obviously somebody knew and profited from it, but they were never able (or perhaps allowed) to identify who.
They were able to trace the anthrax attacks that occurred shortly after - the anthrax came from a US government lab and the suspect then turned up dead. Fact.

Yashraj Atodaria: Obviously the trail went cold. It was meant to. One lady who claimed on TV that she will expose US Govt's lies turns up dead, allegedly committed suicide the same night. And Jerry Bennings. Lot of mystery.

Peter Er Er: The UK Iraq weapons expert Dr. David Kelly also turned up dead under suspicious circumstances when he clashed with the government over Saddam having WMDs. Apparently he cut his wrists, then dumped his own body at a different location with no blood at the scene. The paramedics said it definately was not suicide. Official verdict - suicide.

Peter Er Er: John Patrick O'Neill is also worth reading about. He was the FBI top counter-terror expert, investigated the earlier WTC bombings, the attack on the USS Cole and more. He is quoted as saying that the biggest obstacle to investigating terrorism in the middle east, was US oil interests. He clashed with the federal government and senior FBI officials and was pushed out. He retired in August 2001 and took up a new post - head of security at the WTC. He died on 9/11.

Yashraj Atodaria: Also the fireman, forgot his name. He came out alive of the tower after rescuing some of the people trapped. Later he was calling someone from a telephone booth and an explosion went off. His truck's windows were shattered. There's even a video of this on youtube. He said to someone on the phone that he heard explosions, and few days later he is found dead.

Frank Kowalczyk: Could this be where the commercial aircraft were swapped out for military GPS controlled cargo planes?

Kirk Farrell: Passed over or took off from ?

Craig Goodwin: Why were there no plane wreckage recovered from the world trade site? not a nut a bolt no flight recorders, nothing and the other 2 crash sites, nothing no wreckage?

Peter Er Er: But a suspects passport survived.

Peter Er Er: Anybody remember the anthrax attacks that occurred immediately after 9/11? The FBI traced the anthrax back to a US government lab, but the only suspect then promptly turned up dead. Look it up. It's all on the record.

Peter Er Er: Also look up Operation Northwoods. You can download the full 12-page declassified document. It was a Pentagon plan, approved by all the Joint Chiefs of Staff which included staging a terror campaign in Miami, DC and elsewhere, fake hijackings and more, all to be blamed on Cuba as a pretext for invasion. It was only vetoed by JFK - a similar plan with a different president may have gone all the way. Jus' sayin'


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The truth can hurt you, but it can also set you free!

In 2001 when 9/11 happened, the world was in shock and the people did not know how to react, much less suspect it had been orchestrated by the CIA. And when the Iraq war happened, everyone trusted President Bush enough to go into Iraq to get those WMDs that were never found. Yet the whole time, no one had been prepared for the huge psychological warfare operations the Bush Administration was putting in place. Yes, a lot of people called George Bush a fascist, but not much else could be heard. No one mentioned that his grandfather had helped fund Hitler (1), or that his father was still being regularly briefed about new CIA operations and old. And if there was it was marginalized and acclaimed as conspiracy theories, by even George Bush himself. Then, somehow the Patriot act came out from nowhere, as if it had been writ overnight, and in came the Department of Homeland Security (a modern version of Gestapo) as well as Guantanamo (which was even more curious seeing as how we hadn’t trusted the Cubans in over 50 years). And again the people bowed down and did not question.

Now in 2013, we finally have all the facts, and this is how it goes:

2003: Bush Administration monitors anarchist groups in the U.S (Reported by Michael Moore)

2004: Facebook is created with CIA money and U.S Military backing (2). Facebook was originally conceived as a sexist and elitist Harvard tool to rate who was “Hot or Not” .

2006: Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison worked on a CIA project with the code-name “Oracle” (over 3 billion devices use Java by Oracle) (3)

2007: Palantir (officially) starts creating online censorship software for the U.S Military (4), when reports dating back to 2004 state that the Department of Homeland Security had hired up to 50,000 agents to monitor the internet.

2009: FOIA Documents Reveal DHS Social Media Monitoring During Obama Inauguration (5)

2011: Many complaints from anti-war activists and non-profits about censorship start to arise. (6) (7) (8)

2011: get $15 million donation from Palantir. (9)

2012: Project Censored puts “US Military Manipulates the Social Media” at #2 (10) on their most censored list (Operation Earnest Voice mentioned), with More US Soldiers Committed Suicide Than Died in Combat as #1.

Now this might all seem pretty abstract to you, but let me put it into perspective now that you have the timeline. The U.S Military thanks to Operation Earnest Voice had the capability to censor Iraqi activists, as well as journalists all over the world working for big publications (with close affiliations to the CIA). Which means that the effects of these psychological operations caused something like this: “When the war ended with tens of thousands Iraqi dead and an electricity and sanitation supply deliberately “bombed into the stone age”, the west followed up with sanctions. It is now estimated by the UN that these sanctions, which have prevented repairs to sewage and water plants on the one hand and denied basic medicines on the other, have been responsible for the deaths of around one million people, many of them children. Other sources put this figure at 1.5 million.” (11)

There had been rumors that the Bush Administration had lied about the number of casualties, only counting those actively killed by U.S Soldiers, and not those who died from lack of basic necessities. And to think that meanwhile the U.S Military and CIA were developing software to be used in our homeland, by Homeland Security still to this day seems surreal. Not to mention that the CIA would rig elections for George Bush and Obama (who had worked for CIA front companies in the past, and whose mother was an advocate for the IMF’s devastating free-market capitalist policies, in countries like Chile under Pinochet).

As an internet activist and founder of an anarchist non-profit, I have been attacked, harassed, and censored by the U.S Military since 2009 (when my non-profit was still a blog gaining a large audience). Our members and volunteers have also encountered the same issues. One volunteer was even given death threats by an angry U.S soldier who lost composure while attacking us with fake personas. And a teenage member’s parents were questioned by the FBI for their son visiting our Facebook page. We also had a member who I have not heard of since, who set up an Occupy protest in front of Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto, and was censored on Facebook. Therefore only 12 people came to her event. At the event they were met immediately by Palo Alto police, who apparently were very violent and put our volunteer into a coma. All attempts since by our non-profit to expose this were “astroturfed” by Google and Facebook. Our website has since been under continuous DoS attacks ever since by government hackers. And our Paypal account was immediately shut down by Paypal. Last month Facebook shut down our page for over 6 out of 30 days, with no reason, and activated it again when too many people started asking questions about us (we have a very small but strong group of supporters and volunteers on Facebook, whom have been endlessly persecuted by “CIA Facebook”). We even set up a social network on our website which was compromised and hacked into. And many anti-war activists are reporting similar damages. Even lawyers are getting hard to find in order to demand retribution, since no lawyer likes going up against the United States Government.

The numbers are still not clear, but the U.S Military has definitely been censoring millions of anti-war voices and even “impeach Bush” voices since 2004(12). And we now know that Google was working with the U.S Military prior to the creation of Facebook. Nothing more than a great National Socialist PR campaign, with merchandising, lots of censorship and a global pro-capitalist police state set up. When we cannot forget that the United States since World War 2 has killed more people for the same corporations and banks who funded Nazis all over Europe, the business plan (Investigated by a Rockefeller) and continued through the CIA since 1947 (13). These are the same people who funded General Franco and went to his funeral (funeral attended by Rockefellers), as well as those who funded King Constantine and the Shah of Iran. Not to mention that these are also the same people who murdered and censored European anarchists and after world war 2, and even before world war 2 in the U.S.

After the French revolution, the working class demanded that anarchists be (left) and hierarchists be (right), this idea was obscured with communism and socialism which were hierarchist systems (systemically fascist), and would later murder anarchists and jail them in gulags, just like the fascists in Europe with concentration camps. In other words what can be called the perpetual and conscientious culling of the masses by the ruling class. “Taking out the weeds”. And as it so turns out, I recently discovered that the Swastika was chosen by the Nazis, because it represented the brutal caste system in India, which for thousands of years has ritualized the murdering of lower castes by upper castes as a divine right (14).

We are right in the middle of global class warfare being played out by the 1% who own over 60% of this planet’s wealth and assume none of the responsibilities. The 1% (about 10 million millionaires and billionaires) who pollute our planet, allow 16,000 children a day to die from starvation, and millions to die from toxic products in their environments, which were originally sold for quick profit. We are being run by a bunch of lunatics who have covered our planet with nuclear bombs and proxy wars, ordain that this perpetually hierarchist system is flawless, and that mass slavery and servitude are inevitable. But in reality, it goes against thousands of years of collective history. To try and go against 6 billion people today is absolute folly. And if they succeed, their empire will eventually fall to barbarism and feudalism just like every empire in the past. Then this planet will be remembered as nothing more than a shooting star, which crashed because the pilots thought they were too divine to share shifts and/or profits.


1. “George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany. The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism.”














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Gitmo guard Terry Holdbrooks served at the Guantanamo Bay prison from 2003 - 2004. Late on he wrote the book "Traitor" where he documented many of his experiences. RT's Sam Sacks spoke with Terry and asked him what sort of instructions he was given as a guard when it comes to dealing with detainees.

Russia Today Video.

Former Guantanamo guard talks about conditions inside detainee facility: We were told not to treat inmates as humans.

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