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Anonymous Author, 2010.

PLEASE NOTE: This letter has been written in a special way. It contains difficult but necessary truths. Some people may feel uncomfortable or upset while reading the first half of the letter, but it is important to keep reading until you reach the second half.

When you get there, you will understand why the first part needs to exist. Please do not be upset or afraid. That is just your ego reacting the way all egos do. Merely observe the negative feelings and let them pass. This letter has been written to help you.

Dear YOU,

Straight away, before anything else, I want you to understand that what you are about to read is a love letter, written because I love you. In fact, it's very possible that I love you even more than you love yourself, which is why I'm writing to you today.

It's also why I'm going to tell you some things that might be hard to hear. In fact, they WILL be hard to hear. The first thing I'm going to tell you might hurt worst of all.

YOU, my dear beloved creature, are INSANE. Not just a little insane, in the way you think of the people you may know who are diagnosed with "depression" or 'bipolar disorder" or what have you. Your insanity isn't something so easily treated with a pill or a visit to a therapist. I wish it were.

Your insanity is systemic, very nearly universal, and absolutely incurable from within the system that sustains it. Every "professional" you might go to for help is as crazy as you are. Get that straight right here and right now. Your insanity is not recognized, acknowledged, or understood by the "mental health system." In fact, all that system can do is help you become a happier crazy person.

Yes, my dear beloved human being, you are as crazy as a shithouse rat, and there's absolutely nothing anybody you might be have trusted to help you can do about it, because they are as insane as you are.

It's an awful situation you are in, and because you are thoroughly insane, you don't know how to do anything but make it worse.

Don't get me wrong, help for your deadly condition does exist. There have been qualified doctors who have tried to help you many times, but because of your insanity, most of you have either ignored them, jailed them, and/or or tried to kill them. And those of you who did want the help they offered still weren't able to accept it, because you're just too crazy, thanks to the crazy world around you.

In your madness, you projected your own twisted and warped ideas onto these doctors and tried to make them into gods, villians, lords, martyrs, and damn near anything else your diseased minds could think of to transform them into something other than what they were - your brothers and sisters in humanity who recognized and shared your suffering. All they ever wanted to do was help you, because they loved you that much. They loved you more than you love yourselves, and they paid the price for it.

And how did these doctors want to help you? Without exception, they had only one prescription - to lead you back to you who you really are. In fact, you probably don't know it, but that's all "religion" really is and all it was ever meant to be, at least before it was hijacked by hordes of self-serving crazy people. "Religion" means "reconnection" - reconnecting with your real nature - who and what you really are. If you're a stickler for details, like most of you crazy folks are, go ahead and look it up. That's the root of the word "religion."

But before your knee-jerk aversions and pre-programmed ideas kick in and cause you to flee from this page in fear of being assailed by typical proselytizing, let me assure you that I'm not here to preach religion to you - at least not in the crazy, insane sense that you understand religion. I'm not here to convert you to Jesus, Buddha, Flying Spaghetti Monster, or the fencepost. Don't be scared. I care about your freedom of conscience as a sentient being and I wouldn't do that to you. Only crazy people are into the whole concept of conversion, because it's totally insane.

Instead, what I'm here to do is guide you toward the very same medicine those "doctors" I mentioned tried to prescribe for you (with the possible humorous exception of the Flying Spaghetti Monster). But please pay attention - I'm not here to tell you about what you might already THINK those guys taught. It's a very safe bet that you really don't have a clue what they actually taught, because the only source of information you have about them is the insane distortions and misunderstandings projected onto them by your fellow crazy people.

So, who the hell am I, anyway? Because I know you much better than you know yourself (just like all sane people understand crazy people better than crazy people understand themselves), I know that's what you're probably wondering right about now. What's my whole deal and what right do I have to talk to you like this? In addition, you're probably starting to strongly suspect that I'm the crazy one, not you. All the signs are there - or at least all the signs your fellow crazy people have taught you to help you detect people who are actually sane and label them nuts. You see, that's the whole game - that's how your insanity maintains itself. You label the people who are actually sane as crazy. It's so simple that you couldn't call it rocket science, and yet it's also diabolically brilliant. And, just in case you care, it's also progressively killing your whole so-called "civilization" deader than a doornail.

But enough about that right now. By the end of this letter, you'll either see it or you won't. As for me, my "personal identity" is not important. Don't bother trying to discover it, as I'll deny it even if you happen to guess right. The only purpose of knowing "who I am" in terms of my mundane life in this crazy world would be to check me out and get my "bonafides" in order to figure out if I'm qualified to be talking to you like this. Well, let me tell you straight off, I have no "bonafides" whatsoever in your crazy society. I have no degrees attesting to my ability to pass crazy tests designed by crazy people. I have no insane titles - academic, religious, psychological, or otherwise - to indicate my exceptional achievement in jumping through misguided hoops devised by an insane world. Why on Earth would I choose to spend a single minute pursuing any such thing? Can you tell me? Think about it for a moment or two, and then let's move on.

Now that that's out of the way, let me tell you my *actual* bonafides - the actual things that qualify me to write you this rather unusual love letter. Firstly, and most importantly, I care about you. I've said it several times already, but it bears repeating. Because you are insane, you don't understand actual love in the slightest and have to be continually reminded that it isn't the sentimental nonsense you're trained to expect from romantic comedies and Hallmark cards, nor is it the self-serving lies you are told by politicians, world leaders, or celebrities of any kind. I'm writing to you today because you are in a life-threatening state of emergency. Your mind is occupied by a deadly, world-killing insanity and I want to help you cure yourself of it. It's just that simple. I'm no god, guru, lord, master, or martyr. I'm simply an unusual kind of doctor, if you will - one who is not licensed to practice in any state or municipailty in the world other than the hearts and minds of those who sense that something is dreadfully wrong. And those are the only places I need to practice.

Secondly, I'm qualified to talk to you this way because I've spent far more time and energy figuring out how to be sane than most of you have spent doing anything in your entire lives. While you were wasting time at your insane, world-killing jobs, schools, and churches (sorry, but it's true), I was working hard every day, all day, 7 days a week trying to figure out how not to be as crazy as you are. I did this for 15 years. That's 15 long, hard years, trudging through 10 miles of psychological snow every day, uphill both ways. I have given blood, sweat, and tears for a scrap of actual sanity - just a scrap. And in comparison to your crazy society, a scrap of actual sanity is like a ten-ton hammer.

And why did I do such a thankless thing? Because I care for you. I see your suffering. I see your world dying - being murdered. I see the never-ending tide of your pain and tears. I see your self-inflicted tragedy reflected in six billion hauntingly brilliant shades and colors, and because I am not insane like you are, I cannot simply stand by and watch it happen without doing anything in my power to help. I'm not a hero, a martyr, or a grandiose person by any means. I'm just a flawed, ordinary human being like yourself who, through a fortunate series of misfortunes, had the dumb luck to become distanced enough from your crazy world to get a glimpse of actual sanity. That's the only real, significant difference between you and I. It doesn't matter that my IQ is higher than yours (which it perhaps isn't) or that I read better books or comb my hair backwards or smoke Camels instead of Marlboros or anything else. It only matters that I, though no fault, merit, or intention of my own, just so happened to end up living a rather different sort of life than most of you have, and therefore I have gained access to a rather different sort of perspective.

However, on the other hand, don't take me for one of your beer buddies, because that would be just as wrong as the opposite error. Don't doubt that after 15 years of practice, I understand every bolt and screw in your diseased minds better than most of you will ever understand yourselves, even in 100 crazy lifetimes. Believe me when I tell you that should you find yourself in my presence, it would take no more than smallest flick of my metaphorical wrist to psychologically destroy you in any way I should so choose. I'm not exceptional or special in this regard - all sane people have the very same ability. Like Jeff Goldblum's cable TV repairman character in the movie Independence Day says to his father when asked how he managed to triangulate someone's location electronically, "all cable guys can do it, Dad." It's not hard to manipulate the crazy fears and insecurities of the insane. Your "authorities" and "rulers" also know just enough about how the madness of your world works to be capable of turning your screws to destroy you for their benefit, - and guess what? That's exactly what they do. But I don't, because I have no interest in enslaving or exploiting you.

On the contrary - I want to free you, which is a much taller order.

Because destruction is not what I want for you, I will never stop caring about you no matter how many times you laugh in my face, belittle me, spit on me, or attempt to mistreat me in any of the ten thousand ways your insane society has taught you to marginalize and neutralize the threat of people who dare to be sane. Your attempts to turn me against you lost their power years ago. Rest assured, I've got training in this, because you started early with me. You tried to destroy me in your insane school system long before a hair had even thought to sprout on my chin - but I survived, recovered, and grew beyond anything you could have imagined.

Pay attention - the fact that you think this is a self-pitying "sob story" indicates just how insane and clueless you are. It is precisely the opposite. Do you want to know what fear is? Then read and understand now - you cannot stop me from caring for you. I will do everything in my power to drag you, quite possibly kicking and screaming for all you're worth, into the light. I will do everything I can to save you from yourselves no matter how hard you fight to defend your twisted attachment to self-destruction. Through the priceless gift of over thirty years of your ceaseless opposition, you have given me that power, and I thank you for it on behalf of all those who have benefited and will benefit until the day they shove me into a pine box and I am forced by Nature herself to stop doing my own small part to free a suffering world.

Incidentally, just in case you care, Jesus and Socrates had the same love for you, and you killed them for it - exactly as they had planned and willingly allowed. In permitting you to fool yourselves into thinking you had destroyed them, they became more powerful than entire civilizations and empires. You read their words today because they did as I have done, and as all sane people must do in the face of your insanity - they allowed you to give them the gift of your ignorance and hatred. As you hated them more fiercely, so did their light shine ever-brighter, until in at last killing them, you ignited them as eternal stars in the heavens, never to die.

Don't get me wrong, though. I'm nowhere near the level of of a Jesus or a Socrates. You can put away that "he's a lunatic who thinks he's Jesus" label you're trying to stick on me as one of your predictable little pre-programmed defense mechanisms. Only in my dreams am I at such a level - but I don't need to be at that level to tell you what you need to be told. A lesser degree of development will suffice just fine, because to be frank, it doesn't take Einstein to figure out that our world, under your insane psuedo-democratic "leadership," is in serious trouble. Heap big trouble, kemosabe.

But this letter is not about me, Jesus, Socrates, or anybody other than YOU. And that, of course, is where the tricky part comes in. You see, while I have the power to destroy what is good and beautiful, just as you do (and which you have a habit of psychotically utilizing at every opportunity), I lack the power to do the opposite. I cannot give you the gifts of sanity, love, and freedom. If I could, I would do it instantly. I would do it with such force as to imprint compassion and truth on your soul irrevocably. But I can't. You have to freely accept the gift of sanity of your own volition, and that's incredibly hard for you to do, because you're so thoroughly insane.

Oh yes, you are disastrously insane. I know I'm in danger of the broken record effect, but have I really made that clear enough yet? Have I repeated it frequently enough for it to begin to penetrate the massive concrete bunker of crazy that is your mind, even just a little? No, probably not. But perhaps, just maybe, the utter "weirdness" of what I am saying has interested you enough to keep reading. Maybe you want to see where this whole bizarre trainwreck leads, because that's still what it is to you, isn't it? A bizarre trainwreck obviously written by a crazy person. Something on the order of the Unabomber or David Koresh, no doubt. You're programmed to associate any sudden appearance of actual sanity with those caricatured, media-pimped bogeymen to make it go away. That's okay, I don't mind. Please go right ahead reading under the assumption that I'm a nut. I don't blame you at all, because you have absoutely no other way to see it - at least for the time being.

Nonetheless, please understand that your world IS crazy, regardless of whether or not I am. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you are some seriously whacked-out people. You do crazy, crazy, batshit crazy and insane things and label them "normal," "necessary," or "justified." Don't you see that when you do that, you are declaring to all the world that you are crazier than a shithouse rat? You go to war and justify it as "a fact of life." Thousands are slaughtered for the sake of absolute lies and evil motives, and you don't bat an eyelash. That's not "just the way life is," it's batshit crazy - I mean drooling, straightjacket batshit crazy. Can you imagine YOURSELF doing it? Would you REALLY fire a deadly weapon at another human being just because "your leaders" told you to? If you would, then my God, you are really crying out for the tender mercies of Nurse Ratchet.

But that's not even the worst of it. Like a group of sugar-buzzed, frenetic children playing a massive game of "Hungry, Hungry Hippos," you view life as a contest, a race, or a competition to control as large a share of the world's resources as you can get your hands on in the 80 trifling years you have on Earth - and you don't see a damn thing wrong with that, even as your brothers and sisters in humankind starve and die because of it. In fact, you celebrate this madness, preach about its "necessity" and "morality," and assure the world that "there is no alternative." That is murderously, shockingly, abysmally crazy. It is among the craziest things that any intelligence could concieve of. Even God Himself would have considerable difficulty devising a more insane world than yours - the very same one you are trained to think of as "normal."

You are killing yourselves. And in reality, it is worse than that - you are murdering yourselves, and murdering as much of this beautiful, irreplaceable planet as you can manage to take down with you. But, being blindingly insane, you certainly don't stop at homicide and terracide (the murder of planet Earth). That wouldn't be nearly enough to satisfy your psychotic thirst for destruction. It isn't just that you kill, rape, enslave, and destroy in the name of "war," "politics," economics," "religion," "truth," or a thousand other distorted self-serving fictions and fantasies. Merely doing that would mean that there would be some period of your lives in which you were not behaving insanely, and that simply won't do. Your virulent madness will settle for nothing less than complete domination of the entire human experience, lock, stock, and barrel, 24/7/365.

And so, you enslave yourselves. You sell yourselves to the highest bidder. Without so much as a twinge of conscience, you shamelessly piss away your ONLY two God-given (or Nature-given, if you prefer) resources in this life - your precious time, and your precious energy. And let me assure you, my dear insane friends, these are not resources which you have in great supply. You've been told over and over that your lives are short and your energies are limited, but you don't really believe it, because you are completely in denial. You behave with unbelievable recklessness, acting as if you had unlimited amounts of time and energy to waste on utter trivialities, traps, distractions, mental prisons, and every other kind of insane, diabolical pitfall your fellow crazy people expect you to spend your whole life falling into. And before you can say "Orville Redenbacher," whammo, right out of the clear blue sky and much to your total surprise, you are going to be out of time and wake up dead - but not before realizing at the last minute the enormous true value of what you wasted and threw away.

But hey, I could go on and on (and trust me, I really could), but you get the idea by now - even if you refuse to accept it because of the insane brainwashing you've been callously and cynically subjected to every day of your life right up to this moment. So let's cut to the chase, right? Well, here it is on a silver platter:

Pitiably, regrettably, and disastrously, your insanity almost always prevents you from realizing that all you have to do in life is love each other. That's it. Nothing less, nothing more. That is the ONLY thing that determines whether or not you are "successful" as a human being. Do you understand? All you have to do is really give a damn about your neighbor and act like it. I mean really care, in the same way you care about yourselves. You've been told this before, but your insanity ensures that it is the LAST thing you really want to do. You'll go to any lengths to avoid taking it seriously. You'll move Heaven and Earth - literally - to run away from it.

Because of this, you're destroying yourselves and taking everybody on Spaceship Earth down with you. Sorry to beat a dead horse, but you're crazy - homicidally crazy - and you're killing yourselves along with your brothers and sisters. Worst of all, barely one man or woman in ten thousand even has the small scrap of actual sanity needed to suggest that maybe you ought to cut it out. You are well and truly screwed, and had better start considering the possibility of paying attention to what I'm saying here very quickly. Like yesterday, or last week. You have no time to waste, because even if you don't value your own time and energy, rest assured that I do. What this means is that I am an extremely limited resource. There aren't very many like me in the world (especially since you've worked so hard to erase us all from existence) and your chances of even encountering this message to begin with are extremely slim - but somehow you did anyway. And do you know what that means?

It means that congratulations are in order, because you have just won the lottery. Not the money lottery, of course, which would only entrench you in your insanity even further. If you'll kindly allow me a slight (but relevant) tangent, it bears noting that your love of money is perhaps the clearest sign of your tremendous sickness. If you had any actual sanity at all, you would hate and despise money beyond belief. I know that statement just pegged the needle on the handy-dandy "crazy meter" you've been programmed to use to defend yourself from the dangerous influence of people like me, but just for kicks, why not consider it anyway? You think of yourself as a freethinking person, right? It won't kill you to entertain an idea, will it? Just turn it over in your head, if you have the cojones. As a thought experiment and nothing more, take a minute or two to play with the idea of actually hating and despising money. It feels completely bizarre, foreign, and crazy to you, doesn't it? Guess what. That's because you are thoroughly insane.

There, that was good practice, and if you're still reading, I'll assume it didn't kill you. Give yourself a round of applause, but don't get too carried away. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Money, war, and selfishness are only three of the countless sick, twisted, insane, and evil ideas you believe are "necessary facts of life," but they are perhaps the three finest examples of how deep your craziness runs. Why did I mention selfishness, you may be wondering? Isn't the acceptance of selfishness so well-ingrained in modern thinking as to stand beyond question? Haven't you, for thousands of years collectively and decades individually, heard and been comforted and justified by continual rationalizations of selfishness, its basis as the foundation of human nature, its necessity, and even its virtue? Of course you have, because you are part of a ravaging horde of crazy people trying to convince each other how real and wonderful your twisted and destructive delusions are. That's the gist of it in a nutshell. A nutty nutshell.

Enough beating around the bush. If I spend any more time trying to convince you of how insane your world is, I think we'll both get a migraine. Besides, that's not even the worst of it, at least from your perspective. Here is the reality, which I promise that you will NOT be able to accept without extreme difficulty. Get your blindfolds ready, because this is going to hit far harder than what I've written so far, and cut far deeper. It's far more frightening and offensive to your diseased minds than an eternity of calling you "crazy" and "insane" would be. That, you can handle (because you're used to abuse, given that your whole society is based on it) - but what I'm about to tell you, you can't handle. You've proven it over and over for thousands of years. In fact, I've only been calling you crazy and insane to prepare you for the REAL awful truth - and here it is:

YOU are a beautiful, inherently powerful, irreplaceable, unique and wonderful being of infinite worth and value.

Yeah, YOU. The frustrated, depressed middle manager who has already sold away well over half your precious time and energy to the highest bidder only to have life hand you one shit sandwich after another for your trouble. As you lift a drink to your mouth to wash away the pain of your empty existence, know this and at last have hope:

YOU are a beautiful, inherently powerful, irreplaceable, unique and wonderful being of infinite worth and value.

Yeah, YOU. The kid in school who is picked on continuously, to the point that you've given up on life. As you contemplate suicide and consider the unspeakable act of depriving the world of your irreplaceable presence and all the good you will someday do thanks to the gift of your painful origins, know this and understand:

YOU are a beautiful, inherently powerful, irreplaceable, unique and wonderful being of infinite worth and value.

Yeah, YOU. Whoever you are, whatever you've done with your life up to this very moment (even if all you've ever done is piss it away), and whichever one of the 6 billion unique and irreplaceable facets of human life on this Earth you might happen to be, know this for a fact and feel its truth in your heart - perhaps for the very first time:

YOU are a beautiful, inherently powerful, irreplaceable, unique and wonderful being of infinite worth and value.

And that's the truth you'll never, ever be told by the insane world that wants to use fear and self-loathing to control you, just as they have done all your life so far. Understand me clearly - this isn't about "self-esteem" or some slick self-help nonsense peddled on Oprah's book club. This is about the fact that your incredibly unlikely, miraculous existence is the cold, hard, factual result of a universal process that extends all the way back to Big Bang, the divine moment of creation, the Garden of Eden, or whatever story of creation you happen to prefer. Whether you were created by God, Nature, random quantum fluctuations, or the Noodly Appendage of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the simple fact that YOU are here is a miracle. That's not New Age nonsense, it's the very reality of your whole being. I don't care who you are, what you look like, how much money you make, or what anybody else thinks of you - if anything in this endless Universe is a miracle, then you are a miracle. Learn it, love it, and start acting like it.

People of the world, or at least the few who will ever have the opportunity to read this letter, please - listen. Listen for any reason you like, even if only to ridicule me, use me as an example of whatever insanity you want to project onto me, to try to smear my words or my personality, or whatever you like, but simply listen, just for a few more brief moments. I have some special words to share with you, from a special source. I don't care one iota if you want to call that source God, Buddha, Nature, my subconscious mind, the collective unconscious, bipolar disorder, sniffing glue, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Allah, or whatever the hell you like. Simply trust, if only for five minutes, that there is a source beyond the ordinary experience you think of as "reality" - a source not subject to the insanity of your crazy world - and whatever it might be, it has begged and pleaded with you for all of human history simply to hear and take heed of a few simple words.

So, with no further ado...

You MUST stop all of this hatred and division. Not for me, and not only for yourselves, but for ALL LIFE. Do you understand that ALL LIFE is what you really are? No, of course you don't, because your crazy world has denied you this knowledge - but it remains true nonetheless. Can you understand that there is NO SUCH THING as an isolated, truly "independent" being on this world or on any other in this infinite Universe? Every living thing is your brother or sister. KNOW NOW, right now, that this is not some recycled hippie New Age John Lennon "kumbaya" bullshit I'm trying to sell you. That's how you are denied this truth in your crazy world - it is lumped into those tired old dismissive categories and swept out of your sight, never to trouble you again. But nonetheless, it remains true that not even GOD HIMSELF can alter the fact that unity and interconnection is the ACTUAL TRUTH of all existence. It's a fact, a complete, stone cold concrete FACT, and the only fact that matters.

Phew, that was a lot of capitalized words. Please don't get the wrong idea and imagine that I'm trying to preach to you like the self-serving spiritual salesmen do, convince you to believe anything through bullshit sophistry, or bully you into accepting anything that isn't already present in your own heart. I cannot do that, even if I wanted to! Not even God, Nature, or David Hasselhoff has that power, much less a mere mortal such as myself.

Instead, what I am trying to do is LOVE you. Do you understand that? Have you ever actually been loved - really loved - in your whole crazy, manipulated, pre-packaged life? Perhaps you've been exposed to so much blithering insanity disguised as "love" that I am the first person to ever really show you what the real thing looks like. Think of what that would mean. If you don't now understand in your heart of hearts how crazy your whole world is - when perhaps the one of the only examples of real love you've ever known is coming into your life through a random internet web page - then perhaps I cannot help you - but I will keep trying anyway.

Look, I'm not above begging, if that's what it takes. Please, please stop hurting yourselves and everyone else. Stop all of this killing, exploiting, enslaving, and self-serving blindness. It's not "necessary," it's not "just the way life is," and there ARE alternatives - an infinite number of alternatives, or at least as many as six billion free and sane human minds can come up with. Your insistence on imagining that utter self-destruction and planet-wide injustice is "just the way things have to be" is so painful. Just in case you're interested in history, please understand that it has torn the heart and soul out of every indigenous culture you have crushed under its heel. There is a reason so many Native Americans sit around on the reservation and drink their lives away - and it ain't what you might think it is. It's not their "laziness," "lack of education," "unemployment," or anything else of that nature. It is the pain of having a sane world stolen from them and replaced with an insane one.

This world has been called a "vale of tears," and it certainly is - but only because you refuse to stop hurting yourselves and everyone else. Doctor after doctor has tried to cure you of your madness without success, and they have done so *fully knowing* that most people would offer them nothing but a piping hot shit sandwich for their trouble. My efforts will be (and have been) received no differently for the most part, but at least perhaps I can plant a seed in a few rare open hearts.

Take this fragile little seed of compassion as my gift to you. Do with it what you will. Throw it out the window into the trash heap ten minutes from now if you must - but just for now, right at this moment and with no thought of the future, take the seed, just because you can. Don't be afraid. It has taken a few of us "doctors" thousands of years to produce it at the cost of sacrificing everything. We have bled for it, died for it, submitted ourselves to every kind of degradation, rejection, and humiliation for it, worn rags for it, starved for it, and willingly accepted every kind of abuse for it - for no other purpose than to pass it on to YOU. But don't pity us, because we knew what we were doing and we did it willingly. Take the little seed we've made for you, just for a single moment, as our free gift. You don't have to say a prayer, bow to anyone, go to any church, join any movement, or do anything besides open your heart just a tiny bit and allow the little seed to take root. That's it. No strings attached, no shipping and handling, no gimmicks. In the words of Huey Louis and the News, "you don't need money, don't need fame. Don't need no credit card to ride this train."

The rest is just a matter of staying out of the way of your own heart. The seed will grow as grass grows - without effort and without struggle - as long as you simply let it be.

Let the seed grow, and as begins to flower into a mighty oak, begin to understand that you must no longer sell your precious time and energy to the highest bidder. You must no longer waste your resources on things as meaningless as the insane world's ideas of "status" and "success." Chasing after those things is a virulent form of insanity that is killing the world, and you have chosen to become sane instead.

Let the seed grow, and as it sinks its strong roots into the fertile soil that is the interconnection and brotherhood of all beings, understand that you must no longer submit to those insane ideas and forces which seek to replace your infinite value and beauty with a false sense of lack. You lack nothing. Whatever belongs to the Universe belongs to you, as your absolute inalienable birthright. If you are being denied any portion of that birthright, it is through no deficiency or failing of your own, but through the machinations of a destructive madness which you have chosen to no longer support. For the first time in your life, you will experience what it is like to be without constant guilt and shame, because for the first time in your life, your heart of hearts knows that you are no longer helping the insane world to kill itself.

Let the seed grow, and as its healthy green leaves turn toward the infinite sun of true Being, understand that the senseless killing, exploiting, and enslaving must end. In the sanctum of your own mind, ask the insane world around you "what part of Thou Shalt Not Kill didn't you understand?" What part of "exploitation and slavery are wrong" don't "normal" people get? Don't hope for a sane answer, though. The crazy world around you is incapable of providing one, but that's okay, because you have chosen to no longer share their delusions.

When you must kill, even a fly, make a practice of apologizing out loud with true regret - and when you do, reflect on how crazy the world would think you are if they caught you doing that. Understand that it's not your insanity for doing so, it's theirs for not. And then know that everything you need to do to live with compassion and actual sanity is just like apologizing to the fly. It is simply a matter of being sane enough to let the whole crazy world think you are nuts for the sake of love. Do you see how this works? Doctor Jiddu Krishnamurti (a "doctor" in the true sense) said it best - "it is no measure of sanity to be well-adjusted to an insane world." Live with true compassion and you'll be called a nut. Understand this, accept it, and do it anyway.

Let the seed grow in a thousand other wonderful and surprising ways, as compassion begins to flower in your heart. Never beat yourself up for anything - let the crazy world take care of beating itself up, as it always has. Don't be afraid to get angry from time to time - no one whose heart knows genuine compassion has ever gone without knowing the burn of anger. You are angry because you care. You are angry because you love.

Most importantly, you are angry because you live in a world that is killing, enslaving, and destroying itself in a state of total self-satisfied, smug arrogance, and by God (or Darwin), you've had it up to here. You aren't just a little miffed or vaguely disappointed at the sorry shape the human race is in. That's for people who don't care much, and don't intend to let such small stirrings of conscience disrupt their TV time. No, that route is not open to you anymore. You already know too much, and try as you might, you can never unsee what you've seen in the few minutes we've spent together. Sorry, Charlie, but I wasn't being completely truthful with you when I said I wouldn't turn your psychological screws. It was a little white lie that was necessary to uproot a big black one.

If you have allowed love and compassion to take firm root in your heart, do not be surprised or dismayed that you are quite capable of becoming enraged, livid, and furious at the insanity of it all. This does not mean you are a "spiritual failure" as the phony, self-seeking "gurus" of the world would have you believe. It means precisely the opposite. You have the capacity for great anger because you have the capacity for great compassion. They are co-identical, like the Taoist concepts of yin and yang, and neither occurs without implying the co-existence of the other. Thousands of children are starving to death every day, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that you may begin to feel absolutely outraged over it. On the contrary - what's so horribly wrong with the world is that everyone else doesn't.

Do not reject anger or try to stifle it with feel-good platitudes, as selfish people who care only for their own happiness do. Instead, use your anger. Allow it to forge your love and compassion for a suffering world into razor-sharp weapons of unbreakable steel. Remember, as it is said, "I come not to bring peace, but a sword." Peace cannot be won without sacrifice. The sword of compassion forged within your heart is not for striking out at others, but for mercilessly slashing away every false and destructive self-deception and every self-justifying excuse in your own mind, until all that remains is an unquenchable desire to do your small but infinitely meaningful part to ease the world's suffering - a desire as keenly felt as a drowning man's desire for air. Become the Bodhisattva, and find your salvation in that of the world.

When anger and frustration come, as they surely will, allow the intensity of these natural feelings to forge your true heart into a fortress that is untouchable and indestructible. Allow them to temper your determination to the point that you will NEVER, EVER stop being willing to reach out to your fellow man in a spirit of true compassion even if they nail you to a cross for it. Allow them to strengthen your resolve so that you know in your heart that not even your own worst fears, or even God Himself, can stop you from reaching out to ease the pain of a suffering world, even if it has to be dragged to the medicine kicking and screaming every step of the way. As Enigma puts it, don't care what people say / just follow your own way. Don't give up and lose the chance / to return to innocence. "Innocence" is simply the nature of who you really are. Know that you will do what it takes to be true to your true self. No, that isn't a redundant or meaningless sentence. If you think it is, read it again until you understand. Read it a thousand times if you must. Whatever it takes.

Let the seed grow, and become strong and powerful, in a way the weak (who are called "strong" in the insane world) will never be able to touch. Never flatter your ego by engaging in self-serving fantasies of yourself as a martyr, but nonetheless prepare yourself to suffer every kind of degradation and abuse for the sake of passing the seed on to just one more open heart. Prepare to be considered "weak" by the "strong" of this world - those who have learned to embrace the insanity, become the craziest inmates of the crazy house, and keep the whole insane system going for their own short-sighted benefit. In the insane world, they call those people "winners," "leaders," "the successful," and "role models." Accept their rejection, condemnation, and abuse without blame. They know no better.

Let the seed grow, and even in the defining moments when you face your personal demons, learn to summon the world-changing strength to love and bless your enemies, for you know something they do not. Even in all their worldly might, they have no power against the seed you carry. Even their shriveled and petrified hearts might someday, somehow be opened to it, much to their shock and horror. No one is beyond redemption, because we all share in the same infinite source. In your "weakness," as seen through the eyes of the insane world, lies your greatest power. By staying true to your true self and the seed (for ultimately they are one and the same), you shall overcome.

If you dare, decide right this moment to turn your life around. I'm sorry if this sounds like an "altar call," but I honestly can't help that. At some point, everyone has to decide which team they are going to bat for. Please understand that I don't mean "turn your life around" in the sense of shouting "praise the lord" or doing some kind of "self-help" program or getting a better job or joining the military or attending the University of Phoenix or deciding to spend 20 minutes a day chanting "AUM." I mean turn your life around in terms of a 180 degree about-face turning away from the whole crazy insanity of this world and toward the REAL truth of who and what you are.

If you dare, decide right now to be "in the world but not of it." Yeah, I know Jesus and some other scary religious people said this, but I can't help that. They said it because they had to. There's no other way to give you any chance of becoming sane. "I am the way, the truth, and the life" doesn't mean that I personally (as in the author of this webpage) am some special awesome being you have to obey and listen to just because I'm The Lord of Lords, Captain America, or even Rick James. Hell no, and please get that crazy rubbish out of your head. Instead, it simply means that this message (the message of compassion) is the only way to actual sanity and a better world - and it meant exactly the same thing when Jesus said it, too. "I, the message of compassion, am the way, the truth, and the life." Sorry about your bad luck, but no man comes to the Father (your true nature) but through me (the message of compassion). Got it now? Okay, good - and don't blame me, meaning "me" as in the imperfect human being who is being used as a vehicle for these truths. I didn't make the rules, and neither did Jesus, Buddha, the Dalai Lama, or anybody else who has tried to carry the message to you.

So, with that in mind, here are some practical steps you can take as soon as you feel ready - but be warned, some of them might be an ouchie at least until you have accumulated some practical experience in not being nuts:

Rather than getting a better job, if you're single and child-free, see if you can figure out how to get rid of your job completely. GASP! The shock! The horror! Well, get over it. I said what I said and I meant it 100%. If you can do something as monumentally "crazy" (in the insane world's eyes) as this, holy mackerel, are you ever on the right track in a big way. Although you'll probably be poor, your spiritual future's so bright you gotta wear shades. You are on the spiritual short list, as opposed to the spiritual short bus. That's the ride everybody else who is still chasing after money is taking.

Rather than joining the military, learn what a "conscientious objector" is and see if you can't become one. Want a hint? It's the totally ridiculous and nutty belief that "war is always wrong." Wow, what a concept, eh? If you can get your crazy little head around that, even if takes you 20 years of arguing with yourself over whether Hitler had to be stopped, then oh boy, are you ever moving in the right direction in a Porsche 944. It might come as a surprise to you, but "thou shalt not kill" is an extremely sane idea. The more you get acquainted with it, the quicker you'll make progress in every area.

Rather than attending the University of Phoenix, why not tear up every degree you might already have and become the dean of your own personal Sanity University? Stop giving credence to the crazy belief that any degree or award the insane world can confer upon you can do one iota to help you move toward actual sanity, happiness, fulfillment, or whatever else you've been falsely promised. If you can manage to never have a thought of chasing another one of their gold stars or seals of approval again, then good lord, are you ever taking off into actual sanity at warp speed. Lao-Tsu said it best - "give up learning, and put and end to your troubles." What you really need to learn, this world doesn't teach.

Rather than chanting "AUM" for 20 minutes a day, start right now to stand up for compassion in every area of your life, beginning from the tip of your nose and extending outward to encompass the whole universe. Aim high and never take "no" for an answer. Don't let anyone tell you you're setting your sights too high. Man's reach must always exceed his grasp or we're all wasting our time doing absolutely nothing. Don't be fooled by those who tell you to "be practical." They only want to kill their consciences by excusing and rationalizing away their own unwillingness to act. Dream big. Resolve to save the whole suffering world and get busy doing it. By doing that, you'll already have succeeded. As Gandhi put it, BE the change. That's all - nothing less, nothing more.

Remember, YOU are a beautiful, inherently powerful, irreplaceable, unique and wonderful being of infinite worth and value. If you're an American, Mister Rogers (one of our truly great spiritual leaders and a thoroughly sane man) told you this as a kid, but the insane world beat it out of you. So now, listen again. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, if you choose to make it one. You have strength beyond measure waiting to be unlocked somewhere deep in your heart. All the "doctors" of history have done their damndest to tell you exactly where to find it, if you'll just shut off the crazy voices of the world in your head for five minutes and really, sincerely LOOK and LISTEN. Turn off the TV and unplug the phone if you have to, just to find a place to start. Never believe that you cannot change the world, for it is really you and ONLY you who can. That's a fact, Jack. Learn it, love it, live it.

But please, for the love of Buddha, don't simply believe anything I'm telling you. I don't care if you "believe" in me, God, Nature, Santa Claus, science, compassion, a spherical Earth, or anything else. In fact, I'd prefer if you didn't "believe" in anything at all. Beliefs are dangerous and you don't exactly have a good history of using them wisely. Instead of believing, go within. Go into the depths of your heart and see if what I've told you rings true. Go to the place where there is no logic, no "truth" that can be formulated in words and used to beat your fellow man over the head, no belief, and no chattering mind. Go to the quiet place where faith lives - and I don't mean Crazytown's phony self-serving sales-pitch version of "faith" that asks you to send $100 to Benny Hinn, believe that dinosaurs and man walked the Earth together 5000 years ago, or blow yourself up for the glory of Allah. I mean real faith - the universal message of the heart. Put aside everything the crazy world has ever told you, go to that small, still place, and see if what I've said to you rings true. If it doesn't, then I'm sorry I've wasted your time and you can bill me for your two cents worth.

As your brother in humankind, I am at your service forever, even if you choose to hate me, as many of you have already chosen to do throughout our shared lives together here on Planet Crazytown. It's okay - I forgive you and always will, for you truly know not what you do. However, you CAN learn. This is your opportunity. You won't have many more, so take it lightly at your own risk. No conversion, no "sinner's prayer," no church, no collection plate, no robes, no rituals, and nothing other than one totally free being in the universe choosing to open himself or herself to the possibility of a better course for the one and only short little human life any of us have.

As it is has been written in every true medicine book in the world by better doctors than me:

"Treat others as you would be treated, that is the only law."

Or, as one unusually sane man in particular put it:

"Love your neighbor as yourself."

It is up to you now. Will you at least take the seed into your heart, for just a moment? Will you step outside your self-imposed ego prison for just a brief instant and see that the insane ideas, beliefs and attitudes you have been trained to accept as "normal" are killing you and the whole bloody world spiritually, psychologically, and even materially? Will you, like Nero, choose only to fiddle while Rome burns? Can you, just for a moment, set aside this deadly blindness and arrogance? Will you turn away from the madness, at long last, and face the shining Sun of your true infinite being? Will you reach into the depths of your heart and summon the courage to become who you really are?

I know I promised you no religious nonsense, but if you will allow me one small metaphor in closing, it is this: When you accept the seed of compassion into your heart, it is at that very moment that all sentient beings are saved and the universe and its infinite angels rejoice for all eternity - because eternity is within you.

Yours Truly,
Actual Sanity

P.S. You'll find no links to my church, my movement, my seminars, my retreats, or anything else. I don't have any. I don't need any. I told you I had nothing of that sort to sell, push, or preach, and I was telling the truth. You know what to do if you want any of that. It's all out there in a thousand forms and a million places. If you want Jesus, he's not hard to find (although I'd recommend staying away from most churches). Ditto the Buddha, Lao-Tsu, the Dalai Lama, Swami Anybodyananda, Pantheism, Humanism, or whatever appeals to you. As long as you understand that all of these doctors prescribe the same medicine you've just been prescribed here, knock yourself out. Compassion is the only medicine in the world on which you can never overdose.

That is all. This is my whole and complete message to you. Take it for what it is - not some "sermon" from on high, not a lecture from some "guru" or "master," but a heart-to-heart personal letter from a brother in humankind who shares in your pain and heartache. Just for today, and just in the form of these few words, I am merely offering to play the role of your "doctor," not your "master." Your true master is and has always been your own heart and nothing else - and if I have been at all successful in opening your mind to its small, still voice, then that is the true medicine.

Good luck to you, and may we each do whatever is in our power to cure our shared suffering together, as brothers and sisters on this little blue ball of mud. I will see a few of you on the streets, at the markets, and on the wires, where you will neither know me nor care to know me - but understand that I do know you, and no matter how crazy you are, you will always be my friend.

And that, very simply, is why I will never lie to you about what really matters. You may now be very, very insane - but you don't have to be. The choice is yours.

Want more actual sanity? Please take the time to view the sanest film in the world today:

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Il Ministro della Salute Renato Balduzzi ha inviato richiesta di effettuare una nuova valutazione del Mon810 alla luce delle ultime linee guida, definendo adeguate misure di gestione obbligatorie per tutti gli utilizzatori di tali Ogm. Nel frattempo stop all’autorizzazione del mais Mon810.


Il Ministro delle politiche agricole alimentari e forestali Mario Catania commenta così la notizia: “Il Ministero della Salute ha dato seguito alla nostra richiesta e al dossier predisposto dal Consiglio per la Ricerca e la sperimentazione in Agricoltura (CRA), chiedendo alla Commissione europea la sospensione d’urgenza dell’autorizzazione alla messa in coltura di sementi di Mais Mon810 in Italia e nel resto dell’Unione europea. Quando parliamo della possibilità di coltivare Ogm in Italia, dobbiamo tenere ben presente – ha proseguito il Ministro – che l’opinione pubblica, i consumatori e le stesse rappresentanze degli agricoltori hanno espresso una posizione negativa sulla questione. Abbiamo il dovere di essere particolarmente rigorosi, a tutela dei consumatori e degli agricoltori italiani”.
“Prendo anche atto con grande soddisfazione del mutato atteggiamento del Ministro dell’Ambiente, Corrado Clini, sugli organismi geneticamente modificati. Questo ci consentirà – ha spiegato Catania – di proseguire con maggiore forza nella direzione che era stata già intrapresa, collaborando con tutte le istituzioni e le rappresentanze politiche e sociali, allo scopo di salvaguardare l’identità e la ricchezza che sono alla base del successo dell’agroalimentare italiano”.

Il Presidente della Coldiretti Sergio Marini commenta positivamente l’atteso sprint finale del Governo, che “è avvenuto grazie al pressing delle Associazioni, dei Partiti  e delle Istituzioni unite nella coalizione “Liberi da Ogm” e, in questi giorni, all’apprezzata ed importante azione del Movimento 5 Stelle che ha rafforzato il fronte di chi vuole scongiurare in Italia qualsiasi rischio di commistione tra Ogm e agricoltura tradizionale o biologica. “Nonostante le resistenze si è rafforzato – sottolinea Marini – il fronte dei cittadini impegnati nel tutelare l’agricoltura e il territorio da forme di inquinamento genetico per assicurare la competitività delle nostre produzioni tradizionali e di qualità. Non va dimenticato che, sulla base dell`indagine Coldiretti-Swg, quasi sette italiani su dieci considerano oggi gli organismi geneticamente modificati meno salutari di quelli tradizionali”.

Soddisfazione espressa anche dalla Cia-Confederazione italiana agricoltori: “E’ una decisione che rispetta la posizione della stragrande maggioranza dei cittadini italiani. Ribadiamo la nostra ferma contrarietà agli Ogm – spiega il presidente della Cia Giuseppe Politi – Non si tratta di un rifiuto ideologico, ma di una posizione che nasce dalla consapevolezza che l’introduzione di prodotti geneticamente modificati in Italia può seriamente mettere a rischio la specificità e il valore aggiunto della nostra agricoltura, che è fatta di qualità, biodiversità e tipicità”. Secondo un’indagine della Cia il 55% degli intervistati ritiene gli organismi geneticamente modificati siano dannosi per la salute, mentre il 76% crede semplicemente che siano meno salutari di quelli “normali”.


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Anarchadia: Do you see a link between Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood which has been considered in retrospect as manipulated by western interests to destabilize the Middle East?

Noam Chomsky: I don't know of any evidence for a relation, and I'd be cautious about the term "destabilize". It's a term of imperialism. Thus Obama praises the brutal dictator Mubarak because he "stabilizes" Egypt, and opposes the Muslim brotherhood because they are calling for democratic elections, in which they are likely to do well, thus "destabilizing" Egypt.

Anarchadia: What is your opinion on this quote: "Nor was that all. Sound beatings of the Moslem Brotherhood organizers who had been arrested revealed that the organization had been thoroughly penetrated, at the top, by the British, American, French and Soviet intelligence services, any one of which could either make active use of it or blow it up, whichever best suited its purposes. Important lesson: fanaticism is no insurance against corruption; indeed, the two are highly compatible." Quote from Miles Axe Copeland, Jr. "The Game of Nations: The Amorality of Power Politics, New York: Simon & Schuster, 1970".

Noam Chomsky: Miles Copeland is not very reliable.

Anarchadia: Well neither is Obama, but sometimes the pieces fit together. I mean true, this sort of mentality benefits the Islamists, Chinese and Russians... but was it not this sort of meandering from the projected truth about Vietnam, which woke us from the extreme anti-communist fervor the American populace had been living in for the last 20 or 30 years?

Noam Chomsky: On Vietnam, the meandering was towards reliable fact and understanding. Takes better evidence than this, in my opinion.

Anarchadia: It is harder to have reliable facts today, because everything which is factual and needs to stay a secret, is marginalized. The first thing you said about Copeland, was that he was unreliable. But, if you take the true nature of anyone, everyone is unreliable, right?

Noam Chomsky: It's true that quantum physics is not 100% reliable, nor is astrology. But there is a difference. Afraid I don't follow the rest.

Anarchadia: It is my opinion that marginalization is a weapon for keeping things on the down low. If you take three specialists, from different parts of the world, let's say: Iran, U.K and Israel, all three will come up with different conclusions while looking at the same facts. Yet the one who is backed by the interests that be, will be the person who is considered most linear (on the mainstream level). Do you have any comments on this?

Noam Chomsky: I've written extensively on these matters, and don't have much to add. We know that outside of narrow areas of logic and mathematics, nothing can be definitively proven. From that fact deeply confused post-modernists go off into fantasies about conflicting narratives, no truth, etc. In fact, it's been understood for centuries that we can make sensible (if not certain) judgments quite often - about the matters you mention, for example. On Wikileaks, if you read yesterday's newspapers you can see that the main thrust was interpreted differently in the NYT and the London Financial Times, the world's leading business daily. That's fairly systematic, and understandable, a tiny example of what I and others have documented in great detail. The US-UK coup in Iran was not only known at once, but celebrated in the press - the NY Times, for example. I've often quoted it. Some take the Warren Commission as accurate, many question elements of it, or even all of it. That has nothing to do with the question of general significance: was there a high-level conspiracy with policy consequences? To that the answer is: No, with very high probability, a matter that I've written about in detail. The Truth Movement receives unusually high publicity as contrasted with genuine activist critique of state crimes. Simply compare Griffin's exposure on CSPAN, etc., to that of activist dissenters. The reason may be that it is welcomed by power systems, much as JFK conspiracy theories have been (as we know from internal documents), because it diverts energy and attention from ongoing crimes of state. If he or anyone could present a coherent account of what they think happened, one that is not undermined by the most elementary considerations, - and I suppose others - would pay some attention to it. I was closely involved with leaking the Pentagon Papers, and am very glad they came out, but in fact they had almost no impact on the decisions by the business world and the government to slowly withdraw from Vietnam, which had already been taken. A great deal is indeed marginalized. I've written thousands of pages on the topic, as have others. But I think you are ignoring the most significant examples and keeping to some which, while fashionable, are not of much importance.

Anarchadia: I absolutely see what you mean. I am 23 years old and not as informed, but I try to be. I am a constant activist, and am outraged by the indecency with which law abiding citizens are treated (protest parks, ultrasounds, escrow police spying and dressing up imitating violent activists such as the black blocks, heavy armor, gas, etc...­). Democracy is being sold off to private contractors, and we protest to no avail (France). I also see what you mean when you say that the truth movement is somewhat cathartic: The Truth Movement has a tendency to lure people towards the Tea Party which has been very highly publicized, and even clamored by the crooks over at Fox News. Example: Alex Jones has a tendency to be able to explain things that other Media Organizations can't (I am a very rational person and definitely see through Infowars political and advertising strategies, which are populist sometimes and very far from fact). Yet, the Infowars website surprises me from time to time with a decent sourced article; but then, Alex Jones goes on to supporting the tea party and the terror advertisers who advertise on the Infowars website. Have you heard of Alex Jones?

Noam Chomsky: I don't know much about Jones. The little I've seen, not enough for a serious judgment, seemed to be pretty wild. On 9/11, the coincidences, etc., may seem remarkable, but they are normal. Look at any complex historical event through a microscope, and that's what you'll find, even breaches of security that go far beyond 9/11 in significance. E.g., it was just revealed that Clinton lost the code that authorizes launching nukes, which means that for four months, the USSR could have launched a surprise attack, destroying the US, with complete impunity. A few years ago a nuclear-armed bomber flew across the country, violating the highest security controls. A malfunction could have destroyed most of the country. Etc. That's why scientists do experiments instead of studying videotapes of what's happening outside the window. It's why historians hotly debate events that have been intensively studied. The TMers do not seem to understand the nature of evidence - and also, do not understand why they are laboring to show that Saddam or bin Laden was responsible for 9/11, inadvertently of course. That requires following a simple argument. Your hypothesis that the Bush administration knew about 9/11 but didn't try to stop it is weak enough so that the evidence is almost irrelevant. But it still assumes that they are utter lunatics, or else they would have blamed it on Iraqis, not Saudis, as has been pointed out over and over. I'm afraid your other assertions vanish in much the same way as these, or what you claimed about concealing the Iranian coup, when subjected to scrutiny. If you'd like to believe these things, that's your business. But if you want anyone to take your speculations seriously, you'll have to make a case. I've written about most of the matters you mention.

What you say has shreds of truth. Thus, of course the US had oil in mind in invading Iraq (and was compelled to abandon its major war aims in this respect, as we have seen). The concept "false flag" has become popular with the TM, who uses it in ways that make it almost meaningless. Of course governments invent ways to frighten populations into obedience to pursue aims of dominant power centers. We hardly need these rather random speculations to establish that. It's topic of extensive serious work.

Anarchadia: I admit, every point I've tried to make has for the most part been an assertion. Scrutiny is what keeps my opinions objective. I don't pretend to know the truth behind these events, but I have an insatiable need for truth, and am always searching for it. On the - Clinton losing the code incident - don't you find this story is politically motivated? To release such information, especially today when America is positioning itself against China and Russia? This seems like they are inciting fear into the American mind (again) about: "what if Russia (China, Iran) attacked us". I find it insane how much war fomentation is going on these days. The Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is an Ex-CEO of one of the largest military contractors in America and abroad, I mean talk about conflict of interest (they sold weapons to Taiwan against China's firm request not to, that is a direct breach of National Security). Democracy has been taken hostage by military profiteers, pharmaceutical/chemical corporations, big banks and their arm of hijacked government the Federal Reserve (whoever can pay for the expensive campaigns and shoes of opportunists such as Sarah Palin). Political prostitution is at an all time high. So when you say that there is a very small chance that 9/11 was caused by western interests I have to disagree. If you look at any complex situation through a microscope you can also get lost in the complexity. "Tout est relatif". This goes both ways. When you talk about the Bush Family as lunatics, I disagree; I see them as somewhat intelligent. They know exactly what they are doing. And why they are doing it. I met Carla Del Ponte last year here in Lyon, France, and she talked about her meeting with President Bush (when she was trying to get war criminals of the former Yugoslavia extradited). She says he seemed very concerned in person and said "Carla I will personally look into this, I promise". She never heard from him again. This I think clearly depicts a very good liar instead of the stupid yet powerful imbecile of a president everyone has been making him out to be. His father was the head of the CIA. That is a very strong asset. The U.N. has also been hijacked by political prostitutes and we live in a far more nefarious world than the transparent one you tend to proclaim when assertions are made about 9/11, Kennedy, etc...­ The internal organization in charge of supervising the U.N. has been suspended since 2009. Surely this is more important than an idiotic playboy president like Clinton losing the Nuclear codes? I mean after all it is people who invest their pride on this logic and transparency you talk about, who voted for Clinton. Surely there is a reason why Wikileaks has published more scoops than the New York Times has in a decade? What is your opinion on movements who are for auditing the FED and the the DOD? Also, those who are against organizations such as Bilderberg (and their claims that Obama secretly went to a meeting with Hillary Clinton)?

Noam Chomsky: You misunderstood. I didn't talk of the Bush family as lunatics. You did. More precisely, as I wrote, that is what follows from your speculations. Who do you propose to audit the DOD and the Fed? It would be amazing if Obama hadn't met Clinton, and why should it be advertised? There's no known significance to Bilderberg apart from the fact that rich and powerful people like to get together. Can't comment on the rest. By that kind of reasoning one can reach any conclusion. These are not what count as evidence and argument, in any form of rational inquiry.

Of course you don't believe that Bush is a lunatic. Rather, the theory you proposed implied that he is a lunatic. One of many reasons why it's hard to take the TM seriously. Nothing wrong with a civilian audit, but such proposals require mass popular support. To recapitulate, I pointed out that the theories proposed by the TM, and your much weaker one too, implied that the Bush administration were all lunatics; not just Bush the individual, but all of the planners. I'm glad we agree that the conclusion is unacceptable. It therefore follows that all the theories are too...­

NOTE: After having spoken to Noam Chomsky about September 11 and the Truth Movement, I was more lost than ever: how can such a brilliant man (who I agree with on so many levels) be so opposed to a theory like 9/11 is an inside job? Is the movement and its abundant flux of information truly discreditable? OR has the mainstream media discredited so many points and used such strong rhetoric of ridicule towards TM that even intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky can't believe it? I got the impression that Chomsky just hasn't really looked into the facts about Sept. 11, simply because of all the false facts TM has incorporated into its rhetoric (which are easily exploitable by the spin doctors). I noticed that the media never directly discredited the TM. They acted as though it were of minor interest and could discredit itself. It can! Like the Norman Mineta video: if watched in full it is completely insync with Cheney's story (there are a few mistakes but not enough for indictment). So if there is a conspiracy behind September 11 Noam Chomsky is right about the fact that whoever orchestrated the event was very intelligent, and to solve the puzzle it will take true intellect and hard work to crack. But now that it has been discredited, we must become very careful: it took years to popularize the notion that Pearl Harbor was a false flag attack and we still don't truly know for Kennedy (although in my opinion the event was very suspicious). If George Bush Sr. and his entourage got away with the assassination of a U.S president, then yes, Bush Sr. was definitely not a lunatic!


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By Danger (from 08/04/2013 @ 13:19:49, in en - Global Observatory, read 2544 times)
Evolve Thyself
A rambling tirade of questionable thinking by DangerF

Conflict exists to promote evolutionary development. Though, it is no longer just physical, but for us who claim to be human, mental, emotional, spiritual.

In earlier times, conflict was more personal. It was all about surviving as individuals. Like many animal species, humans work together best in small herds of around 30 - 40. At that size, what is best for an individual is best for the group, it's easier to manage resources when times are tough, food and shelter can be readily shared without pressure on the individual, and one can still retire into their personal bubble space.

These days however, it is becoming increasingly obvious to those whose eyes and minds agree on what is displayed that survival of the species is rapidly becoming a group thing. We must now learn to overcome the herd mentality and become a hive. What is good for the individual now must be weighed against the good of all humanity.

Early in our history, man would slaughter each other on the basis of competition for survival. Conflicts were, in general fairly small, short-lived, take no prisoners type affairs. We lived in small tribal communities that were extremely protective of their local resources. Unannounced visitors were often treated as threats to survival, as archeological evidence has shown.

Putting aside other influences for a moment, one could say that this early fighting was about protecting self from external threats. If I had a small cave that would shelter my tribe from the approaching storm, and your tribe was caught outside and decided you needed my cave, the tribes would fight, winner had shelter, (and a smaller tribe). The same applied for food sources and whatever else was needed to survive. In short, the threats were external.

This was followed by a relatively Golden Age. The earth spirits had stopped leaving the refrigerator door open to make ice-age sculptures to show to their friends. The sky gods stopped using us for target practice by throwing large rocks and ice at us from space. Man had learned enough about the ground he walked on to make more efficient use of resources, growing food instead of collecting it so there was enough to go around, we learned to make shelters that withstood the weather, visiting other communities was encouraged in the name of trade. Now that we were not so busy protecting ourselves we had time to think and discuss the way the world worked, and travelers brought wondrous information about the world outside. Communities began to work together to better the living conditions of the group, perhaps with some thought of preparation in case we pissed off another vengeful god. Who knows? The point is we didn't kill each other in order to survive. Sure folks still stabbed each other, but usually that was more because someone was being a dick.

Man began to understand nature. Those who understood the finer details were variously called shamans and witchdoctors, later they were alchemists and magicians. These days we normally call them scientists, (though I'm beginning to doubt whether they know more than the ancients did about the Earth). 


Moving on, conflict began to appear again. This time the scale was much larger, it was not about community survival either.  Also, the instigators tended not to be on the front lines so much, preferring to play chess from the back of the field. Oh sure, there were few at the start who obviously didn’t think of it, too busy with bloodlust, but as time progressed the fight starters learned that picking up whores for post-battle sex was easier if they weren’t dead. Exaggerating ones deeds was another survivor’s perk.

The reasons for battle now had become twisted. It became a competition, not for resources, but for stuff. Everyone had enough food and shelter, until some dick decided he needed more stuff. Watch some George Carlin talking about stuff -

The fights moved from ‘stuff’, and now were less about ‘stuff’ and more about ideologies. People stopped thinking about each other, and became more interested in having other folks agree with their ignorant ideas. They got so worked up and over-excited about changing the colour of the ground from green to red, they forgot how they had existed relatively harmoniously despite differing opinions, (slight assumption, just go with it).

Imagine the battlefield sledging (do it in a child’s voice!) - “My battle god is better than your battle god, and He said we could take your stuff and rape your women”. “The earth is flat not round we fool, here taste my sword”. “Don’t be teaching folks how to read and communicate information, they might tell each other about how we stabbed that guy who talks about round planets”.  And so on...


Since then we have become more civilized. Err oops, getting ahead of history.

There is so much propaganda from either side, it’s hard to know what’s really happening. We have such an unprecedented access to information one would think we would know what is going on, but do we?

We have enough food to go around, yet people starve to death because they can’t pay for it. We have enough resources, we just like wasting them or again, don’t have as much monopoly money as the chaps who own the printing press. We have enough fuel, we just refuse use it efficiently because, yes I really do need a 22 foot long 12 foot high vehicle that uses more fuel than the Exxon Valdez tipped on the beach to get some milk and bread. We have the technology and mind to create a world without money or borders, but we’d rather fight and squabble like unevolved Neanderthal babies with no social experience.

We all know this behavior is bullshit stupidity, yet we continue to let ourselves be led into dispute like lemmings off a cliff. We keep following the herd we live in, obeying its values even when we know they are not in our or anyone’s best interest. Why? Because our behavior is a holdover from when we lived instinctively, fighting for survival. Think about this next time we speak to someone, watch their reactions, and test them. Are they reacting rationally to you? Most don’t.


The Universe we live in is dualistic (as far as we can tell). It is not static. Look at the life cycles of planets and stars, of plants and animals. Actually look at anything cyclic. There is up time and down time. There is growth and life and entropy and death. Physics tells us that energy is never destroyed, just changes form. The minerals and elements in your body only exist because some stars died to form them. This webpage - We're made of stars! - has some nice charts, info and more cool links. You are a Star! How cool is that!

A star had to die for us to live. Before it died it suffered enormous stresses which caused it to create the bits that make us. The food we eat also came from a dying star, think about next time you eat.

Without stress, strengths are not developed. Swords are made from metals that are heated and beaten and cooled many times. Everything around us would not exist without stresses being put on them in some way to produce the qualities they contain. Wood can even be tempered with heat. Bacteria, viruses and such can be introduced into the body in such a way that it stresses the body to become stronger, less susceptible to disease, even immune to some infections.

 Our mental process is no different. We learn life lessons from stressful experiences. Education stresses the mind to remember patterns and symbols, ideas and associations. When we went to school the exams were often stressful because of the pressure/stress your parents or peers or we gave yourself to perform well, but we learnt something. It stuck in your head. If you’re like me you probably don’t recall the lesson details very well, but it’s in there, ready to surprise us when we need it. Environmental and cultural clashes induce stresses often forcing re-evaluation of values, morality and beliefs.

These are the opportunities to become the person we, perhaps secretly, think we want to be. Everyone has something they wish they could change about themselves. Lose weight, gain strength, have hair, make more money, make the world a better place.

We know in our hearts what is good for us, we all do. It’s like pointing out the obvious, but I’m going to anyway. We know eating at McDonalds is equivalent to eating the wrapper after its been dragged thru a poison factory then used to wipe someone’s ass, but we eat it anyway. We know we shouldn’t eat that second bowl of ice-cream because it will go straight to our ass, but we can re-start that diet tomorrow. We know we shouldn’t eat any food that has a label, but it’s so much quicker than waiting for vegetables to cook. We know our body only needs a few  handfuls of fresh food each day, but still we gobble that extra bacon at breakfast plus a pie on the way to work then a large lunch with small desert then go home for 2 helpings of dinner followed by desert or three, a quick sandwich before bed or maybe a midnight snack. Not to mention the lolly's and chocolate and whatever crap snuck in between meals that we didn’t tell the wife about. We know we need 2-3 liters of clean water each day but we merrily justify coffee, coke and alcohol as forms of water. We know the tap water is full of chlorine and fluoride, both of which are extremely bad for your health but we mindlessly allow the government to keep slowly poisoning  us anyway. We know the government has never ever been beneficial for the public no matter who is in charge and the elections are rigged and still we vote because they tell us to. We know the wars in the world are bullshit (well we should, there is enough evidence of the scam) but we keep cheering the troops on.

This is Insanity. There is so much crap going on in the world right now it’s becoming difficult to stay sane. Far too often, we rely on someone else to tell us what to do. Luckily there is no shortage of folk who think they have a valid opinion of how you should live. Doctors, priests, politicians, pretty plastic people on TV, even well-meaning family members. Besides your family, everyone else is collecting a paycheck from telling us what to do. These are very stressful times in which we live, and it’s normal and ok to ask for guidance. But only we know what is best for us. If we’re not using these stressful times to re-evaluate, to test our beliefs, to look at life from another angle, we are not going to be that person we want to be or expect others to be.

We have already overcome the evolutionary forces that nature thrusts upon us. Now we must learn to overcome the vagaries of mind, biases of our narrow, limiting perceptions, to not be pushed around by petty differences, to learn how to integrate the baser 'negative' aspects of our nature and turn them into powerful, positive forces for 'good'.

This can only be achieved through unity and common goals, though not necessarily common beliefs. We must learn that our weakness is another's strength, that our strength is a compensation for our brother’s weaknesses. We must learn that weaknesses are not shortcomings. They are opportunities for growth, lessons to learn.

We all want change of some kind. Why not make some? Why wouldn’t you want to be better person? Do you think you are all you can be? Don’t limit yourself like that. Don’t let others prejudice limit you like that.

This era is your test. It’s your time to grow. Show yourself what you can do. The evolutionary development of your mind is your responsibility. It is a choice. A choice to evolve or to continue to react out of instinct. Acting out of instinct was valuable when we knew little or nothing of the world around, of social interactions, when it meant our survival. Now, we have everything we need to survive. We have the knowledge. We have the technology. We have a choice how we use it. Having these things makes our survival a no-brainer, allowing us something we never had before - the ability and choice to develop ourselves, to free ourselves from the fears that hold us back (whether or not we admit to them, they are there).

We have the power to make positive change for all mankind, both present and future. This change starts with the individual. As Gandhi said, “Be the change we want to see in the world”.

Give it a go. Amaze yourself. Be inspired and Inspire.


My Best to You.

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Am avut de ales intre a muri si a incerca sa gasesc un remediu. Sunt un om de stiinta - trebuia sa existe o explicatie rationala pentru care una din 12 femei din Anglia sufera de aceasta boala.

Oricine a intrat in contact cu cancerul de san stie ca anumiti factori de risc - cum ar fi varsta, menstruatia timpurie, menopauza cu debut intarziat si o familie cu antecedente - nu pot fi controlati. Dar sunt alti factori de risc pe care ii putem controla cu usurinta.

Puntem controla acesti factori de risc facand simple schimbari in viata de zi cu zi pentru preveni sau videca aceasta forma de cancer. Mesajul meu este ca pana si cancerul de san in stare avansata poate fi invins, pentru ca eu am reusit.

Primul indiciu pentru a intelege ce anume imi dezvolta cancerul de san l-am gasit cand sotul meu Peter, care este si el un om de stiinta, s-a intors de la munca din China. In acea perioada ma pregateam pentru o sesiune de chimioterapie.

Urmatoarele cuvinte rasunau ca un ecou in mintea mea: "De ce femeile din China nu au cancer de san?"

Am colaborat cu mai multi colegi din China la un studiu care facea legatura intre chimia solului si boli, si mi-am amintit unele statistici. Cacerul de san era aproape inexistent in toata tara. In China, doar o femeie din 10 000 moare de aceasta boala, comparativ cu una din 12 in Anglia, si mai grav, una din 10 in tarile occidentale.

Nu este vorba numai de faptul ca in China este mai raspandit mediu rural, cu mai putina poluare urbana. In Hong Kong, care este puternic urbanizat, rata de cancer de san este de 34 din 10 000 de femei, rata care este foarte mica in comparatie cu cea occidentala.

Mi s-a parut evident ca exista alti factori ai stilului de viata care influenteaza cancerul de san, independeti de poluare, urbanizare sau mediu.

Ulterior am descoperit ca oricare ar fi cauza diferentelor asa mari intre proportiile de cancer de san din orient si occident, aceasta cauza nu este genetica.

Cercetarile stiintifice au aratat ca atunci cand chinezii sau japonezii se muta in occident, pe parcursul unei generatii sau doua, ratele ce cancer de san se apropie de cele ale tarii gazda.

Acelasi lucru se intampla cand cei din orient adopta un stil de viata occidental in Hong Kong. De fapt, cancerul de san mai este numit in China si "boala femeilor bogate". Aceasta pentru ca in China numai cei instariti isi pot permite "mancare Hong Kong". Toate mancarurile occidentale, inclusiv totul de la inghetata si batoane de ciocolata la spaghete si branza feta, este denumit "mancare Hong Kong".

Bunul simt m-a facut sa gandesc ca ceea ce mi-a cauzat cancerul la san si numarul mare de cazuri din aceasta tara in general, are legatura cu stillul de viata al clasei de mijloc din occident.

Exista un aspect important si pentru barbati. In cercetarile mele am observat ca multe date despre cancerul de prostata duce la concluzii similare. Conform statisticilor de la Organizatia de Sanatate Mondiala (World Health Organization), numarul de barbati cu cancer de prostata in China este neglijabil, de numai 0,5 la 100 000. In Anglia si Scotia numarul este de 70 de ori mai mare. Ca si cancerul de san, este o boala  a clasei de mijloc care ataca in principal categoriile de oameni care isi permit anumite mancaruri.

Imi amintesc ca l-am intrebat pe Peter dupa ce s-a intors din China ce anume este asa diferit in stilul de viata al chinezilor. La ei de ce nu fac femeile cancer de san?
Ne-am hotarat sa abordam problema logic. Am examinat date stiintifice care scoteau in evidenta grasimile din dieta. Cercetatorii au descoperit ca in anii '80, numai 14% din calorii in dieta chinezilor era din grasimi, comparativ cu 36% in occident.

Dar dieta pe care o urmez de ani de zile, cu mult inainte sa fac cancer de san, era foarte scazuta in grasimi si bogata in fibre. Mai mult, ca om de stiinta, stiam ca grasimile in dieta adultilor nu s-au dovedit a creste riscul de cancer de san.

Intr-o zi, dupa indelungi cercetari, am realizat ca in China nu se mananca lactate. Atunci mi-am amintit cati chinezi sufera de intoleranta la lactoza, mi-am amintit cum colegii chinezi cu care lucram spuneau mereu ca laptele este numai pentru bebelusi, si cum unul din cei mai apropiati prieteni (care este de origine chineza), refuza mereu politicos antreurile cu branza de la petreceri.

Nu cunosteam niciun chinez care continua sa traiasca dupa obiceiurile traditionale si care sa foloseasca lactate pentru a isi hrani copiii. Traditia lor era sa angajeze o femeie care sa alapteze copilul daca era nevoie, dar niciodata sa nu foloseasca lactate. Pentru chinezi preocuparea occidentului fata de lactate este ciudata.

Imi amintesc de cand am gazduit o conferinta la putin timp dupa incheierea revolutiei culturale a anilor '80. Am comandat o budinca cu inghetata, iar cand am precizat ca acel desert contine lapte, toti chinezii au refuzat politicos sa o manance si nu au putut fi convinsi sa se razgandeasca.
La vremea respectiva ne-am bucurat foarte mult de portiile ramase in plus!

Am descoperit ca laptele este una din cele mai raspandite cauze ale alergiilor alimentare.

Peste 70% din populatia lumii nu poate digera lactoza, fapt ce i-a determinat pe nutritionisti sa considere ca este o situatie normala a adultilor, si nu o deficienta anume. Poate ca natura incearca sa ne spuna ca anumite alimente nu trebuie consumate.

Inainte sa am cancer de san mancam foarte multe lactate, cum ar fi lapte, branza si iaurt. Le-am folosit ca sursa primara de proteine. Mai mancam si carne slaba de vita tocata, din cea mai ieftina, care acum realizez ca probabil era provenita de la vaci de lapte mature.

Pentru a putea face fata chimioterapiei pe care am facut-o cand a revenit cancerul a cincea oara, am consumat foarte multe iaurturi organice pentu flora intestinala. Recent am descoperit ca in trecut, in 1989 iaurtul a fost corelat cu cancerul ovarian. Doctorul Daniel Cramer de la Universitatea Harvard a facut un studiu pe sute de femei cu cancer ovarian pe care le-a pus sa noteze in detaliu ce mancau. Imi doresc sa fi stiu de aceste descoperiri de pe atunci.

Studiind impreuna cu Peter dieta chinezeasca, am hotarat sa renunt la toate lactatele. Am aruncat branza, unt, lapte, iaurt si orice alte lactate.

Este surprinzator cat de multe produse, inclusiv supele comercializate, biscuiti, prajituri, contin o forma de lactate. Chiar si multe margarine promovate ca fiind de soia, floarea soarelui sau ulei de masline, contin lactate. Avand acestea in vedere, am inceput sa citesc toate etichetele de pe mancaruri.

Pana in acest punct, am masurat in mod regular progresele ganglionului canceros. In ciuda comentariilor incurajatoare din partea doctorilor si asistentelor, observatiile proprii imi spuneau amarul adevar. Prima sesiune de chimioterapie nu a avut niciun efect. Ganglionul era de aceeasi dimensiune.

Dupa aceea am eliminat lactatele. In cateva zile ganglionul a inceput sa isi reduca dimensiunile. La doua saptamani dupa a doua sedinta de chimioterapie si la o saptamana dupa ce am renuntat la produsele lactate, ganglionul din gat a inceput sa imi provoace mancarimi. Apoi a inceput sa isi reduca dimensiunile. Linia graficului pe care il facusem pe baza masuratorilor incepuse sa se indrepte in jos pe masura ce tumoarea se micsora.

Foate important de retinut este ca graficul in loc sa aiba un declin exponential, dimensiunea tumorii a scazut liniar, indicand vindecare si nu suprimare (sau remisie) a tumorii.

Intr-o sambata, dupa sase saptamani de cand renuntasem la produsele lactate, am avut o sedinta de meditatie de o ora, dupa care am pipait sa verific ganglionul. Nu l-am putut gasi, desi aveam experienta in detectarea ganglionilor cancerosi (mi i-am detectat singura pe toti cinci). M-am dus la sotul meu si l-am rugat sa imi pipaie gatul si nici el nu a gasit ganglionul.

In urmatoarea zi de marti am fost la control. Dupa o examinare amanuntita, medicul nu a mai gasit tumoarea. Niciunul din doctori nu se astepta ca cineva cu tipul si stagiul de cancer pe care il aveam (care s-a raspandit in sistemul limfatic) sa supravietuiasca, cu atat mai putin sa se vindece.

Specialistul a fost foarte bucuros de rezultatele analizelor. Cand i-am spus initial  ideile mele a fost sceptic. Acum foloseste harti pe care arata mortalitatea din cauza cancerului in China in prelegerile pe care le tine si recomanda o dieta fara lactate pacientilor cu cancer.

Am convingerea ca legatura dintre lactate si cancerul de san este similara cu legatura dintre fumat si cancer de plamani. Cred ca identificand aceasta legatura intre lactate si cancerul de san, iar apoi urmand o dieta pentru mentinerea sanatatii, m-am vindecat.

A fost greu pentru mine, cum probabil este si pentru altii, sa accept ca o substanta "naturala" precum laptele poate avea implicatii asa mari asupra sanatatii.

Sursa: - Autor: Prof. Jane Plant, PhD, CBE via

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Il cosiddetto "scandalo fiscale planetario". A finire sotto la lente d'ingrandimento dell'ICIJ questa volta è la Deutsche Bank, la più grande banca tedesca.

Secondo quanto rivelato dall'ICIJ, in collaborazione con il quotidiano tedesco Sueddeutsche Zeitung, la Deutsche Bank avrebbe aiutato i propri clienti a sviluppare e mantenere oltre 300 compagnie "offshore" (per la precisione, 309) all'interno di paradisi fiscali attraverso una sua filiale che ha sede a Singapore.

I dipendenti della banca tedesca coinvolti sarebbero più di un centinaio. Quest'ultimi, con l'aiuto di un'altra compagnia con sede a Singapore, la Portcullis TrustNet, avrebbero aiutato i clienti della Deutsche Bank a creare entità offshore dai nomi più strani come “Thrilling Returns Incorporated,” “Amazing Opportunity Limited” e “Market Dollar Group Limited”.

La banca tedesca, per adesso, si è rifiutata di rispondere a domande precise ma ha solamente fornito un commento generale. "La Deutsche Bank non sta offrendo nessun consiglio fiscale o servizio di registrazione di compagnie in paradisi fiscali" si legge in una nota di un portavoce.

Nonostante queste dichiarazioni, tuttavia, l'imbarazzo delle grandi istituzioni finanziarie continua a crescere. Secondo Frank Wehrheim, capo dell'unità investigazioni fiscali nella città di Francoforte, le grandi banche come la Deutsche Bank sono responsabili per "complicità in frode fiscale, riciclaggio di denaro e crimini simili".

Nonostante ciò, i paradisi fiscali mantengono legislazioni tributarie e fiscali molto complesse che, nella maggior parte dei casi, non permettono alle autorità di andare a fondo.

Fonte: - Autore: Dario Saltari

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Sono Marcello Foa sono un giornalista (e docente) di scuola montanelliana. Ho incentrato le mie ricerche e la mia analisi, anche quotidiana, sul modo in cui i governi e le istituzioni riescono ad orientare i media, spesso all'insaputa sia dei giornalisti e sia dell'opinione pubblica.

Come si producono verità più "vere" di altre. Marcello Foa, giornalista e docente, parla di Spin Doctor, di "Frame" e delle strategie per inattivare i grandi cambiamenti sociali.

Produzione e diritti:

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According to eBay, there were only two bids on the historic document, but the competition was enough to bump the sale to just above the asking price of $3 million, i09 notes.

However, when the auction was announced earlier this month, Eric Gazin, president of the Los Angeles-based auction house that handled the sale, speculated the item might triple its opening bid threshold, Fox News reports.

The auction closed Oct. 18, 2012.

The handwritten letter, sent to Jewish philosopher Erik Gutkind shortly before Einstein's death, references several philosophical and theological themes including religion and tribalism. The letter also expresses Einstein's belief that God does not exist.

Here is a partial translation of Einstein's letter (via Auction Cause):

The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honorable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me) change this. These subtilised interpretations are highly manifold according to their nature and have almost nothing to do with the original text. For me the Jewish religion like all other religions is an incarnation of the most childish superstitions. And the Jewish people to whom I gladly belong and with whose mentality I have a deep affinity have no different quality for me than all other people. As far as my experience goes, they are also no better than other human groups, although they are protected from the worst cancers by a lack of power. Otherwise I cannot see anything 'chosen' about them.

The letter was auctioned with its envelope, stamp and postmark.

Its anonymous seller turned quite a profit on the sale: The item was purchased from Bloomsbury Auctions in London in 2008 for $404,000, according to Reuters. That auction, which revived interest in the letter, “poured gasoline on the culture wars between science and religion,” according to The New York Times. Among the bidders who reportedly lost out in 2008 was the well-known atheist and scientist Richard Dawkins.


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And a new study recently published in the journal Antiviral Therapy affirms this, having found that bee venom, which is released during a bee sting, may hold the key to targeting and destroying HIV.

As reported by U.S. News & World Report, scientists from the Washington University (WU) School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, identified the presence of a compound known as melittin that they say exhibits powerful anti-HIV effects. The bee venom toxin was visibly observed to destroy the viral components of HIV while leaving healthy cells unharmed.

For their research, Joshua Hood and his colleagues from WU attached melittin to nanoparticles that are smaller than HIV. They then applied the resulting substance to HIV itself, where it was clearly observed to "rip holes" in the outer layer of the virus, effectively destroying it. But because of the particles' size, they did not harm healthy cells in the body.

According to, the team also applied the solution to healthy human cells obtained from vaginal walls. They observed that the substance did not visibly affect these healthy cells at all, illustrating the unique nature of the bee venom in differentiating between the cells it is supposed to attack, and the cells it is supposed to leave unharmed.

"Based on this finding, we propose that melittin-loaded nanoparticles are well-suited for use as topical vaginal HIV virucidal agents," wrote the authors in their paper. "Out hope is that in places where HIV is running rampant, people could use this as a preventative measure to stop the initial infections."

As far as HIV potentially growing resistance to the treatment later on down the road, researchers believe such a scenario will never materialize due to the nature of the mechanistic action. Because bee venom specifically destroys the outer layer of the virus, which results in the virus itself dying, there is little or no chance of resistance ever developing.

"Theoretically, melittin nanoparticles are not susceptible to HIV mutational resistance seen with standard HIV therapies," added the research team. "By disintegrating the [virus'] lipid envelope, [it's] less likely to develop resistance to the melittin nanoparticles."

Propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen, and raw honey may also target HIV

However, the use of nanoparticles, which have never been proven safe, is not actually necessary for bee venom to do its work. A patent issued to Vespa Laboratories, Inc. back in 1989 reveals that the use of melittin as a natural antiretroviral treatment was known long before nanoparticles were even invented (or discovered), which means the substance itself, without modification, possesses anti-HIV properties.

And besides bee venom, many other bee products may also target HIV naturally without the need for deadly antiretroviral drugs and therapies. Numerous scientific studies have shown that bee propolis, for instance, is loaded with biologically-active substances that stimulate immunity and prevent HIV replication. And royal jelly, which is considered by many to be a "perfect food," contains all sorts of beneficial hormones, vitamins, and other nutrients that naturally promote strong immunity and the proliferation of healthy cells.

"Five bee products are involved in apitherapy protocol for the treatment of HIV/AIDS," explains an article posted on "These are honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, and bee venom. The first four can be used as food supplements and [medications], while bee venom is only applicable as medicine for HIV/AIDS and other disease conditions."

Sources for this article include:

Learn more: - Author: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

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Paul, cu o fata abatuta si ganditoare, se intalneste cu o prietena, Laura, sa bea o cafea, intr-un bar. Deprimat, se descarca, spunandu-i problemele lui: cu munca, cu banii... relatia cu iubita lui, vocatia sa!...

Laura baga mana in geanta, scoase o bancnota de 500 € si-i spuse:  - Vrei bancnota asta?

Paul, un pic confuz la inceput, i-a raspuns:
           - Bineinteles, Laura… Sunt 500 €. Cine nu i-ar vrea?

Atunci Laura lua bancnota in pumn si o mototoli, facand-o ghem…

Aratandu-i bancnota mototolita, l-a intrebat din nou pe Paul:  - Si acum o mai vrei?
          - Laura, nu stiu ce pretinzi cu asta, dar sunt tot 500 €.
Bineinteles ca-i vreau daca mi-i dai.

Laura desfacu bancnota, o arunca pe jos si o calca in picioare, apoi o ridica, prafuita si murdara.Tot o mai vrei?

 - Uite, Laura, tot nu inteleg ce vrei sa spui, dar este o bancnota de 500 € si atat timp cat nu o rupi, are aceeasi valoare…

Paul, trebuie sa stii ca, chiar daca uneori nu iese cum vrei, chiar daca viata te mototoleste sau te calca in picioare, continui sa fii la fel de valoros cum ai fost mereu…

Ceea ce trebuie sa te intrebi este cat valorezi in realitate si nu cat esti de lovit la un moment dat.

Paul ramase privind-o pe Laura fara sa spuna nimic, timp in care impactul mesajului lucra in mintea sa…

Laura a pus bancnota mototolita pe masa si cu un zambet complice a adaugat:
  -Poftim, pastreaz-o, pentru ca sa-ti amintesti de asta cand te simti rau… dar imi datorezi o bancnota noua de 500€ pentru a o putea folosi cu urmatorul prieten care va avea nevoie... si s-a indreptat spre iesire.

 Paul a privit din nou bancnota, a zambit, a pus-o bine, si cu o energie noua a chemat ospatarul sa plateasca nota...

De cate ori nu ne indoim de propria noastra valoare, de ceea ce meritam cu adevarat si ca putem reusi daca ne-o propunem?

   Bineinteles ca nu ajunge doar a-ti propune…
    Trebuie trecut la actiune si exista multe cai…

Incearca sa raspunzi la aceste cerinte:
1. Numeste cele mai bogate 5 persoane din lume.
2. Numeste ultimele 5 castigatoare ale concursului Miss Univers.
3. Numeste 5 castigatori ai premiului Nobel.
4. Numeste ultimii 5 castigatori de Oscar pentru cel mai bun actor sau actrita.

Cum este? Rau? Nu-ti face probleme! Niciunul dintre noi nu-si aminteste. Aplauzele vin si se duc! Trofeele se prafuiesc ! Frumusetea e trecatoare...

Acum raspunde la acestea:  
1. Numeste 5 persoane care te-au ajutat in educatia ta.
2. Numeste 5 persoane care te-au ajutat in momente dificile.
3. Numeste 5 persoane care te-au facut sa simti ceva special.
4. Numeste 5 persoane cu care-ti place sa-ti petreci timpul liber.

Cum este?  Mai bine?
     Persoanele care te marcheaza in viata nu sunt acelea cu cele mai multe bunuri, cu mai multi bani sau cu cele mai mari premii…

          … Sunt acelea care se preocupa pentru tine, care te ingrijesc, care in multe feluri sunt aproape de tine...

  Reflecteaza un moment… Viata este foarte scurta…

Tu?... Pe ce lista esti ? ...  

     Nu esti printre cei bogati si faimosi, dar esti printre cei de care mi-am amintit pentru a-i trimite acest mesaj… aceasta floare, simbol al prieteniei...

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