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George tries to break up with his girlfriend, Maura, only she doesn't agree. Jerry has purchased cuff links worn by Jerry Lewis in Cinderfella. He plans to use them as a conversation starter with Lewis when he goes to an upcoming roast at the Friar's Club. Having the same first name isn't enough. A man of mystery that she has met intrigues Elaine. Jerry suggests that perhaps he is a super-hero. With robberies occurring in the building, Kramer has obtained a strongbox to hold his valuables. He needs to find a place to hide his key. A place that no one knows, except him. His first place doesn't work. George lays out all of the reasons that they should be officially broken up, Maura still doesn't agree "to turn the key." Elaine gives up on her mystery man when he runs from a woman that Elaine deduces is his wife. She returns to Jerry's apartment to find that his intercom is broken. So she shouts to him from the street, about the mystery man, while she waits for the opportunity to get into his building. Jerry inspects his intercom, only to find Kramer's strongbox key hidden inside. Kramer hides his key again. Jerry finds the key again and decides to go down to let George in. While downstairs, a neighbor who's forgotten his key and is unknown to Jerry asks to be let in. Jerry denies him entry. Elaine goes to the mystery man's shabby apartment and discovers he is poor and on welfare. The woman he ran from is his welfare caseworker. Jerry discovers the keyless neighbor, does in fact live in his building, on the 5th floor in apartment 5E (!) right next door to Kramer. Elaine tells Jerry about her mystery man's super powers. George decides that cheating on Maura might be his ticket out. Kramer lets Phil, Jerry's "new" neighbor, keep his parrot in the hallway. Kramer also hides his key at Phil's. Glenn, the mystery man, takes Elaine on a date in the alley. Jerry needs his cufflinks for the roast, only to find out that Kramer has locked them in his strongbox. The key to the strongbox was hidden in the parrot's food dish, only now the parrot is dead (from food poisoning) and buried in a pet cemetery. George tries getting caught with the other woman, only both women agree that they can work with George through this incident. Elaine discovers that Glenn is, in fact, married. Kramer and Jerry go to the pet cemetery to exhume the key, his neighbor catches only Jerry. George asks what's in the cooler (strongbox) as he easily opens it up.



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Scrubs is an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning American situation comedy/comedy-drama created by Bill Lawrence and produced by Touchstone Television that premiered on NBC. Theme of Scrubs focuses on the professional and personal lives of several characters working at Sacred Heart Hospital, a fictional teaching hospital. It uses first-person narration, verbose characters, segues between subplots, fast pace, and surreal escapism counterpointed by poignant pieces where the characters address how doctors deal with real issues relating to the practice of medicine and their personal lives.


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Genre Comedy-drama
Created by Bill Lawrence
Starring Zach Braff
Sarah Chalke
Donald Faison
Neil Flynn
Ken Jenkins
John C. McGinley
Judy Reyes
Eliza Coupe
Kerry Bishé
Michael Mosley
Dave Franco
Narrated by Zach Braff
Kerry Bishé
Opening theme "Superman" by Lazlo Bane(Seasons 1–8)
Covered by WAZ (Season 9)
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 9
No. of episodes 181 (including one double-length episode)




Don't expect the Ross-and-Rachel routine during the final season of Scrubs.

Creator Bill Lawrence will resolve the will-they-or-won't-they of docs J.D. (Zach Braff) and Elliot (Sarah Chalke). But that's only one of many relationships that will get substantial attention in the hospital comedy's seventh and final season, which premieres tonight (NBC, 9:30 ET/PT - Updated 10/25/2007 3:10 PM ).

"We're going to resolve those things during the year rather than build up to some overwrought, emotional finale. This is a comedy. All people want is a chance to say goodbye and that we tie up loose ends," Lawrence says, then jokes: "Then we're going to cut to black really quick and play a Journey song."

Lawrence says the main goal is to satisfy "the loyal cult audience," one that has helped the Emmy-nominated series score a long run, despite so-so ratings.

"This fan base has kept the show alive single-handedly by consuming the DVDs and websites and following us from time slot to time slot," he says. "If you try to satisfy them, they feel very proprietary about the show. If you're not a big juggernaut hit, it's the way to stay alive."

Knowing this is the final season, Lawrence and his writers get to plan the show's conclusion, a luxury that wasn't available last season because it wasn't clear when the show would end. That's one reason last season ended with cliffhanging stories, such as J.D.'s impending fatherhood and Elliot's upcoming wedding, both of which will be addressed this season.

Questions surrounding many other relationships will be answered as well, such as: Will physician buddies J.D. and Turk (Donald Faison), who is married to nurse Carla (Judy Reyes), remain as close as they have been in the face of adulthood? Will J.D. finally get validation from the sharp-tongued Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley)?

Braff, whose perpetual man-child character will do some growing up this season, especially enjoys the intimacy of the J.D.-Turk friendship. "It's funny and original. I think Bill has pushed the envelope in how gay two characters can be without actually being gay," he says of a duo that sang Guy Love in last season's musical episode.

In addition, the janitor (Neil Flynn) will finally get a name and a girlfriend, because that's what Flynn asked for if the show returned for a seventh season. Secondary characters will get attention, including jittery lawyer Ted (Sam Lloyd), self-loving surgeon Todd (Robert Maschio) and Dr. Cox's wife, Jordan (Christa Miller, who is married to Lawrence).

Some guest stars will return, including Tom Cavanagh and Elizabeth Banks. Lawrence and Braff wish they could bring back others, such as Brendan Fraser, but the writers killed off some characters.

In place of a musical, this season's extravaganza, directed by Braff, will pay homage to The Princess Bride, centering on a bedtime story Dr. Cox tells his daughter. That means wild costumes for cast members who will play such characters as the village idiot (Braff), a giant (Flynn), a princess (Chalke) and a knight (McGinley).

Such signature fantasy scenes have been part of Scrubs' odd balancing act, a comedy that can be extremely broad while also touching on serious emotional elements. When the show has gotten too goofy, that connection has broken, Lawrence says.

Braff, who likes the broad comedy, says Scrubs will tone it down this year, reflecting its early days. "I think it's smart to end where it began, which was a smidgen less broad than at times we have been."



Nika Andrea Anella
Nika | Andrea | Anella
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Question? Comments? Death threats? Email them to hipsterhitler at

Hey everyone, thanks for the overwhelming response.. we've got more comics in the bag that are going to be out soon. In between you can expect inane chatter from me an JC on our twitter page ( and our facebook page (see below).

And since a lot of people have been asking us... Yes, we're working on getting t-shirts of the slogans as well as hipster hitler wearing the slogans up soon-ish... It's all a bit new to us so we're working our way through it




 Regarding the cultural issues, this is a sequence from a swedish comedy show about the svenska tjej ”swedish girl”.

However whether this makes things clearer or more confusing is anyones guess. The comedian Henrik Schyffert makes fun of some swedish girls tendency to express wishes for one thing but choosing something completely else creating a weird political enviroment.

Also we need to remember one of the highest ranked radical feminist ideologists was a fraud of highest degree.


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Welcome to Wasted Talent! If you're new, Click Here for everything you need to know before you can start reading!

Wasted Talent is an autobiographical webcomic by Angela Melick. Lately, it has been updating weekly on an undetermined day.

Here, you can learn more about Jam, the history of Wasted Talent, and its "characters", and find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

As always, if you need anything else, you can Email Jam Directly!

Source: - Author: Angela Melick

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Atheism - from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Atheism, in a broad sense, is the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. In a narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities. Most inclusively, atheism is simply the absence of belief that any deities exist. Atheism is contrasted with theism, which in its most general form is the belief that at least one deity exists.

so not only does god have a penis, but its a "perfected" penis. thing must be awe-inspiring.

If he is made in his own perfect image, is he pre-circumcised, or does he need someone to mutilate him to reach perfection?

Wow! I have NEVER thought of this? Maybe if the muslims get virgins in heaven, I can get some of that god-penis action if I become a mormon! Hmmm...I'll be in my bunk...

And the erections thereof can trigger earthquakes...

Just learned about this website. IT'S TROLL TIME.

Quick, to the Trollmobile!

Cognitive dissonance: because not thinking about it is so much easier.

I always thought "does God have a belly button?" was more of a head scratcher. 

He does, but only because Satan put it there to test our faith.

Christians hate specific questions like this. Does god have a toilet and need to go for a shit? When jesus ascended to heaven was he in human form? How did the body get through the upper atmosphere and where exactly did it go? Did jesus ever masturbate when he was a teenager?

I'm tempted...

I've tried it and they are mostly so slow to respond that you get bored before you can have very much fun with them.
I feel kind of bad for them though because there are probably just a handful of volunteers addressing all these chats who are being threatened with hellfire if they don't match a conversion quota.

I tried it a few times and my experience was mostly the same. I did get a pretty good one last month though:

Well done.

i don't know what's better--this chat conversation, or the fact that there is a with a chat option

I dont think you will get anyone to answer this question. It opens up all sorts of interesting follow up questions.

If god has a penis, did he use it to penetrate Mary. And if so, doesn't that technically not make her a virgin?

Of course, he's been fucking with us ever since.

Of course she doesn't, don't be ridiculous. Well, there was that time with a strap-on, but I don't think that counts, and neither of us had fun.

Funny thing is that SETH was the god if the underword for Ancient Egyptians...

You were going for the godly boner question, weren't you, devilish mind?


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Two brave, cheeky social commentators, intelligently identifying themselves only by the initials JC + APK, have launched the webcomic series “Hipster Hitler” to heavy fanfare. While still in its infancy, the three-episode-deep strip (the other two are included after the jump) is smart, ironic and, at times, laugh-out-loud funny. If you dare wear one in public, the Hipster Hitler guys (gals?) have also made a line of T-shirts based on the shirts he wears and the comic itself.

Over the years, Hitler has strangely become an Internet sensation of sorts, with the now-ubiquitous series of Downfall parody videos, which show him reacting to things that bother him in modern popular culture – from LeBron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to Susan Boyle not winning Britain’s Got Talent. Like the videos, “Hipster Hitler” turns the most evil human being in history into a caricature, allowing all of us to step back for a moment and laugh at someone we truly despise. That’s a rare opportunity in life and one of the reasons why I think the Hitler meme has been so successful.

More of these comics are sure to follow, and hopefully they’ll be as clever and original as the first three.


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On days when I can only remember back a few years, I've been a fan of Ruben Bolling's Tom the Dancing Bug for as long as I can remember. The zany strip appears weekly in Salon Magazine. The strip occasionally chronicles the adventures of...


Have trouble finding your favorite God-Man adventures?

No more! Just use this handy pocket catalog.

Follow the links. Thrill at omnipotent derring-do!


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