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Anonymous has a grave announcement to make to all users of the World Wide Web.

The Internet you have come to take for granted has once again come under attack.

Several interest groups have been successfully lobbying to consolidate internet censorship within the United States. They are rallying for the right to remove any websites they deem "inappropriate" and, ultimately, for the ability to remove any content that disagrees with their profit margins, personal whims, or other agendas.

This new initiative is called the PROTECT IP Act:

This bill would allow the US Government to force ISPs and search engines to censor websites they do not like under the guise of "copyright protection".
Instead of reducing piracy, this bill endangers the free flow of information. Through domain seizures, ISP blockades, search engine censorship, and the restriction of funding to websites accused of infringement, this bill promises to take Internet censorship to the next level. Furthermore, it violates the citizens' rights to due process, to free speech, to free expression and to legal representation at their hearing.

The Internet is a place where anyone and everyone can come together freely to share information and opinions. The freedom the Internet provides has served as a global aid for tens of millions of people in places like Egypt, Tunisia and Iran, to name a few. All of this has been accomplished largely without interference from corporations, governments, or any other global institutions until now.

We must unite and stand up to those who wish to censor the Internet. We must not allow them the freedom to moderate information and decide what we are "permitted" to view. We must protect what is rightfully ours.

We must protect the rights of the Internet.

You Are Anonymous
You are legion
You can not forgive this.
You can not forget this.
Expect eRevolution.

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We need to have a true banking system that is built to last. There are two separate purposes to a bank. The primary reason of a bank's existence is to safely store your money. That is why banks have vaults. You bring your money to them and they keep it safe for you. Today we also have available services such as internet banking, cashiers checks, electronic transfers, debit cards, ATM's, etc. The bank keeps your money safe, accessible and today able to be used much more conveniently. That is the sole purpose of a bank. Every last penny you put in would be held in reserve and available to you on request. Banks would not lend any of it out. Banks would make money in this model because you would pay fees to the bank for their services, and you would always know your money is safe, secure and that any "run on the bank" could be covered by the bank's reserves.

The second and separate function of a bank is lending/investing. This function should be entirely separate from the first function. This function is for those who wish to put some or all of their money at risk for a possible gain, and they also accept the losses if their investment fails. If you want to invest in such services of a bank you could buy stock, bonds, CD's or other investment opportunities at agreed upon terms between you and the bank. If we have a crash in the economy, only this "at risk" or invested money is in jeopardy. Currently both these functions are intermingled and when one goes down it takes the entire financial system with it. We must end this insanity and return to a sound banking model.


We can't say it much more clearly than that. The Federal Reserve System needs to be systematically taken apart and replaced with hard money and a sound banking system. Money should be issued by the US Treasury and have some if not full hard assets backing it. We should also end legal tender laws so there can be competing currencies issued by the private market as well.


We must re-define the scope of government. The original idea of America was to have a strong but very limited in scope Federal Government. The Constitution laid out clearly what the scope was to be and it is a small fraction of what it has evolved into today.

There is no question that as time goes on there are new issues that arise because of new problems and technologies, but the inherent and legal philosophy can and should still be used to make the determination on whether it fits into the federal government's proper role to manage these things. If it is something that falls outside of what the constitution allows, they either must not do it or we change the constitution to accommodate this new responsibility. The reason this is so important is not just because one is a stickler for the letter of the Constitution but because Governments, unless strictly held in check, only grow over time.

Most bureaucrats and elected officials want more money and control, and as this occurs they get their hands into more and more areas of life. The problem is that as the organism of central government grows it becomes unfocused and loses transparency. Waste and corruption go up and accountability goes down. Just look at recent events with the banking bailouts, the BP oil spill and other areas of corruption and incompetence such as Katrina. Another important problem is that you have a lot less individual say in your federal government as you are only 1 in 231 million eligible voters and it takes huge amounts of money and organization to make an impact on a national level. On the other hand you can have far more impact in your city or even your state. It's much easier to hold local governments accountable than it is a national government. You could reasonably have a chance of being on your city council or maybe even the state assembly. It is much more difficult to be in the House of Representatives, not to mention the Senate or President.

Less government is better, but the government we have should be as local as possible. We are often caught up with reform rather then elimination, and while we can reform the government until we are blue in the face, much of it just needs to be eliminated. To give you a feeling about how the size of the Federal Government has grown here are the percentages of the Gross Domestic Product that our Federal Government spends. This number tells us how big a piece of the entire economy the government is:

Federal government 2.5% of GDP
All government (including Federal, state and local) 7% of GDP

Federal government 10% of GDP
All government was 20% of GDP

Federal government 20% of GDP
All government 32% of GDP

Federal government 25% of GDP
All government 45% of GDP

In less than 100 years the size of the federal government has grown ten fold. We need to reign in the size of government and get it down to less than half its current size relative to GDP. The total of all government in the US should not exceed 20% and the federal government should be less than 10%. We need to cut, but what are we to cut? It's not as hard as you may think, and you will be surprised at how long we have managed to live without these programs that have now become untouchable.

Cut the following departments to either their proper role or cut them entirely and take the few responsibilities that some of them have that are needed and lawful and merge them into departments that are more justifiable. We need a department of defense we just don't need them to police the world:

Department of Defense (Created 1947)

We should bring most if not every troop home, not only from the middle east wars but also from our foreign bases. There is no increased long term safety to have troops all over the world and spend the $1trillion dollars annually to maintain this false sense of security. It's always funny how these war hawk, anti-terror, hard liners can't wait to send troops all over the world and yet our borders and ports are totally unsecured. Wait, here's an idea, bring our troops home, reunite them with their families, spend a hell of a lot less money and have them secure our borders and ports! Let these other countries figure out their own issues. Defense policy should not run on fear. That's what they constantly feed us. Do not become a victim of fear. As Ben Franklin said, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety".

Department of Energy (Created 1977)

The free market will handle energy demands. All we need is a department that manages mineral rights for mining and Oil/Gas drilling. We do not need a so called "energy policy". This department has caused far more bad than good. Do some research on ethanol and how the heavy subsidizing of corn to produce ethanol has caused massive deforestation, more pollution and higher food costs. The market will meet our energy needs not the government.

Department of Education (Created 1979)

This department hurts education, it doesn't help it. It exists because educational special interests have taken over the system in this country. Government in this country spends over $1 trillion on education annually. In 1970 we spent $56.5 billion. That is a 20 fold increase in spending and our test scores have stayed the same. How are we spending 20 times as much for the same? Some of that is inflation but most of it is not. Also remember that in 1970 people did not have computers and other high tech devices that should be accelerating learning today by leaps and bounds.

Department of Homeland Security (Created 2002)

This department does more to hurt civil liberties in this nation than anyone can imagine. We do not need this department. It opens the door to a massive loss on civil liberties.

Department of Labor (Created 1913)

Labor is a state issue. The federal government does not need to tell you how to have people do their jobs.

Department of Agriculture (Created 1862)

Farming is a state and market issue. The market place will meet the food demand and this department's rules are set up to favor a move to a mega agri-business model, where a few huge corporations make all the food. The food they make tends not to be healthy or made with care for you, the earth or the animals they sell.

Department of Housing and Urban Development (Created 1965)

Housing is a city and local issue. The federal government often creates large ghettos and is a major contributor to price inflation in real estate because of their interference.

Medicaid (Created 1965)

Providing healthcare for the poor is something that if it's going to be done should only be done at a state and local level. Really it should be done by charities and not the government. This program and the way it's designed bankrupts states, creates medical care inflation and creates a dependent class of people.

Social Security (Created 1935)

This program went from a national insurance policy for very old widows to a national retirement plan for the masses. Whether you like it or not, it will go bankrupt, and we have to, at a minimum, get this program solvent. This most fairly and easily could be done by raising the retirement age significantly. Think about this: when social security was created in the 1930's, the average life expectancy was 62, but you did not start receiving social security until the age of 65.

If you're going to do an apples to apples comparison with the current life expectancy then and now, the retirement age for social security should be 80 today. The people today who are at or near the current retirement age do need to have the promise we made them kept, but we need to begin to move this program into its intended direction. Social security should be a bottom line insurance plan for people who can no longer physically work and have outlived their savings.

Medicare (Created 1965)

This program is only about 45 years old and already threatens the entire United States as its deficits are going to be overwhelming very soon. There are two main issues. The first is that healthcare is too expensive, primarily due to the fact that we do not have a free market for healthcare. The way to create manageable healthcare costs is not difficult:

Get rid of mandates for coverage. Buy only the coverage that you desire and not what the state tells you to have.
Allow people to buy insurance across state lines so there is maximum competition.
We must have tort reform to bring down the frequency and the costs of lawsuits.
Make the tax laws the same for business and individuals so that people can purchase health insurance on their own rather than through company. This creates much more portability.
Get the government out of healthcare. They already spend 50% of every healthcare dollar and have driven costs and inefficiencies through the roof. We need individuals responsible for their own healthcare. If we knew the costs and had to pay for it, we would be much more conservative in what services we needed. Insurance is for the unforeseen. Cancer or a heart attack is unforeseen; the Flu or a broken finger is not. We must restore a marketplace to healthcare in the same way that we have a marketplace for most every other good or service.
The above ideas are just a start. Literally every level of government needs to be totally overhauled. We need to examine what we really need each level of government to be doing and what we or the market can do for ourselves. Most things fall into the latter.
We as Americans are facing a dire future and possible economic and structural collapse if we do not face the facts and take back individual responsibility. Political promises do nothing. The same speeches we hear every election cycle, but it is the power of the people given them by the law of our land that must hold our massive government accountable. Remember the government serves the people.

The warning of the upcoming cliff can be best summed up by a quote most attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville, "The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money."

Repeal the 17th Amendment

In 1913 (bad year if you like freedom!), the same year that the Federal Reserve was created, there were two constitutional amendments put into place that have radically changed America for the worst. The first was the 16th Amendment which paved the way for the IRS and the personal income tax, and the second was the 17th Amendment put into affect in April of that same year.

The 17th amendment sounds simple and not too controversial. It changes election laws for Senators by mandating that our Senators be elected by popular vote. However prior to this, the Constitution mandated that all Senators were to be chosen by their state legislature.

You may think that this change shouldn't matter much, but simply put, America always had a balance of power in its federal government. Our elected House of Representatives are localized and popularly elected officials who are there to bring a very quick response from the people to Washington, and to give smaller groups of people a say in their government. With short two year terms this part of the congress could be reshuffled quickly to advocate the will of the people.

The President was meant to represent the will of our nation as a whole and Presidential terms were set at four years, which is in between the two years for Representatives and the six year terms of our Senators. This balanced our congress with both a shorter, medium term and longer national outlook. Senators were always picked by our state legislators to represent the interests of the individual states. This Senate branch of congress was meant to move more thoughtfully and slowly, hence the 6 year terms. Senators were created to defend the power and independence of the state they were chosen to represent.

However, the 17th Amendment changed this by changing the election of Senators to popular vote. In so doing, we have destroyed this carefully crafted congressional system that was put in place by our founding fathers. In part, running for Senator is generally much more expensive than it is to run for the House of Representatives, and money pours in from large companies and special interests intended to influence Senators and elect those that will advance their special agenda. Overall, this amendment allows for centralized powerbases and radically affects state sovereignty. Because the states no longer have a seat at the national table, we have seen a huge power move from constitutionally mandated state centered government to nationally centered government.

This amendment was not an accident but a carefully planned and executed coup. Passed under the smoke screen of giving "citizens"; more control of their government it has done just the opposite by adding further corruption to the system and vastly eroding state independence.

Our Republic took a big hit in 1913. We would do this nation a great justice by repealing the 16th amendment, 17th amendment and The Federal Reserve act.


We need to end the economy of Debt. Think about it: credit cards, car loans, long mortgages, financing for school, computers, big screen tv’s. All this credit everywhere. Most of us Americans live in debt. Many of our parents and most all of our grandparents didn’t live like this. You paid cash! You bought a new car when you had the money to pay for it. Many bought homes for cash and mortgages were often 7 years with big down payments. As our film shows, our current fiat money is inherently debt. It is loaned into existence. It is worth nothing inherently. It’s just an IOU. We all need to realize that we are going to have to live within our means. Spend only what we have and save for unforeseen events and our future. Living a debt free financially rational life is liberating; your relationships, family and sense of well being are all better. The materialism behind “buy now pay later” is a garbage lie that has us all chasing a carrot we can never catch. It has made many of us slaves. I implore to you be just a bit more old fashion and think of what your grandfather would have done.


We need to begin to reinstitute "real money". Historically money was gold and silver or a piece of paper that was redeemable for an amount of gold or silver. There are potential improvements possible than strict gold and silver standard, but the core idea here is that paper money has to represent something with long term real value which is finite and can be converted into a real asset. For example, we could have multiple precious metals, oil, food and other real assets put into a "basket" to stand behind our money. Gold and silver had a few problems as a hard money standard, but worked fairly well and could work even better with a few updates. Regardless of the backing, our money should only be created if it represents something that is valuable today, was valuable yesterday and has a good chance of being valuable tomorrow. Something real! Removing legal tender laws that prohibit private currencies would open up the marketplace to other ideas so we could have the best, most stable money there can be.


For the first 120 years of this country we had no income tax. We didn't need an income tax then and we don't need an income tax now. Whether we can repeal the 16th amendment and get rid of the income tax may not happen in step one, but let us at least have a fair and free system where everyone must share the burden of taxation. For instance, if you can vote to get a benefit for you, but demand that I pay for it, that is not going to promote long term freedom and prosperity for either of us. The more you use or make, the more you pay, but it must be proportional and that is the fundamental key to fair taxation.

Two other core ideas to fair taxation are that it be simple and only used for revenue generation and not intimidation or returning favors. This is what the current complex code does. It's so complicated that what the IRS demands you pay becomes a matter of interpretation. Loopholes are written into the code to favor the politically connected. It's nonsense. If we have to have an income tax it should be flat with very limited if any deductions, such as the money you give to charity. Remember most of the loopholes are for the politically connected anyway not for you or me.

The other core idea to fair taxation requires that the tax rate be as low as possible. A very common falsehood about taxes is that the higher the tax rate the more money the government raises in revenue. This is not true. The higher tax rates go up the more you cut economic growth. In economics, there is a point that higher taxes and maximum revenue cross which shows the most revenue the government can raise. It is much lower than you may think, about 10-15% depending on which economist's model and deductions you include, far lower than our current system. This rate is for all taxes, including social security and medicare. This rate should be applied to all forms of personal income and to business's net income. One rate, one set of rules, everyone pays. That is fair taxation.

The American Dream offers a powerful and informative look at America's economic collapse and reveals the ugly truth behind the Federal Reserve... Price: $9.95



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Mahjong is a game that originated in China, commonly played by four players (with some three-player variations found in Korea and Japan). The four player table version should not be confused with the popular western single player (tile matching) computer game (Mahjong solitaire) which is a recent invention and completely different from the table game. Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy and calculation and involves a certain degree of chance. In Asia, mahjong is also popularly played as a gambling game (though it may just as easily be played recreationally).

The game is played with a set of 136 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols, although some regional variations use a different number of tiles. In most variations, each player begins by receiving thirteen tiles. In turn players draw and discard tiles until they complete a legal hand using the fourteenth drawn tile to form four groups (melds) and a pair (head). There are fairly standard rules about how a piece is drawn, stolen from another player (melded), the use of basic (numbered tiles) and honours (winds and dragons), the kinds of melds, and the order of dealing and play. However there are many regional variations in the rules; in addition, the scoring system, the minimum hand necessary to win varies significantly based on the local rules being used.


How to play MahJong Connect?


Step 1:
From the Main Screen select the "Play" option.

Step 2:
The objective of the game is to clear the board by matching identical pairs
Unlike the standard MahJong Solitaire, you can match two pieces together only in the following cases:
1. The tiles are adjust to each other
2. you can draw a straight line between them (e.g. no other tiles between).
3. You can draw a path of two or three straight lines between them 

Here are few examples of valid matches:

How to play this Mah Jong Game


Your time is limited, when the time runs out, the game will end.
Once you match two tiles together, you will get a bonus of few more seconds.

The bottom panel gives you some information and tools :

Bottom panel of this Mahjong game

Panel (1) shows the current difficulty level, when you'll clear the board, you will advance one level.
Panel (2) shows the remaining time, once the time is over, the game will end.
Button (3) sends you back to the main menu.
Button (4) Pauses the game.
Button (5) Gives you a hint about the next pair you can match, note that the number of hints is limited
So use them only when you're out of ideas and running out of time.

Step 3:
That's it! you're ready to play,
Take a few minutes to experience with the game, it might be a little hard to understand at first glance,
but once you got the idea, it is really addictive.


Willow Garage, the Menlo Park, California-based consortium of robotics experts, founded by Scott Hassan in 2006 to create or develop hardware and open source software for the advancement of robotics, has announced the release of TurtleBot; a small home use robot for either amusement/entertainment purposes, or for those inclined, to build open source applications to add to the functionality of the new robot.

The idea behind TurtleBot, is to give novice robotics enthusiasts a base upon which to build. Traditionally, those that like to tinker with robots have had to start from scratch every time they wanted to build something; the TurtleBot does away with that concept by supplying users with a base upon which they can build, as the TurtleBot comes fully functional. Out of the box it can map your house with its 3-D vision, bring you food, take 360 degree panorama pictures and follow you around etc. But it also comes with the Robot Operating System (ROS) and associated toolkit, so that if users wish to add or change functionality, they are free to do so, and because its open source, anything they create can be shared with friends or those involved in online robotics communities. 

Another objective of the TurtleBot team was to show that such a device could be put on the market for a reasonable price; in this case $500, for a very basic unit, and $1200 for the fully loaded version. Far below what robot enthusiasts have come to expect to pay.
The TurtleBot team was able to meet their objective by using virtually off the shelf components. It uses Microsoft’s Connect for sensing, an iRobot Create base, a 3000 mAh battery pack, an Asus 1215N laptop and a stock gyro to help the little guy keep its balance. The TurtleBot looks like a kitchen footstool on wheels but is perfectly capable of navigating around your house with relative ease.

While the team at Willow Garage would most certainly like to make some money off their new robot, they appear to be more concerned with advancing the science of robotics, exemplified by the use of open-source programming tools and low-cost existing hardware.

Source: PhysOrg


The ZARDOZ server is a data clearing house for the map generator over at Transport. I have attempted several times to "save a file" called "dutch" and see if it shows up over on Zardoz.... this does NOT happen.. therefore people are mixing APPLES and ORANGES on this map generator hypothesis, some people think when you generate a map over at the transport website, you somehow can input the radiation amounts .. this is not the case ...

These ARE forecasts, so they are NOT "real" satellite shots of radiation in the air.. i must clarify this for the lay person who doesn't understand that you cannot actually "see" radiation on a map like this. 

These are forecasts that were based upon the numbers available to the NILU. NOT saved personal forecasts by joe anonymous who just happened to log in and "make their own" and input radiation numbers...

The only things you can input are your coordinates and the level of measurement (height).. and whether you want PPM or BQ/meter.

So the data was / is the data.. you can't change or effect that.. therefore all these plot generated "were valid" based upon the data that was on hand at the time.

Now the debate becomes.. how valid was the data to begin with, and if it was NOT valid then.. why did they continue until YESTERDAY?


So these are "real" and based upon the data that the NILU had.. these are NOT made up amounts.. just chosen locations and height.

I would challenge anyone who thinks that the transport map generator makes the files on zardoz.. to make one save it a certain name, and then show us the file on zardoz via screenshot.

If someone can do this, which I have tried to do by the way, then I will take down this video all together.


save these NILU forecast files NOW.. backup .. mirror and share IMMEDIATELY.. before they take it all down with the rest of the information!!;O=D

what is zardoz?

and here is the information on ZARDOZ .. the post apocolyptic NUCLEAR FALLOUT world where Sean Connery plays a "mutant" .. and human reproduction is considered bad.

high levels of radiation have been released from fukushima!

prophetic seer will be mirroring the content soon:

so will mike from patrioticspace:

and I will have copies up over at

This WILL NOT disappear like the last high forecasts showing EXTREMELY HIGH levels of Cesium, Xenon, and Iodine over the USA and Canada.

Thanks to youtube user : JouleNinja

FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior general interest in receiving similar information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to:
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Anonymous (used as a mass noun) is an Internet meme originating 2003 on the imageboard 4chan, representing the concept of many online community users simultaneously existing as an anarchic, digitized global brain. It is also generally considered to be a blanket term for members of certain Internet subcultures, a way to refer to the actions of people in an environment where their actual identities are not known.

In its early form, the concept has been adopted by a decentralized on-line community acting anonymously in a coordinated manner, usually toward a loosely self-agreed goal, and primarily focused on entertainment. Beginning with 2008, the Anonymous collective has become increasingly associated with collaborative, international hacktivism, undertaking protests and other actions, often with the goal of promoting internet freedom and freedom of speech. Actions credited to "Anonymous" are undertaken by unidentified individuals who apply the Anonymous label to themselves as attribution.

Although not necessarily tied to a single on-line entity, many websites are strongly associated with Anonymous. This includes notable imageboards such as 4chan, Futaba, their associated wikis, Encyclopaedia Dramatica, and a number of forums. After a series of controversial, widely-publicized protests and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks by Anonymous in 2008, incidents linked to its cadre members have increased. In consideration of its capabilities, Anonymous has been posited by CNN to be one of the three major successors to WikiLeaks.

Source: wikipedia


Investigative Journalist and historian Webster Tarpley, author of Obama - The Postmodern Coup: Making of a Manchurian Candidate and 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA - Myth of the 21st Century . Tarpley discusses the CIA efforts to destabilize the Mediterranean/Arab world, as well as how we can pull out of the current depression, and why Wikileaks is a well orchestrated "striptease" by the CIA to reveal selected information. The overthrow of governments in Tunisia and Egypt, as well as other unrest in the Middle East is part of a "post-modern coup,"-- destabilization techniques used by the US and the UK to further their agendas without direct military aggression, he argued. By breaking countries such as Libya, Sudan, and Yemen into smaller squabbling states, they become easier to control, he explained.

With Tunisian refugees possibly going to Italy, "the CIA would say, 'well if we can submerge Southern Europe beneath a wave of two million refugees, good-- that makes the euro weaker, and makes the dollar more attractive-- we're saving our...imperialist system','' Tarpley continued. He further commented that the idea that there is an Arab youth movement demanding democracy is a fairy tale. WikiLeaks, he suggested, pretends to attack the US, but in reality, it's other countries that get slammed and look bad. He characterized WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as having an "MK Ultra pedigree" having grown up in Australia with the Hamilton-Byrne cult. Tarpley also talked about the breakdown of the world economic structure. To correct the system, he said huge "zombie banks" and derivatives have to wiped out, and Wall St. transactions should be subject to sales taxes.

Webster Tarpley : the most incisive critic of Anglo-American hegemony. As an activist historian he is best known for his book- George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), a masterpiece of research which is still a must read. He is a 9/11 Truth Scholar and activist; AB Princeton 1966, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa; Fulbright Scholar at University of Turin, Italy; and MA in humanities from Skidmore College. He is fluent in Italian, German, French, Latin and Russian. A decades-long expert on international terrorism, his 1978 study for the Italian parliament "Chi ha ucciso Aldo Moro?"(Who Killed Aldo Moro?) broke open the ownership of the "Red Brigades" by NATO's clandestine "stay-behind" networks.



Claims that Pakistan is attempting to form an alliance with Saudi Arabia over the US after the US has invested billions in aid to Pakistan perfectly coincides with the timing of the death of bin Laden.

Press TV interviews Webster G. Tarpley, author, journalist and lecturer in Washington who describes anything to do with Osama bin Laden as unsubstantiated. He shares his assessment of how the US staged the death of bin Laden to implicate Pakistani authorities for reasons that go beyond the war on terror. Following is a transcript of his interview.

Press TV: What about the timing of this announcement that it has come at this point. How can we really be sure that he was killed then and not before? There are no remains, no pictures of his death, and we can mention the interview of Benazir Bhutto (2007) where she states that bin Laden was killed by Ahmad Omar Saeed Sheikh who was convicted of kidnapping and killing US journalist Daniel Pearle.

Webster Tarpley: I am an author on an exhaustive study on precisely this issue entitled '9/11 synthetic terror made in the USA'. As you have pointed out there are no pictures. When the US captured Saddam Hussein they had pictures and pictures of him dead. He (bin Laden) was shot in the face -- a mafia technique I'm told -- buried at sea quickly so no DNA evidence -- no proof, no substantiation; this is the story of bin Laden for the past ten years.

Everything attributed to him is essentially an unsubstantiated assertion by the US government -- his role in 9/11 never proven -- al-Qaeda in 9/11 never proven; asserted and repeated a million times, but never ever proven.

I think the most realistic hypothesis is that the biological individual known as bin Laden has been dead for a long time and what we've been seeing over the past ten years pretty much is a series of doubles -- a series of people maneuvered by US intelligence; we've seen a fat Bin Laden, a thin Bin Laden, Bin Laden the stout, Bin Laden the gaunt; we've seen him angry, scowling and of all types. And now he has been liquidated.

If he's been liquidated after the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars to make this person an ego ideal and hero figure for the Arab and to some extent the Islamic world, why has that been done? I think it's extremely ominous. It indicates a flight forward by US imperialism and the very ominous part of this is war between the US and Pakistan.

Only last week we had the Washington Post and other papers conveniently helped along by Wikileaks -- that CIA limited hangout operation -- telling us that the centre of al-Qaeda was in Karachi, Pakistan -- that was the headline of the Washington Post a week ago. Now we have the story of bin Laden the fact that he was caught and the fact he was caught in Abbottabad, which is like a military reservation; it's like saying he was found at WestPoint or at an air force academy and the implication is that bin Laden was being shielded and protected by the Pakistani military and the Pakistani ISI (secret service). Given the way things are going that makes them a target.

The reason has nothing to do with the war on terror; it is about the fact that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have attempted to form an alliance to get off the US plantation or out of the US empire. And precisely at the time Prince Bandar had gone to Pakistan to set this up the attacks on Pakistan (by US drones) intensified.

Press TV: We have to look at the consequences of this announcement, why it was announced now and the significance of it. One such consequence is that it may increase the chance of a revenge attack. Is the US setting up the grounds for any type of military incursion or adventurism? Perhaps looking at the situation in Yemen for example -- Tell us whether this is a scenario for something to come by the US?

Webster Tarpley: I'm afraid that the door to a false flag terror operation staged by the US, British or the NATO intelligence community is now wide open. It could be something attributed to al-Qaeda, a revenge attack, but at the same time it will be explained as promoted by Pakistan or some other country that the US wishes to target. And people should realize that this is the dynamic of false flags.

What we're seeing now is why when the Spanish empire collapsed you had virtually a world war; the French empire, the British empire all of these collapses of empires led to world wars and we are now in the collapse phase of the US empire. As was discussed in Aspen Colorado last summer, we are now in a very acute danger of a world war.

Since we have Saudi Arabia and Pakistan (potentially) joining together to get out of the US empire with Russia and China backing them up, an attack on Pakistan could easily lead to a collision between the US and China and perhaps also between the US and Russia with the Russians being very displeased about what the US is doing in Libya. So this is all going on.

The other thing I should stress is that this now leaves the so-called al-Qaeda -- this gaggle of patsies and psychotics and fanatics -- the leader I'm guessing of that right now is Anwar al-awlaqi who is known in the trade as al-awlaqi the CIA lackie; in other words a fairly obvious double agent.

The irony right now is that the US is allied with al-Qaeda most obviously in Libya in the city of Darna, but also in Yemen, whereas in Afghanistan and Pakistan al-Qaeda is used as a target to be bombed.




This fellow is spelling out all the things which have taken place and explaining how they all fit together to destroy our FOOD SOURCE and who is behind it.

 Source: Richard Clarke

Everything that I discussed in this video and evidence is posted here:

Levels of still rising Mississippi, Ohio rivers at all-time highs Live Internet Seismic Server New Madrid Earthquake Catastrophic Planning Project Overview Application of HAZUS to the New Madrid Earthquake Project The Memphis District published Flash Flood Warning The biggest story in the market is the currency crash PARTY NEAR WESTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY RESULTS IN RESPONSE FROM RIOT POLICE 9th Circuit hears arguments in Obama birth lawsuit Kucinich: President Had Time to Consult with International Community, Not Congress? Washington may arm Al-Qaeda-linked Libyan rebels Nations Brace for Retaliation 
Osama Bin Laden Dead: U.S. Issues Travel Warning For Citizens Abroad U.S. anticipates al Qaeda 'threats of retaliation' New Rural Sales Pitch: Work Outside D.C.'s Fallout Zone Air Force official fired after 6 nukes fly over U.S. Wikileaks: Al-Qaeda plotted chemical and nuclear attack on the West 5 arrested under terror law near British nuclear plant houses searched after Sellafield arrests

 Author of the video: havf8

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