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"christmas cancelled, santas got no package"

super fly Rocks :D

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Two young lads discuss their vices ...

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J.D., Turk and Elliot each get a patient. Statistically, one of these three is going to die. J.D.'s patient is a 74-year old woman, Mrs. Tanner. Turk has to perform surgery on David Morrison, and Elliot's patient, Mrs. Guerrero, only speaks Spanish.


All three of them try to get close to their patients and talk to them. Mrs. Tanner at one time leaves the hospital to celebrate her granddaughter's birthday in the park. J.D. goes there and takes her back to the hospital. Turk and David watch a classic football game on TV and Elliot learns some Spanish from Carla to be able to talk to Mrs. Guerrero.


In the end, all three of the patients die and the young doctors have their first experience with death. Mrs. Tanner chooses to die because she thinks she is old enough and doesn't want to have dialysis, while Turk's and Elliot's patients died due to their sickness and the doctors couldn't do anything to save them.

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A teenager's parents have arranged a visit from "The Rock" for their son in the hospital, but the boy, Jared, points out that he'd rather see a girl's breasts. J.D. tries to convince Elliot to flash Jared. He then pages Dr. Kelso because a procedure was scheduled for a patient (Mr. Martinez) even though he was already dead.

Dr. Cox becomes mad at J.D. because Mr. Martinez's insurance would have been enough to pay for a procedure scheduled for Mrs. Blitt, who can't afford it. J.D. still thinks he did the right thing, and he is rewarded by Dr. Kelso with an invitation to a round of golf in the afternoon.


Elliot shows Jared her breasts

Elliot decides to fulfill Jared's wish. She later complains that none of her patients are improving, but then Nurse Roberts enters the break room and tells her that Jared is doing much better. Elliot now believes that seeing her breasts helped Jared. She later flashes a coma patient, which results in a major increase of his heart rate.

Turk wants to buy a pen for Carla, but he doesn't have time to buy one. So he takes one out of the "Lost-and-Found-Box ", wraps it and gives it to Carla. Later, he is shown some X-rays from people who had various objects in their colons. Laverne tells him that there is an "ass-box" where they keep the objects found in patients' colons, but there is no lost-and-found box. Turk realizes that the pen he got for Carla was an "ass pen." He tries to get to Carla before she opens the gift, but he is too late.


When J.D. gets to the golf course, he is surprised to find Dr. Cox there as well. Through the course of the game, Dr. Cox tries to convince J.D. that a patient's well-being matters more than the hospital's funds, while Dr. Kelso tries to convince him that the hospital cannot function without money. In the end, J.D. decides that Dr. Cox is right. Dr. Kelso discovers that Dr. Cox lied about Mr. Martinez and suspends him.


Later, Dr. Cox has a dying patient and is about to pronounce him when Elliot walks into the room and lifts her shirt up. After a moment of awkward silence, Dr. Cox pronounces the deceased.


That night, Turk tells Carla the truth about the pen. She is angry at first, but then realizes that Turk holds openness and honesty over sex, and she takes him to bed.

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J.D. gets assigned an important board member, Jordan Sullivan, as a patient. Elliot is treating Dr. Greenberg, a shrink, who is confined to wearing mouth protection which keeps him from speaking. Elliot talks to him about her problems.


Meanwhile, Turk spends the night at Carla's apartment, but her mother, who is visiting, storms the room and yells at Turk because they are not married. Turk tells Carla that he will never spend the night at her house again.


Jordan seduces J.D.

Dr. Cox is still suspended, which Dr. Kelso finds very amusing. J.D. wants to ask Jordan if she could help out Dr. Cox, but he finds her packing and ready to leave. He gets mad, which Jordan finds very hot, so she tells him to take his pants off. They sleep together. When Elliot wants to talk to Dr. Greenberg again, she finds out that he has been released, which makes her sad. After spending the night at Turk's apartment, Carla gets a call from the hospital that her mother has broken her leg.


After sleeping with Jordan, J.D. wants to introduce her to Dr. Cox, but Cox informs him that Jordan is his ex-wife. J.D. feels immediately guilty for sleeping with Jordan, but decides not to tell Dr. Cox what happened. Later, J.D. tells Dr. Cox that Jordan could help him get back from suspension, but he doesn't want that because he hates her. Elliot calls her mom who doesn't really listen to her problems, and Carla is angry at Turk, blaming him for her mother's accident. It is up to Dr. Cox to convince her that it had not been Turk's fault.


J.D. asks Jordan if she would help Perry, while Turk tells Elliot that he had once seen a therapist and it had helped him a lot. Then Carla tells Turk that she wants to spend the night at Turk's place because her mother is at the hospital. The board meeting ends with a cheerful Dr. Cox. He was not fired, which Dr. Kelso is not pleased with. At the end, Elliot goes to see Dr. Greenberg as a patient and Dr. Cox thanks J.D. for helping him after all, while looking at old pictures of happy times with his ex-wife.

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David Haye will make the second defence of his WBA world heavyweight title against fellow Briton and 2000 Olympic gold medallist Audley Harrison.

"I don't believe Audley deserves a chance but enough people want to see him finally destroyed, that is why this fight is happening," stated Haye.

Harrison said: "I am ecstatic at getting a shot at the title. When I land my left hand on him he is done."

The pair will meet at the MEN Arena in Manchester on 13 November.

David Haye lands a right hook

It will be the biggest all-British fight for a world heavyweight title since Lennox Lewis defended his WBC crown by stopping Frank Bruno in round seven of their 1993 contest in Cardiff.

Haye, 29, won the WBA belt by beating giant Russian Nikolay Valuev on points in Germany on 7 November 2009.

The former cruiserweight king, who has lost only once in 25 professional bouts, then defended his title by stopping American John Ruiz at the MEN Arena in April.

"The fight will be a public execution," added Haye. "His resume is not as good as that of the last five people I have fought.

"Everybody feels passionately that they want me to finally close the curtain on the joke that is the Audley Harrison show.

"Audley has known me for years, he knows how devastating I am in the ring. He knows it first hand from sparring sessions. I'm no joke.


"I'm the most devastating fighter on the planet. This is the time your career gets well and truly finished."

Haye and Harrison are former friends and training partners, but the two men traded insults at a news conference to announce the fight on Tuesday morning.

"He is a guy I groomed," added Harrison. "I have tasted his punches and power and he never hurt me in a training session.

"This is my destiny - on 13 November Audley Harrison will be champion of the world and of that there is no doubt.

"If David Haye thinks I've taken this fight strictly for a payday, he is in for a rude awakening."

For 38-year-old Harrison, November's contest against Haye gives him the chance to fulfil his dream of winning a genuine world title.

Harrison won super heavyweight gold at the Sydney Games and was tipped to become a world champion in the professional ranks.

But his career failed to take off in any meaningful way and looked to be over when he suffered a shock points loss to Belfast taxi driver Martin Rogan in December 2008.

The 1998 Commonwealth Games champion reignited his career by winning Prizefighter last year and then scored a 12th-round knockout against Michael Sprott to win the EBU heavyweight title in April.

Haye had hoped to meet either of the Klitschko brothers, who hold the other recognised world heavyweight titles, after beating Ruiz.

Haye's manager, Adam Booth, held talks earlier this year with Vitali (WBC) and Wladimir (WBO and IBF) about a possible unification fight but these negotiations came to nothing.

A contest between Haye and fellow Londoner Harrison, who were once close friends before a public war of words last year, will have box-office appeal in Britain, with the MEN Arena virtually guaranteed to sell out.

Source: bbc-sports

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During rounds, J.D. is doing exceptionally well. However, there is one other intern who is equally as good at being a doctor as him - Nick Murdoch. Nick has a patient, Peter who keeps getting worse. Nurse Roberts keeps him updated on Peter's status. Eventually Nick surpasses J.D. as the leader of the interns, after he is asked to write a paper for Dr. Cox, and after he takes a bullet for the other interns.


In surgery, Dr. Wen notices a smell, and Turk gets afraid that he accidentally nipped a colon of a patient. It turns out that The Todd farted, but Turk gets frightened that he could make a mistake in surgery and kill someone. After Elliot asks Carla if Turk was alright, Carla gets upset that Turk doesn't talk to her about his problems. Dr. Cox eventually gives both Turk and Carla advice on how the stress of how the hospital can make people not want to talk about their problems.


Later, J.D. and Nick talk and J.D. realizes that Nick isn't so bad after all. As soon as J.D. gets back running an errand for Nick, he can't be found. Nick can't handle Peter's deteriorating condition, and quits Sacred Heart.

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As Turk and J.D. head to a strip club for lunch, they meet a group of protesters. A news team is covering their protest, and while an anchorwoman is interviewing the interns, the cameraman passes out. J.D. and Turk resuscitate him, and are named heroes by the news channel. Dr. Kelso thinks it would be a good idea to milk their fame a little and makes billboards and posters with Turk on them. Turk gets upset that he is being portrayed as the "black doctor" hero, and gets the posters taken down.


At the same time, all the interns are scheduled for evaluations. After Elliot scored an A++ on her evaluation, J.D. gets nervous when he finds out Dr. Cox will be evaluating him. When asked about the evaluation, Dr. Cox tells J.D. that he is too busy to evaluate him, and tells J.D. to fill out his own evaluation form. After J.D. stands up to Dr. Cox the next day, Dr. Cox agrees to evaluate him. During the evaluation, Dr. Cox rips into J.D., stating his biggest problem is that he is insecure about himself. Unbeknown to J.D., at a meeting with the board of directors Dr. Cox gives flying reviews of J.D..


Meanwhile, Elliot is bored and J.D. asks Carla to let her tag along on an outing of hers. When Carla introduces Elliot to Patricia and her son Darryl, Elliot makes a fool of herself. Carla then tells them that they would have to cancel their plans. Later, at the Bar Elliot drinks alone. Carla and Patricia walk in, Elliot realizes that she was lied to and runs out, almost crying. The next day, Elliot decides to go out for a night on the town by herself, but when she arrives downtown, she is scared of the homeless and other scoundrels. When Carla apologizes the next day, Elliot throws herself a pity party. Eventually, Elliot and Carla get on better ground when they realize they are at Sacred Heart for the same reason - caring for other people. Carla invites Elliot to come out with her and Patricia.

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During J.D.'s rare day off, he visits the Bar. While he and Turk have drinks, J.D. tries to hit on a girl named Jennifer. He passes out and is admitted to Sacred Heart. There, J.D. recieves an uncomfortable physical from Elliot. During rounds, his symptoms lead Elliot to believe he has appendicitis. When he learns that Turk will be performing the surgery, J.D. asks Dr. Wenfor another surgeon. On Thanksgiving evening, his fever rises and he is immediately admitted into surgery. Turk performs the surgery, and J.D. later apologizes to Turk for not trusting him. When there is still twenty minutes left in Thanksgiving, J.D., Carla, Turk, Elliot, and Dr. Cox meet at the bar for drinks.


Meanwhile, after hearing from J.D. that the physical she gave him was rough, Elliot attempts to be more touchy-feely with her patients, which backfires. Her hands are very cold, due to poor circulation, which eventually turn out to be a great icepack for Mike Davis's head.


Carla introduces Dr. Cox to a new patient, whom Dr. Cox calls "dad". He then smothers the patient with a pillow and Carla freaks out. It turns out to be a joke, and the patient is the old Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart - Dr. Benson. The two get along well, but when Dr. Cox tries to show off J.D. to him, Dr. Kelso is talking to Dr. Benson. This ultimately upsets Cox, who tries to make Dr. Benson like him more than Dr. Kelso. After making a fool out of Dr. Kelso in front of Dr. Benson, Dr. Benson tells Cox that he is upset with him for not understanding that he doesn't need to make people realize Kelso is an ass - that he does it on his own.

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