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J.D. thinks Ben is depressed at learning he has leukemia when he can't find him in his room. He and Jordan find Ben playing with the children in the pediatric ward. But this cheerful bravado was just a front, and later, Jordan, J.D. and Ben are gathered glumly in Ben's hospital room. J.D. thinks they need some help to lift all their spirits. Dr. Cox strides into the room and tells Ben, Jordan and J.D. that if they pull together as a team they can help Ben beat the cancer. Ben's blast levels are dangerously high. Dr. Zeltzer, the oncologist, wants to start Ben on chemotherapy immediately. Ben expects Dr. Cox to be there at his first session, but Dr. Cox excuses himself. Ben is disappointed that Dr. Cox is letting him down. Ben goes through his first chemo session with Jordan by his side. J.D. goes to Dr. Cox's home to confront him for abandoning his patient. Dr. Cox says that Ben isn't a patient from whom he can distance himself, Ben is his friend.


Turk is upset that he didn't get to do the Whipple procedure. Bonnie Chang, Turk's competitive colleague, gets to do the procedure instead. Turk confronts Dr. Wen about the Whipple procedure, and insinuates that Bonnie only got the surgery because she and Dr. Wen are both Asian. Later, Turk apologizes to Dr. Wen who tells Turk that he doesn't have to be the cliche of the competitive surgeon. Turk, in a very competitive manner, then immediately asks Dr. Wen if he is indeed the best surgical intern. Dr. Wen tells him no, the best surgical intern, believe it or not, is The Todd, because The Todd doesn't over think anything and is always in the moment.

Dr. Kelso is very harsh on the interns during rounds. He thinks of it to himself as "tough love". Dr. Cox tells Dr. Kelso that all the interns hate him. Dr. Kelso tells Elliot he is sorry about the thing at rounds earlier, and hands her an evaluation form. He tells her the evaluations will be anonymous. Carla grabs the evaluation form from Elliot, eager for the opportunity to vent her anger against Dr. Kelso. Carla writes the evaluation with Elliot's approval. The evaluation that Carla writes is insulting and borderline obscene. Later they find out that Dr. Kelso didn't give evaluation forms to any of the other interns, only to Elliot. When Dr. Kelso confronts Elliot and asks her how she could write such filth, Carla starts to say something, but Elliot quickly covers for her and says she wrote it because she thought it would be anonymous and that she thought it was funny.


Dr. Cox, Ben, Turk, J.D. and Carla all sit by themselves, each one feeling very alone. Then each one decides to somehow suck it up and confront what's bothering them. Turk tells Dr. Wen that even though he may not be the best right now, his future is bright. Carla tells Dr. Kelso that she wrote the evaluation, not Elliot. Elliot tells Dr. Kelso what she really thinks of him: that he is mean. J.D. heads towards Ben's room to be supportive in Dr. Cox's absence, but finds Dr. Cox already sitting by Ben's bedside. Dr. Kelso is a little bit nicer to the interns during rounds. The chemotherapy ends up working for Ben and his leukemia goes into remission, and J.D. decides that even though he has flaws, Dr. Cox will always be a hero to him.

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or AD/HD or ADD) is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder. It is primarily characterized by "the co-existence of attentional problems and hyperactivity, with each behavior occurring infrequently alone" and symptoms starting before seven years of age.


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So what have I prepared for you today? First, I’m gonna talk a little about our new website design, and in the next paragraph there will be more talk on the illusion itself. Inpatient ones may simply skip this, and head directly to the next paragraph. As you see, I’ve already implemented some of your logical suggestions. I’ve added the slightly darker background, and made the share buttons stop following you, as you scroll down the page. I’m aware we need a new logo (more professional one), but am simply to occupied to do this. Anyone volunteers to redesign our logo? You may attach your works via images for comments option, and showcase your skills! I still need the idea for our header, though. How can we make it better?

And for the illusion… well, you’ll quickly realize it yourself! It’s definitely not what you first thought. I’ve received this one from Julie, who said she was a little scared when she first saw this, but made her all warm and happy when she understood the illusion. Can you see why is that?


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Dr. Cox and a patient hug for a very long time. When the patient kisses him on the cheek, Dr. Cox stops the hug. J.D. walks in and it is revealed that the patient is Ben Sullivan, a good friend of Dr. Cox's. Ben has a nail shot straight through the hand stuck to a board and J.D. faints from all the blood. It turns out that Ben is Jordan's brother, but when she divorced Perry, Ben chose to like him more. Ben likes to take candid pictures of people, and Jordan doesn't like it. Turk is prepping for surgery but just as he is about to remove a testicle they notice the patient should be Jewish but isn't circumcised. Todd comes into the O.R. asking if there is a mix-up as their appendicitis patient doesn't have an appendix.


Jill Tracy is back at the hospital. She has been traveling since her last breakdown and she's engaged. This makes it easier for Elliot to mention that her vomiting and nausea is because she is pregnant. Jill is confused because she and her fiance haven't had sex yet. Jordan isn't happy that Ben is doing contractor work as he keeps on hurting himself. Dr. Cox and Ben want to go for a beer and they ask J.D. to come along, but as it turns out only as a driver.


Dr. Kelso makes it clear to Turk that accidents that nearly happened are not good for the hospital and the patient should never find out. Turk agrees to keep his mouth shut. Elliot races to Jill's room but Jill is already on the phone with her fiance explaining that she slept with other people. Elliot tells her there was a mix-up and she isn't actually pregnant. Playing pool at the bar, Perry notices that Ben's hand is still bleeding. Ben also says he cut himself shaving last week and it wouldn't stop bleeding. The two doctors notice the symptoms and take him back to the hospital. J.D.'s job is to get the test results back. When they finally come back, it turns out Ben has leukemia. He needs to bring the results to Ben and Perry but he thinks about how many mix-ups have happened in the hospital lately so he says they haven't come back yet. See the fantasies section of this article to see how this episode ends.

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Turk puts on weight, and is teased by Carla, which bothers him. Meanwhile, as J.D. and Nurse Roberts check a patient's Hepatitis B viral load, J.D. is accidentally stuck by the blood-filled needle. J.D. fears he has been infected, and has tests done. While some people are supportive of him, others, like Dr. Kelso, are not as helpful. The Janitor mocks him in his usual tone. Elliot spends the night with Sean Kelly, prompting teasing from others in the hospital. Carla tries to reassure Turk that she meant nothing by her joke about his weight, and says that no doctor in the hospital is in shape. Her assuring words are undermined when a very fit Dr. Cox walks by.


J.D. treats four doctors who scare him by telling stories of their colleagues getting infected by their patients. Elliot and Sean have a discussion on their sex life. Intrigued by Dr. Cox's fitness, Turk looks to him for advice on how to stay in shape. Dr. Cox then mocks Turk by showing him his "future", then invites him to work out with him. At rounds, Elliot screws up her questions. She fears her relationship with Sean is the cause. J.D. becomes increasingly paranoid, knowing that he might have Hepatitis B. His fears are extinguished when the tests reveal he is healthy. Despite his negative test, J.D. is still frightened by the idea of being infected. Elliot becomes increasingly agitated at Sean, even though he has no idea why she is angry. J.D.'s fear of disease causes him to lose the respect of his peers. Carla, feeling ignored by Turk, asks him to spend time with her. Elliot apologizes to Sean over her outbursts at him, then realizes that their relationship might not be working, and breaks up with Sean. Dr. Cox refuses to give J.D. back the meningitis patient he traded to him. J.D. realizes that Dr. Cox wanted him to get over his false phobia himself.

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J.D. is annoyed that Turk's games always end up with him winning. In return he wants to play "tip over the rubbish bin" much to the annoyance of Janitor. Dr. Cox doesn't like that J.D. gave Mr. Hoffner lots of medical options, including surgical. As a surgical consult, Turk advises Mr. Hoffner to do the surgery which makes J.D. upset because he would prefer to treat him medically. Mr. Hoffner opts for surgery. When J.D. goes to talk to Dr. Cox about his decision, Dr. Cox doesn't have time to listen. J.D. in turn talks to Mr. Hoffner himself who says he made the decision himself, based on advice from other people, including Janitor. When J.D. is trying to convince his next patient that he should go the medical route, he is convinced by J.D.'s new confidence - and a thumbs up from Janitor.

Elliot tries to impress Sean


Elliot's patient, Sean Kelly, immediately attracts her. Elliot flirts with Sean on the cardiograph and finds out he is single. Elliot takes Carla away and asks why Sean didn't ask her out, even though she told him she was single. Carla tells her to wait and see what happens but shortly afterward he gets released. When Elliot gussies up to impress him, Laverne informs her that she needs to immediately see a patient. When she is through, she is covered in trash including poo, which leads into an awkward conversation about poop with Sean. In the parking lot, Elliot chases after Sean but is splashed by a puddle. She tastes it to prove it's not poo to Sean, she pulls him in for a kiss and makes him ask her out.


Dr. Cox is really happy with the coffee made by a special nurse even though Carla mentions Dr. Kelso has just fired two nurses. Dr. Cox tells Dr. Kelso it was wrong to fire two good nurses, and in turn Bob fires the coffee nurse and Carla blames Perry for arguing with him. The nurses are upset about the extra workload, and give Dr. Cox the cold shoulder.

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"Ok, so if you know when we've been sleeping and you know when we're awake and you know if we'be been bad or good - then you're really that WikiLeaks guy, aren't you?"

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Reporter Mary May has been captured by the evil supervillain Ooze!...

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Tom the Dancing Bug:


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The superhero with omnipotent powers!

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