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When Elliot and Turk learn that they have to present their paper to a board they get mopey. J.D. is jealous but once he learns their parents are arriving he understands why they are sad. After paying no attention to karma and joking with Turk about his mother coming he accidentally invites his father to come visit. When Sam arrives J.D. is upset that he still acts like a buddy to him rather than a father. The next day at the hospital when Dr. Cox tosses him a decent idea, J.D. ignores it, but when he gets a chance to think about it, he heeds Dr. Cox's advice and invites his father to his lecture on heart murmurs. In the cafeteria Sam later tells J.D. that he is going to see a good friend off and have to miss the lecture. After getting upset, J.D. stops being selfish and thinks about things from his father's point of view and leaves work early to tell his father goodbye.


Meanwhile, Turk's mother Margaret and Elliot's parents Simon and Lily come to the hospital before the presentation. Turk is afraid to introduce Carla to his mother because he has yet to mention her to his mother. When the two finally meet Turk is surprised they like each other so much. Carla later notices that the two are very similar and gets freaked out that Turk is only attracted to her because she is so much like his mother. He informs her that only their good qualities match, and that he is glad they do. Elliot has to struggle with the pressure from her judgmental parents who don't approve of Sacred Heart. Simon and Dr. Kelso butt heads and Elliot has to pay at rounds. After getting worried that she only got into medicine because of her father, she realizes that she is happy where she is, and isn't upset that she got there for the wrong reasons.

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SVT documentarySVT, Sweden's national television broadcaster, has made available an "exclusive rough-cut" of its one-hour, in-depth documentary on WikiLeaks. The video, in its current format, will be available on the SVT Play website until Monday, December 13.

From the description:

"From summer 2010 until now, SVT has been following the secretive media organization WikiLeaks and its enigmatic Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange.

Reporters Jesper Huor and Bosse Lindquist have traveled to key countries where WikiLeaks operates, interviewing top members, such as Assange, new Spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson, as well as people like Daniel Domscheit-Berg who now is starting his own version -"

The documentary also includes interviews with Ian Overton from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, James Ball of TBIJ and WikiLeaks, Icelandic MP Birgitta Jónsdóttir, former WikiLeaks collaborators Herbert Snorrason and Smári McCarthy, and PRQ CEO Mikael Viborg.

The documentary looks at WikiLeaks' philosophy and operations, some of its famous disclosures including the Kenya report, the Guantanamo manuals, Kaupthing, Trafigura, the Collateral Murder video, the Afghanistan and Iraq war logs, the US administration's reactions, and the lead-up to the Cablegate release.

Breaking News ...



Prominent French newspaper Libération is now hosting a WikiLeaks mirror at . Please find below a translation of the media group's statement:

"We have chosen to help prevent the asphyxiation of WikiLeaks at a time when governments and companies try to block its operation without even a legal order. Like thousands of other sites, Libé decided to participate in the support movement that is being put into place on the internet, replicating WikiLeaks content fully. These sites, called mirrors, can be hosted by anyone who has server space available. This is what we did, in order to prevent the disappearance from the public record of WikiLeaks documents selected with partner media organizations. We have therefore opened this site:"

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J.D. has a cancer patient, Aaron Simon, who's rude to him and the nurses. When Mr. Simon eventually dies from his illness, J.D. worries that he neglected the man and may have caused his death. Although a Morbidity and Mortality conference clears him of any fault, he still feels guilty, until Dr. Cox assures him that all doctors face these sorts of problems.


Dr. Cox's own problems come in the form of his complicated love life: he's dating and falling in love with Kristen Murphy, a surgical student, just as his ex-wife Jordan reappears demanding sex – and there's also his crush on Carla. After he sleeps with Jordan and blows off a date with Kristen to help Carla move a dresser, he decides that he has a problem and should commit himself more fully to Kristen. Shortly after this decision, however, Kristen learns about Jordan and Carla, and breaks up with Dr. Cox anyway.


Meanwhile, Elliot is convinced that Dr. Kelso is the one singing country songs (including one called "My Tuscaloosa Heart") on a tape given to her by a patient, but Turk doesn't believe it, until Kelso uses the phrase "my Tuscaloosa heart" in conversation. Both of them now wonder why all of the love songs star someone named "Bunny" instead of Kelso's wife. When they finally ask him, he denies being the musician on the tape, (by getting them to believe he was never a musician through telling an obviously fabricated story claiming to be Elvis Presley) However, it is later revealed that Kelso was lying; "Bunny " is his nickname for his wife.

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Turk, J.D. and Elliot feel that they own the hospital and have very much found their groove as interns. All interns get medical students assigned to them. J.D.'s student, Josh, is enthusiastic but makes a lot of mistakes on his first day, causing J.D. much annoyance to the point he tells him he shouldn't be a doctor. After some time to think about the events of the day, J.D. realizes that it was him who actually failed Josh. He then forces Josh to perform a procedure the same way Dr. Cox did for J.D. on his first day.


Elliot gives her med student, the arrogant Philip Chambers, a very hard time including some of the crap she took when she was a med student. She later learns from Dr. Kelso that Philip's father, who is visiting, is the CEO of the company that owns the hospital. Elliot then lets Philip slide through everything and does many of Philip's tasks and responsibilities herself. When he sees this, Dr. Kelso tells Elliot that she can not let Philip walk all over her and when she threatens to speak with his father he becomes obedient again.


Dr. Cox is attracted to Turk's med student, Kristen Murphy. Because he is not able to ask her out properly himself, Turk ends up helping him.

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"God! It's like everyone I've ever slept with is here."


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Having broken up disastrously in the previous episode, J.D. and Elliot try to avoid each other around the hospital. J.D.'s distress isn't made any easier when he finds out that his favorite high school teacher -- who wrote the reference that led J.D. to go into medicine -- recently died. His reaction to the news is typical J.D., though: he cracks a joke about it.

Cox destroys Franklyn's lab


That same day, Dr. Cox gets angry and destroys Franklyn's lab when his test results don't come back on time. That night, he goes to J.D.'s house and takes him to a bar (dragging J.D. out in his pajamas) where they spend the night drinking, and Cox tells J.D. that he can't take it anymore at the hospital. But, much to the confusion of J.D., Dr. Cox comes to work the next day in a good mood. When J.D. confronts him about it, Dr. Cox explains that everybody needs to release their emotions at times.

Meanwhile, Turk asks Elliot to help him with his studying, but leaves him when The Todd claims that she was only picked for being a geek. Later, Turk explains that he chose Elliot for his partner to encourage her and J.D. to make up with one another. The two do just that, and the episode ends with J.D., Elliot, Turk and Carla throwing food off the roof of the hospital, much to the Janitor's horror.

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hai guise,

we wanted to make a more detailed ‘about’ page, and knowing that we have readers from a lot of different countries, we decided to write it, translate it to every language in google translate, then bring it back to english. If our calcualtions are correct, you should be able to run this through translate yourself to get a perfectly clear idea of who we are and what we do!

The researchers, along with friendliness toward the south, the main point of the race, now living in another continent, clan agensi house, through the Internet, have a strange sense of application.


If you have any questions, comments or death threats, be sure to email us at


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After spending an entire day together in bed, J.D. and Elliot decide to keep their rendezvous between them so gossip doesn't start. While talking about Elliot, J.D. tells The Todd that he should ask her out. She is repulsed by him, and J.D. uses it as a move to get her to make out in a supply closet, stairwell, rooftop, patient's room, and elevator. When Dr. Cox catches them kissing, he lets them know that everybody already knows and nobody cares. A week later J.D. makes a joke about sex with Elliot in front of Carla and Turk and Elliot gets upset and walks away from lunch. Yet another week later J.D. makes a joke and Elliot complains about him laughing at himself and calls him "not funny". At the bowling alley they have an argument and are sad that their relationship is not as perfect as Turk and Carla's. When Dr. Cox is ranting at Elliot about a mistake she made J.D. sides with Dr. Cox, further infuriating Elliot. This leads to an argument in the break room about J.D. worrying too much about getting people to like him. J.D. points out he has friends and she really doesn't. And Elliot walks out on him and the relationship.


Throughout the episode we see parts of the first day they spent in bed together. At 11:59pm they talk about how they think their relationship is going to be great.


Meanwhile, the entire Sacred Heart staff must be evaluated by a psychiatrist because Dr. Kelso signed them all up. They reveal why they wanted to become doctors, or nurses, and their feelings on love. Dr. Kelso talks about his wife, Dr. Cox talks about how he wanted to become a doctor "for the same four reasons everybody does: chicks, power, money and chicks",Turk and Carla talk about each other, and in the end J.D. and Elliot separately talk about relationships, sex, and how they are not in a relationship.

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J.D. is enamored with his new girlfriend Alex, but they haven't had sex yet. Alex says she is ready, but first Turk and later Elliot interrupt just as J.D. and Alex start to get passionate. Dr. Kelso and Carla become friends while he drives her to work. At Carla's behest, Turk tries to become friends with Dr. Cox and they wind up on the same pee schedule. After some Percocet goes missing, Elliot accuses a recovering addict patient, while Alex defends him, putting J.D. in the middle. J.D. accuses Elliot of being jealous and tells her she had a chance with him, but she blew it. Elliot is hurt, even shouldering him at work.

In the end, Carla discovers that Dr. Kelso does what makes him happy and doesn't care what other people think, and this hits home when he drives through a puddle, splashing her rather than picking her up. Dr. Cox and Turk come to an understanding about Dr. Cox's crush on Carla. J.D. learns that Alex is the true thief, and when he apologizes to Elliot for accusing her of being jealous, she admits she was jealous. She then advances on him and they make out.

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