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J.D. asks out a girl in the MRI machine, and she turns out to be hot. On their date, J.D. stares at the girl, but the date ends with Dr. Cox paging J.D. back to the hospital. Then at the cafeteria, J.D. stares at Alex, the girl he asked out. They say that they can always have a date here, but Alex wants a date that ends with either a kiss or breakfast the morning after. Turk andCarla are having a sexual problem. Elliot knows something is bothering Carla, but Carla is reluctant to confide in Elliot. Turk wants to tell J.D. about the problem but J.D. is busy trying to diagnose one of his patients. Dr. Kelso makes Dr. Cox do rounds, and during rounds Dr. Cox tells the interns not to let Dr. Kelso scare them.


J.D. finally diagnoses his patient, and he and Dr. Cox work late treating him. J.D. shows up 80 minutes late for his date with Alex to find that she has already left. J.D. tries to say sorry for last night but Alex dumps him. Carla finally tells Elliot that she didn't have an orgasm while having sex with Turk. Elliot tells Carla that she (Elliot) has sabotaged a lot of relationships by never talking things out with the guy that she's seeing. Dr. Kelso does rounds and finds that the interns are no longer afraid of him, no matter how hard he tries to scare them. Even Ted is no longer afraid of him.


J.D. later finds Alex on a date with another guy, and he begs for a second chance, but she declines. Carla tells Turk that she worries about the future. Turk tells Carla that he doesn't, and he says that is why they are perfect: he keeps them present in the moment, and she keeps an eye out for things ahead. Dr. Cox provokes Dr. Kelso. They get into an argument and the old order is restored. J.D. gets paged to "turn around" and Alex is there with a picnic basket. They kiss and have a romantic picnic dinner on the floor in the hospital.

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The Vatican has played down the importance of Pope Benedict's remarks appearing to temper the opposition of the Roman Catholic Church to condoms.

The Vatican spokesman said the pontiff's comments were not "revolutionary", but added it was the first time Pope Benedict had commented on the issue informally.

The Pope made clear in his view condoms were no answer to the Aids pandemic.

But he said their use could sometimes be justified in exceptional cases.

Vatican spokesman Fr Federico Lombardi said the Pope was speaking about "an exceptional situation" in one of the interviews in the book Light of the World: The Pope, the Church and the Signs of the Times, which is being published on Tuesday.

"The Pope considered an exceptional situation in which the exercise of sexuality is a real danger to the life of another," said Fr Lombardi.

Benedict used the specific example of a male prostitute using a condom to illustrate his apparent shift in position.



By Admin (from 23/11/2010 @ 14:00:23, in en - Video Alert, read 2258 times)

The Vatican has long opposed the use of condoms as a form of contraception... (... could it be because abusing altar boys without condoms never got them pregnant ???)

Il Papa Benito e i preservativi. Il Vaticano si è sempre opposto a l'uso del preservativo come forma di contraccezione... sara' perché abusare i chierichetti senza preservativo non lascia incinti?


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Dr. Cox announces that since midnight he hasn't had a patient in the ICU die. He plans on having a perfect 24 hour stretch where no patients die. He delegates most of the responsibilities to J.D., ignoring Elliot's request to help. Later, when J.D. is asked by Dr. Kelso and Ted to watch a social worker who slipped on a wet floor, J.D. asks Dr. Cox to give Elliot some responsibilities. After she gets yelled at for second guessing Dr. Cox, J.D. tells her that it is all right to second guess Dr. Cox, and that it makes her a better doctor. At 11:55pm, Elliot and Cox fail to resuscitate a patient, and he dies - spoiling the perfect game.


Meanwhile, as J.D. keeps Alex company during her MRI, the machine breaks and she gets trapped inside. They flirt, and J.D. wonders if she is cute or not. After getting no helpful answers from co-workers, he decides to take a chance and ask her out.


Turk and Carla argue while they help a patient, Mike Davis. Mike tells Carla that he thinks Turk is done with their relationship. As it turns out, Turk gets frustrated with Carla easily, but admits he loves her.

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As J.D. prepares to break bad news about a patient to the family, the patient wakes up. This leads Turk to believe it is a miracle. Turk tells J.D. and Carla that his religion makes him who he is. Unfortunately, Turk has a rough night on-call on Christmas Eve, and his faith is shaken by the people that he believes God is ignoring.

Elliot is working in the free clinic, and she comes across a girl who is eight months pregnant. When she asks Dr. Kelso to transfer the patient to a family care specialist, Dr. Kelso tells her the patient will be good practice, because the odds lie that Elliot will go into women's care or family care eventually. Elliot does not like this news, and acts rudely to the patient,Meredith. When Elliot discovers Meredith has HELLP syndrome, Elliot knows she must deliver the baby immediately. However, Meredith has gone missing. While thinking about his faith on the roof, Turk runs to Miller Park, where Meredith says she's been every night for the past week. He finds Meredith and helps her.


Dr. Cox recruits J.D. to videotape the birth of his friends' Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler. J.D. accidentally does not record the birth, so Dr. Cox must use a different tape and lie to the new parents.

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J.D. and Carla's friendship comes to a critical point where his knowledge surpasses her experience. J.D. is nervous that Carla will be upset that he is advancing in medicine as a doctor. After having a bad experience with a patient, Dr. Cox uses J.D. as his personal punching bag. J.D. talks with Carla about how it hurt his feelings, and later Carla yells at Dr. Cox for hurting her "Bambi". Following this, Dr. Cox makes J.D. look like a fool in front of a lot of people for complaining to Carla. J.D. then yells at Carla for calling him Bambi. After she accepts his apology, they continue with their plans to visit a photography exhibit. On the way there, J.D. makes a joke about not attending college, and Carla gets upset. In the rain, she explains how she's tired of interns outgrowing her, and how J.D. is the first intern to make her feel bad about what she does. The next day at the hospital, J.D. attempts to rebuild their relationship slowly but surely. He comes to terms with her calling him "Bambi".

At the same time, Dr. Cox is assigned a new patient with Elliot. The patient - Jill Tracy is super hyper even after taking two Valium. When Dr. Cox finds there is nothing wrong with her, he orders Elliot to release Jill as soon as possible. Elliot feels bad that Jill leads such a stressful life that she tells her that she can stay at Sacred Heart over the weekend. When Dr. Cox finds out, he gets upset, but ultimately teaches Elliot that everyone needs a break sometime.


Dr. Kelso and Turk on the bench


Meanwhile, Turk and Dr. Kelso are fighting their own battle. A bench located by the parking lot of Sacred Heart is a place that Turk finds solace from a busy day. He eats his lunch here. However, Dr. Kelso intimidates him off the bench. In the end, Turk proves to want that comfort by eating on the bench in the rain, and Dr. Kelso secretly admires him for that.


Plot Points

  • Carla and J.D. have difficulties in their friendship when J.D. becomes more knowledgeable than her.
  • Dr. Cox and Elliot cope with hyper patient, Jill Tracy.
  • Dr. Kelso and Turk argue over who should get to sit on the idyllic bench.

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During J.D.'s rare day off, he visits the Bar. While he and Turk have drinks, J.D. tries to hit on a girl named Jennifer. He passes out and is admitted to Sacred Heart. There, J.D. recieves an uncomfortable physical from Elliot. During rounds, his symptoms lead Elliot to believe he has appendicitis. When he learns that Turk will be performing the surgery, J.D. asks Dr. Wenfor another surgeon. On Thanksgiving evening, his fever rises and he is immediately admitted into surgery. Turk performs the surgery, and J.D. later apologizes to Turk for not trusting him. When there is still twenty minutes left in Thanksgiving, J.D., Carla, Turk, Elliot, and Dr. Cox meet at the bar for drinks.


Meanwhile, after hearing from J.D. that the physical she gave him was rough, Elliot attempts to be more touchy-feely with her patients, which backfires. Her hands are very cold, due to poor circulation, which eventually turn out to be a great icepack for Mike Davis's head.


Carla introduces Dr. Cox to a new patient, whom Dr. Cox calls "dad". He then smothers the patient with a pillow and Carla freaks out. It turns out to be a joke, and the patient is the old Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart - Dr. Benson. The two get along well, but when Dr. Cox tries to show off J.D. to him, Dr. Kelso is talking to Dr. Benson. This ultimately upsets Cox, who tries to make Dr. Benson like him more than Dr. Kelso. After making a fool out of Dr. Kelso in front of Dr. Benson, Dr. Benson tells Cox that he is upset with him for not understanding that he doesn't need to make people realize Kelso is an ass - that he does it on his own.

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As Turk and J.D. head to a strip club for lunch, they meet a group of protesters. A news team is covering their protest, and while an anchorwoman is interviewing the interns, the cameraman passes out. J.D. and Turk resuscitate him, and are named heroes by the news channel. Dr. Kelso thinks it would be a good idea to milk their fame a little and makes billboards and posters with Turk on them. Turk gets upset that he is being portrayed as the "black doctor" hero, and gets the posters taken down.


At the same time, all the interns are scheduled for evaluations. After Elliot scored an A++ on her evaluation, J.D. gets nervous when he finds out Dr. Cox will be evaluating him. When asked about the evaluation, Dr. Cox tells J.D. that he is too busy to evaluate him, and tells J.D. to fill out his own evaluation form. After J.D. stands up to Dr. Cox the next day, Dr. Cox agrees to evaluate him. During the evaluation, Dr. Cox rips into J.D., stating his biggest problem is that he is insecure about himself. Unbeknown to J.D., at a meeting with the board of directors Dr. Cox gives flying reviews of J.D..


Meanwhile, Elliot is bored and J.D. asks Carla to let her tag along on an outing of hers. When Carla introduces Elliot to Patricia and her son Darryl, Elliot makes a fool of herself. Carla then tells them that they would have to cancel their plans. Later, at the Bar Elliot drinks alone. Carla and Patricia walk in, Elliot realizes that she was lied to and runs out, almost crying. The next day, Elliot decides to go out for a night on the town by herself, but when she arrives downtown, she is scared of the homeless and other scoundrels. When Carla apologizes the next day, Elliot throws herself a pity party. Eventually, Elliot and Carla get on better ground when they realize they are at Sacred Heart for the same reason - caring for other people. Carla invites Elliot to come out with her and Patricia.

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During rounds, J.D. is doing exceptionally well. However, there is one other intern who is equally as good at being a doctor as him - Nick Murdoch. Nick has a patient, Peter who keeps getting worse. Nurse Roberts keeps him updated on Peter's status. Eventually Nick surpasses J.D. as the leader of the interns, after he is asked to write a paper for Dr. Cox, and after he takes a bullet for the other interns.


In surgery, Dr. Wen notices a smell, and Turk gets afraid that he accidentally nipped a colon of a patient. It turns out that The Todd farted, but Turk gets frightened that he could make a mistake in surgery and kill someone. After Elliot asks Carla if Turk was alright, Carla gets upset that Turk doesn't talk to her about his problems. Dr. Cox eventually gives both Turk and Carla advice on how the stress of how the hospital can make people not want to talk about their problems.


Later, J.D. and Nick talk and J.D. realizes that Nick isn't so bad after all. As soon as J.D. gets back running an errand for Nick, he can't be found. Nick can't handle Peter's deteriorating condition, and quits Sacred Heart.

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