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We don't have to say a lot when we describe the truth...!!!

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Attention, Governments of the United States, the European Union, and the rest of the Free World:

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, by director Peter Joseph, is a feature length documentary work which will present a case for a needed transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which governs the entire world society.

This subject matter will transcend the issues of cultural relativism and traditional ideology and move to relate the core, empirical "life ground" attributes of human and social survival, extrapolating those immutable natural laws into a new sustainable social paradigm called a "Resource-Based Economy".

One voice can make a difference........a million voices can change the world!


There is no question that Private Bradley Manning is currently undergoing both physical and psychological torture at the hands of the U.S. military, and that he has been undergoing both forms of torture since his initial incarceration.

As I previously reported here, Manning was first detained in Iraq in May, where he was stationed as an intelligence analyst with the U.S. Army; he was charged in July and transferred to a Marine Corps Brig in Quantico, Virginia and immediately placed in solitary confinement. The situation has only deteriorated for Bradley Manning since then.

First incarcerated for allegedly exposing atrocities like the American air strikes that killed Afghan children and other innocent civilians, Bradley Manning, 23, is the alleged source of the now infamous diplomatic cables, which have dominated the news media since their arrival on the public scene. It seems the cables and leaked video are newsworthy and of great public interest-- interesting enough to dominate the mainstream media and yet somehow warranting the torture of their alleged messenger, who has been left to whither away in a 6 x 12 cell.

A recent interview with House can be seen here:

Peculiarly, no other detainee at the Quantico Brig is being forced to endure the "isolation and humiliation" that Bradley Manning is being subject to. His treatment has been described as "degrading," "inexcusable," "without justification" and "an embarrassment to our military justice." As such, Coombs argues that it must not be tolerated.


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Oh wait, here's the kicker... is your God so vengeful that apparently he has to kill and destroy in order to make people believe in him? "Believe in me and do as I say or else!" Only tyrants do that... clearly your God is exactly that and more!


Religion has done something good for me, I now take care of myself by eating well and exercising and living a healthy life all because of religion. Because I want to live long enough to see the headline: "About Time! Religion Finally Dies!" So thank you religion!


Source: youtube


Peter Joseph was born in North Carolina to a middle class family. The son of a mailman and a social worker, he began his creative interests with music at a young age. Later, seeking a career in percussion, he moved to New York initially to attend a conservatory, only to drop out after an inability to afford the tuition. He lives and works in New York City and focuses on media related fields, including music composition, editing, post-production and other A/V related. He is also a former private equity trader, which he often comments upon as being his "introduction to the wasteful, destructive system known as Wall Street".

After the release of Zeitgeist: Addendum, he founded the Zeitgeist Movement, which is a social sustainability organization with members now in nearly every country. His work with the movement is now a large part of his daily activities - giving lectures and helping to produce relevant media/materials to spread the interest for a new social system called a resource-based economy.


^ Feuer, Alan (2009-03-17). "They've Seen the Future and Dislike the Present". The New York Times. Retrieved 2010-05-22.

By Admin (from 31/03/2011 @ 17:00:50, in en - Video Alert, read 3422 times)

This video is by the awesome internet philosopher Stefan Moleneux of freedomainradio. His website can be found here :

and his channel can be found here :

Stefan Basil Molyneux (born 24 September 1966) is a Canadian philosopher, blogger, essayist, author, and host of the Freedomain Radio series of podcasts, living in Mississauga, Canada. He has written numerous articles and smaller essays which have been published on libertarian websites such as, and Strike The Root, recorded over 1800 podcasts, produced over 500 videos, and written numerous books which are all self-published except for his first, which was published by Publish America. In 2006 Stefan Molyneux quit his previous job in the field of computer software and works full-time on Freedomain Radio, a philosophical community website which is funded through donations.

@rockerme4u fucking hell, you are such a facist, do you even realise that?

voting will never change anything, all your doing is choosing directors of the corporation that is run for profit and poses as the benevolent caring force of stability in society when infact its causing most of the problems!

Neither stef in the video or myself are americans you dumbass.

By Admin (from 01/04/2011 @ 14:00:15, in en - Video Alert, read 2448 times)

German robotics researchers have built a hyper-strong hand that can withstand hammer blows!

This hand and its high-tech robophalanges come to you courtesy of the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics at The German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.).

The DLR hand is one of the most durable robotic hands ever built and was specifically built tough for jobs that might ding it up.

As IE EE Spectrum describes: The hand has the shape and size of a human hand, with five articulated fingers powered by a web of 38 tendons, each connected to an individual motor on the forearm.
The main capability that makes the DLR hand different from other robot hands is that it can control its stiffness. The motors can tension the tendons, allowing the hand to absorb violent shocks. In one test, the researchers hit the hand with a baseball bat-a 66 G impact. The hand survived.

The hand has a total of 19 degrees of freedom, or only one less than the real thing, and it can move the fingers independently to grasp varied objects. The fingers can exert a force of up to 30 newtons at the fingertips, which makes this hand also one of the strongest ever built.

Additionally, the hand can catch heavy balls, adjust its level of stiffness to accomplish tasks that require a daintier touch, and snap its fingers. That's right, we're looking at the next star of the future's all-robot revue of West Side Story.

This type of robot, which is so incredibly versaitile, can be applied in a number of areas. It could, for example, be used for manufacturing. In places where handling the product demands high strenght and durability. Or in places where machines are endangered of being damaged, like mining.   On the other side, it also helps to give robot hands the flexibility of the human hand, with a dozen times its strenght. This could prove very usefull in household robots, for example.

Source: PopSci

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Every nation is known for their specialty goods. Switzerland has its chocolates, France has its wine… and Thailand has its robot waiters. MK Restaurant has over 300 locations in Thailand, and has been looking for ways to modernize their operation. That includes robot greeters and servers. The MK Robot Project has encouraged Bangkok University to develop several different models that could do the job. They’ll have competition from Thailand-based CT Asia Robotics, which has already developed one restaurant-bot (Dinsow) and will soon launch another (Yumbo). Check out Dinsow and Bangkok University’s serving robot in the videos below. With a major restaurant chain backing the idea, and both academic and industrial support, Thailand might be the proving ground for the future of automated dining.


Dinsow is a wheeled robot with some decent speed and an overly happy disposition. While its batteries only last two to three hours, its personality seems to say it could go for miles just to get you a cup of coffee. The bot can be controlled via voice commands or PC base station up to 80 meters away. 10 copies of the Dinsow have served as greeters in MK Restaurants, but not as waiters. Dinsow’s arms look to be mostly for show. Not true for its sibling, Yumbo. The second CT Asia robot will be able to carry a tray and deliver food.

Yumbo is CT Asia's robot directly targeted to restaurants as a way to boost their sales. It can carry trays and change its facial expressions.

Bangkok University looks to be experimenting with several different possible forms for the MK Robot Project, all wheeled. The most promising is a model with a tray built into its chest. It can follow a line, escort someone by the arm, and avoid collisions with ultrasonics. They’ve even put it on a limited test run in a real restaurant, though you’ll have to judge its success for yourself:

Of course, Thailand’s efforts towards robotic waiters aren’t unique. China recently unveiled its own robot-themed restaurant, with their own home grown bots. Japan, too, is clearly into the concept, considering all the weird ways they’ve gotten industrial robots to serve food. In fact, Thailand’s first bot-enabled restaurant featured Motoman robots from Japan. Yet the Thai are making a strong effort to get restaurant-friendly robots into their mainstream. Dinsow only costs about $30,000 – not bad for this kind of market where restaurants might spend close to a million dollars to attract a crowd with automated servers. A low price point might be what restaurants need to take a chance and invest in the technology. In any case, whether they be from Thailand or elsewhere the robots of the world are here to serve.

Source: SingularityHub

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If the game does not load, just Refresh the page (press F5 key)

There is another, lost chapter to the Bible no one has ever read. A grand contest of strength has been organized by the Almighty and now the greatest icons from both Testaments must engage in ferocious, bloody battle to determine who is most worthy to earn a seat at the right hand of the Lord himself.

Bible Fight features a cast of Bible-school regulars. Bring down a rain of frogs on your enemies as Moses, or teach your enemies something about the sanctity of motherhood with the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Deception bomb toss. Play as both pre- and post-cross Jesus Christ of Nazareth, unleashing a holy fury of Cross Smashes, Crown of Thorns Tosses and Stigmata blasts. Noah, Adam and Eve and Satan round out the list of holy combatants, each with their own special powers and deadly moves.


Tournament mode: Fight your way through a slate of opponents until you reach the final fight with God himself.

Practice mode: Practice your moves versus any computer-controlled character you want to.

Right and left arrow keys – Character movement

Up arrow key – Jump

Down arrow key – Block

Z / X – Attack

Each character has its own special moves. In-game, click on the "c" in the lower right corner of the screen to toggle the command list on and off.

Fight as God: Type JEHOVAH at the character select screen

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