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By Admins (from 16/02/2014 @ 09:09:17, in z - Games Giochi Jocuri, read 2042 times)

Each reversi piece has a black side and a white side. On your turn, you place one piece on the board with your colour facing up. You must place the piece so that an opponent's piece, or a row of opponent's pieces, is flanked by your pieces. All of the opponent's pieces between your pieces are then turned over to become your color. Aim of the game: The objective of the game is to own more pieces than your opponent when the game is over. The game is over when neither player has a move.

3D Reversi: Beat your opponent by converting all the Reversi pieces on the board into yours before the game ends.

Controls: Mouse.

By Admins (from 17/02/2014 @ 09:05:25, in z - Games Giochi Jocuri, read 1403 times)

Click on a bomb to create a chain of explosions of the same color to score bonus points. Mind your time!

Flash Bombs: Click away in this chain reaction flash bombing puzzle!

Controls: Mouse

By Admins (from 18/02/2014 @ 09:05:28, in z - Games Giochi Jocuri, read 1349 times)

How to play? The Main Point of the game is to get as much money as you can by trading arms. By pressing 'Next Day' button the prices will change. There is a Map button. To travel click on a country, pay them to open the port for you, and then pay the price for the fuel. You can take loans. Example: take 10,000$, give 20,000$ in 50 days. You can see which Nuclear bombs you have. You have a Reputation button. At the beggining of the game you have no reputation with the other countries but Colombia, and you can upgrade it. The higher the upgrade the less problems in other countries you have. You can also buy a Nuclear contract, for 3,000,000$ which will allow you trading nuclear bombs. There are some Basic upgrades: Upgrade Defence, More Capacity, Buy another Ship (Capacity x2). Good luck!

Arms Dealer 2: The second installment of the Arms Dealer series is bigger and badder. You can now trade Nukes!


Controls: Mouse: Click the icons to buy and sell weapons

By Admins (from 19/02/2014 @ 09:03:00, in z - Games Giochi Jocuri, read 1658 times)

The aim of the game is to get the block to fall into the square hole at the end of each stage. There are 33 stages to complete. To move the block around the world, use the left right up and down arrow keys. Be careful not to fall off the edges - the level will be restarted if this happens. Bridges and switches are located in many levels. The switches are activated when they are pressed down by the block. You do not need to stay resting on the switch to keep bridges closed. There are two types of switches: 'Heavy' X-shaped ones and 'Soft' round ones. Soft switches are activated when any part of your block presses it. Hard switches require much more pressure, so your block must be standing on its end to activate it. When activated, each switch may behave differently. Some will swap the bridges from open to closed to open each time it is used. Some will only ever make certain bridges open, and activating it again will not make it close. Green or red coloured squares will flash to indicate which bridges are being operated. Orange tiles are more fragile than the rest of the land. If your block stands up vertically on an orange tile, the tile will give way and your block will fall. Finally there is a third type of switch shaped like this: [ ]. It telepots you block to different locations, splitting your block to different locations, splitting it into two smaller blocks at the same time. These can be controlled individually and will rejoin into a normal block when both are placed next to each other. You can select which small block to use at any time by pressing the spacebar. Small blocks can still operate soft switches, but they aren't big enough to activate heavy switches. Also small blocks cannot go through the exit hole - only a complete block can finish the stage. Remember the passcode for each stage. It is located in the top right corner. You can skip straight back stage later on by going to 'Load Stage' in the main menu and entering the 6 digit level code. Enjoy!

Block N Roll: Roll the block in this interesting 3d puzzle game!


Controls: Keyboard Cursor keys.


A single click of the mouse is all you need to create a burst. Every random ball flying around touched by the burst would create another burst. Make sure it creates enough burst to achieve the number stated in the level objective.

Color Burst: One click is all you need. Chain reaction is the key to winning!


Controls: Keyboard: Left click to fire a burst and start a chain reaction.


How to Play: Use your mouse to find pairs of matching pictures. The path betwee the two pictures must be clear from other blocks. The path cannot bend three or more times. A level is cleared when you have no more blocks left. If you run out of moves, the game is over. You must clear all the blocks within the designated time frame. A wrong move makes you lose 10 seconds and a correct move gains you up to 10 extra seconds. There are 6 stages each with a different time frame and pictures: Level 1 - 4 Minutes, 20 Pictures; Level 2 - 3 Minutes, 20 Pictures; Level 3 - 4 Minutes, 25 Pictures; Level 4 - 3 Minutes, 30 Pictures; Level 5 - 4 Minutes, 30 Pictures; Level 6 - 3 Minutes, 30 Pictures

Connect 2: Connect pairs of matching tiles by creating a path between them and clear all the tiles before the time runs out.


Controls: Mouse: Left-click


Click and drag balls to neighbours of the same color. Keep dragging to score combos. You can drag diagonally too.

Ding Ding: Play this cool Puzzle game by connecting all of the same dots to make a chain!


Controls: Mouse

By Admins (from 23/02/2014 @ 09:05:37, in z - Games Giochi Jocuri, read 1392 times)

The object of Flash Minesweeper is to find mines which have been hidden at random by the computer on a grid. The grid size you will start with is a 16x16 which equals to 256 squares and contains 40 mines. The game starts when the player moves his mouse and selects a square on the grid. With a click of the left-hand key of the mouse, the computer opens the square on that grid and reveals wheather the square contains a mine or not. If that square does contain a mine, then the player lost the game. If the square does not contain a mine, then the square will contain a number showing how many mines there are on the on the 8 squares directly touching the square. For example, if the number revelead is 2, then that means that there are two mines on the adjoining 8 squares. However, if the square is blank, that means that there are no mines on any of the adjoining 8 squares. In that event, the computer automatically helps out by opening all 8 adjoining squares and revealing their numbers. If it happens that any of those squares are also blank, then the squares surrounding those squares are also opened. This gives the player a lot of information with which to calculate where the mines are or are likely to be. Once the player determines exactly where a mine is located, he is advised to mark it so as to avoid playing on that square by accident. He marks the square by pressing the SPACE key. If a player has marked a square as holding a mine by mistake, he may unmark the square also by pressing the SPACE key.

Flash Minesweeper: Try to locate all the mines hidden below a square grid as fast as you can, in this flash remake with a high score table.

Controls: Keyboard and Mouse: Left-click and Space bar


Control the frog and gather all the flies. To make the frog jump click left mouse button and draw the boxing glove back as necessary. The direction of the flight depends on where to the boxing glove is drawn. Controls: mouse. YOU HAVE 60 seconds... GOOD LUCK...!

Fly Catcher: Punch a frog to make him jump and catch all the flies before the time runs out, avoiding the poison bottles.

Controls: Mouse: To catch the flies you need to make the frog jump by clicking left mouse button and drawing the boxing glove back as necessary to manage the power. The direction of the flight depends on the angle at which the glove is drawn.

By Admins (from 25/02/2014 @ 09:01:12, in z - Games Giochi Jocuri, read 1867 times)

Fill the grid area with pieces of glass, leaving no unfilled spaces. Glass pieces come into play from the Conveyor Belt, near the bottom of the play area. The larger the piece you place, the more points you get. Click on a piece to pick it up then click again to drop it into place. Press the SPACEBAR to rotate the current piece. Drop unwanted pieces into the bin. You lose 50 points for each piece thrown away. Special items help you make it through difficult times. Press 'M' to open the in-game menu.

Glass Works: Complete the glass works in this fun and exciting puzzle game!

Controls: Mouse: Drag the glass piece into the sockets in the center

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