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How to Play? You have to move the stick and don't touch the wall. You have to move fast before the time is over or you'll die!

Metal Wall: Reach the exit without touching the walls in this cool puzzle game, Metal Wall!

Controls: Keyboard Cursor keys.


Use the arrow keys to guide your marble to the exit. Avoid: red walls, red balls, mines and bad holes. Safe objects: transport holes, magnets, dynamite and stars. Power-ups: grow, clay, fast, electric, shrink, ice, slow, rubber and disoriented.

Mesmemarble 2: Control the marble and find the exit! It is the sequel to the fun mesmemarble game!

Controls: Keyboard: Arrow Keys


Switch a block with any block that is directly above/under/right/left of it to put 3 of the same pictures in a row. Matching 3 blocks diagonally does not count. Good luck!

Match The Bugz: Swap the bugs and try to align 3 or more similar ones in a row to eliminate them, but avoid the bombs.

Controls: Mouse: Left Click on the bugs you wish to swap.


Checkers is played on the dark squares only. A piece may move one square at a time, diagonally. If one of your pieces is next to one of your opponent's piece and the square beyond it is free, you are required to jump over the opponent's piece. The opponent's piece is then removed from the board. It is possible to jump many times in a row with the same piece, capturing several of your opponent's pieces. Try to win in the shortest time possible to score more points, by capturing all of your opponent's pieces, or by blocking them so that they cannot move. GOOD LUCK!!!

Master Checkers: Play a classic game of checkers against your computer in this flash version of checkers.

Controls: Mouse: Use the left mouse button to select the checkers and to make a move.


Rules: The logical dominoes represent a puzzle you will have to resolve in two minutes! The chips that are deprived of the separating line are put on the board in a form of a rectangle. You have to restore the original chips or form new ones. For that you should left click on the first half of the assumed chip and release the button only when the cursor is on the second half. If you are right with the chip and there are no more chips on the board identical to it then it appears on the board.

Logical Dominos: Try to separate out all the Domino pieces which are joined together to form a grid, in this addictive puzzle.

Controls: Mouse.

General rules for the domino games: the most popular type of play are layout games, which fall into two main categories, blocking games and scoring games. The most basic domino variant is for two players and requires a double six set. The 28 tiles are shuffled face down and form the stock or boneyard. Each player draws seven tiles; the remainder are not used. Once the players begin drawing tiles, they are typically placed on-edge before the players, so that each player can see his own tiles, but none can see the value of other players' tiles. Every player can thus see how many tiles remain in the other players' hands at all times during gameplay. One player begins by downing (playing the first tile) one of their tiles. This tile starts the line of play, a series of tiles in which adjacent tiles touch with matching, i.e. equal, values. The players alternately extend the line of play with one tile at one of its two ends. The game ends when one player wins by playing their last tile, or when the game is blocked because neither player can play. If that occurs, whoever caused the block gets all of the remaining player points not counting their own.


Use the Arrow Keys to move arround the store. Press the SPACE bar to steal the wanted item(s). Exit the store but don't get caught in order to advance to the next level. Good luck...!

Jewel Thief: Sneak into a jewelry store and steal the precious jewels avoiding the security devices, guards and other customers around.

Controls: Keyboard: Arrow keys, Space bar


Use the mouse to make matches of three or more of the same kind. A successful match will color the underlying tiles golden. Fill the entire grid with golden tiles to complete the level. The milk bottle fills up as you make matches. Click on the bottle when it's full. Click to slide an entire row sideways and click again to let go.

House Of Chocolates: This game is as good as a "House of Chocolates" sounds. Match the different chocolate pieces to complete each time based puzzle of a level. Tons of levels to uncover.... very addicting.

Controls: Mouse to aim & click, that's all.


We have now a great machine to safely exploit gold in mines infested by monsters. It's controls are simple: the keyboard arrows and the spacebar. Pick up treasures and eat the monsters to prevent the monster from biting your pipes. Let bombs touch your pipes, but don't eat them! If you exploit all treasures in the mine, there are 9 more mines awaiting you, full of greater treasures and more aggresive monsters!

Gold Diggers: Exploit all the treasure in the mines, populated with harmful monsters in this exciting online game.

Controls: Keyboard: Use arrow keys to move and space bar to get back quickly. Go ahead, collect all the treasures and be ready for more...

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Fill the grid area with pieces of glass, leaving no unfilled spaces. Glass pieces come into play from the Conveyor Belt, near the bottom of the play area. The larger the piece you place, the more points you get. Click on a piece to pick it up then click again to drop it into place. Press the SPACEBAR to rotate the current piece. Drop unwanted pieces into the bin. You lose 50 points for each piece thrown away. Special items help you make it through difficult times. Press 'M' to open the in-game menu.

Glass Works: Complete the glass works in this fun and exciting puzzle game!

Controls: Mouse: Drag the glass piece into the sockets in the center


Control the frog and gather all the flies. To make the frog jump click left mouse button and draw the boxing glove back as necessary. The direction of the flight depends on where to the boxing glove is drawn. Controls: mouse. YOU HAVE 60 seconds... GOOD LUCK...!

Fly Catcher: Punch a frog to make him jump and catch all the flies before the time runs out, avoiding the poison bottles.

Controls: Mouse: To catch the flies you need to make the frog jump by clicking left mouse button and drawing the boxing glove back as necessary to manage the power. The direction of the flight depends on the angle at which the glove is drawn.

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