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Chess/Scacchi/Sah Sudoku Pool/Biliardo/Biliard Texas Poker Hold'em

WarShips/Battaglia Navale/Razboi Naval Checkers/Dama/Lupul si Oile

Go/Gomoku IQ Cards MauMau Puzzle

Solitaire/Solitario/Solitar WildWest Duel

Siamo lieti di presentarVi Geewa : una community multiplayer (multigiocatori) con migliaia di utenti sempre connessi per giocare online. In pratica si può accedere da qualsiasi dispositivo connesso alla rete (browser, telefonino, IM) e sfidare gli altri giocatori in rete chattando con loro, anche senza essere registrati (con una registrazione gratuita, naturalmente, le possibilità di gioco aumentano).

I giochi disponibili sono tantissimi, in grado di soddisfare tutti i gusti. Qualità e funzionalità; divertimento assicurato...

Geewa & TurismoAssociati develops and promote original multiplayer casual games accessible on Facebook (under the brand Live Games) and on Geewa.com. Our two most popular games are Pool Live and Poker. Everyday up to 100,000 players compete against friends or complete strangers from around the world on any of our games.

On top of our own 23 multiplayer games, everyday we scout the interwebs to find the best single player flash games which we then publish on our site so don’t forget to come back tomorrow to TurismoAssociati!

Sintem bucurosi sa va prezentam comunitatea multi-jucatori Geewa cu mii de utilizatori intotdeauna conectati on line.

Jocurile disponibile sint nenumarate, in grad sa satisfaca si cele mai rafinate gusturi. Calitate si simplitate; distractie asigurata cu Turismo Associati...

You can enjoy the programs/games, free on-line, no download needed, here!

The "modern" browsers, strangely will block the Qaop/Java - ZX Spectrum emulator released under the GNU GPL licence (a Java applet which can be embedded on a page, but can also be run as a simple application) that will help you play these games.

To run this application from our page, you must follow these simple steps:

1) go to Start - All Programs - select Java - Configure Java - and in the Java Control Panel choose Security: Enable Java content in the browser, set the Security Level to Medium, and Add to the Exception Site List: http://zxSpectrum.net/ and http://www.TurismoAssociati.it/ then press Apply

2) Close the browser then Refresh our website page http://www.TurismoAssociati.it/lang1/games.html as many times needed to get the message: Do you want to run this application? An unsigned application from the location below is requesting permission to run. Click Run to allow it to continue!

That's all!

The ZX Spectrum is an 8-bit personal home computer released in the United Kingdom in 1982 by Sinclair Research Ltd. The early Spectrum models' great success as a games platform came in spite of its lack of built-in joystick ports, primitive sound generation, and colour support that was optimised for text display: the hardware limitations of the platform required a particular level of creativity from video game designers. Most Spectrum software was originally distributed on audio cassette tapes. The Spectrum was intended to work with a normal domestic cassette recorder, and despite differences in audio reproduction fidelity, the software loading process was quite reliable, if somewhat slow (by today's standards).

Abydos Apulija 13 Curse of Oddville Donkey Kong Reloaded Gem Chaser Hobbit Vah Kas Cut Intergalactic Space Rescue Knights and Demons Dx Lost Treasure Ossuary Ramiro El Vampiro Souls Tank Battle Thunderturds Toofy's Winter Nuts Vampe Goto Vampe Zx Striker

Antiquity Jones Barbarians Bouncing Bob Redux Catacombs of Balachor Cheril The Goddess Earthraid Endless Forms Most Beautiful Freddie Lakers Airline Capers Jinj 2 Belmonte's Revenge Lost In My Spectrum Lost Tapes of Albion Majikazo Pariboro Phantomas en el Museo Shuttlebug Speccy Bros Toofy In Fan Land

Alter Ego Catch the Cash Chessboard Attack Devil's Castle Dingo Flynns Adventure in Bombland Frank'n'Stein Rebooted Future Looter Marbles of Wisdom Utter Tripe

Binary Bob Esponja La Aventura Box Reloaded Cheril of the Bosque Cheril Perils Crimbo Esta en el Pantano Forest Raider Cherry Ghost Castle Gloop Troops Heart Stealer Horace in the Mystic Woods King of Pong Kyd Cadet Lala Prologue Merlin La Aventura Moggy Adventure Mole Hunter Nelo and Quqo Oddi The Viking Sir Ababol Smiler in Arrowe Land Shogun Stratego Viaje al Centro de la Napia Trooper Point 5 Vinn Vole's Existential Nightmare Zombie Calavera Prologue

Banger Management Black Horse La Corona Encantada Grand Pr1x Heritage Home Brew King's Valley Kuiper Pursuit Party Worms Snake Bingo W.H.B

American Pool American Tag Team Wrestling Ano Gaia Astroball Bangers and Mash Biff Block Dizzy Bully's Sporting Darts Count Duckula 2 Doctor Who: Dalek Attack Fireman Sam Graeme Souness Soccer Manager Grand Prix Challenge Head The Ball Hideous Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis International 5-A-Side Jet-Story Match of the Day Neighbours Night Run Paperboy 2 Pixy The Microdot 2 Postman Pat 3 Potsworth and Co Reckless Rufus Rikosphere Sleep Walker Snare Sword of the Samurai Turbo The Tortoise World Cup

Adventurer Alien Storm Back to the Future III Captain Planet Carlos Sainz Euro Boss Extreme Football Manager 3 Hero Quest Hobgoblin Hunt For Red October - Movie Lone Wolf Lord of Chaos Moontorc Multi-Player Soccer Manager Narco Police Night Shift North & South Outrun Europa Peking Popeye 2 Predator 2 Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote Scooby Doo & Scrappy Doo Shadow Dancer Smash TV Soccer Rivals Super Monaco GP Switchblade Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles The Coin-Op Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends Titanic Blinky Top Cat Toyota Celica GT Rally

Atom Ant Back to the Future II Badlands Blinky's Scary School Bloodwych Castle Master Castle Master II Cavemania Dan Dare III Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters La Espada Sagrada Golden Axe Jungle Warrior Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager Klax Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge Mad Mix 2 The Manager Manchester United Pipe Mania Plotting Poseidon Planet 11 Puzznic Rainbow Islands Rick Dangerous 2 Seahawk Sim City Snoopy Space Harrier II Subbuteo Super Off Road Turbo Outrun X-Out Zombi

Aaargh Advanced Soccer Simulator Beach Volley Butcher Hill Chase HQ Double Dragon Dragon Spirit Emlyn Hughes International Soccer Gemini Wing Hard Drivin' HATE Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Kick Off Mr Heli Myth Navy Moves p1 Navy Moves p2 The Ninja Warriors Pac-Land Pinball Power Puffy's Saga Red Heat Renegade III Robocop Run The Gauntlet Silkworm Spooked Stormlord Stunt Car Racer Super Scramble Simulator Tintin on the Moon Toobin' Tusker Viaje al Centro de la Tierra Victory Road Vigilante Xybots

Arkanoid II ATF The Bard's Tale Batman The Caped Crusader Part1 Batman The Caped Crusader Part2 Battle Ships Buggy Boy Cabal Cybernoid Cybernoid II The Empire Strikes Back Firefly Football Manager 2 The Fury Garfield Gauntlet II Ikari Warriors Impossible Mission II Laser Squad Last Ninja 2 Mad Mix Game Marauder On The Bench Operation Wolf Paris Dakar Psycho Pig UXB Rastan Samurai Warrior Rolling Thunder Soldier of Fortune Target Renegade Tetris Tracksuit Manager Under Ground WEC Le Mans

Academy Action Force II Amaurote Anarchy Arkanoid Barbarian Part1 Barbarian Part2 Basket Master Batty Bubble Bobble Colony Combat School Colony Deflektor The Double Driller El Misterio del Nilo Exolon Feud Flying Shark Gauntlet Head Over Heels Hydrofool IK+ Into The Eagle's Nest Jack The Nipper II Kikstart 2 Match Day 2 Motos Nebulus Nether Earth Outrun Ranarama Renegade Rescue Saboteur 2 The Sentinel Slaine Solomon's Key Spirits Stormbringer Tai-Pan Terramex Through The Trap Door Trantor Vulcan Xecutor XOR Zynaps

Alien Highway Antiriad Avenger Batman Bazooka Bill Bobby Bearing Bomb Jack Bounder Cliff Hanger Cobra Contact Sam Cruise CORE Dan Dare Druid Elecciones Generales Fairlight 2 Firelord Football Director Footballer Of The Year The Great Escape Green Beret Heavy on the Magick Jack The Nipper Johnny Reb 2 Kane Light Force Movie Nosferatu Paperboy Ping Pong Pippo Quazatron Rebelstar Sir Fred Starglider Starstrike II Terra Cresta Thanatos Three Weeks in Paradise The Trap Door Turbo Esprit TT Racer Uridium The Way of the Tiger Xeno Zorro

Abu Simbel Profanation Alien 8 Arc of Yesod Arnhem Astroclone Back to Skool Barry McGuigan Beach-Head 2 Benny Hill Bounty Bob Strikes Back Brainstorm Brian Bloodaxe Buck Rogers Cauldron Chaos Chuckie Egg 2 Commando Critical Mass Cyclone Daley Thompson's Supertest Day 1 Daley Thompson's Supertest Day 2 Desert Rats Dragontorc Dukes of Hazzard Dun Darach Dynamite Dan II Elite Endurance Everyone's A Wally Fairlight Falcon Patrol 2 Finders Keepers Formula One Grand National Gunfright Gyroscope Herbert's Dummy Run Highway Encounter Hyper Sports Jason's Gem Jet Set Willy 2 Jonah Barrington's Squash Journey's End Kong Strikes Back Macadam Bumper Magic Carpet Marsport Match Day Mikie Minder Monty Is Innocent Moon Cresta Nightshade Nodes of Yesod Panzadrome Popeye Raid Over Moscow Rambo Robin of the Wood Roller Coaster Saboteur Snodgits Spellbound Spy Hunter Spy vs Spy Starion Starquake Swords and Sorcery Tapper Think Tomahawk Video Pool Way of the Exploding Fist West Bank World Series Basketball Wriggler Yie Ar Kung-Fu Zaxxon

Airwolf Alien Antics Automania Avalon Beach-Head Booty Boulder Dash Bruce Lee Cavelon Chuckie Egg Combat Lynx Conquest Daley Thompson's Decathlon Day 1 Daley Thompson's Decathlon Day 2 Doomdark's Revenge Fantastic Voyage Frank N Stein Full Throttle Hunchback II Jet Set Willy Knight Lore Kokotoni Wilf Krakatoa Kung-Fu Lazy Jones Lode Runner The Lords of Midnight Match Point Millionaire Moon Alert Ms Pacman Mugsy Mugsys Revenge Olympimania Orc Attack Pac-Man Panama Joe Pole Position Pyjamarama Rally Driver Rebelstar Raiders Sabre Wulf Skool Daze Special Delivery Tir Na Nog Tornado Low Level Trashman Travel with Trashman Turmoil Wanted Monty Mole The Wild Bunch World Cup Football Zombie Zombie

Alchemist Android 1 Android 2 Ant Attack Aquaplane Atic Atac BCs Quest for Tires Bear Bovver The Birds and the Bees Bugaboo Chequered Flag Colossal Adventure Combat Zone Cyrus IS Chess Deathchase Dictator Fighter Pilot Fred Halls of the Things Harrier Attack High Noon Horace and the Spiders Hunchback Jetpac Jumping Jack Jungle Trouble Manic Miner Maziacs Painter Pandemonia Panic Penetrator Pheenix Pinball Pogo Pssst The Pyramid River Rescue Scuba Dive Splat Stonkers Stop The Express Time-Gate Turbo Driver Valhalla Zzoom

Adventure 1 Arcadia Battle Of Britain Black Crystal Centipede The Chess Player Chess The Turk Dallas Derby Day Football Manager Galaxians Gobbleman Ground Attack Gulpman The Hobbit Horace Goes Skiing Hungry Horace Invaders Muncher Nightflite Orbiter The Quest Reversi Space Raiders Spectral Invaders Spectres Spectrum Voice Chess Spookyman Tanx

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