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A 2 player game that follows the classic Poker Texas Hold'em rules. The goal of the game is to win all your opponent's chips over several rounds (the pot). The winner is the player with the best 5 card combination from all 7 available cards which are comprised of community cards (face-up on the table) and hole cards (held in the player's hands).
When the cards are dealt every player gets two hole cards. After the first obligatory bet, 3 community cards are shown simultaneously (the flop). After the flop there is another round of betting and the dealing of a fourth community card (the turn). A further round of betting precedes the dealing of a fifth and final community card (the river).

The game is controlled using the mouse. Bets may be set by selecting arrows pointing left (decreasing) or right (increasing). The current value of the bet is shown between the arrows. The following options are available during the course of a game:

  • Fold - discard your hand and forfeit the right to the pot
  • Call - match the existing bet
  • Check - wait and see if your opponent increases his/her bet
  • Raise - increase your bet

At the end of every round, the best 5 card combination of each player is compared to determine a winner. Standard poker hands in descending order are:Royal Flush - the highest possible combination. Ace, K, Q, J, 10 of the same suit.Straight Flush - five cards of the same suit in sequence.Four of a Kind - four cards of the same rank.Full House - three cards of the same rank, two cards of another rank (the rank of three cards determines which is higher).Flush - five cards of the same suit. Odds of 1 to 510.Straight - five cards of mixed suits in sequence.Three of a Kind - three cards of the same rank and another two cards.Two Pairs - two pairs, each consists of two cards of the same rank.One Pair - one pair that consists of two cards of the same rank.High Card - five cards that do not form any combination above. A card with the highest rank compares with the highest rank of opponent's hand.

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Siamo lieti di presentarVi Geewa : una community multiplayer (multigiocatori) con migliaia di utenti sempre connessi per giocare online. In pratica si può accedere da qualsiasi dispositivo connesso alla rete (browser, telefonino, IM) e sfidare gli altri giocatori in rete chattando con loro, anche senza essere registrati (con una registrazione gratuita, naturalmente, le possibilità di gioco aumentano).

I giochi disponibili sono tantissimi, in grado di soddisfare tutti i gusti. Qualità e funzionalità; divertimento assicurato...

Geewa & TurismoAssociati develops and promote original multiplayer casual games accessible on Facebook (under the brand Live Games) and on Geewa.com. Our two most popular games are Pool Live and Poker. Everyday up to 100,000 players compete against friends or complete strangers from around the world on any of our games.

On top of our own 23 multiplayer games, everyday we scout the interwebs to find the best single player flash games which we then publish on our site so don’t forget to come back tomorrow to TurismoAssociati!

Sintem bucurosi sa va prezentam comunitatea multi-jucatori Geewa cu mii de utilizatori intotdeauna conectati on line.

Jocurile disponibile sint nenumarate, in grad sa satisfaca si cele mai rafinate gusturi. Calitate si simplitate; distractie asigurata cu Turismo Associati...

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