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Dr. Sean McAllister, of the California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC), has spent nearly a decade studying the effects of cannabidiol – a chemical found in marijuana – on aggressive types of breast and brain cancer.

His research has already shown that cannabidiol (CBD) can reduce the spread of cancer to other parts of the body. Although, so far, he's only been able to study animal and cell culture models. Now he says his team is ready to prove it in humans.

"We are trying to initiate clinical trials in the US. We have designed the trials for breast and brain cancer but are still trying to raise the money for the trials."

Since last year, Dr. McAllister has been going through the difficult and lengthy process of initiating clinical trials. With study designs complete, funding seems to be the only obstacle that remains.

If all goes as planned, he hopes to see CBD being trialed in cancer patients "a year from now."

But it's not only Dr. McAllister that sees promise in cannabis for cancer. A drug company called GW Pharmaceuticals is also trying to study a cannabis-based drug, Sativex, as an add-on treatment for glioblastoma – the most common and deadly form of brain cancer.

The company has already begun recruiting patients for the first phase of clinical trials in Europe. Researchers will first have to prove its safety in a small group of glioblastoma patients before they can start evaluating Sativex's effectiveness at fighting cancer.

According to Dr. McAllister, preclinical research suggests that cannabinoids, while effective alone, may have a greater effect against cancer when combined with current treatments.

"Based on the data, it would be expected that cannabinoids would need to be combined with a first-line agent in order to see the most efficacy in a clinical setting."

Dr. McAllister's breakthrough came in 2007, when his team at CPMC showed that cannabidiol could reduce tumor aggressiveness in breast cancer by "turning off" a protein responsible for the spread of cancer, or metastasis, called Id-1.

Four years later, they were able to confirm the effect in mice, showing that CBD treatment could reduce the number and size of secondary tumors that formed.

Another of his studies, this time in glioblastoma cell cultures, found that CBD and THC could work together to achieve an even greater effect, concluding that "the addition of cannabidiol to Delta(9)-THC may improve the overall effectiveness of Delta(9)-THC in the treatment of glioblastoma in cancer patients."

"You have to build a strong case for clinicians to agree to run clinical trials. We are there now."

While THC also demonstrates anti-cancer potential, Dr. McAllister explains that one of the reasons he chose to study CBD is the lack of psychoactivity – or a high – which could be a concern when conducting studies in humans.

Another obstacle has been gathering enough evidence on the treatment. Despite an abundance of anecdotal reports of cannabis successfully curing cancer, it's taken Dr. McAllister years of effort to "build a strong case" for clinical trials.

But now he says the time has come.

"It takes a significant amount of time to run preclinical experiments," Dr. McAllister explains. "You have to build a strong case for clinicians to agree to run clinical trials. We are there now."


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Game Instructions: Use the mouse to create a ring around as many fish as you can that are of the same color. When a valid ring is made the bigger fish will gobble up the smaller one(s), growing even bigger...! You will advance to the next level only when there is one large fish left of each color. Please note that each level is timed... Good Luck!!!

Fish Eat Fish: Capture all the fishes of the same color by trapping them inside a region, drawn on the screen. Highly addictive and must play!

Controls: Mouse.

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While anecdotal reports support the benefits of medical marijuana in treating the disorder, evidence from clinical research has been lacking.

But now, scientists from the University of Michigan, Harvard Medical School and the University of Illinois at Chicago have confirmed that THC affects the storage and extinction of fearful memories in human subjects.

Published in October 2013 in the journal Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, the team suggests that marijuana pathways in the brain, which make up the cannabinoid system, could be a target for future PTSD treatments.

"Ultimately, the cannabinoid system may serve as a promising target for innovative intervention strategies in PTSD and other fear learning-related disorders."

In the study, researchers performed brain scans on 14 healthy individuals, who were given THC pills (Marinol) or a placebo before being exposed to a fearful stimulus. After 24 hours, individuals who received THC showed increased activity in areas of the brain involved with overcoming past negative memories.

While animal studies also support a role of cannabinoids in overcoming bad memories, the authors note the study was the first to show this effect in humans.

"Together, these findings provide the first evidence that pre-extinction administration of THC modulates the underlying neural circuits involved in fear extinction in humans."

The authors conclude: "these results prompt future investigation to test if cannabinoid agonists can rescue or correct the impaired behavioral and neural function during extinction recall in patients with PTSD."

The study received funding from the National Center for Research Resources and the National Institute of Mental Health


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Find three or more squares next to each other. Click on one of them to make them disappear and score points. Try to find as many combinations as possible, but be careful: when the highest row of squares will touch the upper playground border the game is over! Goodluck with the Crash Down...!

Crash Down: Try to eliminate rows of the same color, but if it builds up too much you will lose the game.

Controls: Mouse: Use your mouse pointer to left-click on 3 or more of the same colored squares to remove them from the group.

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Published in the journal Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, the study shows that the majority of IBD patients who try medical marijuana find it "very helpful" for relief of common symptoms, including abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhea.

The research was conducted at an academic medical center at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital, and involved a total of 292 patients with IBD. The authors wrote:

"A significant number of patients with IBD currently use marijuana. Most patients find it very helpful for symptom control, including patients with ulcerative colitis, who are currently excluded from medical marijuana laws."

Interestingly, while a large portion of patients in the study reported never trying marijuana, about half of those who never tried it said they'd be interested if it were legally available.

The authors note that "clinical trials are needed" to confirm whether marijuana is indeed helpful, since the study was only based on patients' reports.

Indeed, while animal studies suggest that marijuana could be useful in IBD, only a single small-scale human study has been done so far.

Published earlier this year by researchers at Israel's Tel Aviv University, the study found that 5 of 11 patients with Crohn's disease achieved "complete remission" after eight weeks of medical marijuana treatment. In comparison, only 1 of 10 patients in the placebo group went into remission.

The only human trial achieved complete remission in 5 of 11 Crohn's patients

The study also noted that marijuana seemed to improve appetite and sleep, and helped some patients wean themselves from steroid medications.

Steroids are commonly used to treat IBD, but can cause dependency as well as severe side effects.

But despite recommending that doctors consider marijuana for patients that aren't responding to traditional treatments, the Israeli scientists agree that larger studies are necessary before medical marijuana can be widely recommended as a treatment for IBD.

The Brigham and Women's Hospital study was published ahead of print. No sources of funding were reported


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Welcome to your Truck driving test. Take each lesson within the set time and complete the truck driving course to pass your exam with a score. Knowing your Truck. Howdy. Welcome to Texas! Use your Arrow Keys to move and space bar to brake. Drive to the Highlighted point to complete this level. Sharp Right Turn. Park in the correct area. Parking in a Bay. Today you will park your truck in a stationary parking bay within the time limit.

18 Wheeler: This game is about you learning to drive a big 18 wheeler truck, maneouvering through various cources and obstacles. Finishing each lesson/level within the allocated time in order to proceed, Tons of Levels, tonnes of fun.


Controls: Keyboard Cursor keys.

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Researchers from the University of British Columbia's School of Social Work have found that children living in homes where marijuana is grown show no noticeable health differences than those living in the average home.

The study, published in September 2013 in the International Journal of Drug Policy, was led by Janet Douglas, Ph.D, who has spent over 20 years as a child protection social worker in B.C. About a dozen of those years involved responding to cases of children living in marijuana grow-ops.

She believes the findings should serve as guidelines for social workers responding to similar cases.

"If we're going to say that children are at risk living in marijuana grow operations, then we need to be clear what those risks are. If there are no apparent health risks, then we need to scratch that off our list and not say that that's our concern if in fact we have no evidence to show that living in a grow-op impacts a child's health."

Dr. Douglas says the findings came as a surprise, since her experience led her to believe that grow-ops pose a number of health risks to children. Unsafe equipment involved with marijuana cultivation as well as molds and other air contaminants were some of her major concerns.

However, when Dr. Douglas and her colleague compared the relative health of children living in grow-ops, they found no significant differences in the amount of drugs prescribed for these children compared to their peers. Prescription data was gathered on 181 children living in grow-ops and 500 children in the comparison group.

"As far as a child welfare perspective, we just need to understand what our grounds for intervention are," says Dr. Douglas. "If these children are not at risk for health matters, then we need to not say that that's our grounds."

The study received funding from MITACS, BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Network, the BC Child and Youth Health Research Network and BC Ministry for Children and Family Development


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2132 AD. The Mothership was gone in deep space for 4 years. Today it came back. We have arrived, listen comrades, we have to find out what happened in here. You are Number 1. Take the sector 1. We will take others. We'll contact each other with the radio button in the right bottom corner. Controls: 0123456789 Backspace S up/left/right arrow. Look out for anything unusual. Don't forget to turn on the sounds.

The Mothership: Enter the mothership, a missing spacecraft and uncover its secrets.

Controls: Keyboard: Move Left, Right Left, Right arrow keys Activate/Enter door Up arrow key

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Constientizand modul cum functioneaza Universul, nu facem decat sa ne usuram existenta. Cele 12 legi ale Karmei ne ajuta sa Intelegem cum trebuie sa actionam, ce trebuie sa acceptam, pentru a trai in fapt, mai fericiti.

Ce este Karma? Karma in limba sanscrita inseamna "actiune" si este echivalentul a ceea ce Newton a numit "fiecare actiune trebuie sa aiba o reactie". Atunci cand gandim, vorbim sau actionam, initiem o forta care va actiona ca atare. Aceasta lege a cauzei si efectului nu actioneaza asupra noastra ca o forma de pedeapsa, dar ne ajuta in parcursul nostru pentru a evolua si a invata.

Constientizand modul cum functioneaza Universul, nu facem decat sa ne usuram existenta. Cele 12 legi ale Karmei ne ajuta sa Intelegem cum trebuie sa actionam, ce trebuie sa acceptam, pentru a trai in fapt, mai fericiti.


1. Cea mai importanta lege karmica: "Culegi ceea ce semeni". Aceasta lege mai este cunoscuta si ca "Legea cauzei si a efectului". Ceea ce dam Universului, primim inapoi. Daca ceea ce ne dorim este Fericire, Iubire, Pace, Prietenie... Atunci ar trebui sa fim fericiti, iubitori, si adevarati prieteni.

2. Legea creatiei - Viata nu se intampla pur si simplu, suntem coparticipanti - Suntem unul cu Universul, inauntru si in afara. Tot ceea ce ne inconjoara ne da indicii cu privire la interiorul nostru – Fii tu insuti si inconjoara-te de acele lucruri pe care le vei prezente in viata ta!

3. Legea umilintei – Daca vedem intr-o persoana o trasatura pe care o gasim negativa, atunci nu suntem noi insine concentrati la un nivel mai inalt al existentei.

4. Legea evolutiei – "Oriunde ajungi, acolo trebuie sa fii" – Pentru noi, a creste, a evolua in Spirit inseamna schimbarea. Nu trebuie sa ii schimbam pe cei din jurul nostru, sau locurile, ci pe noi insine. Cel mai mare dar care ne este dat este chiar lumea noastra interioara si singurul factor pe care il putem cu adevarat controla. Daca ne schimbam pe noi insine in adancul sufletului, viata va urma cursul pe care noi il imprimam si se schimba de asemenea.

5. Legea responsabilitatii – Ori de cate ori se intampla ceva negativ in viata mea, inseamna ca e ceva rau si in mine – Noi oglindim ceea ce ne inconjoara si ceea ce ne inconjoara ne oglindeste pe noi. Acesta este Adevarul Universal – trebuie sa ne asumama responsabilitatea pentru ceea ce se intampla in viata noastra.

6. Legea conexiunii – Chiar daca ceva ce facem pare irelevant si pare fara sens, de fapt chiar are un sens fiindca in Univers, totul este conectat. Fiecare pas duce catre un alt pas si asa mai departe. Nici primul si nici urmatorul pas nu sunt de importanta mai scazuta, pentru ca de fiecare am avut nevoie ca sa indeplinim un scop. Trecut-prezent-viitor, toate sunt conectate.

7. Legea concentrarii – Nu te poti gandi la doua lucruri in acelasi timp. Atunci cand ne focusam asupra valorilor noastre spirituale, este imposibil sa avem ganduri de joasa factura cum ar fi mania, suferinta sau invidia.

8. Legea generozitatii si a ospitalitatii – Daca tu crezi ca ceva este adevarat, atunci la un moment dat in viata ta vei fi chemat sa demonstrezi acel adevar particular. Este un moment cand trebuie sa punem in practica ceea ce am invatat.

9. Legea lui aici si acum – Daca ne intoarcem mereu in trecut nu reusim sa fim in totalitate in prezent- AICI si ACUM. Ganduri vechi, patternuri vechi de a gandi si de a actiona, visuri vechi... Ne impiedica sa avem visuri noi si sa descoperim lumi si oameni noi.

10. Legea schimbarii – Istoria se repeta pana cand ne invatam lectia si pana cand ne dam seama ce trebuie sa schimbam in drumul nostru.

11. Legea rabdarii si a recompensei – Adevarata bucurie vine dupa ce facem ceea ce trebuie sa facem si avem rabdare, constienti ca ceea ce se ne dorim se va materializa la momentul oportun.

12. Legea semnificarii si inspiratiei – Primesti ceea ce oferi. Adevarata valoare a ceea ce traiesti este rezultatul energiei pe care tu o investesti in acel ceva si ce semnificatie dai chiar tu acelei trairi. Orice contributie personala la viata ta este de asemenea o contributie personala la intreg. Ceea ce aduci in viata ta din iubire, inspira de asemenea Intreg Universul.


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RULES. Help Sweet Tooth reach the top level with a pie on it. Watch the fierce enemies. Some levels have slippery platforms where you can't stand still but only move. Controls: left/right arow keys - to move; up arrow key - jump.

Sweet Tooth: Help Sweet Tooth jump on the platforms and reach the top level to grab the pie, avoiding the fierce enemies.

Controls: Keyboard: Move Left Left Arrow Key Move Right Right Arrow Key Jump Up Arrow Key

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