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The Entire Assange-case from Swedish perspective, analysis by Aktivarum

Every text has a story to tell. Here is how the Assange story goes according to the analysis we made during its events unfolding.

As many know I have written several analyses in swedish regarding the Assange-case. However us people discussing this case forgot one thing. The case really is about Mr Julian Assange and the future of Wikileaks in Sweden. Most of the people involved do not understand swedish language.

Also, using google translate is no solution. Its not just about the words. Its about the content and context they are mentioned in. Using english media doesnt work. You get no understanding of the situation in Sweden just by reading what the world press reports. Specially not when the case itself includes internal swedish politics.

This text was really written for Wikileaks and world media. I wanted them to understand what has happened and why, as they thought this was about international politics.

As you will hopefully understand reading this text, it really was about internal swedish politics from the start. More or less any world celebrity in the same situation would have gotten the same treatment by the same people due to the completely baseless radical feminist thory that rape is about power, not about sex.

On final note I had to write this in a hurry to make sure it was done before Monday, thus the bad grammars ;)

The text itself begins here:

What happened and how I look at it.

The first news in Expressen is the double rape suspicion and warrant in absence against founder of Wikileaks (issued Friday 17.00) by the prosecutor on call Kjellstrand. Internet is divided in two sides, the CIA-conspiracy side claiming innocence and the Feminist-male-bashing side claiming guilty. None of them have basis for their claim. Wikileaks twitter refers to being warned for dirty tricks.

The case is very similar to the case of the former secretary of Labor S-O Littorin accused of hiring a callgirl. The accusation in media itself caused harm before even reaching court.

Aftonbladet: The older of the two women comments the case, she says it was consensual sex at first but then Assange “went too far”. However it is sexual molestation for her, not rape. She is quoted saying it is about a man having trouble taking a no for an answer.

It is at this moment we at Aktivarum as the first Swedish blog introduce the idea of this being neither CIA-trick, nor rape but a conflict between radical feminist idea of sex-life and the real world sex-life.

(16.48 Saturday) Chief Prosecutor Eva Finné reverses Kjellstrands decision completely and causes the biggest media frenzy we have seen in ages. Since they have not yet talked to Assange the dismissal of the warrant must be made based on the same information the warrant was made upon. Important to remember here is that the later lesser charges gets fuel in media cause of the first rape-charge. Had the initial charge been “sexual molestation” media would not have been in “frenzy”. Rape is special and unique cause rape is interpreted by feminists as structural male power abuse. Basically the strong guy beating the weak guy, as a student at law school said: Rape is a shame-crime.

Aftonbladet have comments from Assange who says he have no idea who the women are, no idea what the accusation is about and have never had sex without it being consensual. When asked the stupid question if he had sex with anyone at all while in Sweden. Assange rightly told the reporter that is a private matter.

When we commented on this, we went with the theory that this was a cultural clash between theory-sex-life of radical feminist fantasy and real world sex-life. The real problem here was people in media assuming guilty until innocent. The principle in court is innocent until guilty.

Leif Silbersky in DN comments that it is unusual higher-prosecutors overturned lower-prosecutors decisions but it happens and it is to their honor they can confess a mistake since the accusation itself can cause a lot of damage.

The Assange-case by now could be seen as example on how radical feminism makes people act crazy anytime the word “rape” is even mentioned. People also overestimate the value of gossip not realizing it is for entertainment purpose, not facts. There is also irony in the subject of Assanges seminar being “The truth is the first victim of war” clearly same is true about media war.

Rumors online tell names of the two women who made the accusations. They are claimed to be Anna.A (social democrats, SKS) and Amelia.A (the pirate party).  Both are active in politics and thus objects of public interest. Early on it is revealed Anna.A  is a well known radical feminist which partly validates our theory what the case really is about: The Sexual politics of radical feminism.

Anna.A was already known to us as she had earlier tried to ban juvenile lyrics in student-songs at Uppsala University. The claim she was behind the accusation was strengthened by the fact that she just closed her blogs while Google-cache revealed the radical feminist content. One post said “Rape  is a part of men power” “It is time to end the male ideal” which proves she in fact is heavy into the radical feminist viewpoint where the dominant opinion is rape is not about sex but about power.

Now our suspicions were confirmed. It was neither a serial rapist nor a conspiracy by the CIA. It was two young women with warped view of men, unrealistic idea of sex-life and last but not least, a feminist prosecutor on-call with unrealistic picture of what rape means according to the law.

By this moment RO President J.Binninge makes JO notification of the on-call prosecutor Kjellstrand for issuing warrant with not enough information.  Also former chief lawyer Sven-Erik Alhem also criticize the Prosecutors office in DN: He has two strong points

a) Probable cause is the stronger degree of suspicion, that it was lifted a few hours later without anything new in the case is very confusing.

b)  Also, an arrest in the absence is usually not made public. It would give the suspect a chance to escape.

Göran Lysen, Professor of International Law, in DN: ”It smells bad feminism here. Rape cases should be investigated objectively and impersonally as regards the matter as regard to all other crimes.”

A well known Law Blog writes: Assange-story is a scandal. All newspapers went out with the name. All may now crawl to the cross. The story is perhaps the clearest illustration of the hollowness of integrity protection in the media society.

A opposing blog writes:”I have met a sufficient number of victims of rape to say that it is not something a woman simply register or even talk about.”

We commented: Women are not clones, but individuals. Some women are more likely than others to easily report and talk about sex. Some women would never report an obvious rape. Other women could easily notify police of a completely fictional rape and continue to argue that even when they knew they were filmed during voluntary sex. Here is actual absolute proof.

For this reason it can´t be argued that ”Somebody knows how difficult it is for a woman to notify police ….” No they do not know because they have no experience of the entire female population. They have to learn that there are a number of women (fortunately a minority) that is completely contrary to what people are used to on this issue. The important point here is that claiming one woman makes a false/unfounded accusation doesn’t mean claiming this is something common for women. It is one/a few person/persons doing wrong, not women as a group doing wrong. That the motif for doing it is female doesn’t mean most females with that motif would notify the police. Whether she is that kind of woman is simply bad luck, nothing else!

Amelia.A, on twitter replies on the rumors: No I did not have sex with /that/ man.

An obvious Clinton joke, people in general and the blog Aktivarum specifically no longer think she is involved cause with such a strong personality she would probably have punched the guy and ended the intercourse, not notified the police.

However the rumors about Anna.A is stronger and stronger. It s soon obvious she is most likely the older woman who earlier commented on “hard to take a no” in Aftonbladet. She is correct age, lives at correct place (Södermalm) and the profile of strong feminist opinions fits. She is soon outed on the blog “Gotiska klubben” who actually gives their post an English title to cause international attention. Title is “Anna Ardin, most hated woman in the world?” Because her name is in the title, everyone visiting linked articles or the toplist at wordpress now knows the name.

Aktivarum writes on this: We are not yet certain she is the correct person but here are the reasons Gotiska klubben think she is. (age, place, profile, proximity to assange, closed blogs etc)

The Prosecutors office was engulfed in a media storm. The now famous Video with Rosander on Al-Jazeera is made. The Al-Jazeera reporter asks how the mistake was made. Rosander told them it could not be called mistake because it was normal procedure. Of couse world media did not agree. Even if something is normal (common) that doesn’t mean it is correct or ok.

-Surely, the first step is to try and contact the person who is being accused?

I cant give you any details concerning the investigation

-Wouldnt it be logical to try and talk to him?

Uhh… I cant comment on that, unfortunately

-You feel a little embarrased by all of this?

No not at all, thats not in question

-Uhh… Why not?

Because this is normal procedure

-Well, it´s quite normal to accuse somebody of rape and then… two hours later say, no, thats not the case?

Yeah it is quite common that new information gets into a case and that you have to revise uhh… the decisions.

This video makes it obvious Rosander have no idea what she is dealing with. She says lots of weird things, give an overall unprofessional impression and just the body language of the reporter tells a lot of how he feels. Generally Swedish people are embarrassed over this Prosecutors information.

Also by this moment just one of the accusations remain, and that is a lesser crime comparable to stealing a car – and against the other woman, the rape charge is not nothing. Had that been the initial accusation this would not have made media waves all over the world. It is now clear there was a huge error made in the police/justice system.

Aktivarum does a new update: Two English-speaking blogs are also beginning to translate all the information coming from Sweden.

Now the prosecutor s office start with the stonewall tactics. When asked about this they reply they can t comment the investigation in progress. What progress? There is not even a definition of crime. We assume they are being instructed by a PR-person on how to avoid more bad media.

This means they neither confirm a serious accusation, nor drop the case completely (Cause the second the case is dropped people start asking questions) so to avoid questions they keep the absolute lowest rated crime possible, molestation (not sexual) which could be stuff like raunchy phone calls.

Because no information arrives we review what we know. Cultural Marxism means dividing the people of the world in groups with more power and groups with less power. The groups with less power are seemed as special needs groups. Radical feminism means seeing female sexuality as the group with less power and male sexuality as the group with more power, then you use the government to take power from the strong and give to the weak. Basically saying women decide what is ok in sex, men don’t.  Anna.A is a confirmed radical feminist. The younger woman is unknown cause she is not active in politics.

Anna.A is also has worked with women s issues at Uppsala University, specially with sexual harassment cases. She is working with encouraging women to report just about anything they don’t like from guys. The more we read about her the more extreme her opinions on the issue seem. On UU a text regarding sexual harassment goes: “With sexual harassment we mean any unwelcome behavior based on gender or/and sexual nature”. Basically she is outlawing for guys to hit on girls at all without the girls more or less wearing a sign telling it s ok. As told earlier, radical feminist ideas about love and sex are in real conflict with how things happen in the real world when guys and girls hook up. They want things in line with a simple theory of what things “should” be like.

At the moment of our next post at Aktivarum, the name of Anna.A (Anna Ardin, press contact for Assange) has been confirmed. She is clearly the older of the two women and the one the molestation charge refers to. Nobody knows however what this molestation is supposed to be about. Wild rumors and speculation is the result because of the prosecution office not explaining their actions. Soon The Guardian with sources in Sweden claims it has to do with having sex without protection.

”Both women reported that they had been involved in consensual sexual relationships with Assange, but each reported a separate non-consensual incident of a similar character in which Assange allegedly had sex with them without using a condom.” The Guardian.

Clearly if this is true, it should not even be a police matter. There is no rule saying people absolutely have to have sex the way the partner wants it. That’s a matter of individual choice.

Now some words about the rhetorical tactic Guild by association. This means making people look guilty by referring to something that looks similar. The leftwing blog “Sverige är inte världens navel” claims ”I dont know anything about the accusations against Assange. I know that celebrities such as him has raped women before” Another Swedish female feminist blog Isobels Verkstad : “I was not surprised of the accusations against Assange, I don’t know him, but celebrities like him have raped women at earlier instances”

As we can see, structuring language like this is not a coincidence. It’s a technique based on human psychology. Associating A with B makes people assume they would be linked. In fact that’s just a illusion as the claim A is no evidence for claim B. Clearly the more radical feminist blogs assume Assange is guilty, the liberal blogs assume he is innocent (or guilty of just molestation which could be any party trick gone wrong and is not a serious crime)

In our next blogpost we ask if the Swedish justice system is fair towards men in sex crime at all? We again referred to how Littorin, a member of the government made the conclusion he did not have a chance against the accusations in the media and resigned.

Now Former Chief Prosecutor Sven Erik Alhem asks in “Juridiken Idag” if there was a breach of the secrecy regarding the preliminary investigation. When Expressen asked and had all details, the prosecutor s office confirmed and this could according to Alhem be illegal.

Our analysis and discussion on the matter show how the presumption of innocence practically doesn’t exist because media do not want to be seems as accusing the women of lying. Thus they must assume the women do not lie and that means Assange is assumed guilty until proven innocent. The women are assumed innocent until proven guilty of the accusation so in all practicality, the accusation itself is seen as a crime. This is per definition wrong. Accusing without foundation is stupid,  and steal the resources police need for real violent forced-sex rapes, but its not a crime.

Basically what the case now really is about is media scrutiny. And media is aimed both on the accused and the accusers. The younger woman s name however is not mentioned cause she is not (as the older Anna Ardin) active in politics.

Because of the details in the Guardian, now speculation goes wild on the nature of the sex itself. We discuss how media shows Assange like a Rock Star and thus groupie-sex would be a natural consequence, since we know this is more or less guaranteed among some women. Even when the man with media light on is a violent criminal, some women are very attracted.

We also discussed how he first had sex with Ardin, and then with a younger woman. It is logical to point out the accusation was not even made until the women talked to eachother. Thus Anna Ardin found out Assange had sex with a younger woman 3 days after her.

”The alleged molestation of Ms A was said to have occurred on the morning of Saturday 14 August. The alleged rape of Ms W was said to have occurred on the morning of Tuesday 17 August.” The Guardian

It is very common women become really angry over their partner having a new younger woman. That is simply a matter about female psyche. A few words based on Evolutionary psychology. Young women are stars with lots of male attention, however that doesn’t last. Younger women eventually replace the older ones for male attention. In fact “midlife crisis” describes a man in the age where you have most money and power and thus more access to supermodels in their 20s than the man had when he was in the 20s.

The point here is simple: When an older woman not accuse the guy until hearing he had sex with a younger woman, we know she was not as angry until she heard he replaced her. The older woman waits 6 days to go to police, the younger woman waits 3 days to go to police. When talking to each other they immediately go to police after “talking” however they did not see it as rape, they say  they wanted to know if they could force mr Assange to test himself.

The POLICESTATION makes it a matter of rape. Also I personally suspect the police station are responsible for leaking the information to the Expressen reporter on the same evening. However researching that matter is not allowed for source protection (ironically, the same laws that made Assange choose Sweden in the first place) It doesn’t matter though, very few persons COULD tell Expressen details of the warrant for arrest.

The point here is that molestation while being illegal is not even a serious offense, the real important thing at this moment was what Al-Jazeeras reporter called the “DEFAMATION IMPLICATIONS” it has on everyone there was rape charges in the press. That is a way more serious matter than accusation of molestation. At this point Aktivarum published a post commenting how now we have three different debates in association to the Assange-case.

  1. Debate on sex
  2. Debate on justice system
  3. Debate on press

On the sexdebate some women we speak to claim Assange did not act like a “gentleman” and they also claimed to have heard he did not show proper respect to women in general, and young women specifically. This is claimed on Flashback by women who know Anna.A and the younger woman.

OUR RESPONSE: This was just ridiculous. Had the women not liked the way Assange behaved why would they want to have sex with him? Many women claim women don’t like player-types. This is evidently a wrong. If women did not like players, the players could not even be players in the first place. You have to be liked by women to have sex with women. Casanova himself declared this 100s of years ago.

We say this is image-management. Some girls don’t want it to be known to others what they really like and choose to go for. This is a problem but helping them lie about it don t solve the problem. This should be solved by creating an environment where women feel safe to tell others what they go for in the real world. Neil Strauss book “The Game” gives a detailed picture of the problem. The only real solution is public education and discussion.

On the press debates and justice-system debates however there is a competition about aiming guilt. Some blame the press for publishing. Some blame the prosecutor office for even issuing arrest before having all the proper information needed.

”The alleged molestation of Ms A was said to have occurred on the morning of Saturday 14 August. The alleged rape of Ms W was said to have occurred on the morning of Tuesday 17 August.”

Our final post in this matter is done Thursday 1600. An internet forum is copying an article from Resume telling the details of the entire case. How Expressens reporter jumped into a car and drove very fast 135 km to the Expressen building in Stockholm.

Some people who know Anna Ardin and the younger woman tell details at the internet Forum Flashback. Their claims makes even the older feminist women take Assanges side. One woman say that he promised to call and did not do so. She also pays some things for him and according to a young woman that made her feel used when his phone was off.

Welcome to Sweden, Mr Assange. You should know that paying for sex is illegal here, and if you don’t pay, you’ll be accused of rape and molestation.”

This humorous comment was made when somebody talked about how the younger woman after paying some things for Mr Assange felt used. Some younger women clearly don’t get this “equality” feminist thing goes both ways. An older feminist got furious and said something like: “I have been an active feminist over 30 years and such claim even makes me wanna twist your ear”.

Basically the older women seem to be true liberal feminists. For them feminism means equal rights. However some of the younger women seemed to be radical feminists. For them feminism means the opinion women have lesser power on collective basis than men and thus the right for special treatment in everything. Its basically entitlement-feminism.

Thus it s proven the liberal feminists takes Mr Assanges side when the argument is he let her pay. The argument is that if a woman had sex and let the guy pay, nobody would say he would feel abused and have reasons to ask police if he had been violated when she did not return calls.

The older feminists not only often are on Assanges side. They get furious when they hear younger women claming to be feminists while having the opinion women should be treated specially for being women. That is against everything feminism normally stands for. Thus it s important to remember normal (liberal) feminism and radical feminism are not in agreement at all.

Claes Borgström himself (who are now at the womens side) appears to be radical feminist. So his opinions on rape are as likely to be ideological opinions as based in the actual law text. Remember Borgström himself is the absolute example of what he attacks, He is a white heterosexual rich male. That his ideology is about attacking heterosexual white males clearly don’t include himself.

There is also another aspect. Blog of Erik Laakso (another white man) says: Now you are in Sweden assange, here we treat women with respect. However earlier (and probably unknown to Mr Assange) in Sweden we had a debate about a muslim refusing to shake hands with a woman for cultural/religious reasons. And in that debate many regarded forcing the Swedish way on the foreigner was in fact racist thing to do.

AFTONBLADET SUNDAY: They write the rape-charge was about a condom being ripped. I just read this and the first thought from me is: If a guy ripping a condom commits rape, then a woman lying about being on the pill is also committing rape. The interpretation is crazy, clearly political. When the law was written there is no chance they intended this use.

Observe the police station in question has special focus on prostitution. Thus people there are more  likely to be into the radical feminist theory on the matter of sex for men being about power. The police meets a lot of bad men, misandry could easily appear in such an environment.

Finally: Important to remember is that the driving force behind these accusations of rape was the police at Klara närpolisstation in central Stockholm, not the two women involved. Borgström asked in Aftonbladet replies: They are not law-trained.

Basically the radical feminist agenda is declaring women raped when they don’t even see themselves as raped. This is nothing new. I include this link for information how ideologically motivated feminists did the same thing in USA, declaring girls raped of their boyfriends against their will. It’s a career move for the feminists cause politicians seldom can see through the bogus claims. Also it’s a chivalry thing. Men are groomed to protect women from harm.

The Key to this case is to remember three things:

1)      The media coverage caused by a leak in police or at the prosecution office itself caused more harm than any sentence on molestation could do. Staffan Dopping commented this and told that regardless of guilt or innocence in court, media already had its toll on the person behind the media coverage

2)      While police called the prosecutor 1700, the younger woman (who was the only one regarded as rape-victim) was questioned until 1840, according to the radio program “Medierna” the female police questioning the younger woman did not have contact with the prosecutor office

3)      The decision from prosecutor Eva Finné to drop the rape-charge completely was based on transcripts from the questioning of the younger woman. Rosanders claim in Al-Jazeera that Finné hade more information would then completely rest on what the female police was told by the younger woman 1700-1840. That means 1.40 hours was all between an international media frenzy and a unknown rape-charge in the statistics being dismissed cause of lack of ground for claiming rape.

With Regards, Erik founder of the blog Aktivarum

The text ends here.

A final comment: The most effective weapon political correctness has is economic oppression. Basically putting pressure on companies and institutions not hiring people that say things going against the politically correct consensus. Democratic debate however requires several opinions.

When journalists themselves cant write the truth cause media owners threaten they will lose their jobs if they do that is a large problem for anyone who wants real analyses.

Also, without being allowed to do mistakes, people cant really do exceptionally good things. If a soccer player will be kicked of the team for missing one penalty shot. The best way to remain on the team would be not taking any penalty shots.

There are two ways dealing with this situation.

1) Living a double life not using your real name online when reporting on these issues. Then however you cant meet people in real life and discuss the issues.

2) Donations giving you the freedom to be yourself and provide alternatives to the politically correct consensus – or ”master narrative” as it was called by Wikileaks.

If you appreciate our work with the Assange case (or Aktivarum in general) and think alternative opinions as well as this kind of policially incorrect analyses are valuable. Any donation or other suggestions of help would be greatly appreciated and help us get the time needed for better analyses.

This is a longshot but we figured why not? We help people for free anyway we can, I am sure more people are like us. For some people in the world, a small sum is what for us would be a huge difference. Being able for example to buy a laptop in reserve if this computer breaks would be greatly helpful.

Otherwise any work-suggestions would also be ok. Just no ”get rich quick-schemes” we are not looking to get rich. We are looking for ways getting more time for Aktivarum, paying off a smaller debt and better working tools.

For the international visitors.

Name: Aktivarum

Bank: Nordea

IBAN-number: SE4130000000038395113900

Message: Anything telling who to say thanks

If you are uncertain regarding what these money would be used for or have any other questions regarding my knowledge of the Assange case from the swedish perspective I will be happy to answer any questions by mail

Well, this has been two crazy weeks. Concerning the Assange-gate the world seemed to ask the question: What the heck happened?

We earlier tried to give Sweden the answer. This is our attempt to answer the huge majority of the world who neither speak swedish or have an updated view on the internal politics in Sweden.



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Un tuffo nella nostalgia, nel rimpianto per un passato che è davvero passato e che ha lasciato poche, se pur preziose, tracce. Colpa dell’entusiasmo e della disattenzione di chi ha avuto nella seconda metà del XIX e in tutto il XX secolo il compito di bene amministrare i comuni – poi quartieri – del ponente genovese. L’entusiasmo dello sviluppo industriale, quando le magnifiche sorti e progressive di Genova e dell’Italia erano affidate alla crescita dell’industria pesante; la disattenzione di chi ha permesso e favorito la distruzione di uno dei più bei “paesaggi di villa” del Nord Italia, trasformando un territorio che gli umanisti definivano Giardino di Venere in una periferia urbana di non sempre facile godibilità.

Senza addentrarci troppo nella storia del paesaggio del ponente cittadino, basti immaginare – se ci si riesce, ché ci vuole un po’ di fantasia – che la fascia costiera a ponente della Lanterna, da Sampierdarena a Cornigliano, Sestri Ponente, Pegli, Pra, Voltri, era grosso modo sino a metà Ottocento un susseguirsi di borghi costieri marinari e di grandi ville nobiliari circondate da vasti parchi e giardini, con qualche cantiere navale lungo la spiaggia. Le pur nobili ragioni dell’industria e l’aumento della popolazione dovuta alla crescita industriale hanno progressivamente eroso questo patrimonio di natura e arte sostituendolo con ciò che esiste oggi, ovvero il grande porto moderno, l’aeroporto, diversi impianti industriali e tanti edifici di discutibile bellezza.

Tutto ciò per dire che le prime tappe di questo itinerario, le ville di Pegli, non sono entità aliene calate dal cielo, piuttosto sono una testimonianza importante di quei tempi e di quel paesaggio ormai andati. Mentre i tempi delle ville stavano per concludersi, Pegli ebbe la fortuna di farsi conoscere all’estero per la sua bellezza, sì da entrare nel novero delle località turistiche d’elite che diedero sviluppo al turismo ligure, più o meno nei tempi della Bell’Epoque che precedette la prima guerra mondiale. Pegli località di soggiorno di principi, re e imperatori, nobili e magnati, che venivano a svernare qui, sfuggendo i climi rigidi dell’Europa centrale e orientale.

Una breve navigazione lungo i moli del porto moderno è il trait-d’union tra le ville pegliesi e il centro storico, che in questo itinerario si presenta sotto i suoi diversi aspetti medievali e seicenteschi, popolari e nobili, religiosi e civili, artistici e commerciali, vetusti e rinnovati. Ventisette secoli (circa) di storia non sono passati invano, e tutti hanno lasciato qualche traccia. Nessun itinerario di due o tre ore di cammino potrà farli scoprire tutti ma buone gambe e mente attenta permettono di fare millanta interessanti scoperte.

Descrizione dettagliata dell'itinerario

Si parte dalla stazione ferroviaria di Pegli, che è già un’emergenza artistica di per sé, col suo Liberty elegante e allegro a tradire lo scopo per cui fu costruita, cioè accogliere i coronati e danarosi ospiti dei grandi hotel affacciati sul mare. Il più bel parco di Genova, quello di villa Pallavicini, è subito a sinistra della stazione, e oltre al parco c’è il museo archeologico ospitato nella villa che merita una sosta attenta. Tornati alla stazione si sale per via Martiri della Libertà e via Pavia per raggiungere l’altra villa, Doria Centurione col suo museo navale.

Dopodiché indietro di nuovo sino alla stazione per raggiungere il lungomare attraverso il breve simpatico vico Condino, girare a destra e salire per via De Nicolay in cerca della casa natale di Fabrizio De Andrè. Tornati sul lungomare vale la pena spingersi ancora un poco a ponente per raggiungere il vasto Hotel Méditerranée che ricorda i tempi d’oro della Pegli turistica. Breve da qui il cammino sul lato a mare della passeggiata sino al Molo Archetti, punto d’imbarco della Navebus, l’intelligente linea di trasporto pubblico via mare istituita dall’AMT per collegare Pegli e i quartieri di ponente col centro città. Mezz’ora di navigazione osservando i moli del porto e le navi al lavoro, poi si sbarca nel cuore del Porto Antico, proprio di fronte a Palazzo San Giorgio, accanto all’Acquario.

Rimesso piede a terra, l’attraversamento di piazza Caricamento e la breve e affollata via al Ponte Reale porta in piazza Banchi con la chiesa di San Pietro, che si oltrepassa per procedere sotto l’arcata di vico San Pietro della Porta (forse era una porta delle mura altomedievali) e lungo via di Canneto il Curto, un animato e multirazziale tratto del carrugio lungo parallelo alla riva. La larga rettilinea via San Lorenzo induce a salire verso la cattedrale e verso piazza Matteotti, con il palazzo Ducale e la chiesa dei gesuiti ricca di arte barocca. Un tratto di via di Porta Soprana e poi a destra giù per vico dei Castagna sino a piazza delle Erbe, il centro della movida serale della gioventù genovese. Via di San Donato conduce alla omonima bella chiesa romanica, da cui si sale lungo Stradone Sant’Agostino verso quella chiesa col suo museo.

Più in alto c’è l’ampia (per essere nel centro storico) piazza Sarzano, che invita a scendere vico dietro il Coro di San Salvatore per ammirare un delizioso angolino nascosto della Genova molto medievale, Campopisano. Di nuovo su in Sarzano per entrare nel canyon di via Ravecca, stretto fra alte case antiche e rinnovate, sino alla Porta Soprana, la principale tra le porte della “Murette” del XII secolo. Breve la discesa per Vico Dritto di Ponticello sino alla cosiddetta “casa di Colombo”, quindi per piazza Dante e via Dante si raggiunge il centro della Genova moderna, ovvero piazza De Ferrari.

Per poi rituffarsi nel Medioevo di salita San Matteo sino alla magnifica raccolta piazza San Matteo, che fu il quartiere della famiglia D’Oria. Via David Chiossone e Vico del Fieno scendono in Piazza Soziglia, snodo dei carruggi commerciali nell’area due-cinquecentesca del centro storico; da qui per un breve tratto di via dei Macelli di Soziglia, poi a sinistra per vico Lavagna sino alla popolare pianeggiante via della Maddalena, da seguire verso destra sinché il vico dietro il Coro della Maddalena ci fa salire in via Garibaldi, la splendida “Strada Nuova” Patrimonio dell’Umanità UNESCO, massima testimonianza del siglo de los Genoveses.

Da Strada Nuova coi suo palazzi e i suoi musei verso la “Strada Nuovissima” settecentesca di via Cairoli, quindi a sinistra verso l’ampia piazza della Nunziata, coi palazzi nobiliari che fronteggiano la chiesa, altro prezioso contenitore di opere d’arte dei secoli d’oro dell’arte genovese, dal Manierismo al Barocco. È il rettifilo della seicentesca via Balbi – altri palazzi sontuosi, altri musei – a condurre al termine di questo itinerario, davanti alla stazione ferroviaria di Piazza Principe.


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Question? Comments? Death threats? Email them to hipsterhitler at

Hey everyone, thanks for the overwhelming response.. we've got more comics in the bag that are going to be out soon. In between you can expect inane chatter from me an JC on our twitter page ( and our facebook page (see below).

And since a lot of people have been asking us... Yes, we're working on getting t-shirts of the slogans as well as hipster hitler wearing the slogans up soon-ish... It's all a bit new to us so we're working our way through it



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Un'estate caratterizzata da una ricerca esasperata del low cost a tutti i livelli, dai trasporti alla sistemazione alberghiera a discapito della qualità, con una durata della vacanza mediamente inferiore al passato, così come la spesa media per turista. E' la fotografia di questa stagione estiva ormai agli sgoccioli scattata da Asshotel che sottolinea i risultati poco soddisfacenti per le imprese alberghiere. Sul risultato dell'intera stagione turistica si sono riverberati infatti la scarsa propensione ai consumi, condizioni meteo poco favorevoli, il cambiamento dei consumi turistici e l'aumento delle vacanze "mordi e fuggi". Secondo Asshotel, "i primi dati sembrano confermare una tendenza in atto già da qualche anno: il mare appare in costante declino dal 73% del 2006 al 47% del 2010, per un cambio delle abitudini da parte dei consumatori che diversificano le loro vacanze a favore della montagna, di vacanze verdi e di percorsi culturali in costante ascesa. Il turismo balneare ha - in termini di arrivi e presenze - sostanzialmente ricalcato il risultato del 2009: non è andato bene soprattutto nelle località che storicamente hanno contribuito al successo del turismo balneare italiano (Rimini e Riviera Romagnola, Versilia, Isola d'Elba, Liguria, Sicilia), mentre in Puglia ed in alcune località marine della Campania, delle Marche e del Veneto l'andamento è stato migliore. "I fatturati delle imprese alberghiere si sono ulteriormente assottigliati di un 12-16% - sottolinea Filippo Donati, presidente Asshotel - In Italia si continua ad assistere ad un basso tasso di utilizzo delle camere d'albergo, unito ad un elevato indice di stagionalità, particolarmente accentuato nel Mezzogiorno, con punte in Calabria e Sardegna. La caduta della redditività delle imprese alberghiere contribuisce a mettere in seria difficoltà un numero crescente di piccole e medie imprese di filiera in tutta Italia". Per questo, "Asshotel - conclude Donati - è disponibile, da subito, al confronto con il ministro del turismo Michela Vittoria Brambilla per una analisi di settore che possa produrre le scelte tanto attese dagli oltre 34 mila alberghi italiani".

Easy Jet cerca assistenti di volo italiani per le basi di Milano Malpensa e Roma Fiumicino. Le selezioni sono già aperte: i Recruitment Days per la base di Malpensa avranno luogo al Ramada Ticinum Hotel di Oleggio il 7, 8 e 9 settembre, mentre per la base di Roma l'appuntamento è per i giorni 21, 22 e 23 settembre presso l'Hilton Garden Inn di Fiumicino (l'hotel indicato potrebbe variare, si consiglia di verificare tutti i dettagli sul sito Per partecipare alle selezioni è necessario compilare l'application form per la base d'interesse sul sito di easy Jet. I candidati che supereranno le selezioni dovranno poi seguire un corso presso la easyJet Academy di Luton.

Atterraggio d'emergenza all'aeroporto di San Francisco per un volo della compagnia australiana Qantas che stava sorvolando l'Oceano Pacifico quando è esploso un motore. L'aereo, un 747-400, con 230 passeggeri a bordo, era partito da San Francisco per Sydney poco dopo la mezzanotte ora locale. L'incidente si è verificato dopo 45 minuti di volo al motore numero 4 dell'ala destra. La manovra di emergenza si è conclusa senza incidenti e tra i fragorosi applausi dei passeggeri a bordo.


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Author, journalist and public intellectual Christopher Hitchens announced Wednesday (30 of June 2010) that he will undergo treatment for cancer of the esophagus, thereby cutting short his current book tour.

Hitchens made the announcement via a statement posted on Vanity Fair’s website, a publication for which he regularly contributes.

“I have been advised by my physician that I must undergo a course of chemotherapy on my esophagus. This advice seems persuasive to me. I regret having had to cancel so many engagements at such short notice,” Hitchens said.

The English-born Hitchens, 61, was in the middle of a book tour to promote his newly released memoir “Hitch 22.”

Hitchens, a noted enfant terrible in the literary world, is a well-known public figure who appears regularly on TV and has had his work published in a myriad of magazines including The New Statesman, The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, Slate & The Nation. He also published several books including his recent atheist tome "God is Not Great."

He is well-known for his prolific consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. It was reported that the chain-smoking Hitchens gave up smoking cigarettes in 2008, though a profile piece in the Washington Post earlier this month showed that he was still indulging in the habit. In 2003 he famously quipped that his daily intake of alcohol was enough "to kill or stun the average mule."

Hitchens, once a darling of the left, famously underwent an ideological shift in recent years, especially after 9/11, that saw him support the Iraq war and lose the support of many of his former admirers.

Hitchens became an American citizen in 2007. He currently lives in Washington, D.C., with his wife Carol.


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“Genova, amore a seconda vista”: questa frase, scritta alcuni anni fa da un giornalista straniero, è quasi un luogo comune.

Quindi ha un fondo di verità. Il fascino di Genova non appare a chi corre sulle autostrade o si imbarca di fretta sui traghetti; qui non si ama ostentare le proprie virtù. Understatement zeneise, lo chiamano. Insomma, Genova non crede “a quello che i francesi chiamano coup de foudre”, come cantava Enrico Ruggeri. Ma la differenza fra un colpo di fulmine e un amore a seconda vista è che l’infatuazione del primo può passare, il secondo resta.

Forse non sarà facile innamorarsi di Genova, certo è impossibile scordarla dopo che è scaturita la passione. Genova è un cocktail di nuovo e di antico, di moderno e di medievale, di contemporaneo e di storico. Il sole che brilla sul tozzo Matitone, fulgido esempio di architettura international style di fine XX secolo, illumina anche la Lanterna carica di secoli e di salsedine; la sua luce che sbircia tra i tetti del carruggio bimillenario della Maddalena, illumina con assai migliori risultati Piazza della Vittoria, trionfo del razionalismo celebrativo.

Genova è tutto ciò ma non solo: intorno alle bellezze artistiche c’è la rappresentazione – che potremmo definire teatrale – della vita quotidiana dei suoi abitanti. E se l’arte prorompe, incontenibile, nei palazzi delle “strade nuove”, che dal 2006 sono “Patrimonio dell’Umanità” dell’UNESCO, la vita quotidiana riempie di suoni, profumi, colori le strade del commercio, sia quelle ottocentesche che potrebbero essere collocate in Trastevere o nel V arrondissement parigino con identica dignità, sia le vie storiche dove le tracce del Libero Comune mercantile non sono del tutto scomparse.

Camminare nel centro di Genova significa godersi la città con lo sguardo verso l’alto, per non perdersi i fregi e gli affreschi dei palazzi ”belli”, siano le regge dell’oligarchia seicentesca o i virtuosismi dell’eclettismo e del liberty. E, al contempo, significa tenere il naso davanti delle vetrine per non perdere il profumo del pesto, la fragranza della focaccia, la dolcezza dei pasticcini di tradizione settecentesca. Genova, gioia dei cinque sensi. Nel cuore della città, il centro storico: vivo, vivissimo, mai un museo di se stesso.

Certo qui arte ce n’è tanta, e storia tantissima. Ma c’è anche la gente che vive tra questi palazzi splendidi o cadenti, tra queste chiese rutilanti di arte, lungo questi carruggi stretti: persone diversissime tra loro ma unite dallo stesso destino di essere genovesi. Per albero genealogico o per ventura di immigrati in cerca di un futuro migliore, poco importa.

Genova è sempre stata punto d’incontro di popoli, sin da quando marinai fenici o etruschi approdarono nella baia del Mandraccio e incontrarono i selvatici Liguri delle colline. Passarono poi i romani, i longobardi, gli arabi, gli ebrei sefarditi, gli spagnoli, i francesi, gli emigrati meridionali…

Genova è il frutto di questa mescolanza di genti, di usi, di pensieri, di culture, di fedi religiose e non può fare a meno delle chiese barocche e delle friggitorie profumate di torta pasqualina come dei senegalesi nerissimi e delle vesti sgargianti delle donne nigeriane.


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Deputatul european din partea Frontului National Bruno Gollnisch a sugerat miercuri ca rromii să se instaleze în "Piata Sfântul Petru" din Vatican, ca răspuns la apelul lansat de Papa Benedict al XVI-lea de a accepta "legitima diversitate umană", interpretat ca o dezaprobare a politicii Parisului, potrivit Mediafax.

"Papa să nu implice infailibilitatea sa în acest subiect", a reactionat vicepresedintele Frontului National, cunoscut pentru apropierea sa de catolicii traditionalisti, pentru RMC-Info.

"Cred că rromii ar putea să se instaleze în Piata Sfântul Petru si pe urmă mai vorbim", a adăugat el. "Sunt putin iritat de acest gen de discursuri ale unor clerici. As vrea să îmi spună" dacă "Franta are datoria de a-si deschide frontierele tuturor celor care vor să se instaleze aici", a declarat Gollnisch.

Deputatul european si consilier regional în Rhône-Alpes a apreciat, de asemenea, că Franta ar trebui să renegocieze tratatele europene "care le oferă cetătenilor acestor tări (de unde provin romii) dreptul de a veni în Franta fără nicio autorizatie prealabilă".


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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in Stockholm this month. Photograph: Scanpix Sweden/REUTERS

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been questioned by Swedish police over allegations of molestation, his lawyer said today.

Leif Silbersky said police questioned Assange in Stockholm for about an hour last night and formally told him of the allegations against him.

Silbersky said his client denied the accusations and hoped the prosecutor would drop the case.

Police started investigating Assange this month after two Swedish women accused him of rape and molestation, but the prosecutor later closed the rape investigation.

Molestation is not a sex crime under Swedish law, but covers offences such as reckless conduct or inappropriate physical contact. It can result in fines or up to a year in prison.

Assange has suggested that the accusations are linked to Wikileaks's release of secret US military documents on the war in Afghanistan, which were published in collaboration with the Guardian and two other newspapers.

He wrote on Twitter: "The charges are without basis and their issue at this moment is deeply disturbing." He said the website had been "warned to expect 'dirty tricks'. Now we have the first one."

US authorities criticised the leak, saying it could put the lives of Nato troops and Afghan informants at risk.

Assange has said that Wikileaks intends to release a further 15,000 documents – a pledge condemned by the Pentagon, which has demanded the deletion of the files from the website.

Source: - Associated Press in Stockholm.

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Nel palazzo del Congresso è in atto una dura battaglia fra governo e gruppi di opposizione, si combatte a suon di interrogazioni e rapporti parlamentari, voci smentite e dichiarazioni ufficiali. Il mondo politico e l’opinione pubblica sono spaccati in due fra passato e presente, fra presunta legalità e libertà di espressione. A Buenos Aires, nel parlamento argentino, all’ordine del giorno c’è la libertà di stampa.

islam means no peace

Chiunque tenti di rimettere ordine e venire a capo della storia politica argentina deve scontrarsi con gli annosi episodi della dittatura militare che solo trent’anni fa sconvolgevano il paese sudamericano. Quello che la famiglia presidenziale Kirchner, prima con Nestor, ora con sua moglie Cristina Fernandez, sta affrontando da qualche anno a questa parte è un forte revisionismo storico, che da un lato urla vendetta per il tanto atteso riconoscimento dei crimini del governo militare, dall’altro fa scalpore per le prese di posizione autoritarie che strizzano l’occhio proprio a metodi di controllo totalitario.

In quest’ultimo periodo tiene banco la questione dei mezzi di comunicazione, con al centro la “telenovela” Papel Prensa, società a minima partecipazione statale (9-10%) e di proprietà maggioritaria dei giornali indipendenti Clarìn e La Nacion. Papel Prensa fu fondata nel 1969 come prima azienda nazionale di produzione di carta e cellulosa per giornali quotidiani. Il passaggio della parte maggioritaria ai quotidiani indipendenti Clarìn, La Nacion e La Razon avverà solo nel 1976, in piena dittatura militare, quando al decesso del proprietario, il banchiere David Graiver, gli eredi decidono di vendere le proprietà. Passano pochi mesi e i familiari Graiver vengono arrestati dal governo militare. Papel Prensa passa sotto il controllo del governo, con l’accusa di essere uno strumento della famiglia del banchiere, ma con l’intento reale della Giunta Militare di avere sotto controllo l’intera stampa nazionale.

Solo nel settembre del 1978 viene inaugurata la nuova proprietà Clarìn-La Nacion-La Razon, dopo che le tre testate strappano di mano Papel Prensa al governo militare con una campagna mediatica congiunta che rimetteva all’opinione pubblica la regolarità dell’acquisto della società dalla famiglia Graiver.

Nel marzo 2010, la questione Papel Prensa riprende quota. Le società Clarin e La Nacion, rimaste uniche società maggioritarie dopo il fallimento de La Razon, vengono accusate di aver indotto con minacce e pressioni la famiglia Graiver a vendere Papel Prensa nel ’76 dopo la morte del capostipite David, acquisendo quindi in modo irregolare la maggioranza delle azioni societarie, che altrimenti sarebbero passate totalmente allo Stato.

La svolta chavista del presidente Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, fanno aumentare il timore che l’autorità del governo CFK stia sfociando in un clamoroso passo indietro, verso i tempi del controllo assoluto delle parole, dei mezzi, delle persone, di tutto ciò che era discordante con il messaggio governativo.

Fra dichiarazioni, indizi, intrighi e contraddizioni tipiche di un mondo che è ancora fortemente condizionato da episodi poco limpidi del suo recente passato, una storia che viene presentata all’opinione pubblica quasi con i toni di una soap opera, inizia a lasciare spazio a un forte sospetto: avere in mano la produzione di carta e la relativa vendita e ripartizione ai giornali indipendenti significa avere in mano l’intera stampa nazionale, significa poter gestire le voci scomode. Il governo è a un passo dal controllo totale.


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blaj_dinu (acum o ora)

"Basescu, dupa alegeri, in fata natiunii:
- Sa traiti bine!
Basescu, la un an de la alegeri:
- Sa traiti!
Basescu, la doi ani de la alegeri:
- Mai traiti?"
Deocamdata este inca un banc insa dupa cum merg treburile in tara asta va veni vremea sa nu mai fie!
Asta da.
Atunci, in numele celor trei i (indolenta, incompetenta, impertinenta) pe care le slujesti, GUVERN strange surubul!


PS: Este bine inca daca vei fi numai amendat de CNA draga Mircea. Sunt revoltat nu de prostia ci de cinismul i-lor.

restart (acum 2 ore)

nu ne mai speria, vreau sa te vad cu parul alb si in baston la emisiune :D. dragos. br.

mack13 (acum 3 ore)

e singura ora din zio ce o sacrific televizorului...

andrew3000 (acum 5 ore)

Mircea,detectorul de fum e degeaba daca nu se completeaza cu stropitoare de spuma din tavan

detectorul de fum tziuie in timp ce ia foc totul.. deci degeaba.. dar sprinklerul stinge focul in jumate de minut.. vezi videoclipul:


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