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The ethicist outlined his opinion on the hotly debated issue – which was recently addressed by New Jersey’s governor – in a column for NBC.

The N.J. bill, which allows prescriptions of edible medical marijuana for kids, is the absolutely right thing to do.

Dr. Caplan, who heads the Division of Bioethics at NYU Langone Medical Center, acknowledges that many kids “are getting relief” from medical marijuana and says that marijuana should be evaluated according to the same criteria as other treatment options.

Taking the active ingredient of marijuana and giving it to a child is no different from giving the child any other potent and risky pill that is helpful… the bottom-line issue is: does it work, can it be monitored under medical supervision and is it made in a way that guarantees a uniform dose and quality?

But the controversy stemming from marijuana is rarely about whether it works or not. Scientists, policymakers and patients have all testified to the fact that marijuana is indeed an effective medicine.

Rather, some seem hesitant about giving children the same drug that many teens and adults smoke to get high.

As Caplan explains, marijuana doesn’t need to be smoked to work.

Before you get an image in your head of some little kid sitting on a corner smoking a joint, keep in mind the medicine is basically syrup containing the active ingredient[s] found in marijuana.

It doesn’t need to get you high either, since numerous chemicals in marijuana (besides THC) have been found to possess medical properties.

And although many in the medical community, including the American Academy of Pediatricians, argue that clinical trials have yet to be conducted – suggesting that there isn’t enough proof of its safety – Caplan asserts that “despite the possible risks, it ought to be available for doctors to prescribe to children.”

Many still sneer at the idea of ‘pot for tots.’ They are wrong. Carefully regulated it ought to be available to children for whom nothing else seems to work.

Source: and NBC

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The problem with chemicals in marijuana like THC and CBD is the fact that they are highly insoluble in water. So far, this has mostly restricted patients to smoking or eating the plant, which makes it difficult to target tumor cells without affecting other parts of the body as well.

However, using tiny particles of polycaprolactone (a biodegradable polymer) to encapsulate THC, researchers say they've developed a novel delivery system for THC that can be used to fight cancer.

Writing in the Journal of Drug Targeting, the Spanish group explained how the microparticles make THC easier to work with.

"Delta9-THC is an oily viscous resin that is very sticky at ambient conditions making it difficult to handle and to accurately weight small amounts and prepare suspensions for injection."

Interestingly, the microparticles were actually better at inhibiting cancer growth in cell cultures compared with THC by itself. The outer layer of the microparticle allows THC to slowly diffuse through, resulting in a sustained release that lasted for at least 2 weeks in the study.

While more research is required, the group believes this delivery system could "reduce dosing frequency and enhance patient compliance" and even be used together with other cancer treatments.

"In the future, these systems might be used in combination with other anticancer drugs or conventional therapies in order to increase therapeutic efficacy."

Alternative delivery systems for marijuana-based treatments seem to be a popular focus of studies. Besides pills like Marinol and oral sprays like Sativex that have already been approved by certain countries, researchers have experimented with inhalers, skin patches and even rectal suppositories.

On the other hand, encapsulating THC in microparticles happens to be a first in this promising field of cancer research.

The study was funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and Complutense University


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It is just incredible how crappy Facebook is in general. The comment tool box is especially shitty.

Really?! YES! And you know it. There is no point in hiding your feelings; just say it: 'Send em (Fakebook) to Hell!'.

Have you ever tried Facebook's so called "developers" section where you can "create" apps (applications)? Have you ever got mad because there are no solutions, valid indications or answers and all you get is frustration because you lost your precious time on their products?

I've got to tell you the truth, folks! It's all a lie, just a big fu**cking lie: there are no apps, no functionality, no convenience on having the Facebook comment box on your website or blog, it's only just another way to get your phone number and/or credit card data.

That's right! What kind of fascist authentification way is to ask a Facebook user for the debit card details to activate his account?! This should be illegal! But it's just another way for Facebook to get your personal informations and pass them to their parteners...

Don't believe that? Read then: 2004: Facebook is created with CIA money and U.S Military backing. Facebook was originally conceived as a sexist and elitist Harvard tool to rate who was “Hot or Not” or this: Tired of helping CIA? Quit Facebook, Venezuela minister urges .

Have you ever noticed that you are being bullied by Facebook, your comments are being censured from your contacts' walls or worse? That's what we're talking about!

But let's get back to your problem (not our problem anymore because TurismoAssociati decided to pass on Disqus comments application): the FascistFacebook Comments box that should let people comment on content on your site using their Facebook profile and show this activity to their friends in news feed. It SHOULD also contain built-in moderation tools and special social relevance ranking. CRAP! No such a thing, and we begun looking at this Social Plugin long time ago...

You all started HERE and after their security check inserted the codes in the body and head of your website pages.

But then you realized you were being mislead: Facebook comments on your website or blog basicly worked except the fact that when someone comments on one article that same comment shows up on every article on the website. Obviously, you don't want that.

So why is it so difficult to find a solution to that? Googling you always find the generic instructions but you never find the real solution that works for any website (not just WordPress, but dBlog too or any other).

Here it is the code to replace the URL to comment on:

Simple replace the comments div with this javascript code (taken from this stackoverflow link)...

<script>document.write("<div class='fb-comments' data-href='" + window.loca tion.href + "' data-num-posts='2' data-width='470'></div>");</script>
This "worked", but then you realised you had two other problems...

Hell, yeah! The admin/moderation comment tool does not work properly (or at all) and the comments made for the same article on Facebook will not appear on your website, like you smart developer thought (and should be, but Facebook is developed by morons, just think of its bastard father, Mark Zuckerberg).

So why use it or why lose your time with any Facebook social plug-ins applications boxes fascist tools and any other of their weird stuff, when there are not so many webmasters that use them?! Get smart! Leave Facebook alone. Fuck them!

Asked yourself why the indications on how to do anything there are so hairy and hard to understand? Because are written by non english speakers in globish, not english and you don't understand if the Facebook foreign developers are talking about 'comment or content' on their video.

So our advice is: forget the Facebook comments plug in for your website alone, it will just be a breach to your privacy and blog and phone contact and credit card details and who knows what else and try to use any other transparent free product. It works better and saves you a lot of time and stress.

Good luck!

Author: Ford Turani for
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By Admins (from 11/12/2013 @ 07:08:24, in en - Science and Society, read 1698 times)

The outcome of any serious research can only be to make two questions grow where only one grew before. -Thorstein Veblen

What is the "The Zeitgeist Movement" (TZM)? The term "Zeitgeist" is defined as the "general intellectual, moral and cultural climate of an era." The Term "Movement" simply implies "motion" or change. Therefore The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) is an organization which urges change in the dominant intellectual, moral and cultural climate of the time.

What is the dominant intellectual, moral and cultural climate of this time? Well, we all know that it is lousy. Horrible!! Every 5 seconds one child dies of hunger! There is no peace but only short intervals between wars. Even the 15% richest persons in this planet – who have a house, a car, a cell phone and a fridge – are sad slaves that live in a "democracy" dream that they themselves can not describe what the term means. The truth is that we can do much better than that. And by applying the scientific knowledge we have today in providing all basic needs to all the worlds people, money would become obsolete together with the slavery it perpetuates. In fact, even the richest man today would live much better if we would do so. We have more than enough resources for all. It is time to make this understanding a GLOBAL culture.

To dive into this wonderful understanding of the possibilities of mankind, check these sources:

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Inflammation is a common factor in the progression of each of these disorders. But previous studies suggest that marijuana can help control inflammation by acting on specific pathways present in immune cells.

In the latest study, Dr. Yuri Persidsky of Temple University and his team studied the role of these pathways, CB2 receptors, using human cell cultures. Published this month in the American Journal of Pathology, they concluded that activating CB2 receptors could reduce brain tissue damage by preventing immune cells from crossing from the blood stream into the brain.

These results indicate that selective CB2 activation in leukocytes decreases key steps in monocyte-BBB (blood-brain barrier) engagement, thus suppressing inflammatory leukocyte responses and preventing neuroinflammation.

Shilpa Buch, Ph.D, a professor at the Nebraska Medical Center’s Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience, noted the importance of the new findings in an accompanying commentary.

None of the previous studies have addressed anti-inflammatory effects of CB2 activation in monocytes in such a comprehensive fashion.

According to Dr. Buch, the migration of immune cells called monocytes plays a critical role in a wide variety of inflammatory diseases.

The development and maintenance of chronic inflammation appear to be underlying causes of numerous human diseases such as atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, chronic hepatitis, bone disorders, and neurodegeneration (including Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and chronic infections of the central nervous system like HIV-1). In all of these diseases, tissue infiltration by monocytes differentiating into macrophages plays a critical role.

Some studies suggest that stimulating CB1 pathways – which are found mostly in the brain and are responsible for the marijuana high – may also have anti-inflammatory potential.

But as Dr. Buch notes, treatments “devoid of the psychoactive effects of CB1 activation” are preferred by doctors.

And while a CB2-specific treatment has yet to be tested in humans, she adds that previous studies have already shown promising results in animal models of atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, liver and kidney injury and arthritis.

The study was published ahead of print and received funding from the National Institutes of Health and the Intramural Research Program of the NIH-NIAAA


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Jandarmii care au intrat în fortă si au luat pe sus oamenii din tabăra de rezistentă din Silistea – Pungesti în noaptea de 2 decembrie, sunt acum acuzati de Virgil Vinersariu si Paul Iurea, doi activisti ecologisti, de furt calificat deoarece, spun ei, toti sacii cu ajutoare aduse de ei pe 29 noiembrie, din partea unor oameni de bine din Suedia, au dispărut din corturile taberei. În jur de 60 de saci cu alimente, îmbrăcăminte, încăltăminte, aparatură electronică, jucării pentru copiii din Pungesti, au dispărut după ce tabăra a fost evacuată în fortă si acolo n-a mai rămas nimeni. Când s-au întors în corturi, cei care au fost luati pe sus de jandarmi si dusi în arestul IPJ Vaslui pentru intimidare, nu au mai găsit niciun sac, nicio conservă sau vreo sticlă cu apă, toate fiind luate de jandarmi. Cei care au adus ajutoarele si cei din tabăra de rezistentă vor să depună plângere penală împotriva jandarmilor pentru comiterea infractiunii de furt calificat.

Interventia în fortă a celor câtorva sute de jandarmi în dimineata zilei de 2 decembrie s-a soldat nu numai cu bătăile si intimidările pe care jandarmii le-au aplicat celor din Pungesti si din tabăra de rezistentă din Silistea – Pungesti. Activistii din tabără si cei din tară acuză dur pe jandarmi de furt calificat deoarece, din spusele lor, le-au fost sustrasi din corturi cei peste 60 de saci cu alimente, îmbrăcăminte, încăltăminte, aparatură electrică, radiatoare, lanterne, jucării pentru copii, aduse din Suedia de către doi activisti ecologisti renumiti, Paul Iurea si Virgil Constantin Vinersariu, fost ofiter de aviatie, controlor de trafic aerian la Aeroportul “Henry Coandă” din Bucuresti, în prezent comandor pensionar. Cei doi activisti au adus vineri, 29 noiembrie, toate aceste ajutoare, venite din Suedia, de la românii plecati acolo la muncă si care au fost impresionati de curajul celor din Miscarea de Rezistentă si au trimis 60 de saci cu ajutoare pentru oamenii din Pungesti. “Eu am aflat de la activistii nostri si să stiti că am trimis acest mesaj si în străinătate la irlandezi si la suedezi, care ne-au spus că ne vor sprijini. Le-am spus că toate ajutoarele trimise de ei si pe care eu le-am transportat cu propria mea masină în tabăra de revolutionari de la Pungesti, au fost luate, nu confiscate, furate, plus mâncarea care a rămas în tabără, conserve si, mai stiu eu, ce au avut oamenii acolo. Acest lucru s-a întâmplat în momentul când i-au luat pe sus si i-au scos din tabără. Erau circa 60 si ceva de saci cu ajutoare, singurul lucru care a scăpat fiind camera de filmat, cu care filmau activistii când îi ridicau. Restul de ajutoare au dispărut, asa s-a auzit la noi de la cei din tabăra de la Pungesti. În momentul când s-au întors în tabără, nu au mai găsit nimic. O să stau de vorbă cu cei din tabără să ne spună precis cam câte lucruri le-au luat jandarmii si, paralel cu actiunea de judecată a acestor trupe de cotropitori, vreau să le facem dosar penal pentru jaf, furt calificat”, a spus Virgil Vinersariu, comandor (r) de aviatie.

Activistii din tabără confirmă furtul

Constantin Pâslaru, activist antifraking care a stat în tabăra de rezistentă de pe 14 octombrie, de la prima încercare de a se instala utilajele Chevronului la Silistea, a confirmat pentru cotidianul nostru faptul că din tabără au dispărut ajutoarele primite din Suedia. “Da, asa este, ne-au luat ajutoarele toate si mai mult, au luat si conservele primite de noi de la oamenii de bine care ne-au ajutat cu mâncare. În bătaie de joc ne-au scris pe peretele de la cortul unde erau cutiile cu conservele (cu pate, de peste, de carne) 'Ce bune au fost fraierilor!'. Avem si noi de gând să le facem plângere penală pentru că doar jandarmii au rămas în tabără, ei ne-au evacuat pe toti cu dubele. Trebuie să se scoată la iveală cum si-au bătut joc de noi, nu numai că ne-au agresat pe terenul propritate privată a unui sătean, nu numai că au intrat fără drept pe propritatea omului, ci pentru mult mai multe. De acum începe războiul în instantă”, a spus Constantin Pâslaru.

“Anchetati tortionarii nesimtiti din Jandarmerie!”

La rândul său, Paul Iurea, activist la Asociatia “Vama Verde”, din Vama Veche, judetul Constanta, cel care a însotit si el ajutoarele aduse din Suedia la Pungesti, a postat pe site-ul de socializare Facebook un anunt “important pentru tară”: “Cer o anchetă internă în cadrul jandarmilor care au dormit în Tabăra Miscării de Rezistentă de la Pungesti (după evacuarea fortată a femeilor, bătrânilor si copiilor), pentru depistarea si tragerea la răspundere a angajatilor ce au intrat abuziv pe un teren privat, au dormit în corturile taberei si care au mâncat pateurile de ficat, pâinea, slănina, brânza si ceapa activistilor si a tăranilor! Mai mult decât atât, au adus injurii scriind cu cărbunele (din lemnul ars în soba improvizată) ´Ce bun a fost fraierilor!´ Lipsesc si hainele si jucăriile din sacii de ajutoare pe care le-au primit ca donatie din Suedia si România!”, a scris Paul Iurea.

Sursa: - Autor: Cezara MIRONICA

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If you like survival and fire-making techniques, this video is a must see!

Project inspired by: A co-worker mentioning her boyfriend once burned a hole in a pice of paper with a water bottle. On that idea, I practiced until I could prove it worked, and then until I felt like I'd mastered the technique.

WARNING: Use of this video content is at your own risk.

Computer paper with black ink is the tinder of choice for practicing this technique because anyone should have access to it, and it's fairly consistent and reliable.

The bottle needs to be filled with water, and ideally should have no air bubbles inside. By turning the bottle upside down and using the rounded convex part at the top, we can use a water bottle as a make-shift magnifying lens.

The curved water refracts the sunlight, and give the ability to focus it. The closer the rounded lens is to resembling a liquid sphere, the better it will work. If bubbled are trapped in the bottle, they will distort the sunlight and weaken the intensity of the beam.

This technique isn't easy, and takes a lot of practice to master, so don't wait until you're in a survival situation to try it.

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Don Giorgio Mazzoccato condannato a 6 anni per abusi e violenze a 10 bambine e bambini quando era parroco ad Arpinova (Fg). Oggi lavora nella parrocchia di Castelluccio dei Sauri.

Si suicida don Giuseppe Rassello, condannato a 3 anni e 6 mesi, in appello ridotti a 2, per abusi sessuali su un 14enne del rione Sanità, a Napoli. I funerali sono celebrati dal cardinale Michele Giordano.

Don Marco Gamba, parroco a Chiusa San Michele (To) condannato a 4 anni per abusi nei confronti di due chierichetti e possesso di materiale pedo-pornografico.


Don Giuseppe Carpi condannato al pagamento di 30 milioni di lire per molestie ad una ragazza 14enne quando era parroco a Santa Margherita Ligure. Oggi è parroco di S. Maria di Nazareth a Sestri Levante (Ge).

Don Renato Mariani condannato a 4 anni per violenza sessuale a minori quando era parroco a San Giuliano Milanese. Oggi è parroco della Natività di San Giovanni Battista a Melegnano.


Don Bruno Tancredi, parroco di Monticelli (Te), condannato a 6 anni per violenze ai danni di due minori, uno dei quali disabile. Oggi lavora in diocesi, senza alcun incarico specifico.


Don Roberto Volaterra, parroco di Castagnole Piemonte (To), condannato a 1 anno e 8 mesi e pagamento di 45mila euro per violenza sessuale nei confronti di una bambina di 13 anni che frequentava l'oratorio. Oggi è collaboratore parrocchiale a S. Andrea a Savigliano (Cn).

Don Paolo Pellegrini, parroco di San Gioacchino a Colleferro (Roma), in passato già segnalato ai carabinieri per atti osceni, condannato a 6 anni e al pagamento di 60mila euro per violenza sessuale e istigazione all'uso di sostanze stupefacenti su un minorenne.

Don Roberto Mornati, prete di Gavirate (Va), condannato a 3 anni e 4 mesi e al pagamento di 280mila euro per abusi nei confronti di 12 minori. In passato aveva già subito un processo per molestie.

Patteggia 2 anni e 6 mesi don Felice Cini, condannato per aver molestato alcuni bambini della parrocchia di Arcille (Gr).

VIDEO RAI 2 - AnnoZero: Preti pedofili protetti dal Vaticano.

Patteggia 2 anni e 6 mesi don Bruno Puleo per abusi sessuali nei confronti di 7 ragazzi che frequentavano il seminario di Agrigento. A Marco Marchese, una delle vittime, il vescovo di Agrigento, da cui si era recato prima di rivolgersi alla Procura, chiede un risarcimento di 200mila euro per danni arrecati all'immagine della Chiesa agrigentina, salvo poi ritirare la richiesta [Puleo è stato denunciato dapprima al parroco don Giuseppe Veneziano (il vice-rettore), poi al preside del seminario don Gaetano Montana ed in seguito anche all'Arcivescovo metropolita di Agrigento S.E. Mons. Carmelo Ferraro, tutti citati poi nel processo come persone informate sui fatti - n.d.Red.TA].

Patteggia 3 anni per pedofilia padre Domenico Marcanti, animatore alla scuola media dell'Istituto Don Orione di Alessandria.

Don Giorgio Barbacini condannato a 3 anni e mezzo per abusi sessuali nei confronti di un minorenne extracomunitario che aveva in custodia presso la comunità "Migrantes" di Savona. Oggi lavora in un'altra diocesi.


Don Mauro Stefanoni, parroco di Laglio (Co), condannato a 8 anni e al pagamento di 150mila euro per abusi sessuali nei confronti di un minore disabile. Oggi lavora nella diocesi di Como, senza alcun incarico specifico.

Don Pierangelo Bertagna, parroco di Farneta (Ar), condannato a 8 anni per violenze sessuali a diversi minorenni. Viene sospeso dal vescovo di Arezzo e dimesso dallo stato clericale da papa Benedetto XVI. Č la prima volta che l'autorità ecclesiastica punisce un prete pedofilo.


Don Emilio Manzolini condannato a 4 anni per violenze sessuali a due bambine di 9 anni quando era parroco di Santa Rosa da Viterbo, a Roma. Oggi lavora nella comunità di Albavilla (Co) della congregazione del Sacro Cuore di Gesù.

Don Antonio Calcedonio Di Maggio condannato a 4 anni per molestie sessuali a due minorenni della parrocchia romana Madonna di Czestochowa e della scuola media "Salvo D'Acquisto", dove insegnava religione. Già in passato aveva avuto una condanna per reati simili. Oggi risulta essere ancora viceparroco nella stessa parrocchia.

Don Lelio Cantini, ex parroco della Regina della Pace a Firenze, viene dimesso dallo stato clericale da papa Benedetto XVI perchè ritenuto responsabile di abusi e violenze sessuali su decine di minori fra il 1973 e il 1987. Nel 2005, l'allora vescovo di Firenze, il cardinale Ennio Antonelli, a cui le vittime si erano rivolte, si era limitato a vietare a don Cantini di celebrare la messa in pubblico per 5 anni.

Fonte: agenzia Adista & rivista La Voce delle Voci

LEGGI ANCHE: Il prete che ha violentato bambini per vent’anni rimarrà impunito! L’inchiesta su Don Lelio Cantini, accusato di abusi sessuali su minori, è stata archiviata: i reati sono prescritti o mancano le querele. (ARTICOLO DISPONIBILE DAL 14/08/2012)

LEGGI ANCHE: Chiesa: ennesimo caso di perversione. Sicilia, arrestato a Sciacca Don Davide Mordino, pagava minorenni per fare sesso! (ARTICOLO DISPONIBILE DAL 16/08/2012)

LEGGI ANCHE: Don Antonio Calcedonio Di Maggio in passato condannato dieci anni fa per una storia di pedofilia, scontata la pena, era tornato alla sua attività a scuola e all’oratorio. (ARTICOLO DISPONIBILE DAL 24/08/2012)

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La storia del nudismo risale a settant’anni fa. I vestiti sono un‘invenzione relativamente nuova nella nostra storia e secondo gli archeologi, iniziammo a coprirci, quando iniziammo ad emigrare a zone più fredde, circa 40.000 anni fa. Addirittura le Olimpiadi originarie (istituite nel 776 a.C.) erano eventi nudisti. Gli atleti potevano così muoversi più facilmente. Apparentemente quello che si sapeva nell’antica Grecia è stato poi dimenticato: girare nudi è una vera e propria celebrazione del corpo ed è una sensazione bellissima, almeno quando splende il sole e fa caldo.

Malaga, famosa per godere di uno dei migliori climi europei, conta con varie spiagge dove potrete pendere il sole, nuotare, dormire, chiacchierare con il vostro vicino di ombrellone o leggere, nudi come un angioletto. Ecco un breve elenco delle migliori spiagge nudiste che ci sono…

A soli dieci minuti dal centro di Malaga, troverai la spiaggia Guadalmar, l’unica spiaggia naturista autorizzata della città che conta con un ambiente familiare e un lungo litorale sabbioso. Vieni a passare il pomeriggio in relax per poi goderti una squisita cena in città.

Se vuoi passare un po’ di tempo in un ambiente ancora più naturale, vi consigliamo la Cala del Pino, un vero gioiello nei pressi di Nerja. Questa spiaggia nascosta tra alte scogliere conta con un mare limpidissimo.
C’è poi la famosa Playa de Almayate, una spiaggia semi-urbana a Torre del Mar, a Vélez-Málaga. Qui il nudismo è di consuetudine la spiaggia è frequentata da vari tipi di persone. Proseguendo per la costa troverai molte altre spiagge, come la spiaggia nudista di Arroyo Vaquero a Estepona las Yucas, Benalmádena; Cabo Pino, a Marbella e quella d’Almayate a Torre del Mar. Vale la pena esplorare un po’ la zona per trovare il tuo proprio paradiso. Per riposarti, affitta appartamenti a Malaga, togliti le scarpe (e tutto il resto) e goditi le bellissime spiagge nudiste della Costa del Sol.



Miranda | Angelica | Connie

Turismo Associati . it

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Hungary is making history of the first order.

Not since the 1930s in Germany has a major European country dared to escape from the clutches of the Rothschild-controlled international banking cartels. This is stupendous news that should encourage nationalist patriots worldwide to increase the fight for freedom from financial tyranny.

Already in 2011, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban promised to serve justice on his socialist predecessors, who sold the nation's people into unending debt slavery under the lash of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the terrorist state of Israel. Those earlier administrations were riddled with Israelis in high places, to the fury of the masses, who finally elected Orban's Fidesz party in response.

According to a report on the German-language website "National Journal", Orban has now moved to unseat the usurers from their throne. The popular, nationalistic prime minister told the IMF that Hungary neither wants nor needs further "assistance" from that proxy of the Rothschild-owned Federal Reserve Bank. No longer will Hungarians be forced to pay usurious interest to private, unaccountable central bankers.

Instead, the Hungarian government has assumed sovereignty over its own currency and now issues money debt free, as it is needed. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. The nation's economy, formerly staggering under deep indebtedness, has recovered rapidly and by means not seen since National Socialist Germany.

The Hungarian Economic Ministry announced that it has, thanks to a "disciplined budget policy", repaid on August 12, 2013, the remaining €2.2B owed to the IMF — well before the March 2014 due date. Orban declared: "Hungary enjoys the trust of investors", by which is not meant the IMF, the Fed or any other tentacle of the Rothschild financial empire. Rather, he was referring to investors who produce something in Hungary for Hungarians and cause true economic growth. This is not the "paper prosperity" of plutocratic pirates, but the sort of production that actually employs people and improves their lives.

AFP Newpaper Banner

With Hungary now free from the shackles of servitude to debt slavers, it is no wonder that the president of the Hungarian central bank, operated by the government for the public welfare and not private enrichment, has demanded that the IMF close its offices in that ancient European land. In addition, the state attorney general, echoing Iceland's efforts, has brought charges against the last three previous prime ministers because of the criminal amount of debt into which they plunged the nation.

The only step remaining, which would completely destroy the power of the banksters in Hungary, is for that country to implement a barter system for foreign exchange, as existed in Germany under the National Socialists and exists today in the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, or BRICS, international economic coalition. And if the United States would follow the lead of Hungary, Americans could be freed from the usurers' tyranny and likewise hope for a return to peaceful prosperity.

Author: Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author residing in the free state of Kansas. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence. - Source:

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