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Plenul reunit al Camerei Deputatilor a votat, marti, revocarea din functie a pesedintelui Camerei Deputatilor, Robertei Anastase. Decizia a fost luata cu 160 de voturi "pentru" si unul "împotriva".

Comisia juridica a avizat, marti, în absenta reprezentantilor PDL, revocarea din functie a Robertei Anastase, cu unanimitate de voturi.

Vicepresedintele Comisiei juridice Florin Iordache (PSD) a precizat ca au fost 12 voturi "pentru" din 12.

Deputatii PDL au parasit, marti, sedinta Comisiei juridice în care urma sa se discute despre cererea USL de revocare din functie a Robertei Anastase, dupa ce au solicitat o amânare a lucrarilor comisiei pâna miercuri dimineata pentru ca Anastase sa-si formuleze apararea. Imediat si jurnalistii au fost invitati sa iasa din sala pentru a se da votul în privinta cererii de revocare a Robertei Anastase.

Presedintele Camerei Deputatilor, Roberta Anastase, le-a transmis deputatilor din Comisia juridica, printr-un document scris, ca nu cunoaste natura acuzatiilor care i se aduc si le-a solicitat sa-i acorde un termen rezonabil pâna miercuri dimineata pentru a-si formula apararea si pentru a consulta stenograma sedintei în care aceasta ar fi încalcat Regulamentul.


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Barclays ha annunciato le dimissioni del presidente Marcus Agius, dopo lo scandalo legato ai tentativi di manipolazione sul Libor, l’indice di riferimento del mercato interbancario.

La scorsa settimana la banca è stata infatti condannata a pagare 290 milioni di sterline per risolvere un contenzioso con le autorità inglesi e americane.

«Gli eventi della scorsa settimana, che hanno evidenziato norme di comportamento inaccettabile all’interno della banca, hanno inferto un colpo devastante alla reputazione di Barclays. Come presidente, sono il garante ultimo della reputazione della banca», ha dichiarato Agius.

Quest’ultimo rimarrà in carica fino alla nomina del nuovo presidente, la cui ricerca è stata affidata a John Sunderland, mentre Michael Rake è stato nominato vicepresidente.


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Participants from Utah, Arizona, Idaho and elsewhere gathered in a public park to sign a "Declaration of Independence from Mormonism."

"This feels awesome," said Alison Lucas, from West Jordan, Utah, who took part in the rally amid soaring temperatures. "I don't know if I would have had the courage except in a group."

The Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is known for its culture of obedience, and the mass ceremony was a seldom-seen act of collective revolt.

After gathering in the park, participants hiked a half-mile up nearby Ensign Peak, scaled in 1847 by church President Brigham Young to survey the spot where his Latter-day Saints would build a city.

At the top, those gathered gave three loud shouts of "Freedom," cheered, clapped and hugged.

A group of about 150 Mormons quit their church in a mass resignation ceremony in Salt Lake City on Saturday in a rare display of defiance ending decades of disagreement for some over issues ranging from polygamy to gay marriage.

"It's been a hard journey and this is a symbolic end," said event organiser Zilpha Larsen, of Lehi, Utah. "I just hope that it boosts people up and helps them feel more comfortable in their decision."

The church bills itself as the one "true" Christian faith, and its theology promises families eternal relationships among those who remain faithful, sealing those gifts through special religious rites.
Among the reasons cited by those resigning are the church's political activism against gay marriage and doctrinal teachings that conflict with scientific findings or are perceived as racist or sexist.

Others cite inconsistencies in the Mormons' explanation of its own history, including the practice of polygamy. The church renounced plural marriage over a century ago as Utah was seeking statehood.
Asked about the resignations, a church spokesman said the church loves and respects each member.

"People make their own decisions about the direction they will follow in life," spokesman Michael Purdy said in an email. "While there are very few who take this action, it is sad to see someone choose to leave. We wish them well."

The most recent figures show the Mormon church claims 14.4 million members worldwide. The number of those resigning from the church are not publicly reported.

Among prominent Mormons is Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee facing off against President Barack Obama in November. Should he win office, Romney would be the first Mormon elected to the White House.
Some leaving the church Saturday did so with trepidation, as Mormon culture often stigmatises those who fall away, leaving some without social or business connections.

"It's hard, so we have to be very careful," said Robin Hansen, a participant who said she quit over a "culture of abuse" which she believes is cultivated by church teachings promoting obedience.
Hansen said her husband had not joined her in leaving the faith because he works in a church-related business and could lose his job if he doesn't maintain his membership.

To resign from the church, Mormons must submit a formal letter asking their names be removed from church rolls, a church instructional handbook for lay leaders published on the internet in 2010 shows.

On Saturday, participants filled a basket with their letters for mailing by Larsen, who split with the church over doubts about the veracity of a translation of ancient Egyptian writings which are included in sacred Mormon texts.

A sixth-generation Mormon, Kris Fielding, 35, travelled from Phoenix for the resignation event in part to represent those who do not yet have the courage to do so, he said, including his wife, who worries about reaction from their families.

Married in a Mormon temple, Mr Fielding said the couples shared disaffection from their faith is tied in part to their local church leader's response to questions Fielding had about polyandry and polygamy – taking multiple husbands and wives – in the early church.

"I went to him looking for a faithful perspective. He called my wife and told her she needed to find a new husband," Mr Fielding said.
He said he felt relief after his decision.

"The monkey's off the back ... I don't feel like I have to explain myself or the positions of the church any more."

Source: & agencies

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Institutul National de Statistica (INS) informeaza, luni, ca în luna mai anul acesta, rata somajului în forma ajustata sezonier a fost estimata la 7,7%, aflându-se în crestere cu 0,3 puncte procentuale atât fata de luna anterioara cât si fata de nivelul înregistrat în luna mai 2011.

Numarul somerilor (în vârsta de 15-74 ani), estimat pentru luna mai din anul curent este de 744 mii persoane, în crestere atât fata de luna precedenta (720 mii) cât si fata de aceeasi luna din anul precedent (733 mii).

Pe sexe, rata somajului pentru barbati o depaseste cu 1,7 puncte procentuale pe cea a femeilor (valorile respective fiind 8,4% în cazul persoanelor de sex masculin si 6,7% în cazul celor de sex feminin).

Pentru persoanele adulte (25-74 ani), rata somajului a fost estimata la 6,1% pentru luna mai 2012 (6,8% în cazul barbatilor si 5,3% în cel al femeilor).

Numarul somerilor în vârsta de 25-74 ani reprezinta 72,9% din numarul total al somerilor estimat pentru luna mai 2012.


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I sei siti proposti dalla Nagra (Cooperativa nazionale per l'immagazzinamento delle scorie radioattive) per la realizzazione di un deposito di scorie radioattive sono stati studiati minuziosamente: Südranden (SH), Weinland zurighese (ZH, TG), Bözberg (AG), Lägeren (AG/ZH), fascia pedemontana del Giura (AG, SO) e Wellenberg (NW). Entro il 2020 dovranno essere selezionati almeno due siti per categoria di scorie: quelle debolmente o mediamente radioattive e quelle altamente radioattive.

Il primo rapporto intermedio sulle ripercussioni economiche, avviato dall'UFAM nel 2011, evidenzia un lieve impatto sulle regioni selezionate dalla Confederazione. Durante l'utilizzazione dei siti, gli effetti negativi si faranno sentire in particolare sugli introiti turistici, fiscali e legati all'agricoltura, si legge in una nota odierna.

Ma gli indennizzi compenseranno queste perdite. Secondo le società che gestiscono le centrali nucleari, le regioni che ospiteranno depositi per scorie debolmente/mediamente radioattive saranno risarcite con circa 300 milioni di franchi, mentre quelle destinate ad accogliere le scorie altamente radioattive riceveranno 500 milioni. 800 milioni andranno infine alle regioni in cui sarà insediato un deposito combinato, precisa il rapporto.

I risultati di questo primo studio dedicato essenzialmente all'impatto economico sono stati presentati alle autorità regionali interessate, che possono ora fare le loro osservazioni. Le conclusioni saranno in seguito consegnate alla Nagra.

Le ripercussioni ecologiche e sociali saranno invece oggetto di un secondo rapporto. Secondo il calendario attuale, il documento finale sull'impatto di tutti gli indicatori sarà disponibile entro il 2013.


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The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has refused to comply with a police request to leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London and surrender himself.

He has been inside the embassy since last week seeking asylum as part of his bid to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning about alleged sex offences.

Susan Benn from the Julian Assange Defence Fund told reporters: ''Julian will remain in the embassy under the protection of the Ecuadorian government''.

Source: - 29 June 2012 Last updated at 16:03 GMT

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Tinerele femei, pe jumatate dezbracate, au protestat în fata stadionului Olimpic din Kiev, unde în aceasta seara va avea loc finala Euro-2012.

Una dintre protestatare purta peruca si mustata falsa pentru a semana cu presedintele Belarusului, vizat de interdictii de calatorie în Europa din cauza atingerilor aduse libertatilor în tara sa.

Participantele la protest au afisat un banner pe care era scris "UEFA nu are scrupule", cu referire la acceptarea lui Lukasenko la finala de la Kiev.

Presedintele Belarusului, Aleksandr Lukasenko, a fost calificat de precedenta administratie americana ca fiind "ultimul dictator al Europei".

Ambasadorul Belarusului în Ucraina a anuntat ca înainte de a asista la finala, Lukasenko se va întâlni cu omologul sau ucrainean Viktor Ianukovici. Administratia ucraineana nu a fost în masura, duminica, sa confirme sau sa infirme vizita lui Aleksandr Lukasenko.

Spania si Italia se întâlnesc duminica seara, de la ora 21.45, la Kiev, în finala Campionatului European de fotbal.


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NEW YORK - "Gli Stati Uniti danno il benvenuto al divieto dell'Unione Europea di ogni importazione di petrolio iraniano e ad altre sanzioni all'industria petrolifera dell'Iran, che entrano pienamente in vigore oggi", ha affermato la Casa Bianca.

"Questa decisione collettiva dei 27 Paesi dell'Unione Europea rappresenta un aumento sostanziale dell'impegno dei nostri alleati e partner europei nella ricerca di una soluzione pacifica alle preoccupazioni della comunità internazionale sul programma nucleare iraniano", afferma la Casa Bianca in una nota del portavoce Jay Carney.

"Questa azione è una parte essenziale dei nostri sforzi concertati diplomatici per offrire all'Iran una chiara scelta tra l'isolamento o l'adempimento dei suoi doveri", si legge ancora nella nota, in cui si afferma che Teheran "ha l'opportunità di proseguire i negoziati sostanziali, a cominciare i colloqui a livello di esperti di questa settimana a Istanbul, e deve adottare misure concrete per una soluzione globale delle preoccupazioni della comunità internazionale per le attività nucleari" iraniane.


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Peace envoy Kofi Annan said after talks in Geneva that the government should include members of Assad's administration and the Syrian opposition to pave the way for free elections.

"It is for the people to come to a political agreement but time is running out," Annan said in concluding remarks.

Joint Special Envoy of the United Nations and the Arab League for Syria Kofi Annan (C) speaks with Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (R) next to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the start of the meeting of the Action Group on Syria at the United Nations European headquarters in Geneva, June 30, 2012. REUTERS-Denis Balibouse

"We need rapid steps to reach agreement. The conflict must be resolved through peaceful dialogue and negotiations."

The Geneva talks had been billed as a last-ditch effort to halt the worsening violence in Syria but hit obstacles as Russia, Assad's most powerful ally, opposed Western and Arab insistence that he must quit the scene.

The final communiqué said the transitional government "could include members of the present government and the opposition and other groups and shall be formed on the basis of mutual consent".

But in a victory for Russian diplomacy, it omitted language contained in a previous draft which explicitly said it "would exclude from government those whose continued presence and participation would undermine the credibility of the transition and jeopardize stability and reconciliation".

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said he was "delighted" with the result as it meant no foreign solution was being imposed on Syria.

But U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said it sent a clear message to Assad that he must step down.

"Assad will still have to go," Clinton told a news conference after the meeting ended.

"What we have done here is to strip away the fiction that he and those with blood on their hands can stay in power."

Annan called the meeting to salvage a peace plan that has largely been ignored by the Assad government. He stressed that the transition must be led by Syrians and meet their legitimate aspirations.

"No one should be in any doubt as to the extreme dangers posed by the conflict - to Syrians, to the region, and to the world," he said in opening remarks.

His plan for a negotiated solution to the 16-month-old conflict is the only one on the table and its failure would doom Syria to even more violence. More than 10,000 people have been killed since the anti-Assad uprising broke out and the past few weeks have been among the bloodiest.

Highlighting the deteriorating situation on the ground, Syrian government forces pushed their way into Douma on the outskirts of Damascus on Saturday after weeks of siege and shelling. Fleeing residents spoke of corpses lying in the streets.

Britain's ITV showed footage of clouds of black smoke over built-up areas and said warplanes had struck at targets in the suburb.

The army also attacked pro-opposition areas in Deir al-Zor, Homs, Idlib and the outskirts of Damascus, opposition activists said.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Assad and his close associates could not lead any transition. Accountability for war crimes must be part of such a process, he added in his speech to the meeting.

Hague called for the U.N. Security Council to start drafting a resolution next week setting out sanctions against Syria, a move that he noted put him at odds with Russia.

The foreign ministers of the council's five permanent members - Russia, the United States, China, France and Britain - all attended along with Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Arab League chief Nabil Elaraby and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.

Notably uninvited were Iran, Syria's closest regional ally, and Saudi Arabia, a foe of both Damascus and Tehran and leading backer of the rebel forces opposing Assad. Nor was anyone from the Syrian government or opposition represented.


The Syrian conflict has evolved from peaceful protests against the Assad family's four-decade rule to something akin to a civil war with a sectarian dimension.

The world has condemned the ferocity of Assad's forces' crackdown - including military assaults on pro-opposition areas and mass arrests - but has been unable to halt violence which threatens to draw in the region's religious and political rivalries and alliances.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 56 people had been killed across the country on Saturday.

Syria's border with Turkey was also tense following a Turkish military build-up in response to Syria's shooting down of a Turkish warplane last week.

A Syrian witness said Turkish forces stationed on the border opposite the Syrian town of Jandaris fired machineguns in the air in response to Syrian army bombardment of rebel areas.

"It was to tell the Syrian side we are here," the witness said.

Syrian forces reentered Douma and soldiers were carrying out searches in hospitals for dissidents and rebel fighters, activists said. Electricity and water were cut off.

Abo Abdullah, 50, said he and his five children left Douma on Sunday morning fearing attacks by government forces.

"I saw at least three bodies on a street corner, some houses were destroyed, others were on fire. Only a few people remained inside the city. Those who can, leave," he said.

"I saw a body on the side of the street and dogs were gathering around it."

State news agency SANA said security forces were raiding hideouts in Douma of "armed terrorist groups" and had killed, wounded or arrested scores.

Although the government routinely refers to its enemies as foreign-controlled terrorists, Assad himself conceded this week that the country was now in a state of war.

Source: - (Additional reporting by Andrew Quinn, Tom Miles and Emma Farge in Geneva and Oliver Holmes and Mariam Karouny in Beirut; Writing by Angus MacSwan; Editing by Andrew Roche)

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Congresul international pentru Medicina de Urgenta a fost organizat în acest an la Dublin, în Irlanda.

La acest congres, medicul Raed Arafat a primit premiul de leadership în medicina de urgenta, el devenind, totodata, si membru de onoare al Academiei Americane de Medicina de Urgenta.

Raed Arafat, membru de onoare al Academiei Americane de Medicină de Urgenţă

La conferinta internationala, Raed Arafat a vorbit despre medicina de dezastre.

Subsecretarul de stat din Ministerul Sanatatii a declarat, sâmbata, pentru MEDIAFAX, ca este onorat de nominalizarea sa alaturi de nume prestigioase din medicina de urgenta internationala.

"Sunt onorat de premiul primit si de recunoasterea primita din partea Academiei Americane de Medicina de Urgenta. Totodata, premiile ma responsabilizeaza", a mai spus Raed Arafat.


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